A cartoonist at a major advertising firm discovers an evil secret about his boss, that may lead to a bigger conspiracy that has been going on for ages.


“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?” Edward screamed out loud in his car. “OH MY GOD! I NEED GOD RIGHT NOW! I DON’T BELIEVE WHAT I SAW! MY MOTHER-IN-LAW DON’T EVEN LOOK LIKE THAT! OH MY GOD!” Edward continued ranting in a panic.

Edward’s heart was racing and beating very fast, as he was rushing over 60 mph past Venice Beach. The thought of the sight of what he just saw, weighed in on him like never before. As Edward was racing back to his house, he was just thinking how his normal life just crashed. He was thinking how all of this had begun.

Earlier that day Edward had got off at 5 p.m. like he usually did, but he chose to work over time so he ended up leaving at 9.

            “I’m on my way home honey, I’m just leaving the office,” Edward told his wife as he was driving his new Mercedes Benz.

Edward’s $75,000 a year salary was able to get him a lot of things, and one of them was his brand new gray Mercedes Benz; he loved his Benz. Suddenly Edward noticed something.

            “Crap! I forgot the wine I bought on my lunch break. I’m going to have to go back to the office to get it, don’t start dinner without me,” Edward asserted to his wife.

Edward turned around and headed towards his office building.  Before Edward got to his office building, he pulled up to a dark alley. He got out his car and started walking down the alley, there was a homeless man sitting down in the alley; the man had a long gray beard, he had black sun glasses (which made no sense why he wore them since it was night time), he wore a black beat up bomber jacket, and he had long brown hair.

            “Do you have the stuff?” Edward whispered to the man as he had his hand out towards the man.

            “Of course I do,” the man responded, “I always have it. By the way, what year did you graduate from Leland High, because you sound familiar.”

            “Trust me, you don’t know me. But for that matter, I graduated in 91,” Edward assured the man.

The man handed Edward a bottle of pills labeled as Embrax; it was a medicine that helps people who can’t sleep, sleep better. If a person took one of them, they would be able to sleep better, but if they took the right amount, they would be able to get a high off of them without going to sleep since the drug would trick the brain. As the man handed Edward the bottle of Embrax, Edward handed him a 20 dollar bill.

            “This is a 20, right?” The man asked Edward

            “What does it look like to you!?” Edward retorted to the man.

The old man then took off his shades to let Edward see his full face and said,

            “I don’t know you tell me.”

At that moment, Edward looked into the man’s eyes. The man had no eyes; his eye sockets where his eyes were supposed to be were vacant. The only thing that was there were scratch up skin that looked like the inside of a tree. Edward had a horrid look on his face.

            “Hahaha, you’ll be surprise what you can get for a pair of eyes these days!” The man insisted as he was laughing.

Edward walked away, and got back into his car. He took a plenty of the Embrax pills, and started driving towards his office building; the high that Edward was so much addicted to, took its toll on his body. Edward arrived to the front door of the building where he worked at. The building was a skyscraper, so it had a main door and many floors. Normally, after hours a person would have to use their card to get into the building, but the door was slightly open. It must have been a janitor still working in there, Edward thought to himself. Edward got into the elevator, to his floor, and into his office. For a cartoonist, Edward’s office was very neat and well organized; well it had to be if a person is working for Hublo, the largest advertising agency in the world.

            “Gotcha!” Edward thought out loud as his spotted the wine bottle.

The wine bottle was on top of Edward’s desk, next to his “Most Liked”, “Most Appreciated”, “Most Sociable”, “Hardest Worker”, and “Best Cartoon Ad” awards. As Edward was picking up the wine bottle, he saw something in the distance. It was his boss, Mr. Big leaving his office in one of his all white suit like he always wears. Mr. Big was one of the multiple CEO’s of Hublo. Hublo had multiple CEO’s since it had been through many mergers over its 50 years plus existence. Now why would he still be here around this time if he left at 3; this Edward thought to himself. Edward left his office, but in a quiet manner so he can observe his boss without getting notice. Mr. Big took the stairs which was very weird since they were on a very high floor. Edward thought nothing of it and went into the elevator. As the elevator reach the 1st floor and Edward got out, he saw Mr. Big once again, but instead of Mr. Big leaving the building, he went into another room. The room was labeled janitor. Then suddenly, entering the building was 4 other people: one of the other major bosses that worked for Hublo, Chris Randoff who was the CEO of a major cellphone company, Bob Smith who was the CEO of a major car company, and Christine Salazar who was the CEO of a major oil company; all of which Hublo made advertisement for. All 4 people went into the janitor’s room which Edward thought was really odd since 5 people couldn’t fit into a tiny room at once. Edward looked outside and noticed that Mr. Big’s black Maserati wasn’t parked, nor was another other car; Edward’s car was the only car in the parking lot. More and more did Edward’s suspicion grow, especially since all 5 people went into the janitor’s room and haven’t come out yet. Edward decided to pursue his boss and the others, and he went into the janitor’s room, thinking he was going to spot the 5 since the room was very small in space. When Edward opened the door of the janitor’s room, there was no one to be found.

