A nerd in high school finds out a dark secret about his crush that changes his feelings for her from love to fear. 

Only 1 minute remained in the game, as the Sun Devils, the home team was down by 3 baskets, 6 points.

            “Oh my god, man,” Myles started, “Jefferson High really need this win, we haven’t beat this team in 10 years!”

The clock went down to 30 seconds, as Jefferson was only down by 4 points.

            “Man, you know I don’t care about sports. You already know why I’m here in these bleachers,” Steve assured.

As the clock was ticking down and everything seemed to by a life or death situation for everyone in the gym: players, coaches, fans, family, and friends; time had stopped for Steve as the only thing he was worried about was what his eyes were glued onto, Vanessa Parker. With hair soft as ice cream, and eyes that when one looked into them they can see the beauty of the world as it was on her face, Vanessa Parker was the most beautiful person Steve had lay his eyes upon. To Steve, Vanessa was finer than his 5 pieces of Exodia from his Yi-Gi-Oh collection. All Steve cared about, was Vanessa Parker.

            “Dude, you’ve been drooling over her since freshman year,” Myles began, “You two are the opposite of each other: she’s popular and, you’re not; she’s somewhat smart, maybe a junior college, and you’re going to Stanford; she helps out people in the community as she’s loved by it,  and dude, nobody likes you except for me, even 5 year olds throw rocks at you. By the way, she’s major hot, and no offense but you’re not so good looking.”

The final seconds were ticking down, only 4 seconds to go in the game as Jefferson High’s point guard had shot the final basket in attempt to take the lead and win the game.

            “YES!!!” Myles roared, as Jefferson High’s fans ran onto the court in celebration of their Sun Devil’s victory.

Myles was cheering, but Steve was silent, and motionless. The only movement on him was the smile he had from looking at the beauty of Vanessa.

            “Seriously dude, just forgot about her; she doesn’t even notice you,” Myles babbled.

            “No this is the night, I’m going to go up to her, introduce myself to her, and see what happens,” Steve argued, “I’ve sat down for 4 years while she walked pass me, no more.”

Steve then left the bleachers as he began to walk towards Vanessa; she was smiling and talking to her cheerleading buddies.

            “I’ll be back, I’m going to go to the lockers to change this time,” Vanessa told her friends.

Before Steven could say something to Vanessa he was struck with a bump on his shoulder.

            “Watch it, nerd!” One of the basketball players barked.

It was Brock McCall, he was Steve’s high school nemesis, well he was Steve’s tormentor actually. He was 6’3, 215 pounds of all stud and swag, and to his friends and all the people who stroke his ego he was a god. Unlike how most people visualize high school bullies, Brock wasn’t stupid; he had a 3.5 gpa and had a scholarship to the University of Kentucky, which made things worse. His dad being a well-known and wealthy politician only added to Brock’s high self-esteem. Unfortunately, the suicide of his mother when she found out that his dad was having an affair with a 23 year old, had cause Brock to take all his frustration out on Steve for the last past 4 years.

            “If I wasn’t in such a good mood from this victory, I would rearrange your face, Hogwood,” Brock smirked, “but right now, I’m feeling good. There’s going to be an after party at my house, and you’re not invited!”

Steve had a look of discontent and tiresome on his face as he was thinking the idiot tortures me for 4 years, and he thinks not inviting me to his lame party is torture, hell that’s a present that I’m not going to be around him and his douchebag friends.

            “See you around, Hogwood,” Brock sneered as he left.

With the distraction, Steve had almost forgotten about Vanessa, as he saw her exiting the gym towards the girls’ locker-room. Steve then dashed out of there to pursue her. He saw as she entered the locker room.

            “Dammit!” Steve shouted.

He was planning on catching Vanessa before she got into the locker room, because who knew how long that would have taken her. Beautiful girls always take long time to get change, Steve thought, but now I’m going to have to wait for her to get out. Steve’s heart was beating very fast, as sweat was dripping down from his forehead which was very unlikely since it was around 30 degrees out in the January night cold. Oh my god, I feel like them skydivers from the new Godzilla movie, how nervous they were before jumping from the sky to battle Godzilla; but that situation isn’t anything like this; Godzilla is no Vanessa Parker, Steve babbled in his head. 15 minutes went by and Vanessa hadn’t come out yet.

            “How long does it take for her to get changed,” Steven questioned, “what is she doing in there?”

Steve started to get suspicious, as Vanessa had still didn’t come out yet. 20 minutes had pass, and Steve still didn’t see Vanessa. Steve looked around to see if anyone was nearby. That’s it, I’m going in there, may the force be with me, Steve thought. Steve quietly lurked into the locker-room to see if Vanessa was in there. The lights were off, so Steven turned them on; there was no one in there. Steve looked around the locker-room and still there wasn’t a sight of Vanessa or anyone. Steve was no longer filled with the nervousness of talking to Vanessa as the only thing that was on his mind was finding out how and why she wasn’t in there, especially since there was only one way out of there. I feel like Batman right now, being a detective, Steve thought. As Steve wondered around the locker-room he entered in the small office, the gym teachers would have in there. Steve then had a full view of the locker-room; Vanessa wasn’t in sight.

            “What the hell?” Steve asked as he stomped his foot on the floor.

Suddenly, Steve heard a knock sound. It was from his foot stomping on the floor, but it didn’t sound like it came from his foot stomping on a hard floor; it was something more hallow. Steven then look down, as the part of the floor he was on was wood unlike the rest of the concrete floor. The wooden part of the floor was a small square piece with a handle on it.

            “That’s weird,” Steve stated, as he used the handle to open up the wooden piece of the floor.

When Steve opened the part of the floor, it led to a dark hole. It was pitch black, Steve couldn’t see anything; the only thing he could see was an old metal ladder that led down to the bottom of the dark hole. Steve began to get nervous again, only this time it was due to what he feared he might have found down there. Steve fixed on his glasses to make sure they were steady on as he climbed down the ladder. The ladder was very rusted, and cold. Its paint was very chipped off. As Steve climbed down the ladder, he felt the coldness of the black hole, it grew colder and colder, as Steve started to see his breath as it came out of his mouth and nose. Steve finally reached the bottom of the dark hole, there he found a switch as he turned it on; only a small source of light came out, but it was enough for Steve to see the whole area. It looked like an abandoned basement Steve was in. Its whole structure was full of bricks; it had brick walls, and brick flooring, the ceiling of it was wood; it looked weak and old. The brick walls and brick flooring of the place was very old looking; its color was smeared as it was losing its color. The area Steve was in was squared and it had a door at the end of it. Steve then walked towards the door. It was an old wooden door that was painted white, but was very dirty and grey. Steve opened the door slightly and slowly as it made a creaking noise. There he took a peak into a room that was slightly lighted by a light bulb on the ceiling, and had writing on the brick walls, they looked like ancient symbols which he couldn’t understand, but that wasn’t what got his attention. He saw Vanessa in the middle of the room on her knees as she was appearing to be eating on something or someone. Steve took a better look and he saw it was a boy, Vanessa was eating on. He saw the lifeless face of this boy as his mouth and eyes were wide open, blood was in his mouth, and Vanessa was eating his insides.

