A teenage girl’s once perfect life is turned upside down after receiving letters in her locker which ends up ruining her life.

Nora was walking in the hallways with Jeannette on their way to 1st period.

“That was one hell of game last night!” Jeannette admitted.

“Yes it was. We were able to come back and beat them Jaguars; the whole team did an excellent job,” Nora agreed.

“Are you serious? That was all you! You are the star of our team and you beat them! We couldn’t do it without you, Nora!” Jeannette responded.

“No, Jeannette. Volleyball is a team sport and no matter how good people may say I am, I wouldn’t be able to beat 6 other girls by myself. You and the rest of the girls did it as well,” Nora addressed.

Jeannette smiled in agreement as the two continued on walking. Suddenly Nora and a boy bumped into each other causing Nora’s binder to fall out of her hand.

“Woah!” Nora busted out.

“I…. I am so sorry. I didn’t see you; my glasses aren’t really good,” The boy trembled as he was trying to fix his glasses and knelt down to pick up Nora’s binder.

The boy was a tall and skinny looking kid; he was around 6’1 but the lack of meat on his bones over shadowed his height. He was wearing a baby blue cardigan with a plaid blue and white collar shirt under as he worn tan slacks.

“Well maybe you should get some new ones, watch where you’re going!” Jeannette yelled.

The boy kind of backed up in fright as he had Nora’s binder in his hands. Nora looked at Jeannette as she stated,

“Jeannette, calm down.”

Nora then turned towards the boy.

“It’s ok. It’s my fault that I bumped into you. You have nothing to apologize for,” Nora informed with a smile on her face as the boy handed the binder to her.

“Thank you!” Nora cheered.

“Hey, you’re….you’re actually beautiful,” The boy added.

“Aww, how sweet of you to say that! You are very kind, thank you!” Nora exclaimed.

Jeannette rolled her eyes in impatience as she sighed,


“I was wondering, can, can I have your number?” The boy quavered.

Nora smile slowly went away as she looked like she didn’t know what to say. Jeannette then grabbed Nora’s arm and began to walk away.

“Let’s go Nora, we’re going to be late for class,” Jeannette insisted as Nora began to be pulled away.

“Um, I have to go to class. I’ll see you around,” Nora replied.

“Wait… but, I didn’t,” The boy tried to say but it was too late as Jeannette kept pulling Nora away as they both left.

“Can you believe that guy!? What a creep! You don’t even know him and he’s trying to get at you!” Jeannette scolded.

“Yeah, well you didn’t have to be that rude,” Nora said.

“Look at him! He had zits all over his face, he couldn’t speak right with that lisp he had, and not to mention, he was just plain ugly! You wouldn’t want that; I saved you from torture. Be honest, you we’re not interested at all, Nora,” Jeannette elaborated.

“Of course I wasn’t interested, Jeannette, but that’s not an excuse to be mean to someone. I am not a mean person; I know how to deal with all kinds of people in all kinds of situations. I am a kind and genuine person which makes people like me. People give me compliments on my looks, but without my character, I would be the ugliest person in the world because character is what really matters,” Nora explained.

The two was entering their class.

“I’m just saying that you weren’t the Mary Jane to that Peter Parker. And don’t make it seem like I am bitch. At least we’re not like them cheerleaders like Stacey Remington and the rest of her click,” Jeannette stated as the two looked over to the other side of the class as they seen Stacey with her cheerleader friends and some football players.

Stacey was seen popping her bubble gum as her group of friends were laughing.

“Oh look at me, I’m Stacey Remington. I’m all body and no brains, but it’s ok because my parents are rich and when I grow up I will marry a rich and hot guy who will buy my all the plastic surgery I need to look up to date,” Jeannette mocked.

“Yeah, I guess you are right,” Nora agreed as her and Jeannette sat in their seats.

Class was beginning as the teacher started to write on the board of the day’s lesson; the class was government.

“Now I think about it, I never seen that boy before,” Nora claimed.

“Well, you probably never seen him before because he’s a nobody. And good riddance, hope we never see him again,” Jeannette responded.

Nora continued on with class till the bell rang, and Nora and Jeannette was walking out together.

“So how’s things going on between you and Ryan,” Nora asked.

“The same as it recently been, we keep on having to cancel our dates because he’s apparently busy. We’ve been dating since sophomore year, and I don’t see why all of a sudden he can’t find a way for us to hang out. It just doesn’t make any sense,” Jeannette moaned.

“Well he cares for you, and you both know it. Things will go well, trust me,” Nora assured.

“For some reason, even though you really haven’t had a real boyfriend since the 7th grade, I trust your judgement on that,” Jeannette chuckled.

The two smiled at each other as Ryan approached them.

“Hey Nora. Hey babe,” Ryan greeted as him and Jeannette kissed each other.

They both greeted Ryan back.

“So I’m guessing there’s no plans for us tonight are there?” Jeannette complained.

“Babe, you know how busy I am with my job. Being a high school journalist isn’t easy. Especially tonight, they have me working overtime, so I won’t have time to do anything,” Ryan explained.

“I guess your little high school job is more important than your own girlfriend,” Jeannette protested.

Nora was just looking upon the two.

“Ummm, I’m going to see you two later. I have to go to my locker and to class, good-bye!” Nora informed.

Jeannette and Ryan said their goodbyes as Nora left them on her way to her locker. When Nora went to open up her locker she found a piece of line paper that had writing on it. The writing wasn’t hers as she didn’t recognize it and it was really messy handwriting. It was in red ink as it said,

“You are so sexy like everything about you makes me hot for you. Your pink lips, your beautiful blue eyes, your brown brunette hair, and your body; I love it! I love you Nora! Oh my god, the things I would do to you!”

Oh my god, what a creep, Nora thought to herself as she had a look of disgust on her face. Nora then crumpled up the paper and threw it in the garbage can near her locker. Without giving the message anymore thought Nora grabbed her textbooks from her locker and continued on to her next class.

“Can someone explain to the class ways that people get control over others?” Mr. Howe, Nora’s sociology teacher asked the class.

The whole class was silent as they seemed to be stuck on the question. Hmm let me think about that one, Nora thought in her head.

“Any one?” Mr. Howe wondered with his hands out.

Nora raised her hand, as Mr. Howe spoke,

“Yes, Nora?”

“One way people get control of others is that they find them in a critical situation, one were they’re in desperation, and they make it where the only way the person can make it out of the situation is to follow the lead of the other so they submit themselves to the others’ rule.” Nora answered.

“Can you give an example?” Mr. Howe replied.

“Like, if a husband lost his job and is going to lose his house being unable to provide for his family, he is in a critical situation. So another person comes along saying that they can get the husband out of the situation as long as they do what they say because now the person is going to have the husband do all kinds of work even if it’s dirty like rob and kill so he can get the money to help his family. By doing all this the husband is submitting himself to the other person in order to get out of the critical situation which is his money problems,” Nora explained.

“Good answer,” Mr. Howe stated.

“Mr. Howe,” Another girl in the class asked, “is it ok to submit yourself to someone else and be put through whatever it is no matter how bad it is as long as it gets you out ok?”

“I think it depends on the state that the person is in, if they’re willing to do what it takes to get them out of whatever bad situation that they are in, as long as they’re ready for the results and how their actions can affect other people whether or not they submit or not,” Mr. Howe claimed.

