In today’s time, comic book movies come out in the masses each year. Their success have brought great attention to comic books such as Marvel and DC. With the exception of DC which mainly sucks bad, comic book movies are very big now. With that being said, there are some comic books that many people may not have heard of that should have their own movies. Here they are.


5. Terminator/RoboCop: Kill Human

This is a crossover comic book featuring Robocop and the Terminator. It takes place in a future where most of humanity is wiped out, so Robocop goes back in time to prevent it’s extinction. Instead he is caught in between the time when Sarah and John are trying to blow up Cyberdyne. This puts Robocop in the cross path with the Terminator. An ultimate battle between 2 iconic robots: the greatest cop vs the greatest killing machine. This deserves its own movie.


4. Batman and Judge Dredd

In this comic, Batman and Judge Dredd fight and also team up. A combination of those things featuring two of comic books most darkest heroes would make for a good movie.


3. Batman vs Predator

This is the ultimate battle between Batman and the Predator.


2. Judge Dredd vs Predator vs Alien

If you thought Alien vs Predator was a good crossover then wait until you see this. Judge Dredd has taken on both Alien and Predator on separate occasions in comic books, but a triple threat between all 3 is most surely set to blow the roof off as a movie.


1.  Justice League/Avengers

A crossover between Marvel and DC seems like a fan fiction but in fact it has happened numerous times in comic books. One of the times features the Justice League teaming up with the Avengers. With the success of the Avengers’ movies, the popularity of the DCEU movies despite how much they suck, and how the MCU is coming to the end of their phase, it would be a good way to cape off the end of the decade and begin the new one along with a new phase if there was a crossover between the two. We live in a time where crossovers are happening more often, so why not this one?