            “What the?” Steve gasped as he put his hand on his mouth in horror and fear of what he had seen.

Suddenly, Vanessa had stop eating the boy’s insides. She stood up, and turned around facing Steve. She had a smile on her face along with blood around her mouth. Her face looked very pale, as if she wasn’t the Vanessa that Steve had been admiring for 4 years; she was something else. The smile then went away as her teeth showed, they were razor sharp teeth, and she charged at Steve; everything went black for Steve.

            “GAHHH!” Steve screamed as he woke up out of his bed in full of sweat.

His heart was racing, and he was breathing very heavily. Steve looked around to see where he was at, as he saw the lava lamp, the Star Wars and Start Trek posters to remind him he was in his room.

            “All this sweat feels like I pissed myself!” Steve shrieked.

            “Good, morning sweetie,” It was Steve’s mom, as she came into Steve’s room, “You must have been very tired at the basketball game last night!”

            “What, what do you mean?” Steve asked.

            “Myles brought you home. He said after the game you went outside and he found you sleeping on the concrete. Were you taking any drugs?” Steve’s mom teased.

            “No, Mom. I don’t do drugs, remember?” Steve responded.

            “Well you’re going to have to ride your bike with your brother today because I have to go to work early for a meeting. I’ll pick him up after school, now get ready or you’ll be late for school,” Steve’s mom informed.

Steve looked at his clock and seen that he had an hour before school began.

            “I can’t just take dad’s old car?” Steven moaned.

There was a moment of silence as Steve’s mom’s face went blank.

            “Now, Steve, you know what I think about you driving his car. Now get ready for school!” Steve’s mom concluded as she rushed out the room.

“It’s been 2 years,” Steve said to himself, “and tomorrow’s the anniversary.”

Steve then got ready for school, and left on his bike with his brother as they both were riding their bikes to their schools.

            “Steve,” Steve’s brother began, “can I ask you something?”

            “If it’s about your little girlfriend, Amanda, don’t worry, she won’t stay mad at you forever. That’s how 5th graders are Kyle,” Steve smirked.

            “No, it’s about you. Why do people hate you, and make fun of you? Like why don’t you have many friends, besides Myles? You’re smarter than everyone, and are a very nice person, so why do they hate you, Steve?” Kyle addressed.

At that moment, Steve had looked serious, but was calm for he felt that he should answer to his little brother’s curiosity.

            “Look, Kyle. Let me tell you something dad never had the chance to tell you,” Steve asserted, “people like what they can understand, relate to. Whether something is good or bad, whether it can help them or even harm them they will tend to go to and be around what they can understand, in those terms, things and people that are like them. People are like that because it makes them feel comfortable, and secure being around things and people they can understand that are a like them. So when someone exactly comes around who is different, who people doesn’t understand quiet well, they tend to be intimidated by them. They don’t have to say it, but deep down they kind of are intimidated by those that are different than them, those who they don’t understand. And people feel that they can’t understand those who are different than them so it frustrates them, so people end up hating what’s different, what they can’t understand.”

The two brothers were riding down the sidewalk as they talk.

            “So to make people like you, would a person want to be the same as everyone else so they can be liked?” Kyle questioned.

            “That is possible and would work; in some cases people do forget about whom they are and what makes them different as they fall to the pressures of their peers and become like everyone else in order to be liked, but you should never do that. Me, you, or anyone should never betray ourselves, or morals, and what makes us in order to gain the popularity and the approval of other people.” Steve elaborated.

            “Would you ever betray yourself to be liked by other people, would you ever stop believing what you believe in, and stop doing what makes yourself you, in order to fit in and have everyone like you?” Kyle wondered.

            “No, I will never stop being me in order to gain the approval of everyone. And neither should you. We are special, everyone is special. I do not and will never let people determine how I am no matter what the situation is or whatever hardships people me through because who I am, I will never sell-out to people, and neither should you,” Steve lectured.

“Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never”in nothing, great or small, large or petty”never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy. And that’s a quote by Winston Churchill my brother,” Steve chuckled.

After all the talking, Steve and Kyle had pulled up to Kyle’s school. Right before Steve left Kyle off there, Kyle had asked,

            “Steve, one more thing. Would dad be proud of who you are?”

Steve looked at his brother as he smiled, and responded

            “Yes, he would, and he would be very proud of you.”

Steve then separated from his brother, as Steve continued riding his bike to his school. Steve then arrived to his school, and saw Myles in the hallway.

             “Hey bro, my mom’s letting me use her car this week, so I can give you a ride after school today,” Myles informed.

            “Thanks, but aye man, what happened last night?” Steve asked.

            “One minute you go outside for a sad attempt to talk to Vanessa, and the next thing, I see you lying out on the ground fast asleep as if you were sleeping on a beauty rest bed.” Myles explained.

The two continued to walk to their class.

            “I am so unclear of what happen last night. Because I had a dream that I thought was so real and it was of last night. My mom told me you brought me home, thanks.” Steve pointed out.

            “Ya, you’re welcome. But one thing you can be clear about, is that you didn’t make a move on Vanessa; saves you the embarrassment though,” Myles assured.

At that moment, the two had entered in their classroom as they were sitting next to each other. Steve then remembered the boy he saw Vanessa eat in what he believed had to be a dream; it was Chris Davis. Strangely, Chris wasn’t in class, he was absent.

            “Where’s Chirs?” Steve wondered to Myles.

            “I don’t know, probably getting high in the parking lot like he always does.” Myles responded.

The teacher began to lecture in class, when a girl in class shouted,

            “Oh my god! Chris Davis was found in his bed, gutted!

Everyone in the class gasp.

            “What?” The teacher asked in shock.

            “It’s all over Twitter. His parents came home, and found him lying in his bed with his intestines hanging out!” Someone else in the class yelled.

Steve had a look of shock and confusion on his face like everyone else, but it wasn’t just because of the latest news; he was more shocked about how the boy who he saw died in his dream, was really dead in the same matter he was in his dream, or was it a dream, Steve thought.

            “Holy hell,” Myles exclaimed, “this city has ghost face in it!”

The bell ended up ringing as Myles and Steve left the class; Steve was just still in shocked of everything that just happened, before Brock pushed him to the locker.

            “Hey man, I’m just here to tell you that the beatings are going to be on a hiatus, since I’m going to be occupied with some sweetness.” Brock sneered.

            “What are you talking about, Brock?” Steve groaned.

