Over the years, we have seen so many versions of Bruce Wayne’s parents’ murder. From Batman 1989, Batman Begins, the animated series, and Dawn of Justice. All though they all have the same result which is the Wayne’s murder, there is a significance of their death specifically in Dawn of Justice that isn’t present in other versions.

What’s being refereed to is how in  the beginning of Dawn of Justice, we see Thomas Wayne swing at the robber which led to his and his wife’s death. That is something we haven’t seen in other versions of the Wayne’s death where Thomas Wayne tries to attack the robber. In Batman 1989, the parents get shot on the spot, and in Batman Begins, Martha freaked out, and Thomas tried to step in. However in Dawn of Justice Thomas acted.

Although Thomas acting doesn’t seem like a huge deal seeing ow it resulted in his death, it’s important to know what makes it unique. To understand this we must go back to Batman Begins during the scene where Ra’s al Ghul trained Bruce Wayne.

In the scene, Ra’s talks about the will to act. Bruce said the robber had a gun in reference to how there was nothing his parents could do to stop the attack. Ra’s replied by saying ” Anger does not change the fact that your father failed to act.” Ra’s wasn’t saying that the  father could have stopped the robber, all he was saying was that the father could have done something to at least try to stop the robber. As Ra’s put it, “the will to act.”

Now that’s important because back to the Wayne’s death, in other adaptations, we don’t see the Wayne’s acting; they’re more just the victims in the situation. However in Dawn of Justice, all though they still get killed, Thomas swings at the robber, and when that fails, Martha pushes the robber. Both of the Wayne’s acted. They had the will to act.


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