“I think the person should prepare themselves beforehand so they won’t put themselves in a desperate and critical situation where they state depends on that of another person,” Nora added.

“Good answer, Nora! I could always count on you for giving your sharp insight,” Mr. Howe smiled.

The day continued on for Nora. It became around noon and Nora had went back to her locker to get her stuff. This time she found a piece of printing paper that was pink. It actually smelled of strawberries which caught Nora’s attention. The writing on the letter was in in blue ink as it was in cursive and said,

“I must apologize for my very poor choice of words on the previous letter. It isn’t like me to let my feelings get the best of me and in the way of a set goal. You must have been feeling a little bit weirded out by my previous letter that I sent you, but allow me to properly introduce myself. I am someone who has been observing you for quite some time, Nora. You are perhaps the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I don’t know how to put it, but in the words that our society would use, I am your secret admirer. I plan on this continuing and eventually meeting you face to face as I hope you do too. Though if you don’t want this to continue, you can simply throw this letter away like the previous one and carry on with your life. But if you would like to carry on with this, write on the back of this letter any replies you have, put it back into your locker, and I will, believe me, get to it and you will hear from me again through another letter until it’s time for us to meet.”

This person’s effort to get my attention is cute, I have to admit. But how would he know if I have written back and how would he see it. Nevertheless this does seem interesting, but odd at the same time, Nora thought to herself as she smiled at the letter. She began to look both at her locker and the garbage can near it. She was beginning to think whether she should write on the back of the letter to continue the mystery or just throw it away. After moments of thinking, Nora then placed the letter in her purse, as she walked to her class. Nora continued on with her day again but this time her mind wasn’t on anything except for that letter she had received. Nora was still completing her work, but she couldn’t do anything without thinking about the letter. Who would send that to me, and how so fast, Nora thought to herself. The day finally came to an end for Nora as she went to her locker like usual to put up her books. What should I do with the letter, Nora thought to herself. Nora then closed her locker door, threw the letter in the garbage, and began to walk away before she stopped and turned back around. She took the letter out of the garbage, opened up her locker again, and began to write on the back,

“I am flattered by your letters even the 1st one. What you done, I actually find to be very sweet. I must say I don’t see how a person like you would have to hide behind these letters. You seem like you can have anyone you want with your character that I only seen through two letters. I would like to continue this because I do want to see who you are. But I must ask all the obvious: who are you, why are you doing this in this way, how will you be able to see my replies, and what is your main intention with all this?”

Nora then put the letter back in her locker. She went to her car in the parking lot and drove home. As Nora got home and went into her house she was greeted by her mother.

“It must feel good not to have practice today,” Nora’s mom guessed.

“Yeah, you said it!” Nora agreed cheerfully.

Nora’s little brother Michael came into the kitchen to join the two.

“Nora after high school are you going to like, get recruited into the Olympics and win a hundred gold medals!?” Michael marveled as he gave Nora a hug.

“No, Michael. I’m going to college,” Nora chuckled.

Michael then left the kitchen to the two.

“Speaking of which, did you find out which colleges you wanted to apply for this fall?” Nora’s mom asked.

“Yes, actually I plan on applying for Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA, USC, Cal Tech, and Cal Poly,” Nora responded.

“Oh that is too sweet! My little Nora with all her good grades and athletics is applying for the top schools in this state, nation, and some in the world. I am so proud of you. Wait till your father hears this,” Nora’s mom cheered.

Nora’s smile became a frown.

“Yeah if he even shows up. He wasn’t even at my game last night because he had work. He’s never there for any of us,” Nora ranted.

“Now, that’s not true Nora. You know he loves all of us, and you know that he would want to be there for you as he tries. But you must understand that his job requires him to do a lot,” Nora’s mom addressed.

“I guess. By the way, I’m going out tonight, they’re playing Titanic at the drive in. I figured it will be a good chance to get the feel of watching it in the theaters since it hasn’t been in theaters for years,” Nora told her mom.

“That should be fun, it’s a classic,” Nora’s mom smiled as Nora went up to her room to do her homework.

It became around 7 and Nora left out her house and into her car. She drove to a house as she waited inside her car. Ryan came out of the house and into Nora’s car.

“You know you didn’t have to pick me up, I could have picked you up in my dad’s Mercedes,” Ryan insisted as Nora took off.

“Yeah, but a Mercedes at a drive in might cause attention. This Volkswagen Beetle is perfect for us high schoolers,” Nora replied.

The two continue to drive as they entered into the drive in.

“This will be fun!” Ryan claimed.

The movie was playing as the two were watching it.

“I’m going to get some popcorn and drinks, do you want any?” Ryan asked.

“No thank you,” Nora smiled as Ryan left the car.

Ryan came back with popcorn and a drink as the movie began to play. As the movie continued to play, Nora then turned towards Ryan with a concerned look.

“When are we going to let Jeannette know,” Nora asked.

Ryan was looking upon the screen as he mumbled with popcorn in his mouth

“In time, soon.”

“Ryan, I’m serious. This is serious,” Nora responded.

Ryan then took his attention off the screen and stopped eating the popcorn as he faced Nora.

“I understand how you feel, how you and Jeannette been friends since you two were in diapers, and you don’t want to hurt her. But we have the whole school year to come out with this, and when we do I just want it to be right. I know things won’t be the same when we do as Jeannette will be feeling a lot of emotions. But at least when we do it, things won’t be as wild and crazy as they can be,” Ryan addressed.

“I just don’t want to see her in a wreck, with all the things going on in her life right now, especially with her parents getting a divorce,” Nora admitted.

“I know, that’s why we can’t do it right now, but we will come out with it. I promise, but right now, it’s just about us two,” Ryan reassured.

The two smiled at each other as they kissed. They continued to watch the movie until the end. After the movie Nora pulled up to Ryan’s house. They kissed each other again, and Ryan said,

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine.”

They smiled as Ryan got out the car and Nora left on home. When Nora got home she went to her room to get ready for bed. As Nora laid in bed, she thought to herself, I don’t want you to get hurt Jeannette; it’s a complicated situation, but I’m sorry. As she closed her eyes, she again thought to herself, the whole thing with those letters is interesting though, it’ll keep my mind off of things. The next morning Nora got ready for school as she drove to school like always. As Nora got to school, and walked in the hallways towards her class, she met up with Jeannette.

“I think this is it. That’s the last straw!” Jeannette claimed.

“What are you talking about?” Nora asked as they two kept walking.

“I’m talking about with Ryan. I think I’m going to break up with him. This is all too much. My parents are going through a divorce and when I need him the most he’s out there being a stupid journalist for a stupid post!” Jeannette complained.

“Are you serious?” Nora wondered.

“Yes! I’m sick of all of this!” Jeannette continued to rant.

Nora stopped as she stopped Jeannette and put her hand on her shoulder.

“Look, I know it’s tough going through what you’re going through right now, and I cannot imagine how it feels. But you must understand that you cannot throw everything away and go in with the flow just because times are bad right now. No matter how dark things may seem right now, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel; you just have to believe it. Besides, I’m here for you, and believe it or not, but Ryan here’s for you. He loves you and he would never leave you, Jeannette. He will always be here for you. We’re here for you,” Nora promised.

Jeannette smiled.

“You two have always been at my side,” Jeannette said.

Ryan approached the two as he kissed Jeannette.

“Hey,” Ryan greeted.

