Two boys team up to investigate a mysterious force that is controlling the girls at their school. 

“That’ll be 2.50.” The cashier stated.

                “Here you go.” Barry replied as he handed the money over to the cashier.

Barry grabbed his soda and then proceeded to leave the gas station. As Barry walked out the door, he seen two guys in hoodies, and they were surrounding a girl.

                “Come on honey, we just want some fun!”

                “Yeah, let’s have some!”

Both of the men had grabbed onto the girl’s arms.

                “Let go of me!”

Barry dropped his soda, and he ran towards the scene.

                “Hey, let go of her!” Barry ordered as he pushed one of the men off of the girl.

The other man released the girl, and she went to the side. The two men turned their attention towards Barry.

                “What are you going to do, bitch boy?”

                “You better stay back, or we’ll fuck you up.”

As the two men stood in the Barry’s face, he smelled the alcohol on their breath. The foul stench that embodied ignorance went into Barry’s nose as the two men breathed. The girl kept to the side as she watched on.

                “You’re right; this is stupid,” Barry smiled.

Suddenly Barry shoved the man on the left, and he hooked the other man in the jaw with his elbow. The man that Barry elbowed covered his mouth as the other man charged towards Barry. When the man that charged at Barry got close enough, Barry used his own momentum to pick him off of his feet by his legs, and he drop him to the ground. As Barry was on his knees, the other man charged at him as well. Barry quickly struck the man in the groin which caused him to bend over. When Barry got back to his feet, he grabbed the head of the man who was bending over, and he smashed his face into his knee. The man flopped to the ground as blood gushed out of his nose. When Barry turned around, he seen the last man who had a knife in his hand.

                “That’s it, bitch boy. You’re dead!”

As the man sliced at Barry, Barry kept backing up to avoid the knife. When the man went for another stab, Barry grabbed his wrist and twisted it which caused a crackling noise. The man yelled and dropped to his knee as Barry held onto his wrist. The pain exerted on the man’s wrist caused him to drop the knife. Barry kicked the man in the stomach causing him to drop completely on his stomach. Once the man was on the ground, Barry stepped on the man’s shoulder blade causing him to scream even more. With his foot placed on the man’s shoulder blade, Barry bent his arm back until he was certain it had snapped. The man began yelling like a baby as he favored his arm. Barry picked up the knife and walked towards the man he had kneed in the face. As the man laid there on his behind, he placed his hands out.

                “No, no more!”

Barry drove the knife into the shin of the man on the ground. His yell was long and loud.

                “I don’t ever want to see you two messing with her anyone else again,” Barry demanded before he walked off towards the girl.

She had brunette hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a teal sweat jacket and blue jeans. She had a black purse around her arm. In one of her hands she carried a textbook.

                “Are you alright?” Barry asked.


                “Let’s go.”

The girl followed Barry to a navy blue 1964 Ford Mustang. They got into the car which had black leather seats. The entire car was in mint condition. Barry started up the car, and he began driving.

                “Barry, you didn’t have to do that.”

                “And what would you rather have me do? Let those two goons do whatever they planned on doing to you? Is that what you wanted, Shyanne?”

                “No, I’m glad you were there to help me. I appreciate it, but you didn’t have to do it in the way you did it. All of that was unnecessary, you could have killed them.”

                “Well for them, it was necessary. Those two were not good people, they deserved what they got.”

                “And is that what’s supposed to happen to everyone who does something wrong. Are they all supposed to get the same type of punishment for a different crime?”

                “No, but you cannot take the world on how you want it to be. You have to take it on how it is.”

They arrived to a school where students were entering in.

                “That reminds me. How did it go with Stanford, Barry?”

Barry looked at the windshield as he seemed to very discomfort to speak.

                “I didn’t get in.”

Shyanne mouth opened in disbelief.

                “What happened? You had the grades, and the skill for football.”

                “Apparently, not enough grades. I didn’t score high enough on my SAT. I’ll be attending Berkeley in the Fall.”

Shyanne placed her hand on Barry.

                “It’s fine, Berkeley is a good school.”

                “I let you down.”

                “No you did not Barry, and that doesn’t mean we can’t still be together. We can figure something out.”

                “It’s fine, we’ll talk about it later.”


                “I said, we’ll talk about it later.”

Barry got out of the car before Shyanne exited. When they walked towards the school building, Barry led the way as Shyanne held her head down.

                “Joe, are you creeping again?”