            “Look Hogswood, I’m taking Vanessa out tonight to see that weak movie 50 Shades of Grey. But it’s all good, because whatever happens after that is in my hands.” Brock boasted.

Steve took a moment to look to the side as he saw Vanessa at her locker; she looked very sad, and he kind of felt different about her.

            “Brock I don’t think that’s a good idea with all that’s been going on.” Steve advised.

            “Look, I understand Davis just got his insides drained out,” Brock chuckled, “but game don’t stop, especially not for Brock McCall. Enjoy these moments of non-beatings. Because after I’m done beating those on Vanessa, I’m coming back to beat you. See you around, nerd.” Brock gloated as he started to walk away.

             “You know, I don’t really need this right now,” Steve blurted out.

Brock stopped. Oh-oh, Steve thought as his face grew with fear. Brock turned around with a look of remorse.

             “You’re right, Hogswood, you don’t need this right now. I know what tomorrow is, and I know how you feel, because I feel the same way about my mother. I also heard the news on you getting accepted to Stanford. Not many people realize it, but beneath all that loser, weak, and fear in you, there’s someone who’s going places, unlike a lot of people. I may not like you Hogswood, but I do respect you,” Brock declared as he continued to walk away.

Steve couldn’t believe what he had just heard, he looked shocked. Reality then came back when Myles shot into Steve’s face.

            “Dude, life couldn’t get any worse for you,” Myles explained, “not only do you not have your dream girl, but now she’s going on a date with the guy who tormented you for the past 4 years. Damn, I feel bad for you bro.”

            “I’ll catch you around, Myles. I got some things to take care of.” Steve insisted, as he walked away.

As Steve walked away he saw Vanessa walking with her friends, she was crying.

           “I just can’t believe he’s gone!” Vanessa cried. “He was a very good person and a friend of mine! I mean how his parents feel!? It’s so sad!”

Later on that day during lunch, Steve snuck into the girls locker-room. I have to know, Steve thought to himself. Steve went towards the office in the girls’ locker-room. It was locked, which Steve expected, so he used a paper clip and stuck into the handle to unlock it. Steve looked at the floor where the wooden piece was in his dream; it was just a normal piece of the floor like the rest of the floor; there wasn’t any wooden piece. I don’t understand, it couldn’t have been a dream, it looked so real, Steve thought.

            “What the hell are you doing in here, Hogswood!?” A voice barked.

Steve turned around, it was Mr. Richardson. He was the Varsity football defense of coordinator. Though football season was over, Mr. Richardson spent his time being a gym teacher; why he was in the girls’ locker-room was unknown to Steve.

            “I said what are you doing in here!? Hoping to find some girls in here, you weirdo!?” Mr. Richardson accused.

Steve looking confused countered,

            “I…. I was looking for something I lost.”

            “Ya right! Hogswood, I swear, me along with everyone in this school cannot wait for you to be gone and go to whatever stupid college you go to; Stamford, Stanford, whatever; all bunch of cocky jerks, who think they’re better than everyone because they go to Stanford!” Mr. Richardson criticized.

            “What are you doing here?” Steve questioned.

Mr. Richardson began to look worried.

            “I..I… none of your business what I’m doing here! But for that matter, I’m making sure little creeps like you don’t be snooping around here! Now, get out before I get you suspended or worse!” Mr. Richardson threatened.

Steve then left the locker-room. This doesn’t make any sense, I have a dream about Vanessa killing Chris, and the next day he’s dead in the same fashion he was in my dream, but that dark hole from my dream isn’t there; something isn’t right. If she’s going on a date with Brock tonight, maybe something’s going down; I’ll check them out at the movies to see if anything unusual happens. Steve thought to himself. The school day eventually ended and Myles drove Steve home.

            “I don’t get it man, why can’t I get girls to like me?” Steve asked as Myles was driving.

Myles gave Steve a quick glance of confusion as he had to pay attention to the road.

             “I mean, I can get the best grades in the world,” Steve continued, “I can succeed in school, but when it comes to girls, I fail. I don’t understand how’s that possible.”

             “See that’s your problem, you treat everything and girls like they’re schoolwork, and girls are not like that, Steve, people are not like that,” Myles informed.

At this moment, Steve was looking at Myles as if Myles had no idea what he was talking about.

             “I know you think, I don’t know what I’m talking about, and though I’m not good with girls and people for that matter, I do know this. You’re trying to put laws and steps where they don’t belong.  You use one rule that you live by and apply that to everything. You can’t compare girls to school work, because they’re different. That one law you use that got you good grades and accepted into Stanford, will not and cannot work with girls, because like I said, they’re different. You need to be more flexible in how you approach things, Steve; not everything’s an absolute,” Myles lectured.

As Myles was talking, Steve was paying attention as if Steve was in class, and Myles was the teacher.

             “You mean like adapt?” Steve suggested.

              “Ya! Adapt!” Myles exclaimed.

The two finally pulled up to Steve’s house, as Steve got out the car.

               “Remember what I said, Steve, adapt,” Myles insisted.

                “Alright man, see you later,” Steve responded as Myles drove away.

Adapt, Steve thought to himself as he entered into his house.

            “I’m going to the movies later on tonight, mom,” Steve informed his mom.

            “Are you going to go see the new Star Wars movie?” His mom asked.

            “No, mom, that movie doesn’t come out until the end of the year. I’m going to go see 50 Shades of Grey. I’ll catch the bus there and back.” Steve assured.

            “Oh, well that’s something new for you. But have fun!” His mom cheered.

Steve got on twitter, to see if there was anything that could tell him about Vanessa and Brock’s date. He saw a tweet made by Vanessa

            “Gonna see 50 Shades of Grey tonight at 9 at the AMC theater!” Vanessa stated on her twitter.

That’s when and where they’re going to be at, Steve thought to himself.

Around 9, Steve left the house and headed towards the movie theater. He went in and bought a ticket for 50 Shades of Grey. There in the theater he sat in the top corner. At this moment, Steve was ok with if Brock got lucky with his dream girl; he just was hoping that Vanessa didn’t have her own luck with Brock.  The movie had started but there was no sight of Vanessa or Brock. They’re probably late, that’s typical, Steve thought to himself. 30 minutes had pass and neither Vanessa nor Brock was seen. Steve grew suspicious like he did the other night, he decided to leave the theater in feeling of unaccomplished. “Everything seems so weird, Steve thought to himself. The parking lot was very empty since it was a Thursday night, not many cars were there. Steve looked around, and suddenly he saw Brock’s bmw on a hill near the theater. Steve decided to check it out, but in a caution manner. Steve quietly walk near the bmw from a distance where he wouldn’t get seen by whoever was in the car. As Steve got a better view of the bmw, he saw Brock and Vanessa in it making out. Well, things are what they are, can’t change them, Steve thought to himself. Steve started walking away from the car, as he believed that he found nothing, and would just leave the 2 be. Suddenly, he heard a scream; it sounded like a male, it sounded like Brock. As Steve turned around, and was looking at the back of the bmw, he saw as blood splattered on the back window, as Vanessa slit the throat of Brock with what appeared to be her claws. Steve’s heart jumped as his eyes opened wide. Steve then ran towards the car to see what he was seeing was real. There he saw Vanessa in the passenger seat eating at a dead Brock’s neck.