            “What the?” Edward questioned out loud in confusion.

Edward with a look of confusion on his face accidently pushed down on the mop in the bucket. The door to the room closed and suddenly the room started to rotate in a 360 spin. Once the room stopped spinning, Edward in suspicion, instantly opened the door, as he expected to see the parking lot that was in front of the office building. Instead he was lead to something strange. Edward was then looking at a long hallway. The hallway was white; white walls, white ceilings, white floors. Edward didn’t want to find out what was at the end of the hallway so he decided to turn around and leave, but as he tried to open up the door, it was locked. Edward decided to walk down the hallway until he came to a door. The door was a regular door that was white with a white handle. Edward opened it, and came into what looked like the lounge on his work floor. The only thing different was that there was no food, and it looked empty. There was a wall on the side of Edward that cut off after a couple feet, so there was a room around that corner. Edward quietly and slowly walked towards the corner of the wall to see what was on the other side; he heard some chattered, but couldn’t understand it. As Edward took a peak around the corner of the wall, he saw something else strange. It was his boss and the 4 others in a circle with a small fire burning from wood in the middle. They were all standing up holding hands.

            “Now, we’re used to doing this, so we should just start right away,” Mr. Big suggested to the others.

            “Indeed,” they all agreed with smiles and nods.

Suddenly they all started chanting,

            “It is a weeping, and a moaning, and a gnashing of teeth. It is a weeping, and a moaning, and a gnashing of teeth. It is when it comes to my sound which is the champion sound. Believe! Believe!”

Once they finished chanting that, the fire in the middle blew out; it was dark for a moment. Then all of a sudden, a cylinder of light rose from the ground, and out came a 6’7 red figure, with black horns; it’s the devil, Edward thought to himself. Once the devil like creature come out of the light, Mr. Big and his associates started dancing with the thing. That was all Edward needed; he quickly dashed out of the room, into the long hallway, not even remembering that the door at the end would be locked, he rammed into the door, and shut it. The janitor’s room did another 360 spin, and when Edward opened the door he was faced with the 1st floor of his office building. He ran out the building, into his Mercedes, and drove out of there like a bat out of hell.

            “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?” Edward screamed out loud in his car. “OH MY GOD! I NEED GOD RIGHT NOW! I DON’T BELIEVE WHAT I SAW! MY MOTHER-IN-LAW DON’T EVEN LOOK LIKE THAT! OH MY GOD!” Edward continued ranting in a panic.

            It took Edward around 5 minutes to at least get in his right state of mind though he was still in shocked. It couldn’t have been the Embrax, because it never causes hallucinations, and that looked so real,Edward thought to himself. Edward soon pulled up to his house. I can’t tell anyone about this, Edward kept thinking to himself. Edward soon opened up his door and found his wife sitting by herself at the kitchen table with her arms folded and an angry look on her face.

            “Where are the kids?” Edward asked his wife.

            “In bed, I put them to sleep. They’re 5 and 7 remember? I wasn’t going to have them wait any longer on you. This isn’t the first time you let them down Ed,” his wife responded.

            “Well I have the wine, so we can eat now; just you and me,” Edward suggested in a sensitive tone.

            “I’ve already ate, I’m going to bed. Enjoy your dinner,” Edward’s wife sassed at him angrily with a look of disappointment on her face.

            “Liz, I’m sorry,” Edward apologized.

            “I know you’re sorry, and I know you’re a good man. I know you’re a good worker at work, I know you have a good character everyone likes you; you’re even a decent husband. That I know, and I appreciate and love you dearly for it. And you’re trying to be a good father, you’re trying to spend time with the kids, and be there for them, but you are just trying while I am doing, and it’s making the kids sad. It’s time for you to stop trying, and just do it!” His wife rebuked him, as she stormed off to the bedroom.

Edward released out a huge sigh in disappointment of himself. He sat down at the dinner table to see what was made. It was fried chicken, mash potatoes, macaroni, and mixed vegetables. It was his favorite. Unfortunately, the sight that his eyes bestowed that night had taken his appetite right out of his stomach, as if it had been surgically removed. Edward didn’t touch his plate, instead he popped open the wine and drank the whole bottle. Edward then went out to street in front of his house, and threw the wine bottle as it shattered in pieces as his life seemed to do so. He released out a huge yell in anger; what he saw tonight, wasn’t the only demon he was battling.

