Jimmy is a young man who doesn’t do well with the law. When he is caught stealing at a store, the owner offers to not call the police, if Jimmy does a favor for him that would change their lives.

As Jimmy was walking calmly from the store the sun had started to shine onto his face. He could feel the cool breeze of the L.A. Spring weather. Right before he got pass the door, he felt a disastrous force strike his back as his face went crashing down onto the rough black rug. As Jimmy’s face was mushed against the floor, a huge man in a Lakers jacket, had his knee on Jimmy’s back. The man had a giant bald spot on his head, and he was overweight with his belly sticking way pass his belt, so far that Jimmy felt it on his back as well as the man’s knee.

            “You should have never done that kid!” The man yelled as he stood Jimmy up.

            “What are you talking about? Get off of me! I didn’t do anything wrong!”

The man reached into Jimmy’s backpack as he pulled out a blonde wig.

            “Needed more hair?” The man grunted as he began pulling Jimmy towards his way.

As the security guard and Jimmy moved towards the back of the store, people started to look at the two. Jimmy and the security guard went into the back of the store near the bathrooms; the man opened a door that was next to the bathrooms.

            “I always wanted to know what was behind this door.”

            “Well now you’re going to find out, you little punk.”

The two walked into a room that was almost dark. It was dimmed by just a small little light that hung from the ceiling by a string. The man shoved Jimmy into a wooden stool as Jimmy stood behind a metal rectangular table. Jimmy scratched his neck as the goosebumps rose from the harsh cold temperature of the room. It was very odd, it was sunny outside, yet Jimmy could see his own breathe from the cold inside the dark room. The security guard stood in the corner as he scorned at Jimmy.

            “So what are you? Too serious to be a crossing guard, and too fat to be a police officer, so now you’re being a rent-a-cop at a store that sells lingerie, perfume, and hair?”

The security guard walked towards Jimmy as he leaned towards his face with a disgusted look.

            “At least I am not the one who is about to have their world turned upside.”

            “Yeah right.”

The security guard stepped back into the corner as the door opened. Jimmy turned around as he seen another huge man, but this time the man was built like a professional athlete. He was around 6’4 and 250 pounds with a head that was bald like an egg. His shoulders were wide, and his hands looked as if they could crush human skulls. He was in an all-white suit, with white church shoes, and a gold watch. The man began to walk towards the empty stool across the table from Jimmy.

            “How many loans did you have to take out to purchase that outfit? I know with manager paychecks, you cannot afford it,” Jimmy laughed as the man sat down with a smile on his face.

            “You know I use to be like you.”

            “Oh, I bet.”

            “Of course I was. Parents died in a car accident, so you and your younger sister got put into foster care. The only problem with that was you adapted to your environment in a bad way. Had no guidance, so you hung out with the wrong crowd, got in trouble, got arrested many times, got expelled from schools, you and your sister were moved to many homes; it still didn’t help. You were put into the juvenile system many times, and now 18 years old, many months away from the end of your high school career, and you won’t even graduate. I bet you’re being a big role model to your 10 year old sister, Jimmy.”

As the man had revealed the information, the smile on Jimmy’s face had been wiped away and replaced with a look of shock. The man turned towards the security guard.

            “Leave us, please.”

The security guard had left the room, as Jimmy stared at the table with his jaw opened. Jimmy kept blinking and breathing fast.

            “What’s wrong Jimmy, no more jokes, or cute little catchphrases?”

Jimmy looked up.

            “How do you know all of this?”

            “Doesn’t matter Jimmy, all that matters is that you just committed a misdemeanor, but because of your history with the law, the judge won’t take it so lightly. You just turned 18; how does a 5 year sentence in Pelican Bay sounds for a birthday present?”

            Jimmy was stunned as no words had come out.

            “I’m sure, Sandy will love to see her brother after so many years, but I don’t know how she will be able handle the changes you will go through,” The man gloated as he picked up the wig that was placed on the table, “who was this for anyways?”

            “My sister, she has cancer, and the kids at school keep teasing her. Our foster parents don’t care, and she told me she wants to look beautiful.”

            “Tell me about your parents, Jimmy.”

            “I thought you knew everything.”

            “Not everything.”

            “They were taken away from me 9 years ago when I was 9 and my sister was 1.”

            “How did they die?”

            “They were shot in cold blood. One evening after the movies while Sandy was with the babysitter; my parents and I were walking to our car, and some guy in a black hoody shot both of them in the back. He took the car, and fled. The cops found the car crashed into a ditch; he was dead from impact. All I remember about the man was that he had a scar on the side of his cheek.”