            “Oh my god!” Steve shrieked.

Vanessa looked up at Steve with eyes poised with evil and death, she smiled with her razor sharp teeth, and the pale face like she had in what Steve believed to be a dream the other night. Steve then quickly dashed out of the area, not caring which way he was running to as long as it was away from there. In a panic, Steve tripped and fell down the hill as he rolled down it like tumbled weed. Steve got up as he was in the middle of the streets, and last second dodged a moving car.

            “Watch it!” A man in the car screamed, as he honked his horn.

Steve with his clothes all dirty, and his heart racing looked up at the hill as he seen the bmw with blood in it. He didn’t bother to think nor call the cops; Steve just dashed all the way home. His house was around 30 minutes by walking from the movies; Steve ran all the way home without looking back, or stopping for a minute. The only thing that was in Steve’s mind was survival. Steve finally arrived at home, as he entered the house, with his mom and brother at the kitchen table eating. Steve’s clothes were filled with dirt, as he was filled with sweat, and panic; his heart kept racing and he kept breathing very hard and loud. Both his mom and brother looked at him in confusion.

            “Was the movie, that bad? What happen to you?!” Steve’s mom cried

Steve still breathing in a panic took moments to catch his breath and finally gasped

            “The movie was kind of boring……so I left early and went out exercising…. I’ll eat later!”

            “Well get cleaned up!” His mother insisted.

Steve walked up to his bedroom as he took of his clothes. His Yoda shirt had a rip in it from his fall from the hill. Steve then collapsed into his bed, as he laid stretched out in it. His eyes were looking straight up at the ceiling as he saw his G.I. Joe poster, but all he could think about was the brutal murder he just saw take place.

            “My life is really dull and boring,” Steve confessed, “I go to school, come home, go to school come home. I do that for 5 days a week, then on the weekends I just sit around watch tv, play video games, and hang out with my only friend, Myles. Ya, I have good grades, a 4.2 gpa, I’m going to Stanford, but I’m just consuming life. I’m having no fun! Nothing interesting is going on in my life; I am a teenager in high school, I’m supposed to have fun but I don’t. While everyone else’s out there having fun, and living life, I’m stuck here, doing the same routine stuck in my same old ways. So when something finally does come up interesting, something I think that could bring change to my boring life, it doesn’t come out like I thought it would; I ended up being let down.”

Steve closed his eyes for a minute, and opened them back up. He looked to the side wall to the poster he had of Vanessa; it was a poster of her cheerleading picture.

            “And you Vanessa,” Steve continued, “I have had the biggest crush on you since 9th grade, you were the most perfect girl I have ever seen, and ever since then I just fell for you. I wouldn’t let any girl come between that, not that there has been any; it’s just that for 4 years, you’ve been in the center of my heart. Hell you don’t even know my name, but still I’m compelled to your presence. What I feel for you is beyond just how you look. You are out of my league, but I feel compel to you because you give me a sense of hope.”

Steve had gotten out of his bed, and approached the poster of Vanessa, as he continued to address,

            “You give me a sense of hope, because seeing you every day is enough to give me something to look forward to, to live for.  You didn’t ever have to look at me like you have never have, but just seeing you, gives me hope for a better days. But like everything else that gives me hope, you are not what I expected, I have been let down,” Steve concluded as he ripped up the poster of Vanessa.

Steve went back to lay down on his bed, when his mom entered the room.

            “Can I talk to you for a minute?” His mom asked.

            “Yes, wassup, mom” Steve responded.

Steve’s mom sat down on the bed near Steve and she said,

            “I know there have been a lot of things going on in your life right now: you’re going to graduate and go off to Stanford, you’re growing up, and now one of your classmates has been murdered in his own bedroom. All of that is a lot, but I want you to know, that I am here for you and I will always love you and your brother.”

            “I know, and I love you for it. Thanks for being here for us mom, even after dad died,” Steve declared.

            “You’re welcome, and that is what I wanted to address. Your dad’s accident was very tragic and overwhelming for this family. He can never be replaced. But I want  you to know, that I am and will continue to do everything in my power to make this family happy and make it feel like how it was when dad was hear,” Steve’s mom convinced.

Steve and his mother smiled at each other, as they both gave each other a hug.

            “I love you mom,” Steve confessed.

            “I love you too,” she responded.

Steve then went to bed. In the morning he wake up like usual, got ready and ate his breakfast while listening to The Dragon Ball Z theme song. Steve then got into the car as his mom drove him and his brother to school. When Steve arrived to school, he saw Myles in the hallway.

            “Dude, everyone probably already heard it, but Brock McCall is dead!” Steve exclaimed to Myles as they both walked to class.

            “What!?” Myles sassed.

            “Last night, I saw Vanessa as she mauled him to death in his car by the hill at the AMC Theater. And I believe she killed Chris too, because I had a vision of her killing him in the same fashion he died in real life!”

            “That is impossible Steve! I know you hate the guy, but you don’t have to fantasize about him being mauled. It’s impossible what you say,” Myles snickered.

            “Why!? Why is it impossible!? Why can’t it be real!? Steve argued.

            “Because, the school received a call this morning from Brock’s mom, that they’re moving so now he’s going to a different school; some school out in Virginia. The guy will still be king at basketball whatever high school he moves to,” Myles explained.

Steve looked more shocked than ever and confused.

            “What, how!? I saw him get murdered last night by Vanessa, it’s impossible!” Steve protested.

            “The only thing that’s impossible is what you’re saying. Everyone found out he moved when a teacher tweeted about it on twitter; I guess he was her favorite student. Very hard to believe though if you ask me,” Myles elaborated.

The two got to class, as the class began. The teacher was again lecturing but Steve wasn’t paying attention to any of it; he had his mind on the apparent news, and how all of it still didn’t make any sense. Steve looked at the desks where Chris and Brock had sat; they were empty like a void in space. The class ended and Myles and Steve were talking by their lockers during the passing period.

            “Hey, you want to come over to my house, and we can play Call of Duty? Myles suggested to Steve.

            “Nah, not tonight man, I have to get my mind right,” Steve insisted.

Steve turned to the side as he saw Vanessa walking towards him with a smile on her face. Steve got nervous, You’re not going to kill me in front of all these people, wait are you? Steve thought to himself.

            “Hey, I’m having a party tonight, I would like for you to come. You and your friend can come,” Vanessa cheered.

Steve didn’t know what to say, his mind and mouth was empty.