Edward asked himself out loud,

            “How can I, why can’t I be better than what I am? Why do I always feel like there’s no tomorrow, like time is running out for me? I always feel like that, so I always move in a hurry. But I always leave the ones who matter the most behind because of it. If I could just know for surely what’s going to happen next, if I could just know that I am there in their hearts, and have the security of knowing that, I could change. But how can I change? How can I change if I can’t feel time?”

 Edward went back into his house as he turned on the TV in hope that it would get his mind off of things; the news was on.

“Only 3 more days until the Presidential election, and if Barrack Obama wins the election, then on January 21 of next year, he will be the first African American President of the United States,” One of the news spokesman had stated.

 Edward turned off the TV, went into his bedroom, and got undress: he took of his black penny loafers, he took off his black slacks, he took off his black leather jacket without the hood, and he took off his black turtle neck. Edward’s closet was full of clothing that was black, black clothing was his style. Edward then went to bed besides his wife. It was almost 3 hours, Edward had laid in bed with his eyes wide shut with the image of the devil like creature he saw, before Edward had finally fell asleep. The next morning, Edward had did his daily morning routine, where he would get up, take a shower, brush his teeth, eat with his two kids the food his wife would make, kiss them goodbye, and be out the door on his way to work. The only difference was that Edward couldn’t stop thinking about what he saw. He was very nervous. What if Mr. Big saw me there, Edward thought to himself. Edward eventually arrived at his office building, and got to his office. Edward was on his laptop brain storming ideas about the company’s new ad, when all of a sudden Mr. Big came into the room. Edward’s heart stopped, and his stomach jumped.

            “Now Edward, you’ve been working here for a long time,” Mr. Big assured as he closed the door, and approached Edward with a smile on his face.

Mr. Big went behind Edward as Edward was in his chair. After so many years of working for Mr. Big, Edward got use to his character: a 6’4, 250 pound man with a head bald and shining like a bowling ball, which is no wonder why everyone called him Mr. Big. His caring, enthusiastic, and social attitude made everyone think the best of him. Unfortunately, all of the good in Mr. Big’s character couldn’t surpass the caution Edward now had of him due to what he saw of him the following night. Mr. Big was looking out the window right behind Edward and said calmly,

            “This company and I have appreciated all the work you have done for us, and you are very important to it, which breaks my heart to say this.”

Oh my god, this is it. He’s going to use his demonic powers to murder me because he knows I saw him last night with that devil thing, Edward thought to himself.

            “You’re not getting paid what you use to get paid. Because you’re getting a raise!” Mr. Big said with excitement and a huge smile on his face as he turned towards Edward.

            “Oh, thank you Mr. Big. I appreciate it, Liz will be very happy to hear about this!” Edward responded with false enjoyment because in reality he was just relieved that his boss didn’t kill him in the office at the moment.

Mr. Big walked towards the door, and right before he opened it he turned towards Edward and said with a smile,

            “Just remember Edward, the absence of evidence isn’t the evidence of absence.” Mr. Big walked out the room.

The smile on Edwards face slowly went away as he thought what could he of meant when he said that and why. Nevertheless Edward continued throughout his day, and went home around 5 when his work day was over. There he greeted his wife as she was making dinner.

“Later on tonight, I’m going out with the guys,” Edward told his wife.

            “Ok, have fun, but you must remember that in two days Anthony and Sally are both performing in their school’s talent show. They are dying for you to be part of their lives and go. If you don’t, I don’t know what to think of you anymore. You cannot let them down again this time,” Edward’s wife addressed.

            “I won’t,” Edward assured.

“By the way, I’m taking the kids with me to back to school night. I’m going to meet some of my students’ parents; 3rd graders’ parents always seem to be the most enjoyable,” His wife stated with a smile on her face.”

Edward’s wife and his kids then said goodbye to him and left the house. Edward told his wife what he was going to do but in reality he was going to go back to his work office. What he planned was that his boss and his associates were to be there doing their ritual again, and Edward was planning on catching them in the act by recording them. Around 9, Edward left his house on his way to his work office. He was kind of nervous so he needed more of the Embrax pills to make himself feel better. He once again pulled up to the dark alley before going to his work office. He saw the old man and handed him a 20 dollar bill.

            “This is a 20,” Edward assured the man as he smiled.

            “I believe you,” the old man stated, “you really ran through that bottle I gave you last night very quick.”

The man handed Edward the bottle of Embrax pills, and Edward took off walking before the man asked,

            “You dealing with some demons, lately?”

Edward’s heart had stopped as he stopped and his eyes grew big. He turned around as the man was facing him with a smile. Edward walked back over to the man with a look of shock.

            “What the hell did you say to me!?” Edward questioned.

            “Have you been dealing with some demons son? What, you haven’t been a boss about them?” The man smirked.

            “You know something! What the hell do you know!?” Edward demanded as he gripped his hands on the man’s jacket.

            “I’m sorry, you must ask the right questions,” the man began, “and if you don’t know any, you should just go back to that gray Mercedes you have.”