                “I am just doing my job, Ralph. People should be grateful that the great and mighty Joe Ferris is adding them to the collection of greatness.”

                “You think too high of yourself, Joe. You may be a journalist for our school, but that does not mean you have to take photos of people without them knowing about it. You know you can get expelled for that?”

                “Yeah, that’s why sometimes I wish this was 1986, not 2016. Besides this is all for the school’s yearbook. It’s the end of the year, so I have to get a lot of photos. Also, no one would dare get me in trouble; everyone loves me.”

Joe was sitting on the bench in the court yard as he held his camera. He was 6’5 and around 205 pounds with broad shoulders and long arms. He was wearing black slacks, black penny loafers, and a light blue long sleeve collared shirt. He had wavy brown hair and a big forehead.

                “And what’s this,” Joe mocked as he pointed his camera on Barry and Shyanne, “star football player and athlete Barry Moore looks sad today along with his girlfriend. What could have possibly went wrong with the perfect couple? I sense a break up.”

                “I doubt it; they’ve been going out for a while now.” Ralph opined.

Barry and Shyanne stopped.

                “Barry it’s not a big of a deal.”

                “You’re right, it’s not a big of a deal. We’ll just move on with our lives, Shyanne. That’s life, and you have yours to live even if I can’t keep up with it.”

                “Barry stop it. At least let’s enjoy the time we have left together, at prom and beyond.”

                “Of course.”

Barry and Shyanne kissed before separating to class.

Joe then turned his camera on a girl as he gasped,

                “It’s Victoria.”

                “You know, if you want to talk to her, just do it,” Ralph added as he was writing something on his note pad.

                Ralph had glasses, a full beard, and was only 5’7 which made him look like a child compared to Joe. Joe continued looking through his Canon EOS 1D Mark IV camera as in his sight was a girl. She had dyed blonde hair in which her real black hair was showing at her scalp and at the tips of her hair. The tips of her hair were curly. The makeup on her face was dark shaded. She wore dark red lipstick. Her teeth were white like toothpaste. Her eyelashes were curled up as her eye brows were plucked which perfected their shape. She was with two other girls; one with black hair and dark tone makeup, and the other one with purple blackish hair.

                “Well, she hasn’t rejected me yet, so it’s the first time for everything, and there’s no way she can resist this,” Joe declared before he left the bench.

Joe walked towards the girl and her friend. He had a bright smile on his face.

                “Victoria,” Joe called out, “I need to talk to you.”

Victoria’s two friends laughed in pity as Victoria rolled her eyes.

                “What is it Joe?”

                “I notice you don’t have a date for prom, and it is coming up. So how about I do you a favor, and give you the opportunity of a life time by allowing you to go with me, the Joe Ferris?”

Victoria smiled. At that moment, Joe believed he actually had a chance as the smirk on his face grew bigger.

                “Joe, I suppose you’re a great guy. Well actually you’re probably not, and I don’t see myself going with you. Besides I’m going with someone else.”


                “Not you.”

Victoria and her friends burst out laughing as they walked pass Joe.  The smirk on Joe’s face was wiped off, and he had a look of disappointment on his face. Ralph had come behind him.

                “Joe, it’s alright, she’s a bitch anyways. Her and her friends look the same, matter of fact most of the girls here look the same. They’re all basic with no individuality. I mean they all dye their hair the same, wear the same makeup, same lipstick, same clothes, and act the same. They are so predictable, it’s ridiculous. They’re all the same. It’s as if it’s programmed in their brain.”

Joe had kept quiet as he gazed on; he hadn’t moved.

                “Joe, are you alright?”

                “You’re right, it’s like it’s programmed in their brain. I’ll talk to you later, Ralph.”

Joe began walking off as the bell rung. In class, Joe was puzzled; he had done his work, but his mind was on something else. Throughout his classes, and even lunch he could only focused on one thing. They’re all the same, it’s programmed in their mind, Joe thought to himself. After school ended, Joe was walking to his black Porsche; Ralph confronted him.

                “Joe, are you alright? You seem upset from what happened today?”

                “It’s fine, Ralph. I’m going to talk to Victoria. I’ll go to her house later on tonight, and tell her exactly what’s on my mind.”

                “Joe, just forget about it.”

                “Ralph, we have less than a month of school left. After that, we will never see many of these people ever again. If I am not going to get the opportunity to take Victoria to prom, then the least I can receive is the opportunity to tell her how I really feel.”

                “Just don’t do anything stupid.”

Joe got into his car; he looked out the window at Ralph.