            “Uh, um, I, I,” Steve quavered.

Myles then stepped in between the two, and asserted,

            “We would be happy to come!”

            “Great!” Vanessa cheered as she walked off.

Steve had a blank look on his face as his mouth was opened looking at Vanessa as she was walking away.

            “Dude! You’re high school bully has moved schools, and the girl of your dreams who also the most popular girl in school has invited you to her party, along with me of course; things couldn’t get any better!” Myles exclaimed.

            “Myles, it’s a trap, we cannot go to that party! All we can know is that she’s going to feast on everyone there!” Steve argued.

            “Look, you could stay with that evil vampire story all you want, but I’m going to that party whether you come or not. Remember, my mom let me use the car this week, so I could take you there in it if you’re coming,” Myles insisted.

            “Alright, I’ll come with you; you could pick me up. But I’m going to be caution when I’m there,” Steve informed Myles.

            “Ok, talk to you later,” Myles said as he walked off.

I need to do some research on anything related to flesh eating demons and monsters, so I could know what to do about Vanessa. I need to stop her tonight at that party, Steve thought to himself. Steve went to the school’s library. It was very big, it was for a high school, but it had everything and anything; it even had books on how to make bombs. Steve confronted one of the students who worked in the library. It was Jacob Wells; he was the school’s weirdest, Goth like, and creepiness students. He had long black hair, rings of skulls on all of his fingers, skinny tight black jeans, and wore black face paint as if he wanted to look like Marilyn Manson. Everyone was frightened of him, but if anyone knew anything about monsters and demons, it was him.

            “Hey, Jacob, where are the books on things like, you know rituals, demons, vampires, and stuff?” Steve asked.

            “Never thought you would be into that stuff, Hogswood. But there over there,” Jacob sassed as he pointed over the direction towards the books Steve was looking for.

            Steve went over towards the books, as he started searching for anything that would give him some insight on what he was dealing with. Steve had search endlessly for any book that was related to what Vanessa was, he search through books on demons, the devils, fallen angels, witches, black magic, etc.; but he couldn’t find anything. He then stumbled upon a book that was called “The Black Widow”, it had a painting of a female that looked like what Vanessa looked like when she killed Chris and Brock, but instead it looked more creature – like. It had long grey arms with long clays, and its razor sharp teeth were sticking out. This has to be it, Steve thought to himself. Steve opened up the book as he was flipping through pages. He looked at a page that had a description of The Black Widow. Steve read the description to himself as it said

            “The Black Widow is a creature that no one knows where it came from. It feasts on its male mates that it comes in contact with in order to stay alive. In order to kill it permanently one must drive a golden spike into its chest.”

Steve felt relieved at knowing what he was dealing with, but the only thing that brought him discontent was the fact that he didn’t have a golden spike. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, Steve went home to get ready before Myles would pick him up to go to Vanessa’s party. I don’t have a golden spike, what the hell could I use, Steve thought to himself as he was sitting down on his bed wondering. Steve’s attention was then on a golden case on his dresser. He approached it as he opened it. Inside of it was a replica of the Green Ranger’s dagger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Steve had gotten it from the actual Green Ranger actor, Jason Frank, at a comic con back when he was little. This replica wasn’t like any other toy, it was a real sharp dagger, that could kill someone or something; it was encase in a holster. I may not have a golden spike, but this thing can do the job, Steve thought to himself. Night eventually came and Myles came to pick up Steve.

            “Alright, mom I’m heading out the party,” Steve told his mom.

            “My little Stevie’s going to his first high school party! Have fun!” His mom cheered.

Steve got into Myles car as they headed to Vanessa’s house.

            “Dude this is going to be awesome! This may be our night! No, this will be our night!” Myles burst out.

            “Ya, whatever you say man,” Steve implied.

            “Don’t tell me you’re still on that Vanessa flesh eating hype?”

Steve gave a look to Myles that showed Myles the obvious.

            “Ya, I assumed you didn’t come to party, seeing you’re wearing you’re everyday super hero t-shirt, with your color jeans, and Star Trek converse. I’m telling you man, do what you want there, I’m going to have a good time,” Myles claimed.

The two sat in the car until they arrived to Vanessa’s house. They were people outside of the house socializing and drinking, so Steve already knew that they were going to be a lot of people inside.

            “Well this is it! I think I’m finally going to lose my virginity here!” Myles cheered.

            “Just watch your back in there,” Steve insisted.

They both got out the car as they walked towards Vanessa’s house. Vanessa’s house wasn’t really surrounded by other houses like other neighborhoods; all the houses in Vanessa’s neighborhood were very big, like mansions, so each house had a lot of space around it. As expect Vanessa’s house was 3 stories. The house wasn’t just a house; it had many balconies as they were two in the front, one right above the front door. The house was tan white with brown tactile on its rectangular pointy roofs. As Steve and Myles were walking towards the front door, Steve look to the side to see the lawn. It was fresh green grass, it looked like it could have been turf for a NFL football team; that’s how nice it looked, and it even had sculptures of baby angels with water pouring out of them. The two approached the brown wooden doors; there were two of them with glass so a person could slightly see through it. Steve knocked on the door.

            “Dude, what’s wrong with you!?” Myles criticized.

Steve slowly turned to Myles, with a look as if he had done something wrong.

            “Have you ever been to a high school party!? I mean I haven’t, but you don’t knock, you just go in!” Myles sassed as he open the door and led into the house.

As they got into the house they saw as everyone was partying. The music in the house was played very high; it was “Turn Down For What” by Lil Jon.

            “This is my kind of part!” Myles gloated as he was smiling and slightly moving his body in rhythm of the music and everyone there dancing.

Steve was very observant of the place, as he was calm and caution. Lot of people were looking at Steve and Myles as if they didn’t belong.

“What are the nerds doing here?” A boy notified.

            “Oh my god! Who invited those two losers, especially Hogswod!?” A girl blurted.

Myles kept on smiling as he tried to talk and interact with some of the people but none of them bought in.

            “Wassup, my homies!?” Myles exclaimed in cheer as he failed to get a high 5 from one of the people in the house.

Steve and Myles walked pass some girls, as Myles cheered,

            “Hello, you fine looking ladies!”

The girls had a look of discontent on their face as they showed no interest to talk to the two and they moved away.

            “Hey, I’m going to look for Vanessa,” Steve informed Myles.

            “I hope you’re planning on slaying her with something other than a weapon, if you know what I’m saying!” Myles snickered.

The two kept walking through the house surrounded by people.

            “But do whatever you want man, like I said I’m going to have a good time!” Myles concluded as him and Steve separated.

Steve looked around for any sign of Vanessa, but he didn’t see her. Why does she never show at the most convenient times? I mean this is her party, and she’s nowhere to be found, Steve thought to himself.

            “Hey, this is the boy who pissed his pants in class back in 3rd grade!” A girl laughed as she was pointing at Steve with a group of people.