Edward’s eyes grew even bigger.

            “How did you know it’s gray?” Edward asked in shocked.

Edward then walked quickly into his car. He drove away as he took some Embrax pills, hoping to get his mind off of what he just heard. Just a crazy old man; he don’t know anything! Edward thought to himself as he drove to his office building. When Edward got to his work office, he checked the time. They must be already in there, he thought to himself. Edward entered the building with his card, entered the janitor’s room, pushed on the mop, and was led down the long white hallway. Once he got into the room, he again saw Mr. Big and his associates performing their chant in a circle surrounding fire.

            “It is a weeping, and a moaning, and a gnashing of teeth. It is a weeping, and a moaning, and a gnashing of teeth. It is when it comes to my sound which is the champion sound. Believe! Believe!” The 5 people chanted.

Once again, came the devil like creature and all of them began to dance. This time Edward was ready, he took out his phone and started recording the whole act. Gotcha, Edward thought to himself, as he quietly left the room. Once Edward was back in the 1st floor of his office building, he went outside to make a phone call. He called 9-11.

            “Hello, 9-11? There is a group of people sum- I mean a group of people breaking in where I work at,” Edward told the operator.

The operator said something to Edward.

Edward responded,

            “It is the Hublo office building located at the 777 Tower, hurry please!”

With that Edward was feeling a kind of joy that he was going to get his boss. He didn’t hate him or anything; he liked the man, but what Mr. Big was doing was beyond anything normal and he cannot be kept with other people, Edward thought to himself. Edward then saw Mr. Big and his associates leave the office building, and all of a sudden police cars showed up and stopped them. There were two police cars; 4 police men total had gotten out, and confronted Mr. Big and his associates.

            “Is there a problem, officer?” Mr. Big asked nicely with a smile on his face to one of the officers.

            “We had reports of a break-in here sir?” The officer responded with his flashlight out pointed at Mr. Big and his associates.

            “No break in here,” Mr. Big firmly claimed.

            “It’s them! These 5 are devil worshippers, they summoned a devil!” Edward yelled as he came running towards the officers with his finger pointed at Mr. Big and his associates.

            “Sir, it was you who called us? You told us there was a break-in,” one of the officers groaned with a look of stupidity on his face.

            “I know,” Edward said, “I just had to get your attention! But these 5 summoned a devil! I have it on camera!” Edward continued in despair.

Edward then pulled out his phone and search the clip that he recorded of the 5. Mr. Big and his associates had a look of calm confusion as if they had no idea what Edward was talking about or   had nothing to hide.

            “See!” Edward pointed out to the police as everyone on the scene looked at the video clip.

Edward had a smile on his face as if he knew that Mr. Big was busted, but his smile soon disappeared as the only thing that the video showed was Mr. Big and his associates seating down in chairs talking peacefully.

            “We normally have meetings about ours businesses around this time at night,” Mr. Big asserted to the officers with a look of innocence.

            “No, this is impossible! Why can’t you guys see the devil there!? It’s there! Don’t you see!?” Edward yelled at the police officers.

At this moment the officers all looked at Edward like he was crazy.

            “It can’t be the pills, can it!?” Edward screamed out loud looking up at the night sky with the full bright moon.

“Pills? Sir are you on drugs?” The officer stated to Edward while holding a flashlight at his face.

Mr. Big stepped between the two, and said with a smile and a pleading tone to the officer,

            “Don’t worry about this one, he’s my worker. He’s just having a long night.”

Mr. Big then looked at Edward with a smile and proposed,

            “Edward, go home. Have a week break; take a vacation with the family. You’ve worked so hard, just relax. Don’t worry; you’ll still get paid for it.

Edward with his mouth wide open couldn’t believe what was happening as he responded,

            “Wha, wha, what? Are you serious?”

            “Go home,” Mr. Big calmly said.

At that moment, Edward had no other choice but to go home, as the police officers left. Edward got home, and walked to his bed with his arms dragged towards the ground. He had a feeling of defeat and embarrassment, as he lay restlessly in his bed.

“It couldn’t have been the pills,” Edward said to himself, “I cannot let him get away with this, I must pursue it more. I know tomorrow around midnight, I’ll go into Mr. Big’s office since he and his pals would already be gone by then and I’ll look and see if anything is there. I will get him,” Edward continued, with what went from a frown to a smile on his face.

            “Honey,” Edwards’s wife muttered in a half awake and half asleep tone.

            “Yes,” Edward responded happily.

            “Shut the hell up and go to bed,” his wife ordered.

Edward rested his head on his pillow and fell asleep. In the morning Edward explained to his wife that his boss had gave him a week’s vacation. Throughout the day, Edward ran some errands for his wife, went out exercising, spent time with his kids, and he relaxed at home watching TV.