                “I won’t.”

                “And why at night?”

                “That way she won’t be expecting it, it’ll catch her by surprise. That way she will have to rely on what truly comes from her heart, and not what she expects to be said or done.”

Joe’s car started to back up out of the parking way.

                “What?” Ralph said to himself as he shook his head.

When Barry arrived at his home, his mother was watching tv.

                “Hey Barry.”

                “Hi mom.”

Barry’s head was down.

                “Did you tell Shyanne?”


                “How did she take it?”

                “She believes it won’t change anything between us, as if we can still live our lives together, but it’s obvious she’s just giving me the benefit of the doubt.”

Barry’s mom stood up and walked towards Barry.

                “Barry, she’s right. You two may be young, but you can still be with her. You two will still be close.”

                “But life moves on, and I failed her.”

                “You didn’t fail anyone. You just didn’t get into the same college as your girlfriend.”

                “It’s not about the college. All my life, I always feel like I never live up to the expectations people set for me. Family, friends, and strangers tell us how I’m a great person. They say that you have a wonderful son with a bright future, but many times I feel like I am not the person they think I am. I get too much credit than I deserve.”

                “Barry listen to me,” His mother spoke as she placed her hand on his face, “you are a wonderful person. You have a good heart, good character; you help people, and you love your family and friends. I can’t ask for anything better knowing no matter what you do, you always have good intentions. No matter what path you choose from this moment on, it’s your life, and you should be proud of it. I know I am, and your father would have been to.”

Barry smiled which caused his mother to smile as well.

                “Thanks mom.”

The two hugged each other.

                “I love you.”

                “I love you too, my son.”

 It was around 12 a.m. when Joe began walking down the stairs. When Joe got downstairs, he saw his mother in the living room. She was sitting on the couch. She was sniffing as she had tissues in her hands. Joe approached her.

                “Mom, what’s wrong?”

                “What do you think? It’s your father.”

                “I know he’s been coming home late, but it’s the firm; it requires a lot of time and work.”

                “No, it has nothing to do with the firm.”

Joe’s mom handed him a couple of pictures. The pictures showed a man undressing a woman. The pictures looked as if they were taken from a far away view.

                “I don’t believe it,” Joe mumbled.

                “I do.”

                “Mom, I’m sorry.”

Joe hugged his mother.

                “Where are you going?”

                “Just to a friend’s house real quick.”

Joe began walking until his mother called,

                “Joe, just promised me one thing.”

                “What’s that?”

                “That you won’t bring any more shame onto this family than your father has done. Your brother is only 12; this will be hard for him to take in. That is why he cannot know right now.”

                “Of course.”

Joe left the house and got into his black Porsche. Once he was inside of his car, he let it all out. He raged on as he screamed endlessly. He had been let down once again, and this time it was by someone he truly loved. Someone he looked up to all his life had let him down. To Joe, the world was filled with false realities. All the people who are looked up to aren’t the heroes we make them out to be. There is no good in this world. For Joe, there is only lies, hate, and evil. He drove on. Joe had arrived to a house. As he was about to get out of his car, the door to the house opened up. Joe stopped, and he seen Victoria leave the house. Joe stayed in his car, to see what Victoria was doing. She then started walking down the street.

                “That’s odd, what is she doing at this time?” Joe asked himself.

He allowed Victoria to get to the end of the street, before he slowly drove off to follow her.

                “Where is she going?”

15 minutes had went by, and Joe had ended up following Victoria back to the high school.

                “Why here?”

Victoria began walking towards the basketball gym. Joe parked in the parking lot and got out of his car. When he got out, he noticed a girl who was walking in the same direction. He was confused. He then looked around as he noticed a lot more girls walking to the basketball gym. He recognized the girls from school. All of them were seniors. The look on the girls face shocked Joe. They all had a blank expression on their face as if they were mindless slaves with no soul. It was like they were just shells; they were all the same.

                “Hey,” Joe whispered to one of the girls, “hey.”

Joe received no response like he didn’t exist. Joe began to follow the girls to the gym as he was behind all of them. The girls went inside the gym which somehow had one of its doors opened.

                “What the hell is going on?”

When Joe arrived to the gym, he stopped at the main entrance in which no one else had come in; all the girls were inside. Joe stuck his head inside of the gym without stepping fully into it. It was completely dark inside. He also noticed how it was extremely cold. He had goose bumps on his skin, and he could see his breathe from the freezing cold of the gym. It was strange knowing that it was almost the summer, and just the gym was very cold.