“I’m going to have to go to my locker before I go to class, but I’ll see you in class Jeannette, and you later Ryan,” Nora told as she left the two.

Nora and Ryan gave each other a brief smile. Nora went to her locker to get her things as she seen a new letter. It was pink and strawberry scented like the last one as Nora smelled it with pleasure. She read it as it said,

“I am very pleased and delighted to see that you have had an interest in all of this to continue this. Though I am sorry to say that your important questions will have to wait because they are just too much at this early stage, I would only like for you to not share this with anyone until the end of it all. but fear not because all your questions will be answered when everything is right and necessary. But for now, let’s begin this, shall we?”

Nora smiled as she began to write on the back of the letter,

“Yes, let’s begin! The way you put this together has again intrigue my interest in all of this. Even though it is kind of odd and strange on how you were able to get into my lockers, I do not fear for the worse as you seem like a good person and you do have the ability to keep your audience, me in their seats. And don’t worry, it’ll be our secret for now aha. So what exactly are we beginning?”

Nora then put the letter back in her locker on top of the first letter, as she continued on to class. As Nora was walking to her class she spotted a girl who she recognized from the freshman volleyball team crying as she was crying on a wall. Nora looked worried as she approached the girl.

“Hey, what’s wrong? You look like something really bad happened,” Nora questioned.

The girl kept crying as she was facing down and wasn’t looking at Nora.

“My boyfriend broke up with me for no apparent reason other than he found someone who looked better than me. I guess 9th grade relationships are stupid, or maybe I’m just not good enough for anyone” The girl cried as she tried to wipe her tears off.

“No, don’t say that,” Nora insisted.

“Then what is it?!” The girl wept with her hands out

The girl then turned her head towards Nora to face her as she continued to cry.

“If he doesn’t think you’re good enough because of your looks and he claims to have found someone better than you, then it’s his lost not yours. It’s not that you weren’t the one for him, he wasn’t the one for you. You’re going to find someone who likes you for you, not for what’s on the outside, but what’s on the inside. And when you do, that boy will be just a shadow in comparison to the wonders of the one who truly accepts you. You’ll be happy while he will be sad because someone will do him like he has done you. What goes around comes around,” Nora reasoned.

The girl began to stop her crying.

“You really think that,” The girl asked.

“Yes, now dust that off of you and shine like a billion stars,” Nora smiled as the two hugged.

“Thanks, you seem like a very good person, and all the girls on my team look up to you,” The girl stated as she gladly walked away.

Nora smiled as she looked at the girl walking off. Nora then continued to her class. After class Nora went back to her locker as she spotted a 3rd letter, the same as the other two. It said,

“Your patience and understanding of me is perfect. What’s going to happen will be a series of task you will be performing. Today, I want you to go to various places around the school as each one will have something for you that will get you closer to finding out who I am. None of the task nor places will cause any type of harm to you verbally, physically, or school wise. And if you want to at any time, you can stop this. So the first place to go today will be the school’s library before this passing period is over. Then you could go to class, and once it’s over come back to your locker for the next place to go to. Enjoy, Nora.”

Nora then put the letter back in her locker, and headed towards the school’s library. Now what’s in the library except for books, Nora thought to herself. Nora went into the library as there were just a couple of students in there. Am I supposed to see something, someone, or do something, Nora continue thinking to herself. Nora suddenly notice a flower sticking out of a book on one of the bookshelves. She approached it as she took it out of the book. The flower was a rose that smelled so fresh as it bloomed with redness and beauty. It had a sticky note attach to it that said her name. Roses, my favorite, Nora thought as she embraced the smell of the rose and put it in her purse. The bell rang suddenly rang. Crap, I’m late, she thought. Nora then stormed to class hoping not to be late by a lot of time. When Nora entered in her classroom the teacher said,

“Nora Bloom, you’re late. It’s not like you to be late to class.”

“Yeah I know. I just kind of got side tracked. That’s all,” She explained.

“Well don’t make it a habit,” The teacher insisted.

Nora then sat down to prepare for class. What a class act, she thought to herself as she smiled. A boy named Daniel who sat right next to Nora had notice her smiling as he reached over and spoke,

“What has you in a smiling mood?”

Nora look at him and smiled,

“Oh nothing, just life.”

“I heard that,” The boy stated as the two continue on with their class.

After the class ended, Nora then went to her locker as she found another letter. It said,

“I am once again pleased to see that you have found my little present I had for you. Trust me I know it’s your favorite, and I hope you appreciated it. The next place will be easy since it’s your next class, and as a hint, what you’re looking for will be in the pencil sharpener in the room. Once again, enjoy it, Nora..”

Nora then went to her next class before the bell ring. As she went into it she approached the electronic pencil sharpener and took out the pencil shavings holder. There were a lot of shavings in the holder. Maybe it’s under all of this, Nora thought to herself. Nora then put her hand into the shavings as she felt a small box. She took it out as it was a Miracle by Lancôme fragrance box. She opened it as the perfume was inside of it. Oh my god, I can’t believe it; this is my favorite perfume, and how he was able to sneak it in here is amazing, Nora thought to herself as she put the perfume in her purse. After the class was over Nora went to her locker and saw another letter as it read,

“A rose and Miracle perfume, what a perfect combination for the lovely and beautiful Nora Bloom. Now since it’s your lunch time, go to your car in the parking lot; there’s another surprise under it. That will be your last place of today until tomorrow where a whole new and different set of tasks awaits you. Once you get it write your response about all of this on the back of this letter, but only once you complete this last task. I hope you’ll enjoy it.”

Before Nora went to her car she decided to go to lunch as she got her food and sat down with Jeannette and Ryan.

“I can’t believe Mr. Stevens gave Stacey an A on that presentation in Chemistry but gave me a C. Like how does she, who’s the stupidest person in the world get an A over me!? I swear, Stacey and him are doing something on the under. She gives a bad name to us blondes!” Jeannette exclaimed.

“Don’t worry about it Babe, you still look better than her,” Ryan spoked.

“Awww you are the best. I love you,” Jeannette cheered as the two kissed each other.

“Hey, Nora what’s going on with you? You seemed very happy today. I mean you always are, but right now you seem like David Beckham just proposed to you,” Jeannette said.

“Oh nothing. I’m just living life.” Nora smiled.

Jeannette and Ryan continue to talk to each other as Nora finished her lunch.

“I’ll catch up with you guys later, I need to go to my car,” Nora stated as she said her goodbyes to the two.

Nora went to her car out in the parking lot. Now what could he possibly have under my car, Nora thought. When Nora looked under her car she spotted a bag. She reached over to grab it as she picked it up. It was a pink and white striped shopping bag as it was filled with red and pink gift bag paper. What’s in here, Nora thought. Nora reached inside the bag as she pulled out red plunge bra along with a red G-string. What the hell, why would he give me this, Nora thought as she had a disgusted and horrid look on her face. Nevertheless Nora put the bag in her purse as she continued on with her day trying to forget what she had just received. Right before her last class she went to her locker as she wrote on the previous letter,

“It was very kind of you going through the trouble and time to put this all together and I was very fond of it. The letters, how you presented them with their color, smell, and beautiful writing, the flower, how it smelled and how it was my favorite flower, the perfume, how it was also my favorite; all those things were sweet and great. But the last thing you gave me, the lingerie, it was just a turn off; it was actually kind of weird. I don’t know what made you give me it as it was really inappropriate. I’m sorry but I realize that this has to end, all of it. No more letters, no more gifts, no more task. It ends right now; I’m sorry.”