            “Tomorrow is the Presidential Election. There are many who believe that Barrack Obama will win this election, dating back to his speech in 2004 as a senator where many believe has gotten Obama this far. If he does win, it will for surely bring changes to the United States,” The new spokesman had stated on the TV news.

 Edward had stayed at home until it was around midnight, and he left to his office building. There he entered the building and into Mr. Big’s office. He was searching around the office with a flashlight but he couldn’t find anything that could give him a clue about Mr. Big’s rituals. He searched endlessly through cabinets and files until he stumbled upon a briefcase. He opened up the briefcase and there in it he saw papers. These papers weren’t like any other papers they were written in a different language, they looked Latin. Edward translated the words on the paper with his phone, and through the translation he stumbled upon what the title of the papers said, “The Coming”, it was to take place at Mr. Big’s mansion the following day at 10 pm. The papers also had on them in translation things about rituals, devils, demons, witchcraft, etc.

            “I got him!” Edward said to himself.

Now all Edward needed was some people to accompany with him to the mansion he thought to himself. Edward went home, and went asleep with that idea on his mind. The next day Edward ran some more errands for his wife, relaxed at home until it was around 5:30 where the people at Hublo would end their work day. He then text his two friends Cindy, and Jeff to meet him at the Hillside Bar. Cindy was the secretary for Mr. Big while Jeff was the head of the TV department for Hublo. Edward met the two there in the parking lot. Both Cindy and Jeff had their hands folded and were talking to each other as they saw Edward approach them and they had a look of impatience on their face.

“Is there a reason why you called us, and couldn’t have told us on the phone, Eddie?” Jeff protested in a displeasing tone.

“Edward, wassup?” Cindy asked in a concerning manner.

Edward looked around to see if anyone was near then he got closer to the two,

            “You two are going to think I’m crazy but, I saw Mr. Big, another one of Hublo’s CEO’s, Chris Randoff, Bob Smith, and Christine Salazar all summon a devil like creature the other night in a secret room back at the office,” Edward told his friends.

At that point both Jeff and Cindy had looked like they were thinking “What the hell are you talking about” on their face as if they thought Edward was crazy.

            “Man, you have totally lost it! Are you on drugs!?” Jeff barked at Edward.

            “I even have some papers I took from Mr. Big’s office to prove it!” Edward defended himself.

            “Papers!? You took some papers from Mr. Big’s office!? Yep, you have totally lost it!” Jeff claimed as his hands went up in the air and he looked up at the sky with his mouth open.

Cindy was just gazing upon the two with a concerned look. Edward took out the papers from a suitcase and said as he showed the two,

            “See! I found these papers in Mr. Big’s office. They’re in Latin but I translated them and they’re talking about all kinds of rituals, the living dead, demons, and then it says Mr. Big’s home address and says next to it “The Coming”!”

Edward and Cindy were looking at the papers.

            “Ok, so what!? Our boss is in to some demonic cult stuff, that doesn’t mean he’s friends with the actual devil nor he summoned a demon. He’s probably a free mason, some of the presidents were. Edward this is stupid.” Jeff criticized.

            “Edward, yes, it is weird Mr. Big has these papers, but it’s impossible what you’re saying,” Cindy declared in a comforting voice.

Edward let out a huge sigh as he rolled his eyes and disagreed,

            “Guys, I’m not crazy, I know what I saw!”

The two didn’t look convince.

            “Look, Jeff we been friends since elementary school, and Cindy you and my wife were best friends in high school. I am asking you guys to please trust me on this,” Edward persuasively added.

There was a moment of silence as everyone looked at each other, then Jeff let out a sigh and teased Edward,

            “Alright, I’m with you. And whatever we do, if we get caught, I’ll just say it was all your idea. So in that way, Mr. Big will fire you, and I could add your office to mine.”

            “Though I don’t believe you Edward, what’s the worst thing that can happen? I’m in,” Cindy complied with a smile towards Edward.

Edward had a smiled of relief,

            “Alright, so we’ll meet at Mr. Big’s mansion at 9 since the paper said 9:30,” Edward told them.

They all got into their cars and left. Edward had remembered about his kids’ talent show so he headed over to their school to see it. There he went inside where the talent show was happening as he took a chair next to his wife.

            “I am so glad you’ve made it, and the kids will be too,” Edward’s wife cheered, “you’re just in time. Anthony and Sally are going to go up in a few minutes; they’re doing it together.”

            “Perfect, I’m glad to be here,” Edward reassured with delight and joy.

After the talent show, Edward and his family met together.

            “Daddy! You’ve came!” His children cheered.

            “I know! You two were awesome!” Edward affirmed.

Edward and his family had all came together in a happiness and joy that hadn’t been in their family for a while; the days of arguing and sadness in the family were over.  They had then went home, as Edward had time to spare before it was time to go to Mr. Big’s mansion, so he turned on the TV.

