Walking alone at night, a boy encounters strange things.

“Hey, I’m kind of lost right now,” Chris stated, looking around as he walked down the neighborhood street.

“You said you’re on Summersville, correct?” Sarah assumed through the phone. “When you get to the end, you’re going to turn right, and then keep walking until you see the house with the Red PT Cruiser.”

“Thanks for the guide, Google,” Chris joked.

Sarah’s giggles went through the phone.

“The door will be unlock,” Sarah revealed. “I’ll be in the shower, so just come on in, and make yourself feel at home.”

A grin stretched across Chris’ face. He moved the phone away from his ear, and pumped his fist up and down.

“Hello?” Sarah asked.

“Yeah Sarah. I’m here,” Chris spoke, putting the phone back to his ear. “I’ll see you then.”

As soon as he hung up, he started smiling even more. He checked a dating app on his phone where it showed a picture of a girl with the name Sarah below it. His grin increased, as he ogled the picture.

“Yes!” Chris yelled as he jumped up.

Chris strutted down the quiet sidewalk as the moonlight and several street lights lit up his path. As he kept walking, he spotted a man walking towards him on the same sidewalk. Chris stopped his steps for a brief moment, to catch a look at the oncoming man. The man wore jeans and a hoody, and was looking down, covering his face. Nevertheless, Chris kept walking on. As the two got closer, the man looked up, revealing the scar on his face, briefly startling Chris.

“Hey excuse me?” the man opened up. “Can you tell me what time it is?”

“Yeah,” Chris hesitantly responded, as he eyed the man up and down.

“I know right?” the man chuckled, taking note of Chris’ caution behavior. “Late at night, and some guy with a scar approaches you on the sidewalk. My phone died, and I’m just trying to get home.”

“It’s all good,” Chris announced taking his phone out. “It’s 8:15pm.”

“I better get home before my wife flips,” the man chuckled. “Well thank you and have a goodnight.”

“You too.”

Chris nodded his head as the man kept on walking. As the man walked, Chris turned his head, until the man was out of view. From there he carried on down the street.

When he got to the corner of the street, Chris halted in a freeze as his eyes came across the sight in front of him. Facing him under the broken light a few feet from him stood the man from before. The man was just standing there, facing towards Chris. The darkness blocked out the man’s face so all Chris could see was his figure, but he knew it was him by the exact attire. Chris squinted at the man, trying to figure out what was going on, as he felt his heart tightening.

“Aye are you lost?” Chris uttered.

The man didn’t respond, causing Chris to gulp.

“Hey man, you aright?” Chris asked louder.

Suddenly a kitchen knife dropped down from the man’s sleeve. Chris eyes widened and his heart jumped as he took a few steps back. The man dashed at Chris holding the knife in the air.

“Oh my god!” Chris yelled as he kept backing up.

Chris finally turned around and ran in the opposite direction. Running, he could still hear the man’s footsteps behind him, now getting closer. As Chris ran down the sidewalk, he couldn’t hear the footsteps anymore as his breathing drowned out all the sounds. After a few moments, Chris turned around where he saw nothing expect the parked cars and houses. In a swivel, he turned his head completely around to check his surroundings, expecting the man to pop up at any moment, but he saw nothing. He finally bent over, trying to catch his breath as he breathed heavily with sweat coming down his face. The panic was still in his heart. He sped walk back where he ran from, this time in the street, constantly looking around.

Chris arrived to a 2 story residential house with a red PT Cruiser, causing a small sense of relief. He opened the door to see the nicely organized living room filled with leather furniture and a new tv.

“Chris is that you?” Sarah called out from the upstairs as Chris heard water running up there.

“Yeah, it’s me,” Chris responded back, wiping the sweat from his face.

“You sound like you’re worried. Is something wrong?”

“Just some crazy guy, playing a prank on me, I’m fine,” Chris giggled, pretending to minimize his situation as he wandered to the couch, still breathing heavily.

“Oh that’s odd,” Sarah claimed in a disturbed tone. Her tone went back to its welcoming manner. “Well, you can watch the tv while I’m getting ready.”

Chris plopped down on the couch, staring at the television for a while. Finally his heart beat was going back to normal, feeling he was safe, so he grabbed the remote and turned on the television.

Slumped on the chair, Chris flipped through channels as nothing peaked his interest. On the bright side, he had forgotten about the crazy ordeal he had encountered, not sure what the hell it had been. Nevertheless, he felt relieved, knowing he could now focus on the great night ahead of him.

As he continued to flip through the channels with no interest, a look of recognition came across his face. He flipped back to a channel. Now he sat up properly from the couch as his eyes became focused on the news reporter on the screen.

“Authorities have said that James Walker has escaped from Delta Prison, and may be in the area,” the news reporter reported.

The headline below read Murderer on the Loose. Chris eyes flared up at the picture shown to the side of the news reporter. There he was, the man from the street in a mugshot shown on the television. Chris trembled at the sighting, not paying attention to anymore words the reporter said. Suddenly a loud knock came from the door, causing Chris to turn his head to it in a swift. The knock came again, even louder. It continued in short secessions as Chris turned off the tv. With his eyes staring at the door, he slowly got to his feet.

“Sarah, do you want me to get that?” Chris called out.

Sarah didn’t respond. Chris crept up towards the door, heart pounding as the knocks continued. He was face to face with the door, still in a tremble. In a quick motion, Chris unlocked the door, and swung it opened, ready for what was to come. In front of him, he saw the quiet empty street. He looked to the sides and saw nobody. The tension inside him settled down and he let out a sigh. He closed the door and turned around where he jumped in fright, letting out a scream.

“Oh my god! Are you alright?” Sarah questioned, backing up from Chris’ scream.

“You scared me,” Chris gasped, hand over his chest.

“Sorry.” Sarah then smiled. “Well it is October. You ready to go out.”

“Yeah,” Chris replied, smiling.  “It’s going to be a fun-.”

Suddenly footsteps came from the upstairs, causing Chris to shift his attention.

“Is there someone else here?” Chris questioned, timidly.

“Oh yeah I forgot to tell you!” Sarah exclaimed in an unusual excitement that weirded Chris out.

She rushed to the bottom of the stairs as the footsteps were getting closer to the bottom.

“I’d like you to meet my uncle Jimmy!” Sarah thrilled. “He came in on a surprise visit.”

The footsteps stopped as a man jumped down from the last stairs. Chris froze at the sight of the man, seeing his jeans, hoody, and the face scar. The man grinned at Chris.

“It’s so nice to meet you Chris,” the man greeted with an eager grin as Sarah locked the door behind them. “Sarah has told me so much about you.”

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