Nora then went to her last period. After the bell rang and school got out, Nora opened her locker to put her things away as she received another letter. It said,

“I’m sorry that I sent that last item to you, I let my feelings get the best of me once again. But if you let me, if you give me another chance you will see that I am everything you wanted in a guy. Please do not end this with me, I was having fun doing this. I was having a good time, something I haven’t experience nor felt in a long time. I really need this, I really need you Nora. Do not end this, bad things will only happen if you do.”

Nora got a look of disgust on her face as she thought, What a creep, get a life. Jeannette was right. Some of the guys at this school have no life and are just plain weirdos. Nora then wrote on her the back of the letter,

“I’m serious, leave me alone, and stay the hell out of my locker. Goodbye.”

Nora then closed her locker and went on to practice. When she got home, she approached the garbage can outside of her house as she threw away the rose, the perfume, and the bag with the lingerie. She continued on with her night as she had a feeling of relief. Just one small misstep in my life, things will be normal tomorrow, Nora thought to herself as she went to bed. The next day as Nora went to school she went inside her locker to get her things there she just saw the previous 6 letters. Nora paid no attention to them.

“Hey Nora,” Daniel had greeted as he approached Nora at her locker.

“Hey, Daniel,” Nora replied as she closed her locker.

The two began to walk with each other on their way to class.

“What college do you plan on attending after high school,” Daniel asked.

“Well, I applied to a couple, but I want to go to Cal Berkeley; I’ve been wanting to go to that school for years because of its engineering program,” Nora answered.

“Oh, that’s nice! I’m pretty sure you’ll get in there; you’re very smart. And also your personality will show in your essays you’re going to write for them. They’ll be honored to have a great person like you go to their school,” Daniel asserted.

“Aw, thank you,” Nora smiled as the two approached Nora’s classroom door.

“Well, I’ll see you later,” Daniel stated as he gave Nora a hug.

“Well, bye,” Nora replied as Daniel left.

Nora entered into her class and sat down in her seat as class was beginning.

“I just seen you talking to Daniel,” Jeannette smiled.

“And,” Nora wondered.

“Don’t act like there isn’t anything going on between you two,” Jeannette teased

“We’re just friends,” Nora explained.

“C’mon are you serious? You don’t notice,” Jeannette chuckled

“Notice what?” Nora smiled.

“The way Daniel looks at you. He’s been liking you since the beginning of high school. He’s just shy. You have to go out and make yourself available for him,” Jeannette explained.

Nora chuckled.

“I’m not making myself available for anyone right now. I’m waiting for the right guy,” Nora replied.

“And it continues,” Jeannette sighed, “I don’t get what is up with you. How you are so beautiful and can have any guy you want as all these guys throw themselves at you, and you blindly turn them down because you claim you’re waiting on your God given Prince Charming. You’re like the man who was drowning in the water, waiting for God to save him. You see how that turned out?”

“You’re funny,” Nora laughed, “I just want my actually first time to be the only, last, and best.”

The teacher began to speak, as class began. It was in the middle of class as everyone was doing their classwork and Nora was focus. All of a sudden a boy sitting on the side of Nora started to cough, but it wasn’t enough to cause attention as Nora continued on her work. The boy’s cough grew louder and harder as it began to cause attention. Nora looked over to the boy.

“Are you alright?” Nora asked.

The boy kept coughing.

“I think so,” He responded as his face started to get red and he started to sweat.

He suddenly collapsed out of his chair.

“Oh my god!” Nora shrieked,

Everyone’s attention was drawn to the boy as the teacher rushed over there. The boy’s eyes were wide open as he was shaking and foaming at the mouth. There were gasped all around in the class as some people started to film it. The teacher went out the door.

“We need some help over here!” The teacher demanded.

There were some students that were calling 9-11, as the ambulance had rushed to the classroom. The paramedics had eventually came to the classroom as they put the boy on the stretcher, out the hall and into the ambulance. The whole class period was filled with chaos as it took the whole period to get the boy into the ambulance. The bell rang as the students were being let out their class.

“The next class in here will be postponed, but now let’s keep what we all saw at a minimum. We do not want the whole school to flip out about this,” The teacher stated.

“Bullshit, this is being posted,” Stacey confessed to her friends.

“Is he going to be alright?!” Nora cried to the teacher.

The teacher just looked at Nora with a look of desperation and fear.

“I don’t know,” he muttered.

Nora and Jeannette was leaving the classroom.

“I don’t believe what I just saw!” Jeannette exclaimed.

“Me neither. That was really scary; I am still frightened by what just transpired,” Nora trembled.

Jeannette was just shaking her head.

“I’ll catch you later, I need to go to my lockers to get my books for my next class,” Nora added.

As Nora was going to her locker she thought, I never seen anything like that, I wonder what in the world could of have caused it. Nora’s eyes began to get a little watery from the sadness of what she just saw. Nora then opened up her locker as she saw a new letter. She picked it up and read it as it said,

“I told you bad things were going to happen if you were to end what we had,.”

Nora stomach had jumped as her eyes grew wider. She dropped the letter in her locker, as she raced to the office. There she saw as the principal and vice principal was talking to two police officers about the incident.

“I have letters that someone put in my locker!” Nora yelled.

The 4 looked at Nora in confusion.

“And?” The principal sarcastically asked.

“There threats of the boy having that accident in class!” Nora shrieked.

Nora looked like as if she was going to cry, as the 4 began to follow her to her locker.

“Here it is,” Nora said as she opened up her locker.

When Nora opened her locker all the letters were gone as if they had completely vanished. It was only her books. Nora began to search them for the letters, but she didn’t find anything.

“No. No! They were right here! I saw them! He put them there, and he took them out!” Nora kept yelling.

The police officers left as the principal and vice principal tried to comfort Nora.

“Nora calm down, everything is alright,” The principal assured as him and the vice principal left.

Nora began to cry as everyone started to look onto the scene.

“Oh my god, Nora’s crying. I always seen her to be happy,” A person in the crowd said.

Jeannette and Ryan rushed towards Nora as she was on her knees sobbing. Jeannette put her arms around Nora.

“What’s wrong?!” Jeannette shouted in concern as she got Nora to her feet.

“It’s him! The boy who made the letters! He killed that boy in the class!” Nora cried.

Jeannette and Ryan looked confuse.

“What letters? There was no boy who killed anyone Nora.” Jeannette claimed.

“The letters that we’re in my locker! There gone now! I don’t know how, but they’re gone! And he killed that boy in our class! Whoever he is, he killed him!” Nora shrieked.

“Nora, you’re just feeling bad for what happened; we all are. It’s ok though, Ryan and I are here for you,” Jeannette stated.

“It’s ok, Nora,” Ryan added.

They went to their classes. Throughout the whole day, Nora had felt worried. Can it really be, could he really have had something to do with that, Nora thought to herself. After school got out, Nora had went to practice. After practice, Nora was getting changed in the locker room near Jeannette.

“Hey, so you’re all good from that little show you put on today?” Jeannette smirked.

Nora looked like she was insulted.

“What, do you mean show?” Nora sassed.

“I mean you looked like a total drama queen. Crying over some stupid letters. You were really out of your mind. You almost seemed like Stacey when she had pudding spilled on her dress at junior prom last year,” Jeannette added.

Nora then shut her locker as she faced Jeannette.