            “The election has begun as Barrack Obama has the lead over John McCain,” The news spokesman had informed.

 Around 8:30, Edward turned off the TV, and headed out the door.

            “Another night out with your friends?” His wife asked

            “Yes,” Edward responded.

            “Have a wonderful time. And Edward, thank you; I love you” she said with a smile on her face.

            “You’re welcome, and I love you too,” Edward assured his wife with a smile.

Edward then left his house. He drove his Mercedes to Mr. Big’s mansion; it was on the hills beyond the Hollywood sign. To get to Mr. Big’s mansion, Edward had to drive on a series of long roads on the hills; there were turns around the corners of the hills every few minutes. The only thing that accompanied Edward on his long drive was the light produced by his headlights that shined on the road. For that, Edward had turned on the radio.

            “Senator McCain is closing the gap between him and Senator Obama,” The news spokesman had said.

Edward was tired of hearing about the election, so he played his favorite band, AC/DC; Edward was playing their song “Highway To Hell”. Edward had finally made it to Mr. Big’s mansion. There he found Jeff and Cindy near their cars waiting out in parking. Edward got out and confronted them.

            “Are you two ready?” Edward ask the two.

Jeff reached into his pants and smirked,

            “Do I look ready?”

He had a m9 berretta pistol, exactly the kind the marines use.

            “Oh my god!” Cindy shrieked.

            “You brought a gun!” Edward exclaimed.

            “I use to be in the marines, remember? And if Mr. Big is really summoning devils, I’ll just give that devil something he can take back to hell with him,” Jeff assured as he putted away his pistol.

            “Ya, because that’s really gonna affect it,” Edward noted, as the 3 walked towards the doors of Mr. Big’s mansion.

Mr. Big’s mansion was a white mansion. It had pillars like the white house; 4 long white pillars that held up the topping of the structure. It had a long rectangular like shape roof with round shaped ends. Its door was 2 glass doors with designs of angels.

            “Very ironic design for a man who worships devils,” Jeff insisted.

When the three stepped towards the doors, they instantly opened outward.

            “Ok, nobody finds it a little bit creepy that the doors instantly opened?” Cindy whispered in a panic.

            “Maybe he was expecting us,” Jeff smirked, as he took out his gun.

The three continued into Mr. Big’s house. As they entered into Mr. Big’s house, they came into the living room. It was white. It had white walls, with white marble flooring. On both sides of the walls were paintings of angels. Up on the ceiling were a gold chandelier and a painting that covered the whole ceiling; it was a painting of God as he was touching fingers with his son in heaven. Near both sides of the walls ran stairs that both led to one room upstairs. The stairs had ivory green carpet on them as the brown stair handles had white pillars.

            “Maybe we should try upstairs,” Cindy suggested.

The three went up the stairs on one side. Once they reached up the stairs. They were met with a door. It was a normal door; it was brown, with a regular door handle. It was locked.

            “I could shoot it,” Jeff proposed.

            “No, then you’ll alert everyone,” Edward stated, “Let’s just try downstairs down that hallway.”

The three continued back down stairs as they went down the hallway. As they went down the hallway, they saw the dining room, another living room, and the kitchen on the side; they were all empty. The three kept walking down the hallway until they came to another door. This one kind of looked like the door of the janitor’s room back at the office. The image of the whole thing went into Edward’s mind. Edward felt on the door handle and felt that it wasn’t locked; it made a click sound that showed it was open.

“Well this could mean something,” Cindy proposed.

As Edward opened the door, they were faced with a room. The room was a small white bathroom. It had a shower, some towels, and a toothbrush. Edward stepped into it first and alone while Jeff and Cindy were outside of the bathroom

            “It’s just a bathroom, there’s nothing here Eddie, let’s go home,” Jeff said.

Suddenly, the door of the bathroom shut with Edward inside of it, while Jeff and Cindy were out.

            “Edward!” The two screamed, as they tried to open the door.

Edward trying to open the door yelled,

            “Shoot the handle off or try to find something to open the door with! Stay together!”

Suddenly the bathroom rotated just like the janitor’s room rotated that night. The door suddenly opened, and there facing Edward was a long white hallway just like the one back at the work office, but instead, at the end of it was a huge light.

            “Heaven?” Edward asked himself.

Edward called Jeff and Cindy on a three way called and they both picked up.

            “Hello!?” They all said.

            “Jeff, Cindy where are you at!? Are you two ok!?” Edward asked.

            “Everything went dark, and when the lights went back on I found myself alone in a dark hallway,” Jeff responded.

            “Me too,” Cindy responded as well, “There’s no door behind me it’s only a one way. I don’t know where the hell I’m at!”

            “We must have ended up in different parts of the mansion, because I’m in a white hallway and there’s a light at the end. Stay on the phone and be very caution,” Edward told them.

