After 14 years, Incredbiles 2 has finally arrived. The sequel as it shows, is as good as the 1st one which is always a good thing for a sequel. Now with Incredbiles 2 out, some may wonder what’s next? Will we have to wait another 14 years for a 3rd one, or will there even be a 3rd one? In today’s world where so much money is made from franchises, and seeing how Disney whether it’s with their own movies, Pixar, Star Wars, or Marvel; always makes the most out of their movies, it’s hard to imagine a 3rd Incredbiles movie not happening. If or when an Incredibles 3 comes out, this is how it can go, all in my opinion.

I first off what to say that I believe it would be best to have a 3rd movie come out in 2024, that way it can be exactly 20 years since the 1st one. To add on to that, it should also take place between 15-20 years from the 2nd one where Dash and Violet are in their late 20’s to early 30’s, Jack Jack is in high school, and Bob and Helen are like in their late 50’s or early 60’s. Also since the first one focused more on Mr. Incredbiles and then towards the end Elastigirl having to save  him, and the 2nd one focused more on Elastigirl with the kids having to save their parents, it would be nice to have the 3rd one focusing more on all 3 children. From there this is how to do an Incredibles 3.

Supers vs. Supers

With the last two Incredibles, we see how the conflict consisted of human vs supers. In the movies, a human villain basically wanted to get rid of the supers. Along with that, there was social commentary about if it was necessary to have the supers around. This kind of issue and conflict has been found in many super hero movies such as X-Men, Superman, and Avengers. I believe now it would be best to up it. An Incredibles 3 would be a perfect chance to change the conflict into one more intricate which would be supers vs supers. It wouldn’t be good supers vs bad supers although having a villain who has super powers can be interesting as well. But to keep it most interesting, I believe it should be where both sides of supers are good, but now they are fighting over an ideal on how things should go.

We’ve seen this in Captain America Civil War, Batman v Superman, and many more where there wasn’t a necessary evil out-front, but rather both sides believing their way is the right way. I don’t know what the specifics of the fundamental idea that the supers would be fighting over, but I think it would make for a good conflict.

We could have it where Mr. Incredbile and Elastigirl are in charge of a team of super heroes kind of like the Avengers and Justice League in which Violet and Dash are part of, while Jack Jack is told he has to wait until he is older which he objects to. And then when the issue is brought up that splits the team, they end up being split. The family stays together along with some of the other supers on the team, while the other supers splits away. Maybe Frozone is on the other side along with the some of the supers from the 2nd movie.

Of course just like Civil War and BvS there was a human who was manipulating the conflict, so that would be the case in this situation. The resolution happens when the supers find out they been manipulated, come together and stop the human and resolve the entire conflict. From there, Violet and Dash have proven to be leaders and Mr. Incredible and Elstigirl retire, giving the leadership role to the kids, finally establishing their characters as main “stars.” Of course Jack Jack will get more shine as his role could be similar to that of a Peter Parker character.

Father vs Son

This idea I believe is more dramatic and mature, but would still fit in for the PG audience. It would still take place in the future, and there would still be a team of supers. The difference is that in the beginning both Bob and Helen are retired while Violet and Dash lead the team of the supers. The team of supers are constantly at conflict with another group of supers who believe in taking the law in their own hands. This other group of supers are more of the antiheroes that we are use to. They believe in brutal justice, so really hurting the criminals, and sometimes killing (this can be mentioned or shown off screen to keep it PG). This contrast with the regular team of supers with Violet and Dash who believe in the old fashion way of crime fighting that their parents’ generation had.

The breaking point comes when Jack Jack who has been at odds with his father over believing in the old way finally joins the antihero group of supers. Shocked, Bob and Helen get out of retirement, and join the supers with Violet and Dash  get back Jack Jack, but also prevent the conflict between the two groups from spilling out into an all out war.

The resolution could come by Bob fighting the leader of the other group, and just when he is about to die, Jack Jack saves him thus bringing him back to their side. Then the supers defeat the other group of supers. Another way could still be to add in that human element who benefits from the conflict, so rather than just simply defeating the other group of supers, the supers unite and defeat the human. Both cases are pretty similar, although the first one takes out the human element to emphasis on the supers conflict, but to make things be full circle, a human element who benefits would still be interesting. The story would still focus on the kids, while this one adds more on Jack Jack as well.


In conclusion, which ever way Pixar goes with an Incredibles 3 if they do I believe since it would be the 3rd one, it should be more than just good vs bad. Supers vs Supers over an ideal in society whether who’s on whose side, would make for a great story, and a sound way to end off the franchise.


P.S. The third one can also open up for spinoffs such as on the kids, or other supers.