                “Where are they?”

Suddenly the gym was lighten by a dim light. Joe couldn’t believe his eyes. A small ball of light had appeared in the middle of the gym. It was moving fast around the gym until it went back into the middle. With the dim light, Joe was able to see all the girls in the gym, he then realized that all the girls in his graduating class were in the gym. They were on their knees with as they stood straight up. The girls were in an orderly fashioned; they were lined up in rows. It was as if they were completely obedient. Joe took out his phone to record, but for some particular reason it wouldn’t turn on.


Joe continued to look on into the gym.

                “I got to get the hell out of here.”

Joe started running to his car. Once he was inside, he sped off back to his house. When he arrived back to his house, the lights were still on inside of the house. Joe entered into his house where he seen his mother and father arguing.

                “I saw the pictures! You are finished Michael!”

                “Lisa, you are overreacting!”

                “Oh, am I? I’m overreacting because you’re fucking your secretary!?”

Joe had closed the door which caught the attention of his parents.

                “Joe,” Michael gasped.

                “Don’t Joe me, dad. How could you do this to mom, how can you do this to the family?”

                “Joe, it’s not like that. I love you guys.”

                “It doesn’t seem like it dad.”

                “Michael, get out now!”

                “Lisa, you cannot do this!”

                “Dad, get out of here now!”

Joe’s dad looked confused. He took a deep breath; he proceeded to walk towards the door where Joe stood.

                “Joe, I’m-,”

                “I don’t want to hear it, dad.”

Michael left the house. Joe then went towards his mother. She looked as if she was going to cry.

                “Mom, I’m sorry.”

                “It’s fine.”

Joe went upstairs. Before he got to his bedroom he saw his little brother by his door.

                “Joe, did dad leave us?”

                “It’s complicated right now, Bobby. Just go back to bed.”

The next morning at school, Joe dashed to Ralph at a bench in the courtyard.

                “How did last night go with Victoria?”

                “You won’t believe what I saw.”

                “Victoria, naked? You’re right; I won’t believe it.”

                “No, Ralph. Yesterday when I went to Victoria’s house, I saw her walking out of it. I followed her to the school where her and all of the girls from our senior class went into the basketball gym. They were on their knees and all stared at some kind of ball of light in the middle of the gym. It was as if they were worshipping it. Something is going on.”

Ralph looked at Joe as if he didn’t take him serious.

                “Is this supposed to be one of your stories, like a senior prank for the newspaper?”

                “No, Ralph I am serious. I tried to record it, but my phone wouldn’t work. Something strange is going on with the girls at this school. I know it is.”

                “Oh, so you had your phone, but for someone reason it wouldn’t work. That’s convenient, nice try, Joe.”

                “Ralph, you were right. These girls are the same. The makeup, the hair, how they dress, act; it’s like it’s programmed into their mind. It all has something to do with what I saw at the gym yesterday.”

Ralph started to laugh.

                “Joe, you’re taking this a little bit too far.”

                “You don’t believe me?”

                “Of course not. I got to get to class; I’ll catch you around. Hopefully next time, you will get this crazy store out of your head.”

Ralph left the bench as Joe looked on in disbelief.

                “Nobody will believe me.”

As Joe was walking in the hallways, he saw Victoria talking to Barry.

                “Hey, Barry, are you and Shyanne alright?”

                “Yes, we’re fine. Thanks for asking.”

                “She told me about you didn’t get into Stanford with her. I hope it goes alright with you to.”

                “Thank you, Victoria. I appreciate it.”

Victoria then left off with her friends, and Barry walked off.

                “That’s it. He’s my key; he’ll listen to me.” Joe claimed as he followed Barry to their class.

During the class as the students were doing their class work, Joe threw a crumpled up piece of paper at Barry’s desk. Barry was sitting two seats across from Joe. When Barry opened up the paper, it read come outside. Barry looked at Joe.

                “Now,” Joe whispered.

                “What do you want?” Barry whispered back.

                “Just come outside.”

Both Joe and Barry stood up and walked towards the door.

                “Where do you two think you’re going?” The teacher asked.

                “We just need to step outside to talk about something very important. Please,” Joe reaffirmed.

                “Fine.” The teacher stated.

When Joe and Barry stepped outside the classroom with the door shut, Barry asked,

                “What do you want, dude?”

                “You’re not going to believe this Barry, but the girls in our senior class are all being controlled by some kind of light. It’s a small ball of light.”


                “I saw it yesterday. They were in the gym last night.”

