When attendants at an election party start to be killed one by one, they race to stay alive before it’s too late.

“Thanks for coming,” Jessica thanked to me.

“Like I had a choice,” I sighed.S

We got out of the car, and I took a moment to scope out the house. Nice contempory house surrounded by a field of grass. It had it’s own space, being secluded from other houses.

“You always have a choice, Sam,” she teased as she gave me a playful shove. “I didn’t want to go through this by myself. I’m kind of nervous seeing that we never done something like this before.”

“The whole thing is pointless,” I argued, shaking my head.

“Just be kind,” Jessica pled, tugging on my arm.

I looked into her eyes, and gave her a smile. I didn’t want to disappoint her. I rang the doorbell. I heard music playing inside, but I couldn’t make it out. Through the glass pane in the doors, I could see a male walking up. The door opened, and a smiling man stood in front of us.

“Jessica!” the man greeted. “I’m glad you can came!”

The two exchanged hugs. I gave a brief look at the moon, to shed the awkwardness of just standing there. Finally the man noticed me.

“You must be Sam?” he got right. “Jessica told me she was bringing someone.”

He stuck his hand out. Deep down, I wanted to walk past him and get on with the endless night, but no point in being rude to the host, so I stuck my hand out, and let it be shook.

“That’s correct,” I briefly smiled.

“My name is Philip,” he revealed. “Let me take you in, everyone’s already here.”

He let us pass by him first, and then he got in the front to be our guide. He offered us something to drink, but we both declined for the time being. Red and blue balloons filled the house, being hung on the wall.

“I met Jessica before, and she’s already been informed about how this goes down, but I’m sure you have a lot of questions about this event,” Philip assumed.

Not really, I thought. I opened my mouth, but was tongue tied, trying to figure out the appropriate response. Before I could even think of something, he cut me off.

“You’ll have all your questions answered when you meet everyone,” he finished.

We walked through the hallway, and finally arrived to the living room where 3 people were sitting on the couches in front of a television. They had drinks in their hands, seeming calm making small talk with each other.

“Everyone!” Philip called out, getting the people in the room to look at us. “I’d like you all to meet Jessica and Sam.

They waved at us, and we waved back. The worst part I hated about ever going to gatherings, is the introductions. You have to pretend you care about each person’s life inside 5 seconds before you can settle down and get what you came for.

“This is Ryan,” Philp pointed to a man in a tight white shirt, with huge muscles on his arm and a beer in his hand.

“Wassup,” Ryan nodded to us before turning around and taking another drink.

“This is Evie,” Ryan pointed to a woman.

She waved at us cheerfully.

“And this is David,” he pointed to a man with glasses and a phone in his hand.

“Oh hi,” David greeted, getting up to shake our hands.

I gave David another look as I felt a sense of familiarity with him.

“You look familiar, have we met before?” I asked him.

“NTVC News. I’m a reporter,” he revealed with confidence.

“That’s where I remember you from. I see you all the time.”

He smiled, kind of blushing at the fact that someone recognized him. We sat down as Philip stood in the middle of the living room with all of us facing him.

“This may be new to all of you, but do not feel alone,” Philip presented in a professional manner as if he was at some big tech event, or just use to giving speeches. “There are many across the country in the same exact situation you are all in right now. With complete strangers who may share different ideas and values than them.

Nevertheless, make no mistake that is why we at Prime Tech, have created this experience for you. To bring people from all different backgrounds together to show that in times of great division, this country can be united.”

We were all silent as our attention was kept on Philip. The silence was broken by a clap coming from Ryan who clapped in a mocking way.

“Bravo, Dr. King,” Ryan sarcastically stated. “Let’s get on with it.”

A few of us chuckled

“Of course,” Philip agreed chuckling as well. “It’s getting time for it to start. Before we do I’d like all of you to place your phones in that container as instructed in the papers you all signed.”

“What?” I muttered, looking across the room as everyone took out their phones without a problem.

They put their phones in a plastic container on the table. I looked at Jessica for explanation. She caught my confused look, and chuckled.

“Oh yeah that’s right it was in the paper we signed.”