Tears began to go down Jimmy’s face.

            “Do you want to know, how my sister got cancer too.”

The man sighed.

            “Jimmy, be honest with me, do you want to go to prison?”

            “Of course not.”

            “I’ll let you walk out of here, if you do me a favor.”

            “What is it?”

The man stood up as he went towards the side of the room near the white popcorn texture wall. He push his hands up towards the wall as it caved in; this left open more space. In the empty space in which the wall use to be at, was a white door.

            “Come.” The man instructed to Jimmy.

Jimmy stood up as he began walking slowly. The man pulled out a key which opened up a grey slot attached to the door. In the slot was a retinal scanner in which the man placed his eye up against. A red ray shot out as it scanned the man’s eye. Soon, the door opened as both the man and Jimmy stepped in. Once they were in, both the door and the wall closed. The entire room was completely granite white which contributed to the sparky shine it had. In the middle of the room was a small triangular shape pool of water which was embedded into the floor.

            “By the way, you can call me Mr. Big.”

            “Mr. Big?”

            “Yes, now follow me would you?”

 Jimmy and Mr. Big walked towards the pool of water as they looked down on it. The pool was very deep as the base was not able to be seen. Jimmy looked at the man.

            “What is going on?”

            “When you see it, you’ll know what to do, Jimmy.”

As Jimmy continued to be confuse, Mr. Big suddenly gripped the top part of Jimmy’s shirt near his neck. He then gripped Jimmy’s belt as if he was got ready to throw him.

            “Wait! What!” Jimmy yelled.

The man launched Jimmy into the pool causing the water to splash all over the floor. As Jimmy flew into the pool, he was already below the surface. Jimmy tried to swim out, but it was no good. For some reason, Jimmy felt as if he was getting sucked into the bottom of the pool. The blurry image of Mr. Big become blurrier as Jimmy felt water going up his nose. Jimmy hadn’t touch the base, but he couldn’t see Mr. Big anymore; he kept getting pulled in. For Jimmy, the thought of not breathing in the water was as central as suffocating from lack of air. He didn’t know if he was going to die from breathing in the water, or not breathing at all, but the water started to fill his lungs, and it began to hurt. Is this how I die? Jimmy thought to himself as he was sure it would be the last thing he ever thought. He stopped struggling, as it was certain that his existence would ceased. Abruptly, air had filled Jimmy’s lungs as he opened his eyes, and coughed up water. His breathing began to slow down as the refreshment of air into Jimmy’s body made it certain that he was alive and well. Air had never felt so good. His clothes were soaking wet, as he felt sand on his hands. As Jimmy stood up, he looked around. He was on Venice Beach as he stood a couple feet in the water. It was still sunny, as there were many people on the beach as well. Jimmy began walking back onto the shore as he became confused again. What happened, Jimmy had thought.

            “You’re lost, you must find the way.”

Jimmy turned to his side where the voice came from. It was a little girl who couldn’t been any older than 4. She had dirty blonde hair, gel blue eyes, and puffy round cheeks. She stood on the sand, but she was not in any beach clothing. She was dressed in a grey tank top, and blue jeans with brown sandals.

            “What?” Jimmy wondered.

            “You’re lost, you must find the way.”

The girl walked away while Jimmy was wondering what he just heard. Nevertheless Jimmy began walking. He seen that a lot of people were playing beach volleyball as music was playing loudly. Many people Jimmy had walked pass had shirts with Spring Break 2008 on them. More and more people had shirts with Spring Break 2008 on them.

            “Excuse me, what’s the date?” Jimmy had asked a random person.

            “March 25.”

            “And the time?”



The person walked off. Jimmy was stunned as he recalled to himself,

            “When you see it, you’ll know what to do.”

Jimmy left the beach as he set out on a journey. 4 hours had past, as he made his way up towards Hollywood. He was exhausted, and the sun began to set. He arrived at the TCL Theater, where he could barely walk anymore from the lack of food and water. The soles of his feet were sore as it caused pain every time Jimmy had stepped; his legs were aching. As Jimmy looked around, he spotted a man, woman, and a little boy walking out of the theater. They were smiling and laughing as they headed to their car parked on the side of the street. Jimmy felt a tug on his shoulder as a man with a black hoody bumped into him.

            “Watch it!” The man barked as he turned his head towards Jimmy.

Jimmy had seen a scar on the man’s cheek. The man continued to walk, but Jimmy didn’t move, he had frozen. Immediately, the man began to walk faster towards the couple and the son who had their backs turned towards him. As the man got near them, he reached for his pocket which quickly alerted Jimmy. Jimmy dashed towards the man in a race against time.