                “I don’t have time for this.”

Barry began to walk back into the class before Joe called out,

                “No wait. I am telling the truth. I tried to record it, but for some reason my phone wouldn’t work. I need someone to come with me.”

                “By your crazy logic, why would I come with you?”

                “I don’t know man. Just trust me, please. People think I’m crazy, but-.”

                “You are crazy and weird, Joe.”

                “I know I’m weird, but not as much as people think. Look, we were on the same team for the last 4 years. Like coach said, once a team, always a team. We have to look out for each other.”

                “Yeah, and he also said he didn’t do it about touching that girl, but we all saw how that turned out.”

                “Barry please.”

                “Is this some kind of sick fetish you have? Are you interested in me? Just tell me now, so I can politely decline.”

                “Barry, I don’t know how else I can convince you.”

                “I’m not going with you, Joe.”

                “I have 300 dollars in cash right now, in my wallet. I’ll give it to you, if come with me.”

Joe took out his wallet and showed Barry 3 one hundred dollar bills. Barry looked at Joe and sighed.

                “Fine then. I don’t want your money. I’ll come with you.”

                “Great, I’ll come by around 12.”

                “12 a.m.!?”

                “Yeah, that’s when it’s happening.”

                “What in the world are you really going to show me at midnight? I’ll just tell my mom that I’m heading out with you.”


Around 12, Barry left his house. Joe was outside in his car. Barry got into the car.

                “Let’s do this,” Barry signed.

They drove to the school parking lot, and they walked to the gym.

                “You may be a couple inches taller than me, Joe, but I’ll beat your ass, if you try to do something stupid.”

                “Oh no, who would mess with you, Barry,” Joe mocked.

They got to the gym where the door was opened.

                “This is it,” Joe stated.

                “I don’t see anything.”

                “Wait for it.”

Soon the small ball of light appeared again. Barry gasped.

                “There it is,” Joe declared.

Barry looked into the gym from the door where he saw the girls.

                “What is it?” Barry whispered.

                “I don’t know.”

Suddenly a ringing noise came from Barry’s pocket. It was his phone; someone was calling him.

                “Shit!” Joe uttered.

Barry took out his phone quickly, and he turned it off.

                “I told my mom, I was going out. I don’t know why she called me.”



Barry looked back into the gym, and he froze. The girls all stared at them.

                “We better leave now.”

                “Good, idea Joe.”

The two sprinted off running towards the Porsche. Barry looked behind him as he seen the girls running towards them.

                “Holy hell, they’re running after us!”

                “Don’t worry, we’re faster than them Barry!”

When Barry looked back, he could not believe his eyes; the girls were catching onto them quickly.


Joe pressed on his car keys which unlocked his car. The two jumped into the car, and Joe quickly sped off leaving skid marks. They were breathing very heavily as Joe was racing. He started to slow his car down to normal speed when it seemed as if they had gotten away.

                “Now you believe me, Barry?”

                “That was weird.”

Barry looked in the back view mirror.

                “Uh, Joe.”


Joe looked in the mirror.

                “Oh my god.”

The girls were catching up to the car.


Joe pressed hard on the pedal causing the meter to hit 50 miles per hour. It was no use; the girls were only a few yards away from the car.

                “I’m getting on the freeway on the next turn to lose them.”

Joe quickly swerved onto the freeway. There weren’t many cars on the freeway. The girls went onto the freeway as they continued the pursuit.

                “This is impossible!” Barry yelled.

As the car was racing on the freeway, one of the girls took a leap from over 30 yards, and landed onto the hood of the car.

                “Oh shit! My hood!”

She held on as the car started swerving out of control. Joe had lost control of the car which caused it to tip over the freeway which was 30 feet high. As the car flipped in midair, both Barry and Joe screamed for their lives. Fortunately the car landed on its wheels. The two boys bounced out of their seats from the landing. The girl was a couple of feet in front of the car. She was laid out on the pavement.

                “You think she’s dead?” Joe asked.

                “Looks like it. There’s no way she could have survived that. I still don’t believe how she caught up to us.”

Suddenly the girl started moving and proceeded to get to her feet.

                “Jesus Christ!” Joe exclaimed.

The girl finally stood up, and she looked at the two in the car. Joe attempted to start up the car as the girl slowly walked towards them, but the engine wouldn’t start.

                “What’s the problem?”

                “What does it fucking look like!? It’s not working!”