“I didn’t signed any paper. Why do we have to give up our phones?” I asked.

“It’s to make the experience more authentic without any interruptions, to see how people truly interact with each other under these circumstances,” Philip intervened still in presentation mode.

“That’s ridiculous. People always have their phones on them. Besides, what if there’s an emergency?” I argued.

“Don’t worry,” Philip assured, smiling. He took out his phone. “I’ll still have my phone on me just in case. And when it’s all over you can have it back.”

I pondered at the container for a moment as everyone looked at me like I had ruined the party. I didn’t care about if I was being ‘that’ guy, but I figured at the end of the day it was no big problem. I got up and surrender my phone.

“Great,” Philip stated seeming relieved that I didn’t make a bigger fuss.

He took the container. He walked over to a safe in the corner, put in a combination, and it opened.

“Don’t you think that’s a little bit too much?” I asked.

“I’m just following the procedure,” he responded.

“I would say at least we’re all getting paid for this, but you were invited,” Ryan mentioned. “You could always split it with Jessica.”

I looked at Jessica and she shrugged.

“Yeah,” I smirked.

Philip came back.

“Let’s this wonderful night begin,” he announced.

Philip turned on the television screen, showing two reporters in the newsroom. It was prime time as the headline below read Election Night in America.

“If you are just tuning in, then we would like to welcome you to election night here in America.”

The screen to the side of the news reporter showed pictures of two candidates. Warren Burt and Jeannette Paulson, two of the worst candidates I have ever seen. It’s a shame, out of all the choices, and this is the best America can do.

An hour and a half had past, not a whole lot had changed. Burt was leading Paulson 17-3 in electoral votes. We had all changed our positons: getting up to get some drinks, making small talk with each other again; there wasn’t much we could do expect for just watch.

“It’s still early, she can win this,” Evie muttered to herself.

“This is great,” Ryan stated with smugness, taking notice of Evie’s comment. “I can’t wait to see all the libtards’ heads roll when Burt wins.”

“You seem more concerned about making others mad than actually what’s good for this country,” Evie retorted in a defensive manner.

“Burt is what’s good for this country. Besides pissing libtards and the fake news media off, he stands for Christian values, local businesses, and the 2nd amendment. It’s about time we have a real American be president.”

“What you mean is a real asshole. And all those things you just mentioned that he likes to run on, are things Jeannette and many others are in support of. They just don’t brag about it as if they are so special. I can’t believe people actually voted for him.”

“Because he speaks what’s on his mind? That’s what makes him the perfect candidate.”

“Just because he speaks his mind does not make what he says true. It just means he doesn’t care what others think,” Jessica intervened.

“Oh I suppose you want Jeannette to win just like all the libtards, right?” Ryan assumed.

“Actually, I voted Green,” Jessica laughed. “And I know how that looks. People think it’s impossible for the Green Party to win. I don’t care because I was not going to choose between these two.”

“At least you won’t be upset when Jeannette loses,” Ryan chuckled, he turned his attention back to Evie. “Since we’re at it, tell me something. Besides the fact that you don’t like Burt, why you like Jeannette so much?”

“As a woman it’s nice to see someone stand up for equality for all people, that’s for one,” Evie explained. “You can tell she actually cares about people other than those at the top. She really wants to help people, and besides, she has a lot of experience in politics, way more than Burt.”

“Well see,” Ryan sighed.

Philip came back into the living room with a plate of finger foods. Ryan grabbed a few before Philip could place the plate on the table.

“Sam,” Philip began. “What do you make of all of this?”

“I can see everyone is passionate about their country,” I chuckled, trying to hide my lack of interest.

“No I mean about the election, and what’s going on in this country,” Philip explained, sitting down near me.

Now everyone was looking at me like I had the answer to the Holy Grail. There was a brief moment of silence as I looked at everyone as they waited. I thought.

“Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me who wins,” I revealed.

A few what’s came from Ryan and Evie.

“You have to have somebody,” David called out from the corner of the room, being one of the few times he actually talked.

“You don’t think the election is important?” Philip guessed.