Edward continued to walk towards the light at the end of the hallway.

            “Where the hell are we?” Jeff said on the phone.

            “Wait, I see something,” Cindy said, “I’m going to go check it out.”

            “Wait Cindy!” Edward tried to say

Then suddenly Cindy’s phone went off.

            “Cindy!” Edward screamed. “Dammit”

            “I served in Somalia, and trust me when I tell you that what I saw over there is nothing compare to the creepiness of this place. She’ll be ok.” Jeff said.

            “I hope so. Jeff is you doing ok?” Edward asked.

There was no response.

            “Jeff? Jeff?” Edward kept saying.

            “That…. that is impossible,” Jeff suddenly gasped.

            “What the hell are you talking about!?” Edward anxiously asked.

Jeff’s phone then cut off.

            “Dammit!” Edward yelled in frustration as he continued down the hall.

The closer Edward got to the light at the end of the hallway the brighter it become. Edward was putting his hand up to his face slightly looking away as if he was staring at the sun due to the brightness of the light. Edward finally went into the light, and out he came into a white room. This time, this white room was all white with nothing in it, no doors, it was simply just all white, like a room they put crazy people in without the padding.

            “What the hell!?” Edward yelled out loud.

Edward soon started looking for ways out, though it wouldn’t work.

            “Hello, Edward,” a voice Edward heard.

He turned around. It was Mr. Big; he was smiling like he always do and he was in one of his all white suits.

            “I underestimated you Edward. You truly are what we were looking for, please come with me,” Mr. Big calmly added.

            “Where is Jeff and Cindy!? What did you do with them!?” Edward angrily asked.

            “They’re perfectly fine, trust me. They are not hurt,” Mr. Big responded.

            “I saw what you did the other night!” Edward screamed. “What the hell are you!?”

Mr. Big looked at Edward still with a smile and said,

            “Just come with me all your questions will be answered.”

Mr. Big then went towards one of the walls and moved down his hands, the wall opened into another room, Mr. Big then turned towards Edward with his hand out,

            “Please follow,” Mr. Big said.

Edward suspiciously followed Mr. Big with a look of bizarre on his face. Edward then went into the room as Mr. Big came behind him. Edward then came into a room where he saw Chris Randoff, Bob Smith, Christine Salazar, and one of the other CEO’s of Hublo sitting down at a table; and they were sitting down with the devil like creature Edward had seen. All 6 of them had smiles on their faces as Mr. Big’s associates greeted Edward. Edward’s face became horrid, and he was shocked and frighten. Edward wasn’t on the Embrax pills so he knew what he was seeing was real. He was more shocked than ever.

            “Don’t be alarmed, Edward. No one is going to get hurt; matter of fact no one in this room had committed murder before.” Mr. Big assured Edward. “Wait, have you?” Mr. Big asked Edward.

Edward looked at Mr. Big, and Mr. Big started laughing,

            “Ahahahahaaha just kidding! But please have a seat” Mr. Big told Edward.

            “What the hell is going on!?” Edward demanded.

            “Please, Edward, have a seat and all of that will be explained to you,” Mr. Big kept asking of Edward.

Edward took a seat, at the table but stuck his chair out so he wouldn’t be near anyone, or anything. He looked around the table as they all had smiles on their face looking at Edward, even the devil like creature.

            “Now Edward, it is time for you to know the truth,” Mr. Big said.

Edward kind of got a sense of resolution with that statement but he felt that he wasn’t out the woods yet. Mr. Big continued,

            “You see Edward we’ve been watching you for a very long time. I mean I’ve been watching you over the recent years, but our predecessors and this entire organization that we are part of have been watching you for your entire life. My 4 associates and I had come into this organization many years ago, but the beings we once were when we joined are no longer us now, for we are something else far beyond the essence of any human being.”

Mr. Big’s associates were smiling with glee up at Mr. Big as he continued

            “This being you see, it and other like it had brought us into this organization, as it had done to many others in power for many centuries before us. There are many more of us in this organization shall you know, many who had power before contact with this organization, but had it grow even more when they had that contact. We are the people who manipulate, well let’s say influence how the world works. You won’t see us specifically doing them things because we work behind the curtains, but we do influence a lot of what happens in the world. Nobody will see us, nobody will hear about us; they will hear about us individually Chris Randoff and Bob Smith for example, but they will never see, hear, or know about our organization in the presence. We are the people who control the world and nobody knows about it. All the things that go on in the world we control, to the smallest things, to the biggest things. So when people say, everything happens for a reason, everything really does happen for a reason, but they don’t know by what. This being you see helps us control the world; it is with its influence and power that we control the world.” Mr. Big explained to Edward.

Edward with a look of disbelief of what he just heard, but knowing it had to be true since he was near some type of demon, had questioned,

            “But why could I only see what you all did, how come the police couldn’t see it on the video?”