The car still wouldn’t work; the girl had approached the side window on the passenger side where Barry was at. He backed up from the window as the two looked at the girl in fright. Before she moved any closer, she suddenly stopped. She looked up at the sky and ran off.

                “What the hell just happened?” Joe wondered.

                “I don’t know, but we’re blessed.”

The next morning, Joe pulled up to school; his Porsche had dents all over it, and some of his lights were broken.

                “What happened to your car?” Ralph asked.

                “Long night.”

As Joe was walking to class, he saw some of the girls who were in the gym the night before. They were acting normal. Joe was suspicious. He saw Barry talking to Shyanne.

                “Shyanne, where were you around 12 a.m.?”

                Shyanne giggled.

                “I was at home asleep, why?”

                “I just wanted to know.”

                “What happened to your cheek? You have a cut?”

                “I fell. I’ll talk to you later.”

The two kissed before Barry approached Joe right outside of the classroom door.

                “Okay, Joe, we need to find out what the hell is going on.”

                “There is nothing we can do. We almost died last night. Honestly, this whole thing could have been going on ages, and we just never knew. Let’s just forget about it since the only time it caused us problems was when we went looking for it.”

Barry sighed.

                “You’re right. Let’s forget about it.”

The two went into the classroom and sat down to begin the class. During the class, a girl walked into the classroom. Joe recognize her to be the girl that had chased after them. She stood at the door inside of the classroom.

                “Can I help you, miss.” The teacher asked.

The girl didn’t respond; she had a blank expression on her face as if she was just a shell with no soul.

                “I said can I help you?”

Suddenly the girl took out an Uzi 9mm, and she shot the teacher right between the eyes which sprayed his blood all over the white board behind him. The classroom erupted in fright and pandemonium. A boy got up and tried to run towards the door which the girl was near. She sprayed him in the head which caused his brains to fly into the air; his corpse dropped to the ground. Many students went under their desk to protect themselves. The girl quickly looked around the classroom. She started killing the students off one by one as she went down the rows. She just kept shooting each one in the head. The scene was terrifying and brutal; the students had kneeled down as if they knew they were going to die. Either knowing they would die, or hoping miraculously it would all end; the students waited for their fate. Barry and Joe had crouched behind their desk as they stood many seats away from the massacre.

                “Holy shit, she’s going to kill us all,” Joe whispered.

                “We got to do something. If we stay sitting here, we’re going to be dead too.”

As the two were speaking, the girl had continued executing more students. More blood had spilled onto the floor as each student was crying right before they met their end.

One student even pled,

“Samantha, what are you doing!? Please stop!”

She didn’t listen; she laid a couple of bullets into the skull of the girl as well. When the girl got near where Barry sat, she heard a noise which caught her attention. It was a book thrown on the floor. With her head turned to the side, Joe rushed her. He grabbed onto the gun and pushed her against the wall. The gun was pointed downwards as the two struggled for it. Surprise to Joe, the girl was incredibly and unusually strong. She was only around 5’9 and 135 pounds, but he couldn’t believe it; she was powerful. Nevertheless, Joe was able to knock the uzi out of her hand. He swung at the girl, but she blocked it with her forearm. She punched Joe in the chest causing him to fly across the classroom. Barry ran towards the girl with a fire extinguisher. He rammed it in the girl’s stomach, but she didn’t move; she just stood there. He then hit her across the face with the extinguisher plenty of times, but it had no effect. When Barry went for another hit, the girl caught it. She threw the fire extinguisher on the ground. She gripped Barry’s throat with her hand. With one arm, the girl picked Barry off of his feet by his throat. Barry quickly grabbed her hands and tried to fight it. He was squirming very fast; he kept trying to peel her hands off of his throat, but she was too strong for him.

As it was certain that Barry was either going to choke to death, or have his neck snapped, bullets were shot into the girl’s back. The girl let go of Barry and slowly turned around. She looked at Joe who had the Uzi in his hands. She started walking towards him. Joe then shot the Uzi many times into the girl’s chest which finally got her to the ground. Joe hurried over to the girl, and he unleashed on her entire body. He fired every single round there was at the girl. He turned her body into a cheese grater as it was left with holes. It was certain she was dead. Joe dropped the Uzi and turned to Barry.

                “What the fuck was that?”

Barry looked around; he saw the chaos. A lot of the students were dead, while others were left to mourn. Blood and organs were all over the place. Barry and Joe were breathing heavily. Security, teachers, some students, and the principal went into the classroom. Soon the cops and ambulance came down to the school. The entire day was a mess. Police, ambulance, fire department, and every news station in the city had all come down to the horrors at the school. Everyone wanted to know what happened, but nobody had the answers.