Now I felt the pressure being brought on as everyone increased their focus on me, not taking it off. At this point it didn’t matter. The spotlight was on me, so I might as well speak my mind.

“I just think it’s pointless to vote because nothing ever changes,” I explained. “Regardless of who wins, people will still have their same old problems. No politician is going to change what we go through every day on an individual basis. People put so much faith and trust in politicians who they believe will make their lives great, when in reality we have more control over our lives than some suit, and only we can make our lives better for ourselves.”

The room was silent after that as everyone looked at me like I had spoken some foreign language. Even Jessica looked at me in surprised, but Philip kept his smile as if he was amused and proud.

“That is quiet and interesting ideology you have,” Philip admired.

He didn’t say anything after that. He knew there was no point in convincing me otherwise. Jessica leaned closer to me.

“Babe, I think you offended him,” she whispered jokingly.

“I don’t care,” I whispered back and she laughed.

I went to the kitchen to grab a water bottle, and that was when I came across David in the kitchen as well. We were out of ear shot of everyone else in the living room as they continued to watch the election.

“Aye don’t worry about being the outcast,” David spoke grabbing a beer. “You’re not the only one.”

“I doubt that. Everyone believes they have to pick a side like they’re picking colleges. It’s not that serious.”

“No I believe you. I’m an independent, but I try not to get caught too much in politics. It’s always god to have some balance, but never be so hardcore.”

“And that’s the problem, most people are extreme in one way or the other. That’s why I don’t like it.”

“Well at least whoever wins, you won’t feel bad about it. I on the other hand, am going to have to deal with the dread of the election regardless of who wins.

“Because you’re an independent?”

“No because I’m a reporter. They’re going to have me going across town finding people who are happy about the results, but also angry. It’s a pain.”

We began walking back to the living room with a growing kinship.

“At least you’ll have your own account from all of this. You get it first hand, and what are the odds that they’d invite a reporter to one of these events?”

“Sometimes I wonder if I was lucky, or unlucky,” he joked.

We both laughed as we made it back to the living room.

“Hey Phil,” Ryan called out shaking the empty bottle in his hand. “You got any different kind of beer.”

“This isn’t a bar,” Evie retorted.

“It’s fine,” Philip laughed. “I think I have some in my car I forgot to take out. Let me go check.”

Philip exited the house. On the screen, the state of California filled with blue as Jeannette Paulson’s image came over it.

“And with that, Jeannette Paulson takes California giving her a lead,” the news reporter revealed.

“Yes!” Evie jumped up. “She’s coming back!”

“Oh please,” Ryan laughed. “Of course she was going to win California. This state is a libtard infested hell hole.”

“Would you stop with the libtard?” Evie ordered irritated. “Its libtard this, and libtard that with you. Do you not know any other word?”

“Yeah, I do libtard,” Ryan muttered with a smirk.

“How about you-,” Evie began, raising her voice.

“Hey easy everyone,” Jessica interrupted. “Let’s all relax.

Evie laid back in the couch, settling down.

“Passionate aren’t there,” David joked, breaking the silence.

Suddenly the lights turned off along with the power, cutting off the television.

“What the hell?” Ryan barked. “This guy can’t afford the light bill or something?”

Out of nowhere Evie screamed. I shifted my head to her, and I saw she was looking out the window towards the lawn. We all looked there, and then it hit all of us. On the lawn Philip was being brutally stabbed by two masked individuals dress in all black wearing black ski masks. We all gasped, being in disbelief at the sight as we ran towards the window.

“Oh my god we have to do something!” David ordered.

“Call the police!” Jessica screamed.

I reached for my phone in my pocket, but then I remembered they were in the safe.

“Our phones are in the safe,” I muttered to myself.

I instantly ran over to the landline but it was dead, from the power being cut off.

“The power outage knocked out the phones. They must’ve did it,” I explained.

“Damn it!” Ryan barked.

Now the two goons stopped stabbing Philip. They surrounded him, allowing him to crawl away as if they were taunting him. Being bloody with dark blood coming out of his mouth with a face turning pale, Philp faintly reached out towards the window. Desperation showed in his eyes as he looked like he expected us to help.