“Listen here, there were some letters in my locker. I don’t see why can’t see that,” Nora burst out.

“The only thing I can see is that you are just a drama queen,” Jeannette chuckled.

Nora gasped.

“You want to talk about drama queen!? You’re the one crying on my shoulder about how your parents are getting a divorce and you feel helpless because you’re boyfriend isn’t giving you the time of day when you need him the most!” Nora yelled.

The girls in the locker room let out huge gasps. Jeannette smile went away as she had been hushed up.

“I mean what are you, 7!? Always need someone there for you when your parents aren’t giving you enough attention!? Pathetic!” Nora shrieked as she stormed past Jeannette and out the locker room.

Nora then got into her car as she stormed home.

“Who the hell does she think she is,” Nora yelled to herself, “we’re supposed to be best friends and she’s making it seem like I’m the one at fault. Her and whoever that creep is can both go to hell!”

Nora then got home as she ate her dinner, and got ready for bed. The next morning, Nora had woken up with a lot of feelings. She was worried from the boy collapsing in her class, but most of all she was angry at the person who sent her the letters and all that he had done so far. Nora then went to school without as her and Jeannette had not spoken a word to each. In the morning, Nora went to her locker as she received another letter as it said,

“You really think you’re smarter than me? I am smarter than you Nora and you will not win. It is only by fate that you will fall beneath me. Even if you show people these letters, they still wouldn’t believe you. And the sad thing about it is that I tried to reason with you, I wanted everything to be nice and easy, but you made it this way, and now you’re going to have to deal with it. So now, if you don’t want any more bad things to happen, you’ll do whatever I say, because who knows where the next bad thing might happen.”

Nora wrote on the back of the letter,

“What is it that you want me to do?”

Nora then put the letter back in her locker and went to her class. Nora and Jeannette still hadn’t said anything to each other. After the class Nora was heading for her locker. As Nora was coming to her locker, Ryan had approached her.

“Jeannette told me what happened between you two,” Ryan said.

“Yeah, well that’s great,” Nora responded.

“Look, I know it may be a bad time, and I hate seeing you two feeling this way towards each other, but I think this will be the best time to tell Jeannette about us,” Ryan insisted.

Nora gave Ryan a look of stupidity.

“Don’t be stupid, Ryan. Go to your little princess, she really needs it, because I don’t need it right now,” Nora sassed as she went to her locker.

Nora found another letter in her locker. Not only did Nora find a letter in her locker, but she found what appeared to be the exact Victoria Secret bag that she was given under her car. The letter stated,

“You know how this week is our school’s homecoming week and today is a Friday? So that means tonight, there’s going to be a homecoming football game. Well, tonight at halftime, you are going to walk on the field only to be wearing what’s in the bag I have equipped you with. How ironic the one thing that ended all the fun we were having and what you threw away, you’re finally going to use it, well I mean wear it. But it should be fun, shouldn’t it!?Have fun, because I know I will watching you.”

Nora reached into the bag as she pulled out the same lingerie she had received couple days before. She put all of it into her purse. You have to be kidding me, Nora thought to herself as the girl that Nora had seen crying couple days ago had approached Nora,

“Hey, do you have a minute,” The girl asked.

“What? Boy problems again? Grow up! Nora shouted as she stormed away from the girl.

Nora continued on with her school day as she went to practice after school was over. She still hadn’t said a word to Jeannette. As Nora entered into the gym her coach was at the door.

“Nora we need to talk,” Her coach informed.

“Yes, what’s up?” Nora wondered.

“You are one of the best players on the team. Your commitment to this sport is phenomenal plus with your character and what you do in school, all of which will take you a long way,” Her coach began.

But, Nora thought as she grew worried of what was going to come.

“But, it seems like you are under so much right now. I heard what happen in your class yesterday, how you reacted at school and yesterday at practice. I am sorry for all that has happened, but I believe it will be best if you just take a break from practice for now,” The coach told.

Nora’s mouth opened as if she didn’t know what to say.

“Coach, I’m fine. No seriously, I’m good. I can do this,” Nora claimed.

The coach smiled as he tried to be comforting.

“Nora, it’s ok. We don’t have a game until next Friday. Just go home, relax, and probably go to the football game. It’s homecoming by the way, everyone’s going to be there. And you can come back to practice on Monday. Just relax,” The coach assured.

“Okay,” Nora sighed, as she walked away and into her car.

Yeah, everyone’s going to be there, and how fortunate for me, Nora thought to herself. As Nora pulled up to the driveway at her house she spotted her dad’s BMW in the driveway. Dad’s home early, this never happened before, isn’t he supposed to be with mom taking Michael to the dentist to get braces. Nora thought to herself. Nora got out her car as she approached the house door as she opened it. She didn’t see or hear anyone.

“Hello? Dad, where are you at?” Nora ask out loud.

She still didn’t see anyone downstairs so she walked upstairs. She looked around as all the doors were closed, except for her parents’ room; the door was slightly open. Nora then walked over to the door as she opened it. There she saw as her dad was standing up buttoning his shirt and a lady she had never seen before was in the bed. She couldn’t believe what she saw as the two looked at her and she let out a huge gasp with her hands on her mouth.

“Nora!” Her dad gasped.

“Oh my god!” The lady in the bed exclaimed.

“It’s not what it seems!” Her dad stated as he reached towards Nora with his arm extended.

“No! Get the hell away from me!” Nora yelled as she backed up

Nora then began to run away.

“Nora!” Her dad shouted as he began to run after her.

As Nora got out the house and near her car, her dad followed and confronted her; the two faced each other.

“So, that’s why you’re always home late? Why you’re never at my games, because you’re too busy screwing other women!?” Nora shrieked.

“Nora, it’s not like that,” He calmly said.

“Then what is it!? You’re tired of you family, so you want to start another one!?” Nora barked as tears began to fill her eyes.

Nora’s dad got closer to her.

“Nora, your mom and I are going through tough times right now. We don’t want to expose them to you and Michael because it wouldn’t be right, you two wouldn’t be able to handle it, and we don’t want to drag our kids into our problems. And it’s just that I have been under a lot of stress right now which your mother doesn’t understand, and I felt that I couldn’t get rid of that stress through anyone or anything except. I’m sorry you had to see that, Nora,” Her dad confessed.

“I can’t believe you or any of this. You really make me sick!” Nora shouted.

“Nora,” Her dad began.

“I couldn’t stand to see you and mom get a divorce, but I hope you enjoy all of this, because you truly deserve it dad!” Nora sassed angrily.

Nora then got back into her car and drove off from the house, as her dad had been left speechless. As Nora was driving her car she began to cry. Without a set destination, Nora began to drive around the city until it was around the time to go to the school for the football game. It got around the time to go back to the school so Nora drove there. Once Nora purchased her ticket she sat into the bleachers as she watched the game until halftime.

“Oh my god, the letters!” A boy and his friends teased as they were laughing at Nora.

Pricks, Nora thought to herself as she shook her head. It was getting close to half time so Nora went to the bathroom to get changed into the lingerie. She put her clothes in the bag she brought with her as she approached the football field. It was after the cheerleaders had performed, and everyone was down near the field to hear the announcement of the homecoming king and queen so there was no one near to see Nora as she was walking onto the field.

“And you’re homecoming king and queen is,” One of the students on the microphone said in the middle of the football field.

