If you consider yourself an author, congratulations. You want to write fiction and share those stories with many people. Hopefully one day, millions will now your name and work, and your books are turned into movies. With so many authors, we all have our own ways towards success. There are strategies which work for some, but may not work for others. Nevertheless there are a few things that all authors should be doing to help themselves as authors.

Have A Website 

This may seem obvious, but a person would be surprise by the amount of authors on social media who don’t have their own website. It is very important to have one no matter what your plan is. Even if you are planning on just writing a book, and submitting it to an editor or publisher, you need to have your own website before hand. People need to have something they can go back to in order to see your work. Not only is this important, but you should also want to keep the website updated and post regularly on it. This is why it’s best to have a blog section of your website. By doing this, you are able to establish yourself with people.

Have A Youtube Channel

Youtube isn’t just for Youtubers who post vlogs or funny videos. Although many authors don’t do this or may not know this, having a Youtube channel can really boost the presence of your work. You don’t have to do things totally outside of writing or out of your field such as book reviews, or vlogs. However, using Youtube works because it attracts people who sometimes prefer watching over reading. One thing you can fill your Youtube channel with is audio recordings of your works. This is beneficial if you have a book release coming soon, you can then give out snippets of your chapters on your channel. If you do this, don’t forget to also promote your other works at the end of the video, in the description, and comments below.

Submit to Magazines 

I put this last because this is partly determined by others than yourself. However it doesn’t hurt to submit your work to places other than your own. If accepted, you gain a bigger audience which will boost what you are already doing. One important thing to know when submitting to magazines is don’t put your entire trust in them or get your hopes too high. Rejection can happen, and regardless of the outcome still do what you are doing with your work.


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