            “Yo, I remembered when he got pants in 7th grade, and he was wearing Spiderman whitey – tighties!” A boy in the group chuckled.

Steve just ignored them; he was used to it, and at that time, anything that didn’t have to do with Vanessa he didn’t care. Steve found it how ironic how once again Vanessa was the main objective, but for other reasons. And that was the thing, even though after how mess up and twisted Vanessa was, she was all Steve thought about, though it was because he wanted to kill her. Steve searched the whole 1st floor for Vanessa, and there was no sign of her. Maybe she’s upstairs, Steve thought as his head titled up towards the stairs.  It was a long spiral stair case that led to the upstairs, but it was a nice staircase. The spiral stair case was white, as the stairs were granite, the rail was brown, and it was held up by black thin bars. When Steve got up to the 2nd floor he looked around. There were 4 black doors around him that led to rooms. The 2ndfloor’s walls were all white, as the flooring was white granite like the stair case. Steve attempted to open each door, but they were all locked, expect for one. When Steve opened up the door he blindly went into it without seeing what was in it first. The room Steve went into looked like a library, as there were more than 4 rows of bookshelves on each wall. The room was big, bigger than what it looked like to Steve; it had green carpet. There was a man sitting down in a black leather chair as the chair was facing away from Steve, so he couldn’t see who it was. The man looked as if he was reading a book; he got up and faced towards Steve. He was a very tall man, as if he could had been in the NBA. The tall man was wearing a black suit, with a black tie, and white undershirt, as he had reading glasses on. His skin was kind of wrinkle as if he was around 55 years old though his hair told a different story. He had gray hair that went slightly past his ears, as he was bald on the top of his head; his hair was only on the side of his head and on the back. His stature looked frighten but he had a calm and relax face.

            “Oh, I’m sorry, I was looking for someone,” Steve trembled.

The tall man took of his glasses, and closed the book he was reading as he put them on the chair.

            “It’s ok son, you didn’t bother me,” The tall man assured, “sounds like a hell of a party down there; why aren’t you enjoying it?”

            “Parties aren’t my type. I just came for one person,” Steve addressed.

            “Oh I see. It’s the person you’re looking for. They must be really worth it, if you’re giving up on a party like this just to look for them; all of this just for them,” The tall man claimed.

            “You have no idea,” Steve chuckled.

            “Believe me son; I have a lot of ideas. It seems that this person may be special to you, but you have a look of discomfort, you seem troubled about all of it. What’s bothering you?” The tall man calmly asked.

Steve then stepped a little bit closer into the room as he was a couple feet away from the door that was partly open that he could still hear the sounds of the party.

            “It’s all complicated,” Steve sighed, “this person, seemed very special you know? Like one of those people that are once in a lifetime. This person was one of those people that gave me life and hope that there is a better tomorrow than today, simply because of the essence of their being. With the person being in my presence, it was a dream opportunity, but the problem was that I never tried to take that opportunity, to have my chances. And when I finally get the sense of doing it, to take my chances on that opportunity, the persons turns out to be something I didn’t expect; something that I didn’t want. The person was just another let down, and that’s what my life has been recently, just a big letdown, a huge disappointment. And with another disappointment and failure, I’m afraid to go out and face anything that is unknown to me. If it’s nothing that has to do with school or my nerdy video life and its nerdy qualities, I am afraid of taking it on. I’m afraid of the disappointment I might find, and I’m afraid of what I might just find.”

The tall man then slowly approached Steve with a look of concern on his face as he put one hand on Steve’s shoulder in a comforting way.

            “Son, I don’t know you, but allow me to tell you,” The tall man began, “in life people are going to have expectations of everything; there’s no stopping it. No matter what it is, people are going to have expectations of things, and it is what it is. When it’s all said and done, those things people had their expectations on are either going to turn out how they planned and wanted to or not. If things go as people expect them to, it’s good, congratulations for them. But if they don’t then it is a disappointment, and sometimes it’s very disappointing and it puts so much stress on people. But, remember it’s going to happen, the let downs and the huge disappointments are going to happen, that’s life. The feeling of disappointment can be overwhelming and painful to endure, especially if it’s grand since you had high expectations. The best thing people can do is learn from those disappointments, and move on or if they want, try again. People see something they want to do, something that they have a feeling for; they want to pursue it, but they’re scared of being disappointed by the outcome of pursuing it, so they never go for it; the opportunity passes them up. So just remember, never let the feeling of being disappointment and the unknown stop you from doing what it is you want to do; no matter who, what, when, why, or how; never let it stop you.” The tall man informed.

Steve smiled up at the tall man, as if his words had inspired Steve.

            “Now, how do you feel about still looking for that person?” The tall man wondered.

            “I’m still on it,” Steve reassured, “but I’ve been looking for them very hard, I’ve been searching for the answers, but I still haven’t found them. I don’t understand; I put in the time and the effort, I have the desire; but I still come up empty handed.”

            “Sometimes when looking for something, we don’t have to look out very far, because the answer is right in front of us, but we miss it because we’re too busy searching in the wrong places, too busy searching too hard.” The tall man replied.

Steve eyes went towards the ground as he felt a little embarrass of the faults the tall man had spotted out.

“By the way, what do you do here?” Steve questioned.

“I maintain the order.” The tall man replied.

            “Order?” Steve asked.

The music downstairs had been turn-up to the maximum volume as it got the attention of Steve so he turned his head to look towards the downstairs. Steve turned his head back to the room where the tall man was in front of him, but he wasn’t there; he was gone as if he vanished in the air. Steve had a look of curiosity and confusion as he didn’t know how or where the tall man vanished. Steve then left the room, and closed the door; he got nervous as his heart started to pump faster and faster. Steve looked downstairs, as he wanted to just leave the house, and go home. Just forget about it, we don’t need to know, Steve thought to himself. Steve then looked towards the 3rd floor, as he swallowed his salvia, and felt that he had to step up to the challenge. Steve went up the stairs to the 3rd floor. The 3rd floor looked like the 2nd floor, expect for it only had one door that led to a room. Steve approached the door as he opened. Steve was led into a pink room. The walls of the room were pink like bubble gum, as the bottom part of it was red like a cherry. The ceiling was in a 3 strip pattern of white and pink, as it had a milky white chandelier on the top. The flooring was tan marble squares. The bed was queen size bed with white sheets, so white that it was kind of bright. The room had a balcony so it had long windows to open up, with fluffy white curtains. Steve smelled the fragrance of the room; it was a cherry smell. As Steve was looking around the room, he assumed it was Vanessa’s room; it was soon confirmed as Steve spotted the pictures of Vanessa in the room. There were pictures of Vanessa as a child, in high school, on trips, and some of her helping out with little kids, and homeless people and animals at the shelter. Steve closed his eyes as he breathed in hugely the cherry smell of the room; he then dropped himself into Vanessa’s bed. The bed was so soft, as if Steve had fell into a pile of foam and cotton, well that’s what the bed was made out of Steve believed. He tugged onto the silk bed sheets, as he smiled and breathed the smell of them in. It was so relaxing and comforting to him. Steve spotted a picture of Vanessa on the dresser near the bed; it was Vanessa in her cheerleading uniform as it showed the beautiful smile that always catches Steve’s eyes. Steve picked up the picture in the frame as he was lying in Vanessa’s bed.