The student was stopped by the sight that had been the center of attention. Nora was in her bra and panties shivering in cold as the whole stadium was quiet. There were many reactions. Some people were speechless, smiling, taking pictures, etc. All of a sudden the majority of the crowd started to point and laugh at Nora. She looked defenseless and sad as she kept being laugh at. The principal finally got onto the field and grabbed Nora by the arm, as he pulled her off the field.

“Nora, what is wrong with you!?” He exclaimed.

Nora had looked speechless and she didn’t say anything. She seemed like she wasn’t even noticing the man in front of her.

“I could just suspend you for all of this, but because of your character, well the past of it. I’m letting you off easy. Now go home, the rest will be waiting for you there,” The principal ordered.

Nora then went inside her car as she put on her clothes. She began to cry as her had was on the steering wheel. Nora drove home, and as she entered she walked in on her mother and father in the living room standing up facing towards her. Her mom looked furious as her arms were folded but her dad had his head down.

“What is the matter with you, young lady!?” Nora’s mom yelled.

“What do you mean,” Nora responded.

“We received a call from your principal which was weird because it’s at night. He told us that you went onto the football field during the game tonight and had no clothing on expect for your bra and underwear,” Nora’s dad mumbled as he was trying to avoid eye contact with Nora.

“Were you on drugs or something, because what the hell is wrong with you to make you do something like that!?” Nora’s mother shrieked.

Nora had looked at both of them and gave her dad a scornful look as he looked ashamed.

“Wow, we finally get to get together as a family, and it’s only for antagonizing me,” Nora sassed.

“Don’t make us seem like the bad guys here, Nora. You did all this. And because of it, you’re grounded!” Nora’s mom claimed.

“Joan, do we really have to do that?” Nora’s dad plead.

“Yes! She needs to learn her lesson; she’s lucky we don’t take her off the team; she deserves more, but she won’t get it,” Nora’s mom explained.

Nora looked angry and furious.

“I can’t believe you two, only if you knew what was going on with my life! Especially you dad, you make me sick!” Nora responded.

“Nora, how dare you speak to your father like that!? Nora’s mom gasped as Nora stormed off to her room and slammed her door.

“Do you see how she is, and you want to defend her!?” Nora’s mom asked to the dad.

“It’s not that, it’s just that you don’t know what she’s going through, and the worse she needs it to feel like you’re against her,” Her dad stated.

“Yeah, because you would know? You’re barely there for her!” Nora’s mom responded as she walked off as well.

She fell onto her bed and she seemed defeated.

“How did this all happen to me,” Nora asked.

Nora’s door then began to open as Michael slowly walked in.

“What do you want,” Nora moaned.

“Nora, I’m not here to bother you, and I know you don’t want to hear anyone right now,” Michael confessed.

“Then what do you want,” Nora asked.

Michael got closer as he approached Nora’s bed with her laying facing up on it.

“I just want to tell you for you to know that no matter what’s going on through your life, you are a great person, daughter, and great sister,” Michael admitted.

Nora then sat up on her bed.

“It sure doesn’t feel like it,” Nora said.

“I know, but like you always say, no matter how dark things may seem, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel,” Michael stated.

Nora then began to smile.

“You’re right. I love you,” Nora responded.

Nora gave Michael a hug, as he left the room. I need to get my mind right, Nora thought to herself as she went to bed. Monday came as Nora went to school. The effects of Friday were to present as people were smiling at Nora. They can smile, point, and laugh all they want, I won’t let it get to me again, Nora thought to herself as she went to her locker. When Nora got to her locker, she found a letter, as she read it,

“It must of really sucked to walk in on your father and another women like that? I wouldn’t know how it felt because my father walked out on me and my little sister when I was only 7, forcing my mother to defend for us alone. Nevertheless, I always dreamed of how you would look naked, well I guess I got the closest to it on Friday, for now. But you’re actually learning how to swallow your pride, and do what’s really best; you’re learning how to listen to me. Good girl.”

Nora wrote on the back of the letter,

“I can’t believe you, and boo hoo about your father, such a sad story. But is that all, are we done? And you never told me why, why are you doing this? What have I done to make you want to torture me like this. What have I ever done to you besides reject you through your stupid letters?”

Nora then headed to her class. This won’t be forever, it will end, and when it does, I will come out on top; I just have to prevail, Nora thought to herself. After class Nora was on her way out as she seen Jeannette in front of her.

“Hey, Jeannette, can I talk to you for a minute,” Nora asked.

Jeannette stopped outside the classroom door to wait for Nora. As Nora confronted her, Jeannette had a look of impatience on her face.

“Yeah,” Jeannette said impatiently as her arms were folded.

“Look, I’m sorry for what I said about you. This goes beyond the letters, because our friendship is more important than the letters; it’s more important than anything right now. And I had no right to talk about your parents and how it’s affecting your life. I am bless to be given the luxury to not go through what some people go through; to not go through what you are going through. And you are right, you do need people there for you when it seems like no one is there for you. It was stupid and selfish of me to let my social problems become your actual problems when you already have enough going on. You didn’t ask for me to take on your problems but I tried to put my problems on you, and I had no right. I am here for you Jeannette,” Nora confessed.

Jeannette arms unfolded.

“It’s ok, Nora,” Jeannette smiled as they hugged each other.

Ryan had approached the two.

“Well it looks like the besties are back in business,” Ryan snickered.

“Shut up,” Jeannette chuckled as she gave him a soft punch to his arm.

They three carried on to their class. Things seem to be starting to get better, Nora thought to herself. After her class, Nora went to her locker, as she found another letter. It said,

“Isn’t it funny how reconciling with your friend can make you totally forget that you’re being controlled by an underhand? It seemed like you almost forgot about me, Nora, and I don’t like to be forgotten. But I’m going to make sure you won’t forget about me. I am nowhere near done with you. I am going to make you feel useless, afraid, and lonely like you made me feel. And I wish I can say it’s because of something beyond rejection, but it’s just that simple. Not the rejection from the letters; no this rejection you cast upon me happen years ago, and now you’re going to have to pay for it by feeling how you made me feel. For the first time in your life, you’re going to feel how it feels to be an outcast!”

Nora then got the back of the letter as she wrote with a smirk,

“Pal, you have some serious issues. I rejected plenty of boys, you think I’d remember one rejection years go? It’s nothing personal, it’s just that I want the right guy, that’s all. I’m pretty sure you will find the right girl. You know one that’s twisted and lonely just like you are and is stupid enough to put up with your depress suicidal ass. If you really think you’re going to get away with this, you are wrong,”

Nora continued on walking to her class with a smile. Once Nora’s class got out she went back to her locker finding a letter as it said,

“You know it’s not wise to anger someone who has the upper hand and control in a situation that could leave you hurt and begging. You hurt my feelings, Nora just like you did many years ago. And you may say it’s nothing personal but it is now. What happen years ago wasn’t like any other rejection. No, you humiliated and embarrassed me; you crushed me. Something you’re not known for, but I know you. And I couldn’t believe how you turned me down like that; it was so unnecessary in the manner which you did it that was so cruel. That moment years ago changed me for the better and worse. I’m taking this to the next level. You see, I know your little dirty secret that you been hiding; one that will change how everyone views you, especially Jeannette. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look on the back of this letter.”

