Ridley Scot has made numerous movies. His most famous ones Alien and Blade Runner. When looking at the Alien and Blade Runner movies it is significant to see the connection between the movies: Alien: Covenant, Blade Runner, and Blade Runner 2049. All 3 movies share 2 common tropes.

The first trope is an eye. All 3 movies start with an opening shot of an eye. In both Blade Runner movies the eyes are an important part. The Blade Runners use test that scan people’s eyes to see if they’re human or a replicant. Roy Batty goes to an eyes shop where he plays with the eyes. He kills Tyrell by gauging into his eyes. In his Tears in the Rain speech, he talks about what he has seen. Then in Blade Runner 2049, Wallace is blind, which is a big part of his character.  For the Blade Runner movies, it can be shown that the eyes represent a part of humanity just like it’s used to reveal if someone is a human or not during the tests.

For Alien Covenant, although there is just a brief focus on the eye in the beginning, it can be used as a theme for humanity as well. This is the case especially since the eye shown in the beginning was that of the robot David, who although is a robot has shown human behaviors just like the replicants in Blade Runner.

The 2nd trope in all 3 movies is the kiss of death. In many movies featuring the mob, a kiss can be a sign of that death is to come such as in Godfather 2 and True Romance. In Blade Runner, Roy Batty kisses Tyrell right before he kisses him. In Blade Runner 2049, Luv kisses K right after she stabs him which causing him to later succumb to his wounds.

While the eye represents humanity and life, the kiss represents death as people usually die after an abrupt kiss in the movies. Although small devices used in Ridley Scott’s movies, it is amazing how he takes small things, and turn them into something greater.