“Are we just going to stand here?” Ryan yelled. “There’s 5 of us, and only 2 of them. I say we got out there and beat the hell out of them!”

“No!” Evie pled backing away from the window.

“Sam, David, you with me?” Ryan asked.

We looked at each other and nodded.

“No you can’t go out there,” Jessica instructed, grabbing my arm as I tried to move towards the door.

“If I don’t, he’s going to die.”

She let go and before I could move any further, I stopped. One of the mask men, had a strap around his shoulder, and he moved it to reveal a cross bow in his hand.

“What he is he doing?” Evie asked.

He loaded it up and aimed it at us.

“He’s taunting us. They want us to watch,” David suggested.

Ryan kicked the wall, growing angry. As the man with the cross bow kept his aim at us, his pal got behind Philip who kept crawling. He put his hand around his chin, exposing Philip’s neck. With his knife, he slit Philip’s throat, driving the knife deep into the flesh. We were in awed as it happened, but the maniac didn’t stop there. He kept cutting, around Philips’ neck, until he severed his head completely off of his body.

“Oh my god,” Jessica gasped.

I could hear the sadness in her voice as Evie was in complete terror, shaking and crying. The man held up Philip’s decapitated head and threw it at the window, startling us to move back a little.

“What do they want?” Evie questioned as if we knew.

“I don’t know and I’m not trying to find out, we have to get out of here,” I brought up.

“But how?” Evie cried further. “We have no phones, the nearest house is miles from here, and we’re surrounded by them.”

“We can go out the back,” Jessica suggested.

“Then they’ll just go around the house and meet us there,” David countered.

I stood there thinking about it, trying to make out a way it could work, then my mind lit up.

“One of us could stay, that way at least one of them has to stay as well,” I suggested.

We all looked at each other, in agreement, but trying to find out who was going to be the one.

“Evie,” Ryan blurted out.

“No!” Evie screamed.

“Ryan what the hell is wrong with you?” I snapped.

“What? The men need to stick together. We’re the strongest, so it can’t be any of us,” he defended himself with no shame.

“You’re such an asshole,” I scorned.

“Fuck you man, how about your girlfriend then,” he insulted, pushing me back.

I shoved him back, and before anything else could happen David got in between us.

“Can we all just calm down? This isn’t the time,” David asserted.

Ryan and I glared at each other for a few seconds, before cooling down.

“Fuck it, I’ll stay since you all want to be a bunch of pussies,” Ryan sighed.

“Fine, let’s go,” I responded.

We took off running to the back towards the backyard. David sped in front of me taking the lead. As we moved, the power outage came across my mind, trying to figure out how they had managed to cut it off and be in front of the house so quickly. It didn’t seem right.

“Aye slow, down, David,” I stated.

“Don’t you want to get out of here?” he asked rhetorically.

I brushed his comment off, still thinking.

“The fuse box isn’t in the front of the house is it?” I asked.

“No, it’s either on the side or in the back, why?” Jessica wondered.

I was trying to pin point my thoughts, but the state of panic I was in, kept blocking it out. It all went away when we got to the backyard door.

“We made it, Ryan! Come on!” David called out.

“Alright!” he called back.

“Hurry!” Jessica yelled.

David opened the back yard door, and Ryan came to us. David stepped into the backyard, and everyone followed, beginning to run.  Suddenly my thought process came back to me, and the realization came across me as David took off first.

“Wait!” I called out.

It was too late, an arrow struck him right in the head, sending him to the ground where his blood poured out.

“Oh shit!” Ryan screamed.

Jessica tried to check up on his body, but I grabbed her.

“He’s dead, forget it!” I argued, pulling her back.

We ran back into the house, shutting the door. From the shadows came two figures dressed the same as the other ones, both of them had cross bows.

“How did they get around the house so fast?” Evie questioned, getting more scared.

“It’s not them,” I stated. “They don’t have blood on them.”

“That can’t be right,” Ryan argued.

We ran to the front where the two men were still at, just staring at us through the window, as they had Philip’s blood on them.

