If you decided to go with traditional publishing and want to get an agent, then you have taken a massive step in getting your work published as the outcomes if you get one can be amazing. However we all know the struggle in getting agents from constantly querying to constant rejections. Although it may seem frustrating and demoralizing, never give up as there are ways you can secure an agent and a deal. These are ways that go beyond the obvious querying techniques, and seeing what each agent specifically wants.

Build Relationships

Getting an agent is more than just about content and your pitch contrary to what many people focus on. It wouldn’t hurt to have a relationship with the people you’re querying to as they are more likely to help those who they are familiar with. For example if you ask a random person for $100 dollars, you most likely will get turned down. But if you asked your friend, you have a greater chance in getting it since you know them. The same thing goes for querying to agents and publishers. You should want to have a good relationship with them before you even pitch to them, that way they are familiar with you. Follow them on social media even if they don’t’ follow back, like and comment on their post, and just stay engaging with them. Don’t annoy them or seem desperate as they will see right through it, but the point is to be genuine, and show that you are interested in them.

Build Up Your Own Brand

If you’re expecting the agent or publisher to be your meal ticket and put you on, you’re doing it wrong. In any kind of business world, no one is just going to make someone rich and famous especially if they don’t know them.  If you come to an agent without a fan base and expecting for them to build it, you will have a hard time getting a deal as oppose to having content and things to show. That is why you have to build up your own audience before you query to an agent. By doing this, it makes you more valuable, and gives you more bargaining power. It happens all the time where famous people who are new to writing get all kinds of publishing deals, that is because they are famous and have a fan base. Of course you don’t have to be world wide famous, but the point is to build your resume. You do this by building email list, website subscribers, always posting, things that let more people know about you.

Go Around The Agent

Yes, you are querying to the agents, but that isn’t the only way. Just like how you would build relationships with the agent, do the same with the authors they represent, so follow them on social media and interact with them. By doing this and seeming genuine, the author who is represented by the agent you want, is familiar with you. This can lead to a closer relationship with the agent, if they see their author and you having a connection.



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