I dream of Saturn

Where I am at, gives me a burn

I wish I could live on another planet

Maybe Saturn, where no man has landed

The old one, is vile and crude

The people here are so rude

The fall of man is soon to come

What has Earth become

The people here are so backwards

They don’t want to love, they rather hurt

They post videos of others misery

Put them on the internet for others to see

They laugh at demolition and destruction

They treat each other like they are nothing

They are greedy and selfish

They don’t care about the helpless

They put their pride in front of others lives

They cheat on their husbands and hurt their wives

They think like robots and feel like demons

They rape and murder children

They are never satisfied, they are spoil

Everyone gets mistreated by the royal

Though they bleed the same color and live in the same flesh

They put others down and act as if their own kind is the best

They love to promote negativity

And they outlaw positivity

Anything different is seen as weird and dangerous

They speak of hate and intolerance

They promote the prince of darkness

Ignorance is all that they worship

They choose emotion over logic

They resemble that of satanic

They want to live by others crisis

Instead of others happiness

Instead of thinking for themselves

They fall in line like books on shelves

They don’t want the truth, only what they think makes them happy

To each other, they are just a malady

They destroy until there’s nothing left

They live for others death

They will steal, rape, and kill

For  enjoyment and the dollar bill

Destroyed the homes of many animals

Eat each other for they are cannibals

They will rip this planet apart to its very core

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore

People seem to never learn

Which is why I dream of Saturn