A boy embarks on a journey to reunite a lost teddy bear with its owner. 


Earbuds plugged in, listening to ambient music, Jimmy sat at the bus stop as the warm spring wind breezed into his face. When the bus arrived, he picked up his backpack and Algebra book and stepped on.  He smiled at the bus driver, as he inserted his money into the machine. When he sat down in the middle of the bus, he stared out at the window as the bus moved. His eyes watched many things from doves flying in the sky, to kids playing in a park; everything was so peaceful with the music playing.

Taking his eyes off of the sights for a brief moment, Jimmy caught the eyes of a little girl staring back at him from her seat. Besides her was her mother who was facing forward with earphones in, not pay attention to her daughter. The daughter kept her stare at Jimmy, hiding the rest of her body behind the seat as she peaked at him with a curious interest.

Jimmy didn’t pay much attention to her, sending his eyes back to the window. With his focus on the widow, he couldn’t help but put them back on the girl, to see if she was still staring. When he glanced back, there her small innocent eyes were again, staring back at him like a curious cat.

They shared gazes for a brief moment before Jimmy smiled at her. The girl didn’t move, as she kept staring. Jimmy stuck his tongue out, and he made a funny face, smiling with it. The girl finally moved her face up a little to reveal her entire face as she starting smile back at Jimmy, now he was getting somewhere.

The girl started giggling as David kept doing his weird faces and the mother wasn’t alerted by it. David switched it up, making all kinds of the faces, increasing the little girl’s appeasement. Throughout the bus ride, David continued to make faces to the girl’s amusement. It came to an end at this particular bus stop when the mother got up, holding the girl’s arm. A look of sadness came across the girl’s face, seeing the fun was over as if she wanted more. Nevertheless, she and David shared one last smile before she got off. With that, David put his earphones back in, and gazed out at the window.

When his stop came, he headed to the front, but halted when he saw what was left in the girl’s seat. A brown teddy bear was in the seat. He stared into the black eyes of it, figuring out what to do. He grabbed it, and stormed out of the bus.

He went back to the stop the girl had gotten off at, walking several minutes to do so. Once he was there, he began his search, but it was like finding a needle in a haystack. He went through the nearby neighborhoods, knocking on doors, asking them about the girl who owned the teddy bear. Even with his extensive search that took hours into dark, he had no luck. Nobody knew the girl or the teddy bear. The cause was lost.

Trudging into his room, Jimmy placed the teddy bear on his dresser. He then plopped down onto his bear as his sullen eyes gazed at the bear. He was exhausted as he let out a huge breath of air. A woman walked into the room, hair in rollers.

“Where did you get that from?” she asked, pointing to the teddy bear.

“It belongs to a little girl on the bus who forgot it. I tried finding her, but I never did,” Jimmy muttered, staring at the teddy bear.

“You can always donate it,” she offered.

“I suppose, I’ll just keep it, until I ever ran into the girl again. Well if,” Jimmy sighed.

“Good luck with that.”

The woman left as Jimmy gloomed at the teddy bear, and a storm of defeat rained upon him.


The bell rang, and the little kids headed out the door as Ms. Hurd sat at her desk grading papers. Looking up, she spotted something that caught her interest. One of her students, was holding a teddy bear. A look of recognition came across her face.

“Samantha,” Ms. Hurd called out, “can you come over here?”

Samantha ran over to Ms. Hurd with glee, showing her imperfect smile.

“Yes, Ms. Hurd?”

“Where did you get that teddy bear from?”

“My father gave it to me a few years back,” Samantha revealed, squeezing the teddy bear with care. “I’ve been taking it with me almost everywhere.”

“Do you know where he got it?” Ms. Hurd asked, focusing on the teddy bear.

“He never told me, but I know he had it for a long time like since he was a kid.”

Ms. Hurd kept her focus on the teddy bear.

“Is everything alright?” Samantha asked..

Ms. Hurd didn’t respond.

“Ms. Hurd?”

Ms. Hurd snapped out of her gaze, shifting back to Samantha. She smiled at Samantha.

“Yes, now go have fun at recess.”

“Okie dokie!” Samantha cheered.

Samantha skipped away as Ms. Hurd stayed in her chair, gazing at the ground in contemplation.


Entering into the empty classroom, a man held Samantha’s hand as she held onto her teddy bear. Ms. Hurd got up out of her seat.

“Mr. Smith,” Ms. Hurd greeted shaking his hand. “I’m glad you came.”

“Is everything alright?” Mr. Smith wondered. “When you told me it was about Samantha but nothing school related, it kind of had me worried.

“Oh I assure you everything is fine,” Ms. Hurd assured with a smile, putting her hands up briefly. “It’s just that I noticed the teddy bear of hers. She told me you gave it to her.”

“That’s correct. She loves animals,” Mr. Smith chuckled.

“I can tell. I was wondering do you remember where you got it?  She told me you had it since you were little.”

Mr. Smith’s eyes motioned towards the ceiling, where he tried to remember.

“I found it on a bus,” Mr. Smith revealed causing Ms. Hurd to gasp as her eyes widened. “It was some girl-.”

“You were making funny faces to her,” Ms. Hurd finished off as she gazed at the wall.

Mr. Smith brought his attention back on Ms. Hurd, surprised.

“Yeah,” Mr. Smith declared, “how did you know?”

The two stared at each other without any word until a look of discovery came across Mr. Smith face as his eyes flared.

“That was your daughter, wasn’t it?” Mr. Smith gasped.

“No, that was me.”

Mr. Smith backed up a few steps, taking in the revelation. His eyes glanced around the room, trying to concentrate. Samantha looked up at her father as she tugged on his shirt.

“Dad, what’s the matter?” Samantha asked, in absolute curiosity.

“Samantha,” Mr. Smith stated, looking at her in worry. “I’m going to need you to give that teddy bear to Ms. Hurd.”

“What, why?” Samantha questioned.

“Because it’s hers.”

“Mr. Smith,” Ms. Hurd stepped in. “You don’t have to-.”

“It’s fine,” Mr. Smith caught her off. “It’s what I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.”

Samantha looked up at the two as her eyes became watery.

“It’s alright,” Mr. Smith claimed. “I’ll get you another one.”

Samantha slowly moved her arms with the teddy bear towards Ms. Smith. In a confusion, Ms. Smith took it, seeming to not know what to do.

“It’s fine,” Mr. Smith spoke to Ms. Hurd. “You deserve it.” He tuned to Samantha who had tears running down her face. “Let’s go, Samantha. I’ll get you another one.”

He grabbed her hand, and they walked off as Samantha looked back at Ms. Smith with dejected eyes. Ms. Smith looked back at her in concern as she saw the innocence in her eyes being taken away. With the teddy bear in her hands, she stared at it.

“Wait,” Ms. Hurd called out causing the two to stop.

She gave the teddy bear a good inspection as she held it tight in her hands and caressed its body. She started waking over to the two. She extend the teddy bear back to Samantha.

“Here. It’s always yours.”

Samantha smiled as she accepted the teddy bear. She hugged it tightly as Ms. Hurd turned to Mr. Smith.

“Thank you.”

Mr. Smith smiled back at her before him and his daughter walked out together.