            “No!” Jimmy yelled as he lunged at the man sending them both crashing onto the ground.

From the tackle, a pistol scattered onto the ground, as the family gasp in fright. The collision had caused a scene as people started to gather around to see the commotion.

            “Get off of me!”

            “No! I won’t let you hurt anyone this time!”

            Jimmy had his knee implanted on the man’s back as he had him in a slight chokehold.

            “What are you talking about!?”

Two nearby police officers got out of their vehicle and stormed towards the scene.

            “What is going on!?”

            “Officer,” Jimmy spoke, “this man had a gun, and was going to kill this family to take the car. His gun is on the ground over there.”

One of the officers went over to the gun as he picked it up. The man with the scar was still on the ground with Jimmy on top of him.

            “He’s lying, I didn’t do anything!”

            “Get off of him,” The other police officer instructed.

Jimmy let the man up.

            “That’s not my gun. He came out of nowhere and attacked me!”

Jimmy reached into the man’s pocket which caused him to yell,


As Jimmy pulled his hand out of the man’s pocket, there were 2 bullets in his pocket.

            “See, officers, this man has bullets in his pockets. That is his gun!”

The officers looked at the man.

            “Still doesn’t prove that I was going to commit murder.”

            “Do you have a permit for the gun?” One of the officers questioned.

            “I….I…..I,” The man stumbled.

            “You’re coming with us.”

The officers placed the man in handcuffs, and then proceeded to escort him to their car as Jimmy looked on with glee. Jimmy turned towards the couple as he smiled at them. The little boy looked up at Jimmy with a curious look.

            “Have a nice day, kid.” Jimmy cheered as he began walking away from the scene.

As Jimmy walked on the sidewalk he noticed the same little girl from the beach, in the middle of the street.

            “You have found the way, now you must go back.”

As no cars were passing by, Jimmy hurried over to the girl as he put his hands on her shoulders.

            “What are you talking about, who are you?”

            “You have found the way, now you must go back.”

Jimmy remained confused, but not for long before he heard a honk, and he had been uplifted off of his feet as he side smashed into the windshield of a moving car. It was the last thing he remembered before everything went black.

            “Rise and shine.”

            “Where am I?” Jimmy wondered.

            “In the hospital of course. You were hit by a car, but luckily you only sustained a mild concussion,” The doctor said.

Jimmy looked around as he lay in the hospital bed. He felt a sharp pain in his head, as if nails were scrapping away at his skull.

            “Where’s the girl?”

            “What girl, son?”

Jimmy didn’t respond.

            “We didn’t find an ID on you, what is your name?”

            “James Wallace.”

            “I’ll be back, to see if we have your records here, James.”

The doctor left the room as he closed the door behind him. While Jimmy was in the bed, he began to stare at the ceiling. What now, he thought. Suddenly Jimmy noticed water on the floor which made him suspicious. It was as if the water was filling into the room. In seconds, the water started to rise up to a couple feet.

            “Hey!” Jimmy yelled.

No one answered as the water continued to rise. Jimmy bounced out of his bed, as he went for the door. He tried to open it, but it was unlock. He kept hitting the glass, and yelling, but the people outside of the door didn’t notice him. There was no water outside of the door, yet the water soon reached up to his mouth. Before Jimmy realized, the water had hit the ceiling, and he was once again in a life death situation. Jimmy instantly opened his eyes as he was standing in a store. It was the same store he was in before, and he was in the same spot he was in before the security guard had tackled him. In shock, Jimmy quickly turned around as he seen many shoppers. His clothes were dried, and his head felt normal. Was it a dream? Jimmy wondered. Without knowing what had happened, Jimmy proceeded to leave the store until he felt a hand on his shoulder.

            “Excuse me.”

Jimmy quickly turned around to see the face of the fat security guard he ran into before.

            “You forgot this.”

The security guard handed Jimmy a store bag.

            “Have a nice day,” The security guard declared as he walked away.

Jimmy looked into the bag where he spotted a blonde wig. He took a look back at the store. What in the world happened? Jimmy questioned before he slowly walked away. As Jimmy went pass the door, he recognize the man with the scar on his cheek as the man walked into the store. Jimmy quickly turned back as the man smiled.

            “Dad!” The man with the scar greeted as he opened up his arms.

He soon hugged who turned out to be Mr. Big. The two hugged as Jimmy looked on what was going on. As Mr. Big hugged his son, he looked at Jimmy with a smile, and winked.

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