            “I could just forget about you Vanessa,” Steve declared, “but it’s something about you that keeps leading me closer and closer to you. No matter what you do, or what you are, I can’t escape you. It’s like I was meant to be drawn to you, even if you aren’t what I expected. Even though you aren’t the girl I expected you to be, you are the girl I want you to be.”

Steve then took the picture of Vanessa out of the frame as he slid it into his back pocket as if the room of Vanessa had poisoned Steve’s mind, and made him forget what he came for. Steve then moved his hand up into the air to stretch as he accidently turned on a switch above the bed. Suddenly, the lights in the room turned off as the walls started to glow in a purplish color. Steve got up as he looked at the walls to see what they revealed. The walls had paintings of the “black widow” being Steve had seen in the books, as it was killing and devouring countless males in pain and agony; the paintings were all over the walls. Steve never felt so horrid in a beautiful place like that before; the feeling of beauty, solace, and peace he had in the room had then been replace by fear and anxiety. Steve had then remember what he came from, as he dashed out the room, down the 2nd floor, and down to the 1st floor. When Steve got down to the 1st floor, he saw as everyone was still partying. He looked around for Vanessa, he didn’t see her nor did he see Myles in sight.

            “Where’s Myles!? Steve bawled to couple of people as they all had no idea where he was.

Steve bumped into Jacob Wells, the Goth looking kid from the library.

            “First you check into demonic books, now you’re at parties. Hogswood, are you ok?” Jacob smirked.

Jacob was drunk, as he had a smile on his face, and was moving his body in an unorganized fashion.

            “Where’s Myles!? Have you seen him!?” Steve demanded.

            “You, he and Vanessa went out back. Vanessa didn’t want anyone back there, so you know what that means,” Jacob stated.

Steve had a look of panic on his face as he was looking at the door to the back.

            “If you hurry in time, maybe you two can share, if you know what I mean,” Jacob chuckled.

Steve quickly went towards the back door, as he opened the door to the back porch. Vanessa’s back porch wasn’t like a back porch; it looked like a football field. There was nothing but nice grass that stretched out for acres. At the end were bushes, so if Vanessa and Myles had went out this way, they had to be over there. Steve ran over there as he approached the bushes. The bushes were near flowers that had purple tops, unfortunately Steve had step on them; I don’t care, Steve thought. As Steve stepped into the bushes he started looking for Myles.

            “Myles,” Steve whispered in a panic.

The bushes were making a shaking noise as it indicated that something or someone was behind it. As Steve stepped behind them, he saw a very horrific image. Steve was gazing upon as Vanessa was eating what was left of Myles soulless body, as Myles dead eyes were shot straight up at the night sky, just like Chris was, in that “dream” Steve had.

            “Mmmmmmm, virgin blood, my favorite,” Vanessa sneered as she stood up to face Steve with blood all over her clothes and mouth.

Vanessa had that pale face she had when she killed Chris and Brock as she had her razor sharp teeth and claws; her eyes were looking like that of a hungry wolf.

            “You witch! I’m going to kill you!” Steve shrieked as he took out his Power Ranger dagger.

Steve then charged at Vanessa with it, but amazingly she was too quick, as she instantly snatched the dagger from Steve’s hands and threw him onto the ground.

            “What the hell is this? Some toy you got for your 7th birthday?” Vanessa snickered as she threw away the dagger.

Steve was on his bottom, as he was facing at Vanessa with his glasses half way off and broken with a look of desperation shocked, and fear. He believed she was going to kill him. This is it, Steve thought to himself.

            “You’re going to kill me now, aren’t you?” Steve suggested.

Vanessa gave Steve a look of sarcasm and stupidity.

            “Kill you? Are you crazy? Why would I do that!?” Vanessa laughed.

Vanessa kept on laughing as Steve tilted his head in confusion. Steve then got up slowly as he couldn’t understand what was going on.

            “You’re very valuable and precious to me Stevie. I wouldn’t kill you, I need you.” Vanessa declared as she kept on smiling, and licked Steve’s check.

What the hell, Steve thought. Vanessa then went back to where she was standing to keep space between her and Steve.

“Valuable!? What are you talking about!? Why did you kill the others: Chris, Brock, and Myles!?” Steve questioned.

At this moment, Vanessa had gone back to her normal state as she didn’t have her sharp claws or razor sharp teeth; her face wasn’t pale anymore. She almost looked like the beautiful girl Steve had fell for, expect for that she still had the blood of Steve’s longtime friend on her mouth.

            “Well as you can see, I’m not like everyone else,” Vanessa began, “I eat people in order to stay alive, well in particular I eat men to stay alive. Women don’t do it; I tried it on my mother, it wasn’t effective. Though my father! He was good!” She smirked.

Steve had a horrid look on his face.

            “You killed and ate your parents!” Steve cried.

            “Well, I wasn’t going to eat normal food. That is nasty!” Vanessa responded in a sarcastic way.

            “The other night, I saw you kill Chris. I thought it was a dream because I woke up in my bed, but it seemed that it wasn’t. What was going on?” Steve asked.

            “Aha! That what I wanted to discuss!” Vanessa exclaimed. “Like I already said, I need to stay alive so I eat men; I feed off of their aura. So Wednesday night before the game, me and Chris were having some fun, and what you already know, I got him down in that basement below the girls locker-room, where I had him trapped, until after the game. And once the game was over I went down there to feast on him, to give me my energy. So then you come along, and I have to kill you so you won’t tell. But right before I’m going to kill you, I sense something different about you; you aren’t the same as the other men I have killed.”

            “You mean the fact that I’m so much of a loser, than everyone else?” Steve asked.

            “I mean your aura is different. I feed on men for their aura like I said; the stronger they are the more the aura they have and the better for me which is why I killed Brock. So your aura was way stronger than any other men I have ever came in counter before which made it so unique. It had its own feel.” Vanessa elaborated.

            “So why didn’t you just kill me, get your energy, and get it over with?” Steve questioned.

            “Because I figured the truth. That keeping you alive around, would give me the long lasting energy I need, since just eating you would give me a temporary energy. See eating men gives me only a temporary energy which is why I have to keep eating men so I can keep my energy up. But unfortunately I cannot keep doing this, because I have lived so long, that I cannot just live off of temporary energy; I have to have a forever long lasting source.” Vanessa addressed.