                “Yes, I am alright, mom. I am blessed to be alive. I love you,” Barry said over the phone out in the courtyard.

Shyanne came running towards Barry where she hugged him.

                “Barry, are you alright?”


                “I heard what happened. I can’t believe Samantha would do that. Why!?”

                “I don’t know. It’s all strange.”

Later that day when Barry went to his car in the parking lot, he found a little piece of paper on his windshield. He picked it up; it read We Both See The Same Things. Barry turned the paper over where an addressed was at. Barry picked up the phone and called someone.


                “Joe, I think we may have found something. I’m going to text you the address to meet me at.”

Barry then drove to the address which lead to a house on a farm which was 30 minutes from his house.  He saw Joe at his car. Joe got out of his car and walked towards Barry. In Joe’s hand was a meat cleaver.

                “What the hell do you think you are going to do with that?”

                “You saw what happened today. That was no coincidence, they’re after us. I want to be safe next time.”

                “Well, that’s not a bad idea.”

                “So what’s going on, Barry.”

                “This address was left on a note on my car that said We Both See The Same Things. What if this person is talking about what we saw in the gym last night?”

                “It’s worth a shot.”

The house had a cabled roof that was brown. The paint looked very old as the wood on the roof started to show through the paint. The green paint on the base of the house was chipped. The grass was dried and dead. The two approached the screen door of the house. The metal of the door was rusted.

                “Are you sure this is the house?”

                “That’s what it says. Just be on the lookout.”

                “Well, I’m glad I am prepared.”

Before Barry could knock on the door, a creaking sound came from the sudden slow opening of the door.

                “Oh shit.” Joe uttered.

                “Hello!?” Barry called out.

There was no answer.

                “Maybe we shouldn’t go in here Barry. This could be a trap.”

                “Like you said, what happened today was no coincidence. We need answers.”

The two slowly stepped into the house. With every step came a creaking noise from the weak wooden flooring. They turned to the side to a room whose door was opened. It was a very messy room just like the house. The two saw the back of a man’s head who sat in a chair as he typed away on a keyboard. In front of him were many computer monitors hooked up together.

                “Come in. I won’t bite,” The man laughed.

Barry and Joe looked at each.

                “You won’t need that knife you brought with you.”

The two stepped into the room. There were papers all over the floor and desks. The man finally turned around in his chair and stood up. The front half of his hair was gone. He had white hair that stuck out as if he had comb it. He had big eye balls which made it creepier since he didn’t blink a lot. He was around 6’1 which was around 1 inch taller than Barry.

                “So who are you?” Joe asked.

The man looked at Joe in disgust.

                “Who the fuck are you?”

The man looked at Barry.

                “I sent the letter to you, not this ass-clown.”

Joe intervened.

                “Hey, if this is about what happened at the school, then I am part of this.”

The man rolled his eyes.

                “You said we both see the same things. What are you talking about?” Barry asked.

The man smiled.

                “We all know what’s going on. The girls at the school. I saw it all.”

                “You saw everything?” Joe asked.

                “Of course, my computers allow me to tap into many cameras in the city. I saw the shooting, and I saw what’s been happening at the gym at night.”

                “How long has it been going on?” Barry asked.

                “Oh, quiet some time.”

                “Do you know what’s controlling the girls, and why?” Joe wondered.

                “Yes, the ball of light that you see isn’t really a ball of light. To the ones who it doesn’t take control of, it’s a ball of light. To the ones that it controls who right now are the girls at your school who are in the senior class, it’s something else. It’s some kind of demonic being that takes the presence of a woman, but it doesn’t like look like any woman. She wears a black dress. Her hair is a raging fire. She has 4 red small oval crystals implanted on her forehead in a v shape. Her eyes are completely black. On her cheeks are purple veins that go down to her mouth which is always dripping with blood. She has a soft, but dark voice.  She has telepathic and telekinetic powers which she uses to control the girls. At 12 am every school night, she takes control of them to feed off of their fears; that’s how she keeps her powers and becomes stronger. When the girls go back home, they don’t remember anything as they are not under the being’s direct control. Nevertheless her influence still lives on with them. How they act, dress, and think are all controlled by the being. The being goes by the name of Empusa.

                “How do you know all of this? Who are you?” Barry asked.

                “My name is Emmitt Schreiber. I know all of this because I use to work for Empusa.”

