A man describes the complexity of loving someone who doesn’t love him back. 

They say you can do whatever you want if you put your mind to it

That it can be yours if you pursue it

You can have anything you want

Time and hard work will conquer the hunt

You can succeed at anything large or small

If you believe you can, you can have it all

With your eyes filled with fire

You can have any desire

So if I can have anything I want if I put in the time and effort to pursue

Then why in the world can I not have you

For you, I put in the hard work and time

But at the end of the day you’re still not mine

I can conquer any test, any competition, and any conflict

But, I can’t conquer your heart, now that is making me sick

A strong desire will get you anywhere they say

But it seems that my desire is only pushing you away

They say it comes down to who wants it more

But I want you the most and I can’t have you, isn’t that a sore

Isn’t that like the striking of a sword

To a soldier committing suicide after forfeiting the war

Because he sees that his efforts are futile

The world has moved on and he’s just a little child

All I know is hard work and dedication

You cannot kill my desire with any medication

That is what brought me my success

That is what I know best

But it isn’t my best

If I can’t have what’s beating behind your chest

You are the most complicated test

That is something I must confess

Why is that I get and succeed anything if I put the work in

If I have the want and desire to win

But when it comes to you, my want seems to be a sin

Is this ever asked by men and women

They say don’t worry you’ll get it as time goes by

Because then you’ll change into a different guy

But change is something that happens over time I find

So how can I change if I can’t feel time

Because every day feels the same

I feel like I’m playing the same game

Because everyday

My desire pushes you away

These are the questions I aimed to find

Why my want can’t have you mine

Is it because the will, want, and work I put in isn’t enough

Or is it because those are too much

But then I finally came to a realization recently

Something that just came to me

That it isn’t that those are too much or too slight

It’s that those aren’t right

I try to put laws and steps where they don’t belong

I only look at things right or wrong

See, there isn’t a rule book on how to capture the heart

And that was what was tearing me apart

I was trying to treat you like a task

I do it, do it, get better, and succeed, I pass

But human beings aren’t test

And thinking like that has put me in a mess

I was thinking like a machine, all logic

As if you were a lock I could just pick

I put an absolute on every situation

And when it doesn’t work out as I studied and planed for I have frustration

Human beings aren’t all logic, there’s emotion

And this I had to add to my notion

Because like I said all I know is hard work, dedication, and will

But through pushing that I have miss out on the feel

Because I was too bent on having success

That I over did the process

A person once told me that this isn’t a competition or something I can have victory

But it is something that can be brought to me

Sometimes I think this is too complex, and sometimes I think it’s too simple

And sometimes I feel like a pebble in the river causing a temporary ripple

So is it because I look at things one sided

Like one rule applies to all and you cannot fight it

Is it because of the universe and it’s holding me back

And it’s keeping me where I’m at

Or maybe I don’t know what any of this is for

And for that, I don’t know what to do anymore.