Mr. Big had grinned even more when Edward had asked that question as he reassured,

            “Because we have the power to manipulate who sees us, and who doesn’t. Like I said we control everything.”

            “But what does all of this have to do with me?” Edward continued to ask.

Mr. Big then inserted,

            “You see, even though our not so human friend is very powerful, it can only work through the actions of mankind, us. And as the days get old, so do we, well some of us, and we need more and newer people to help run the world through this organization. That is where people like you come in play.”

At that moment, death was no more of Edward’s fear, the only thing Edward feared more than death in that room, was what might have been required of him. Mr. Big continued,

            “Like I said we’ve been watching you for your entire life. We see how you are: your personality, your traits, your choices of friends, everything about you. And you are perfect fit.”

            “But why me, how?” Edward wondered confusedly.

            “The way you see things Edward. You do not see or view things like how other people would generally do. Where people would all flock to one ideal or action, you, solely and alone would choose your own course, whether it would benefit you or hurt you, right or wrong, you would choose your own path rather than the one given to you. The sociological and mental training you have been given throughout your entire life has put you on levels many people are not. They may have more money than you, more things than you, but they do not have your mind, and believe me when I say, the mind is the most powerful and dangerous tool a person can have. The mind can do things that nothing else can Edward. And I know it doesn’t sound like much but you are bigger and more meaningful than what you think you are,” Mr. Big added.

            “So what am I supposed to do?” Edward asked.

            “You will accept this faith, and join this organization. Life would be generally the same for you expect for your life will be given more benefits, and you will do the will of the organization; it will be nothing that would put you, your family, or anyone you know in danger. It will be for the greater good.” Mr. Big said.

            “And what if I refuse?” Edward insisted.

            “Then I suppose it would be very hard to go back, wouldn’t it?”  Mr. Big asserted.

            “Go back to what?” Edward asked.

            “Life,” Mr. Big chuckled.

Edward took a moment to think about everything that had happen and that he been told.

            “Where are Jeff and Cindy?” He asked.

            “They’re at home perfectly safe with their families,” Mr. Big said.

He then turned on a flat screen that showed Jeff and Cindy each at home with their families.

            “I had their memories wiped from when you texted them to meet you at the bar. They will go to work tomorrow completely unaware any of this has ever happen. The only person who will know is you and we of course.” Mr. Big with a smile said.

            “So what’s this “The Coming” your papers had on them?” Edward asked Mr. Big.

            “This is The Coming Edward,” Mr. Big concluded.

Edward’s forehead was filled with stress marks as he was confused with that statement of Mr. Big.

            “You see Edward,” Mr. Big explained, “This was all part of our design. You forgetting your wine bottle at the office, you discover the hiding room back at the office, all of it has been of our design for the sole purpose of leading you here, right here right now in this room.”

            “If you been watching me, then how did that old blind homeless man know about the color of my car, and I believe he knew that I saw what you all did; how did he know?” Edward asked.

            “Who you think, he worked for?” Mr. Big sarcastically responded.

Edward gasped at what Mr. Big had said.

            “Not saying, I would join, but what would I have to do to join?” Edward proposed to Mr. Big.

Mr. Big turned to Edward and said with a smile,

            “You’ve already have.”

Edward looked confuse.

            “A hunter is out hunting for bears in the wood.” The devil like creature looked at Edward and said.

Edward turned towards him with a blank face. The devil like creature continued,

            “The hunter sees a bear and shoots at it, and miss. The bear notices the man and starts charging at the man. The man tries to fire another shot but realizes he’s out of ammo. He decides to run away but sees that the bear is going to catch up to him. So the man gets on his knees and prays,” Dear lord please let this bear find religion before it kills me.” The man then turns around and sees the bear’s on its knees as it says “Dear lord for this meal for I’m about to get, I am very grateful, thank you.”

Everyone in the room all started laughing in enjoyment, including Edward.

            “Hey, that is funny!” Edward laughed.

Everyone continued on laughing: Mr. Big, his associates, the devil like creature, and Edward. They all kept laughing until one couldn’t pick them apart. They all started to look the same; all big red figures, with black long horns, they all were the same, the same devils. Mr. Big then turned on the TV in the room to the news, as the headline had said “Obama wins”. There, they all saw as Obama was finishing his victory speech as he sad,

            “This is our chance to answer that call. This is our moment. This is our time ” to put our people back to work and open doors of opportunity for our kids; to restore prosperity and promote the cause of peace; to reclaim the American Dream and reaffirm that fundamental truth ” that out of many, we are one; that while we breathe, we hope, and where we are met with cynicism, and doubt, and those who tell us that we can’t, we will respond with that timeless creed that sums up the spirit of a people: Yes We Can. Thank you, God bless you, and may God Bless the United States of America.”