                “Are you serious?”

                “Empusa came to me 20 years ago when I was the president of a children’s hospital. She told me everything about her, how her powers work. She never told me where she came from, but she told me that she needed my help. She threaten that she would kill my wife and daughter, if I didn’t help her. At the time, she wasn’t as strong as she is now, so all she could do was implant thoughts into people’s heads. So she gave children nightmares, and the parents would send them to my hospital. There I would give them to Empusa. Since she was close enough to the children, she was able to put them under her direct control. By doing so, she was able to feed off of their fears from their nightmares, it made her stronger. I saw what she was doing, and I tried to stop her, but she killed my wife and daughter. After that I never saw her again. For the next 20 years, I tracked Empusa down, and eventually it lead me to this city, where she is now doing the same thing to the girls at your school.  She has been doing this all across the country, and I don’t think she’s going to stop here. Once her power is strong enough, she’ll be able to control everyone all the time. She is only able to control just females, and it’s only for a short while.”

                “Why did you call us here?” Barry questioned.

                “I am getting old, and I cannot fight her. When I saw you two go the gym last night, and what you two did at the school today, I thought maybe I can use you two to kill her.”

                “And how are we supposed to kill her?” Joe asked.

                “Empusa told me a lot about herself, so I studied her, and I came up with ways to take her down. I came up with a toxin that will take away her powers completely, and make her weak. Without her powers, you two can kill her. Also, I created googles that will stop you from being controlled by her, and you will also being able to see her in her actual form.”

                “You want us to go to the gym tonight to fight her?” Barry questioned.


The man handed the boys 2 syringes and 2 googles. The googles were black. When the boys turned around, they saw the ball of light. They gasped.

                “Oh, no, this can’t be real.” Barry uttered.

The boys placed on their googles. They couldn’t believe their eyes. It was Empusa, and she looked exactly how Emmitt described her.

                “Thanks for bringing them to me, Emmitt,” Empusa smiled.

The two looked back at Emmitt.

                “You betrayed us?” Barry asked.

                “I had no other choice.”

Suddenly, Barry and Joe felt their body taken control of as they were lifted off of their feet and levitated in the air. Empusa had used her powers to hold the boys’ bodies in the air.

                “Now with you two gone, there won’t be any interruptions in my plans,” Empusa scorned.

Barry and Joe felt pressure on their throats as it tighten. They couldn’t breathe. Suddenly Empusa screamed as Barry and Joe dropped to the ground from the release of force from Empusa. They felt air going back into their lungs. Empusa turned to the side where Emmitt had injected the syringe into her back.

                “You dare double cross me!?”

                “You killed my wife and daughter. There’s no way, I would let you win again.”

                “Then you’ll be joining them.”

Empusa let out a force from her hand which sent Emmitt crashing to the wall. She took out the syringe and threw it on the ground. She dropped to her knees as she continued to groan in pain. Empusa let out a huge yell as she released all of her power. The entire structure of the house exploded from the force. The house no longer shielded the 4 as only the grass from the barn surrounded them.

                “You’re going to die now!” Empusa scorned.

She used her powers to lift Emmitt off of his feet. As Emmitt was having the life sucked out of him, Barry struggled to get to his feet. Joe stayed on the ground.

                “Barry, the syringe has her powers. Use it to fight her. Your powers will be gone once she is killed,” Emmitt uttered.

After those words, Emmitt’s neck was snapped as his head went completely to one side. His body dropped. Empusa turned her attention over to the two boys. Barry quickly injected himself in the inner forearm with the syringe. His eyes turned completely black.

                “No!” Empusa yelled.

As Empusa walked over to Barry, he let out a huge force which completely shredded her to pieces. She completely vanished. Barry’s eyes went back to normal as Joe got back to his feet.

                “Is she dead?” Joe asked.

                “I think so.”

                “What about Emmitt? If it wasn’t for him, we would have died.”

                “He’s with his family now.”

The next day, Barry was getting dressed in a black tuxedo. His mom entered into his room.

                “Have a great time, out there.”

                “I will mom, and I decided that I won’t let the college separate me and Shyanne. Our love is stronger than that.”

Barry’s mother smiled.

                “I love you, Barry.”

                “I love you too.”

She left the room. Barry put on his shoes and began to walk out of his room. Before he left, he turned around at a bible on his bed. He stared at it.

                “Nah, I can’t do it,” Barry laughed.

Barry exited his room. Moments after he closed his door, a force had circled around the bible causing it to rise.

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