Nora looked on the back of the letter as it was a picture of her and Ryan kissing in the car. Nora felt a little bit worried as she turned over the letter to continue reading,

“Now you’re going to do this next task exactly how I want. When you get home tonight, you’re going to make a video; one that announces your wrongdoings, tell everyone how much you lie, cheat, and steal behind your best friend Jeannette’s back. I want you to post it on every social media site you have because I know the all so wonderful Nora Bloom has a lot of fans. And don’t worry, it should be fun doing it, since you and Ryan were planning on telling Jeannette anyways. Don’t even waste my time trying to talk your way out of this, because if you don’t do it, you’ll just find out how what exactly am I capable of.”

I don’t believe it, Nora thought to herself. She felt more scared than ever, even more than when that boy collapsed in her classroom. She couldn’t believe what was happening and was going to happen. Nora continued on throughout her day, feeling empty like a soulless shell. Even when she went to practice she felt empty.

“C’mon we gotta get better for our game this Friday!” The Coach stated at practice.

Nora wasn’t even paying attention to her practice as she was just going through the motions. After practice as Nora was in the parking lot going into her car, Jeannette had approached her.

“Nora, I just want to say even despite our recent fights, you are the best. You possibly are the greatest person ever to be in my life; you feel like a sister to me,” Jeannette admitted as she smiled.

“Thanks,” Nora trembled as she got into her car and left.

Nora went home as her mom and dad didn’t speak much to her as it appeared they were still angry at her. Nora then remembered what she was forced to do to do. After she ate her dinner, and did her homework, she was beginning to set her webcam up for her confession until she seen a picture on her Twitter that caught her eye. It was a picture that someone retweeted of her and Ryan kissing each other, like the one she received in her locker. Nora couldn’t believe what she say. Many people started to retweet the picture. She check her other social media sites as they picture was being posted multiple times on it, so many times that she couldn’t find the source. She didn’t even look at what people had to say about it. Nora began to cry and she just fell face first into her bed, and cried herself to sleep. The next morning, Nora didn’t put on any makeup or do her hair. She put on sweats and a hoodie and brushed her teeth. As Nora was approaching the door to leave the house, her mom had asked in the kitchen,

“You’re not going to eat?”

“No,” Nora declared as she walked out the door and got into her car.

As Nora was driving her car she pulled up to a crossing light and it was red. A Mustang had pulled up next to her and rolled down the windows as Nora did too.

“Hey Nora can we get a pic for the flick we’re making!? It’s called Back Stabbing Sluts!” One of the boys in the car laughed as the car raced off.

“Oh my god,” Nora said to herself annoyed as she continued on driving shamefully..

When Nora got to school there were people pointing, laughing, staring, and talking about her. It was more than it was when she was on the football field.

“Oh my god, Nora Bloom is a skank! This is too perfect! The all so mighty Nora Bloom is actually just a fake! I need to take a picture of this; it’s legendary!” Stacey laughed with her friends as she started taking pictures of Nora outside of the school.

Nora had a look of caution as she didn’t say anything and was walking slowly with a hood over her head. As Nora was walking in the halls Daniel had confronted her with a look of disappointment on his face.

“I respected and liked you Nora. But after seeing you and Ryan, I could only think how could you do that to Jeannette? Seeing what you would do to your own best friend, I hate to see what you would do to others. I was wrong about you Nora,” Daniel stated.

“Daniel, I’m sorry,” Nora said.

“No, I’m sorry,” Daniel claimed as he shook his head and walked away.

Nora then continued to walk as she approached her locker. Before she could open it, Jeannette had come up on her.

“I can’t believe you! How could you!? Even after what I told you! You’re going to pay me back like that?! First you complain about some letters, then you taunt me about my parents’ divorce, but then you apologize having me think you were truly sorry! But to top it all off, you go post a picture of your kissing my boyfriend!” Jeannette exclaimed.

“Jeannette, I didn’t post it,” Nora began but was cut off by Jeannette.

“I don’t even care about the picture. I just want to know how long? How long have you two been seeing each other behind my back? Was all that time he told me he had work, was he with you? I knew something was going on!?” Jeannette continued to yell.

“Jeannette, it’s not even like that,” Nora said.

Ryan then came running towards the two as he approached the scene with a look of shock. Ryan was on the side of Nora as the two faced Jeannette. Jeannette looked at the two.

“You deserve each other,” Jeannette smirked as she walked away.

Nora gave Ryan a look of hate as she stormed off without even opening her locker. Ryan followed as he tried to keep up, but Nora was continuing on walking away.

“What, what just happened? Did you post that picture?” Ryan assumed

“Are you crazy? No! I knew that we were going to tell her, but not like that!” Nora responded.

“Then who did, because it wasn’t me,” Ryan claimed.

Nora then stopped as the two looked at each other.

“It’s him, he’s doing it,” Nora said.

“Who, who’s doing it?” Ryan asked.

“The one who’s sending the letters,” Nora exclaimed, “ I rejected him some time ago that I don’t remember. He sent me all those letters, he killed that boy last week, he threatened me, he made me do all this stuff, and he’s the one who posted the picture. I don’t know who he is, but he’s out there. He’s behind it all!”

Ryan looked around.

“But why? Why would some guy do all of this to hurt you, just because you rejected him?”

“Because! He wants to make me feel sad, afraid, and lonely like I made him feel! He wants to show everybody that even though I may seem perfect, just how imperfect I am! So by doing all that, he can show me just how much he and I are alike! And you know what!? He’s right! And he has won! Because I can’t take this any longer!” Nora shrieked.

Ryan put his arm around Nora as they began to walk outside.

“It’s ok, just come with me; we have to talk about this in private,” Ryan insisted.

The two got outside where no one was near as they faced each other.

“I believe you, but now who can it be? I know you don’t remember, but who do you know as of now that this person can be?” Ryan questioned.

Nora took a second to think.

“I did run into a guy last week,” Nora responded.

“A guy?” Ryan asked.

“Yeah. He tried to come onto me but Jeannette pushed us away. He didn’t seem very attractive nor did I give him a lot of attention,” Nora stated.

“You think maybe it could be him,” Ryan assumed.

“I thought it could be, but I never saw him before like there’s no way I wouldn’t be able to remember rejecting him before that day, because the way he looked I would of never forgotten. He had many pimples on his face, not to be mean or anything, but he wasn’t the site for me,” Nora explained.

The two took a moment to think.

“You know what!? What if it’s Jeannette?” Nora gasped.

“How!?” Ryan asked.

“The person was able to get into my locker, into my house, and know so much about me. Only someone I know and is very close to me can do that. Someone like Jeannette,” Nora addressed.

“But why would Jeannette do all of this?” Ryan continue to ask.

“I don’t know. Maybe she found out about us way before this, and she played it off like she didn’t know anything, so now she’s getting revenge” Nora informed.

Ryan was nodding his head in agreement.

“It has to be,” Ryan concluded.

Nora then looked at Ryan as she back slowly away from him.

“What if it’s you?” Nora assumed.

Ryan looked at her.

“What!?” Ryan asked.

“I don’t know. You seem to be this all mighty savior character. What if you’re doing all of this forever whatever sick game you like,” Nora stated.

“Nora, you’re overreacting,” Ryan implied as he tried to reach his hand out to Nora.

“No!” Nora yelled as she swatted Ryan’s hand away, “I don’t know anyone.”