            “And that’s me!?” Steve insisted.

            “Yes. So right before I was going to kill you, as I sense your different kind of aura and knew I had to keep you alive around me, I was able to put you fast asleep and have you outside where your late friend Myles,” Vanessa chuckled, “would find you. So these last 3 days has all been in effort to lure you to this party to behold all of this.”

Steve’s face grew more horrid as his voice got louder.

            “I seen the pictures and read the articles about how much of a nice person you are, and how you help out people, but you don’t care about people! You only care about yourself!” Steve shouted.

Vanessa began to laugh.

            “And what a hell of a part I played. Putting on a show for all you morons for the last 4 years. I should be nominated for an Oscar for my performance,” Vanessa boasted.

Steve looked disgusted by Vanessa’s reaction.

            “You said you’re going to keep me around? What are you planning on doing; make me your slave to be yours for the rest of my life!? Steve retorted.

            “No, silly, you’re going to do that yourself.” Vanessa teased. “You’re already so much in love with me, you’ve been sweating over me since 9th grade; I already have you. Now all you have to do is voluntary be with me, with your own power.” Vanessa stated.

“You have no idea what you’re talking about, I don’t want you, I don’t like you! I never did, and I never will, especially after what you have done! I hate you!” Steve insulted.

            “Please, if you hate me so much then why haven’t you never called the police on me after seeing me kill someone?” Vanessa chuckled.

Steve looked shocked, as he didn’t know what to say.

            “I mean you did say, “You give me a sense of hope, because seeing you every day is enough to give me something to look forward to, to live for,” Vanessa mocked.

            “How, how did you know I said that?! And that’s not what I meant!” Steve claimed.

            “Stevie you know you want me, and you’re going to have me. It may take you some time to adjust you’re geek life to this, but you’re going to have me,” Vanessa gloated.

            “You think I would want to be with you after all of this!? You’re crazy!” Steve criticized. “Why in the hell would I want to be with you now!?” He demanded.

            “Because other than that stupid little hope you say I  give you,” Vanessa sassed, “I will bring you something much better, something you have been deprived of your entire worthless life because of who you are, respect. Nobody respects you Steve, expect for you little family, hell your crap friend Myles didn’t even respect you that much always reminding you how bad your life was. Brock for certain didn’t respect you, and nobody really respected you. And you could have all the grades in the world, and go to your Stanford, but it’s the respect that it tearing you apart. You’re just probing infinitely for something respect so it can make you feel better. I see what it does to you, and how you’re a slave to it; you’re like a dog chasing his tail, always trying so hard to capture it, but will never succeed in it.” Vanessa declared.

            “You think I care about these people at the high school, in a couple of months, I am out of there, and off to Stanford. It will be a new start there for me, I don’t need them or you. You’re just some freakish girl, being with you wouldn’t change my life!” Steve yelled.

            “And that’s where you’re wrong Steve. I know, what respect can do to and for you, I see what not having it does to your life. Believe me when I say, with me, it will go beyond high school, and it wouldn’t be just of me, it would be because of you. Being with me, will make you feel better about yourself, it will give you the confidence and boost you’ve been searching endlessly for your entire life, and with that you will take yourself to levels you haven’t been before, all because people gave you respect. Its start somewhere and it starts in high school, right here, right now, with me.” Vanessa continued.

            “Like I said, I’m going to Stanford; I will have a good future. So tell me how, without you, my life would be in the trash!?” Steve barked.

            “Because even though you’ll go to Stanford and get a good paying job, you’ll never experience the respect you deserve, so if people don’t treat you right, sooner or later you’re going start not treating yourself right, and it’s all hell from there. You won’t respect yourself, you’ll treat yourself like your worthless because that’s all you were treated so you’ll start believing it, and then literally nobody will respect you. You would be a boss, the man everyone looks up to, but you’ll just be the guy who gets his bosses coffee every day. Hell, the high intern will be bossing you around when you’re 35. Like I said you need respect, because it’s tearing you apart since you need and want something to make you feel better. Especially, after your dad died.” Vanessa smirked.

Steve grew an angry and furious look on his face.

            “You know nothing about me and my family! You never did, I don’t know you! You are dead to me!” Steve bawled.

Vanessa was smiling and grinning as she was giggling.

            “Yes, it’s with that fire you have, that will get you the respect you truly deserve. But it won’t come to you, if you’re stuck in your same old life, doing everything in the same old fashion. Now, with me, I will bring you the change to your life, the change your life needs, and the change you want. You’ve already seen what I’m capable of Steve, I’m not just a normal girl; just imagine what I can do for you, with my abilities, normal and not normal.

Steve started shaking his head.

            “You really think I would be with you, that I would fall for you?” Steve chuckled.

            “I mean you do have a picture of me in your back pocket,” Vanessa chuckled, “Steve change is good. Some can be bad, but not this one. It’ll just take you time to adjust, but in the end you will like it. So you’re going to may have to lie to yourself to make yourself happy to this change, and so you’re going to have to stop being what makes you, you at become something different to get what you truly want. But isn’t what you always and only wanted was respect, no matter how you got it, and by who you got it from?”

Steve took a deep breath as he rubbed his face with his hands. He looked up at the moon, it was full and shining. Reminds me of Dragon Ball Z, Steve chuckled in his head. He thought to himself I’m not a loser, I’m just someone who’s different. Why did I have to follow you into that locker-room, why did I have to fall for you. You think I just want to feel respected, that I just want to be happy at whatever it takes so I can feel good? You think you know me? Is it that I just want someone to respect me, like me, and love me even if I have to change, even if I have to be a Brock McCall? I could be a Brock McCall. No, I could be Steve Hogswood.

Steve approached Vanessa with a smile on his face as he said,

            “You’re not the girl I expected you to be, but you’re the girl I want you to be,” as he put his hands around her face, and kissed her.

The two lips stayed in contact with each other for a while as both of them shared the blood of Steve’s best friend on their mouths.

            “I’ll take care of the body, don’t worry,” Vanessa informed, as both her and Steve were smiling at each other.

They continued to kiss each other, over what had just transpired, over what Steve had become. Over the next remaining months of school, Steve would enter in the school with Vanessa on his arm hearing the words such as

“Steve you’re the man!” Mr. Richardson would say.

            “Yo wassup Steve-O!” One of the basketball players greeted.

            “I like you’re Jordan’s! And you look way better since you don’t wear glasses anymore!” A girl said.

Steve thought in his head as he would walk with Vanessa, I have to believe in a better future, one where what I did would lead me to it. I have to believe that what I did was necessary for a change, even though it wasn’t ethical. Ya, I had to change what made me stand out, what made me, me but it felt good; it got me what I wanted. We all have to sell-out sometimes to get what we want. And that’s all that matters, right? It’s not selling out, it’s adapting.

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