A woman’s Uber ride for the night takes a shocking turn. 

As the moon shined bright, two woman walked out of the bar. One of the woman stumbled on her way out, holding onto her companion’s arm.

“Woah, you’re going to fall,” the woman holding the other one up called out.

“I’m fine,” Rachel muttered. “I just need to find my car.”

“You had too much to drink.” Megan took out her phone. “Let me call you an Uber.”

“Fine,” Megan sighed, as she sat down on the sidewalk.

After a few minutes a grey 2018 Honda pulled up with a man with glasses driving in the front. Megan helped Rachel to her feet.

“Alright, here it is,” Megan revealed as she guided Rachel to the back of the car.

“Aren’t you coming with me?” Rachel questioned, looking around dazed.

“No, but you’ll be fine.”

Megan helped Rachel into the back of the car. Once she was finished, Megan approached passenger’s window.

“I already put in her address. She’s kind of drunk, just for you to know,” Rachel informed.

“Don’t worry,” the driver stated enthused with a grin. “I can handle it.”

Megan turned towards Rachel.

“You be safe now. I’ll call you later to make sure you’re home,” Megan discussed.

“Yeah, whatever,” Rachel uttered and laid her head back, seeming to relax.

The car took off. As the driver drove smoothly down the busy downtown streets, he glanced in the mirror at the Rachel.

“So, what was the occasion for being out tonight?” the driver asked.

“None of your business,” Rachel sighed.

Suddenly Rachel’s phone rang. She saw it was Megan calling.

“Hello,” Rachel answered.

“Where are you?” Megan questioned, seeming to be in distress.

“I’m still in the car, why?”

“Your Uber driver just pulled up. The man in the car is not the real driver!” Megan screamed.

Rachel didn’t respond as she shifted her eyes towards the man, now in a tremble.

“Did you hear me?” Megan continued, “Get out of the car now!”

The call abruptly ended. When Rachel looked at the phone, it said Signal Lost. The car continued through the street.

“Don’t worry,” the Uber driver insisted, still grinning as Rachel looked at him worried. “Everything is going to be alright.”

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