Nora then walked away to her class. Throughout the day Nora was just so focus on the person who sent her the letters. She was feeling like she was possibly getting closer to an answer. She didn’t look into her locker the whole day until school got out. When Nora finally went to her locker she only found one letter as if the other ones were taken out. The new letter read,

“Isn’t life full of surprises and irony?”

Nora got furious, as she wrote angrily on the back of the letter,

“You know what, no more! No more of these child games. I don’t care anymore. The whole school hates me, I lost my best friend, I caught my dad cheating, and it seems that my parents our highly disappointed in me. I only have myself. And honestly I don’t care what you do, because you’re probably going to do it anyways regardless, so bring it on because I don’t care.”

Nora put the letter back in her locker, but then she decided to write more,

“Honestly, you’re pathetic, just sad and pathetic. Doing all of this just because you got rejected. Move on with your life. I’m not afraid of you; I’m not afraid anymore. So do your worse, because I had it. Matter of fact, I doubt you really are who you say you are, being capable of doing what it is you claim to do. I mean like seriously, you haven’t done anything. So a boy has some type of uncommon accident in class, and you want me to believe you had something to do with it? You’re just some weirdo who probably stalked me for a very long time to know my every move and had me stupid enough to believe everything you said. Well bravo on making me look like the fool, but never again, because I had it.”

Nora then slammed her locker as she headed towards practice. At her practice her and Jeannette once again didn’t say anything to each other. I guess this is it, the end of our friendship, but I can’t blame her; it was my fault, Nora thought to herself. After practice Nora then went home as she felt finally free of all that she been put through. When Nora entered the house she saw her mom, dad, and brother standing up in the living room again, as if they were waiting for her. What now, she thought.

“Nora it’s time for us to have a talk,” Her mother said.

“As a family,” Her father added with a sincere look.

“Yeah, I know, you’re going to tell me how much I disappointed you all lately,” Nora groaned.

“I wish! Just playing,” Michael laughed.

Nora’s mom gave Michael a look which made him stopped laughing.

“No, Nora, it’s the opposite,” Her mother began.

“Nora, there are so many things that make you a wonderful person: your personality and character, how you make people feel so great and lively when they’re around you, your goals and aspirations, how you aim to excel in school and in sports, how you want to help and care for others, and how much you love us a family. You are everything we wanted in daughter and sister. And I know I haven’t been the father to look up to , but I want you to know that I am going to do everything in my power to make it up to you and that we will always love you, because we are family.” Her father declared.

Nora smiled as all 4 of them gave each other a hug. Nora then went up to her room, and began to do her homework. As Nora was almost done with her homework, her dad walked into her room.

“Nora can I talk to you,” Her dad asked.

“Yeah,” She responded.

`Her dad then sat down on the bed next to Nora so he could face her.

“Now, I know there is nothing I can say to take away what happened Friday nor make you forget, and I know you are mad at me, and you can stay mad at me forever, but I just wanted to say I’m sorry,” He apologized.

“Dad, we all make mistakes, and I for one understand. On Friday after what I saw, I was furious and hated you as I thought to myself who would do something like that. But now I realize and understand that we all have our moments of weakness, it’s just up to us to not let it get in the way of our lives. And for that, I understand,” Nora explained.

The two smiled at each other as they both said they loved each other and then hugged. Nora’s dad then left as Nora finished her homework. I can’t believe I actually thought that creep was capable of something so horrible; it was all in my mind, he’s nobody just a pretender and a loser, but finally I can be in peace, she thought as she went to bed. The next morning, Nora got ready for school and left. Even though she was despised by many, she didn’t care. Though she wasn’t proud of her actions, she knew she couldn’t fix them and the only thing she can do is learn from them and move on. She didn’t go to her locker until after her first class as she felt confident in her own self. When Nora opens her locker, her eyes open at the sight she has seen. She lets out a huge gasps as she screams very long and loud. Ryan’s head was in her locker as he’s now dead eyes were looking up because it had no life in it. Nora then collapsed onto her knees and kept screaming. Many people walked over there as they seen the head of Ryan in the locker. There were many reactions throughout the crowds. Nora kept on screaming and screaming.

“OH MY GOD!” Nora kept yelling.

Soon Nora passed out on the floor. When she had awaken she was in a hospital bed in a gown. She was looking around as she seen a man in a suit, the principal, and her mom, dad, and brother.

“Hi, Nora. I am Detective Grey and I will investigate all that has happen. Your principal has informed me about some letters you were receiving, a boy collapsing in your class, all of it will be under investigation, I promise,” The man stated as he left the room.

“Nora, don’t worry everything will be alright. Get some rest,” The principal assured as he left the room.

The only people in the room now were Nora’s mom, father, and brother.

“What, what happen?” Nora trembled.

“You had a heart attack, but the doctor said you will be fine. You just need to take a break for some time. But everything will be ok,” Her father declared.

“Nora you have been through a lot, but like we said the other night. We are all here for you,” Nora’s mom smiled.

The family smiled at each other.

“Thank you for being here for me, I love you all the most for it,” Nora admitted.

All four of them hugged each other.

“Now get some rest, we’ll be back,” Nora’s mom informed.

Nora’s family left the room, as Nora laid her head on the pillow looking up at the ceiling. I don’t believe it, he really went that far, Nora thought to herself. As Nora was laying in the bed a doctor was entering the room. She couldn’t see his face because he had it down in some papers.

“So how long will I be out, doctor?” Nora asked.

The doctor didn’t say anything as he had his back turned towards Nora as he was reading the papers. Nora kind of risen up from the bed as she grew suspicious.

“Doctor?” Nora worried.

The doctor then turned around and injected into Nora’s forearm a needle.

“That shall keep you at rest, but don’t worry, it’s only sleeping medicine. You’ll wake up feeling refresh, my little Nora Bloom,” The doctor assured as he was speaking with a lisp..

Nora was able to get a look at the doctor as he looked up. She recognize him.

“You’re that kid, I bumped into in the hallway last week,” Nora observed.

The boy smiled.

“Wait, you’re the one who sent me all the letters. I knew it was you. You did all of this!” Nora exclaimed as she was slowly fading away from the medicine.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover, Nora,” The boy insisted as his lisp went away and he began talking normal.

The boy took off his glasses as if he never needed them to see. He then went to the sink and put water on his face as he dried it with paper towels. When he turned around there were no pimples on his face anymore. He looked completely different from when Nora had seen him in the hallways.

“I told you that you were going to feel how you made me feel,” the boy began, “I never planned on hurting you Nora. I just wanted to show everybody who you really were. See, all of you people are a product of your imagination. You all live in a fantasy where what you think and believe is how things are, that you all can do whatever you want without any consequences because you believe so, but you were all wrong. I showed all of you the truth, so I sought out to make you, Nora Bloom, an example. You who made me feel like I was useless, lonely, and an outcast. I showed all these people who marvel at you, who think you are indestructible just how fragile you are till the point where you felt afraid and helpless; just like how you made me feel years ago. By succeeding in that I have also showed to you that you and I are very much alike. For all of that, I have finally truly have had my revenge.”

Nora was continuing to fade away as she heard the words of the boy but was losing sight of him.

“And now you will never hear or see of me again, Nora. But enjoy this moment of solace, because you truly deserve it,” The boy declared.

He kissed Nora on the forehead and walked out the room. Nora soon fell asleep.

It truly is the greatest lesson in life, that what you put in is what you get. No one can foresee the cost of their actions until later on down the road. Or more specifically, what goes around comes around.

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