Good movies are like colors. They are great independently, mixed together, they can be better, but mixed too much, and it’s a disaster. Not all crossovers end up like Avengers. Many turn out to be Alien v Predator, Freddy vs Jason, and yes Batman v Superman. However, it is nice once and while to drop our expectations and just indulge in the mindless action and fandom given to us by many movie crossovers. That is why here are 5 stupid but awesome movie crossover ideas that would fit that bill

1. Terminator vs It

A change in the timeline has happened! John Connor, the savior of the human race, finds himself on the receiving end of a Terminator’s grip, and what’s worse, he’s only 12. That’s right, the Terminator has successfully traveled back in time and murdered both John Connor and his mom.

Oddly enough, the soldiers in the future see that nothing has changed. They realize all this time, their savior was just a fake prophet. John Connor wasn’t the key to survival someone else is, well some people are. The resistance has trace those people to a group of kids in Derry, Maine in the 80’s. Sounds familiar? Well the resistance sends a Terminator back in time to protect those kids who are the Loser’s Club. Without Skynet’s Terminator being sent back, it seems like an easy job for the good Terminator. However it’s reveal why Skynet didn’t send one back, they didn’t need to. The creature It will do Skynet’s job and kill the Loser’s Club. And to make matters worse, by traveling back in time, the timeline has been change, making It more  powerful, even more than the  Terminator.Now the Terminator must protect the future of the human race, the Loser’s Club, from an all powerful It!

2. X-23 vs. Freddy

After Laura and the rest of the kid mutants escape from Alkali-Transigen and following Logan’s heroic (but painful death), another threat awaits the children. As they try to get on with their lives, they keep on having nightmare of a clawed man in their dreams. This looks familiar. Maybe it’s just dead ole daddy visiting me. No Laura, this isn’t the same friendly claw wielding man you’re familiar with. It’s Freddy Kruger! And he has come to take the lives of the very last mutants, believing it will give him eternal life (it’s a cheap crossover, it’s not suppose to make sense, just suspend your belief!). Now the mutants must team up together once again, to fight off Freddy. But it won’t be as simple as killing a bunch of men with guns. Nope because Freddy comes for them in their dreams where they can be killed. Using their mutant abilities and teamwork they have to escape Freddy.

3. Star Trek and Fast & Furious

After he lost in Fate of the Furious, Cipher has made another plan. She has gone back in time to ally herself with Adolf Hitler (because she has blonde hair of course), to take over the world. Seeing how this will cause a major problem for all timelines, Captain Kirk and Spock are sent to retrieve Dom’s team and fight against Cipher and the Nazi’s. But it won’t be as easy as they think, because these Nazi’s have developed weapons that are superior to that of the heroes. With the fate of the past, present, and future on the line, will our heroes prevail in Star Trek: Fate of the Future.