A boy waits for lunch at school.


The bell rung. Students flooded out of their classrooms, swinging the doors opens. They flooded to the food stands, rushing to get there as they knocked each other down, cut in front of one another, and threwa few elbows to the ribcages.

Now with lines stretching across the court yards, the students waited anxiously to get up to the front.

“Hey you cut in front of me,” a skinny boy with buck teeth claimed to the boy in front of him.

A boy turned around. He was taller and more built than the skinny kid as his shoulders were wide.

“No I didn’t,” the bigger boy replied, before turning back around.

“Yes you did!” the skinny boy yelled, shoving the boy.

The bigger boy spun around and shoved the boy back, sending him into a group of girl’s behind him.

“Watch it!” one of the girl’s exclaimed.

The skinny boy bounced back with a shove, to no prevail as the bigger boy didn’t move, but became enraged. Angered, the bigger boy gave a haymaker to the skinny’s boy’s jaw, sending him to the ground. The skinny boy spat out blood, leaving some dripping from his crooked teeth. On the ground he glared at the bigger boy, and jumped to his feet as the bigger boy stood there as if he wanted some more.

In a flash, the skinny boy two pieced the brute with two quick jabs to the nose, sending him back a few steps. In retaliation, the bigger boy swung out of control, but the skinny boy ducked, and followed up with an uppercut, and a right hook combo, that left the bigger boy stunned, staggering on his feet.

Now people in the line cheered as they watched the fight, circling around the two competitors. When the skinny boy swung again, the bigger one swatted it down, and bear hugged the boy. He lifted the boy off his feet, and squeezed his grip, sucking the life out of the skinny boy. The skinny boy’s face turned red as the pressure cranked up. The bigger boy body slammed the skinny boy onto the ground, smacking the skinny’s boy’s head on the concrete, which sent the crowd in a louder uproar.

On top of him, the bigger boy began to wail on the skinny boy’s face, causing a few people in the crowd to jump up in down as if they were at a parade. Blood sprouted out of the skinny’s boy’s mouth and nose as the bigger one continued to maul his face. The skinny boy was defenseless to the onslaught as he tried to put his arms up, but it was no use. Finally two fat security guards rushed to the scene and pulled the bigger boy off the skinny one. Now they were separated as they security guards grabbed the boys and took them away.

As the crowd focused back to the lunch line, David had watched the circus from a table nearby where he sat alone with his books out. He had watched the scene with calm eyes and a still face, without a muscle moving. He finally went back to his book where he read. 30 minutes had past, and the line was finally short with only a few people present. David put his book in his backpack, and with it, he walked intothe line. A few minutes later he was at the front.

“What can I get you?” the lunch lady asked.

David smiled. When he got his food, he went back to the empty table where he ate peacefully.