“Fuck, we’re surrounded by 4 of them! This is great!” Ryan complained.

“This is all your fault,” Evie muttered.

“My fault?” Ryan asked.

“If you wouldn’t have asked for that damn beer, Philip would still be alive and we could have used his phone!” Evie screamed. “I swear all you conservatives care about is your beer and guns.”

“You’re one to talk. You haven’t offered any solutions so far, all you do is bitch and moan! You libtards are such a bunch of pansies. And speaking of guns, maybe if we had a one we would be able to fight back!” Ryan shouted back.

They got into each other’s faces shouting at each other, now it was my turn to get in between them.

“Guys, this is no time for politics!” I yelled, quieting them. “We have to focus.”

“You know what?” Ryan asked, briefly smiling. “Fuck this. I don’t need to hang out with you libtards, and get killed like the other two. I’m finding me own way.”

He started to walk away, but I grabbed him.

“Oh what are you going to do by yourself?” I brought up.

As soon as he turned around he shoved me back, but I felt something behind my leg as it happened, and I tripped, and fell, hitting my head on the table.

“Sam!” Jessica screamed.

I could see their faces above me, but it was growing darker as their voices grew fainter, then everything became black.

“Sam,” Jessica repeated in a much clearer voice to me.

I woke up, covering my head. When I looked at my head I saw a small amount of blood. Jessica was beside me.

“What happened?” I asked, groggily.

“That asshole Ryan pushed you and you tripped over his bottle,” she revealed.

I looked around and notice it was just the two of us.

“Where is Ryan and Evie?”

“Ryan thought it was best to go alone so he’s somewhere in the house, trying to find a great escape. And Evie freaked out, and hid.”

I jumped up.

“We have to go find them. Where are the masked men?” I asked.

“They’re still on the lawn,” she pointed out.

I looked and they were there, once again just staring at us, through their masks.

“Have you checked the back for the other two?” I asked.

“No, I was here with you.”

I took off running towards the back yard. Jessica tried her best to keep up.

“Sam wait!” she called out, but I kept moving.

When I got to the backyard, I stopped, and Jessica halted as well.

“Shit,” I muttered.

The backyard door was opened, and the other 2 mask men were gone. Just David’s corpse laid there. I turned to Jessica and put my hands on her arms, looking her dead in the eyes.

“We have to find Ryan and Evie,” I whispered.

We tiptoed in the house, as I kept Jessica close by me. As we moved throughout the house, I constantly looked in all directions, eyes not staying on one place for more than a few seconds. We continued down the hallway. Being surrounded by doors, which at any moment could pop open with the crazed fiends, was heart wrenching. I had to increase my guard now as my head was shifting completely back and forth. I opened each door slowly, peaking my head into it whispering Ryan and Evie’s name, but I found no one. Wherever they were, I just hoped we didn’t run into the masked men first, or they got to Ryan and Evie before we did.

When we got to the 3rd door, and opened it, that was when we found Evie.

“Evie,” I whispered, stepping into what looked like one of the bedrooms.

She was all bawled up in the corner in the fetal positon as she rocked back and forth, crying.

“I can’t do this,” she said to herself, looking at the ground with a desolated look, ignoring us.

“Evie,” I whispered again, as we got closer to her.

Jessica went over to Evie, where she put her hand around her and looked at her, like I had done with Jessica.

“Evie we have to get out of here,” Jessica told.

“No, I just want to stay here. Help will come,” she lied as she forced an unsettling smile.

“No they won’t, not if we don’t get it, and we can’t do so when we’re here,” Jessica reminded. “We’re getting out of here.”

Jessica tried to pull up Evie.

“No,” Evie screamed, pushing off Jessica. Evie jumped to her feet and sped walked over to the other end of the room by the closest. “I’m not going anywhere!”

“Evie you have to-,” I began, but stopped when I saw who was behind her. “Evie behind you!”

“What?” she questioned, turning around.

As soon as she turned around, she was met with a knife driving down her chest. She cried as the masked man stabbed into her heart. He took it out and ran towards us. Jessica and I took off running out the room. As soon as we got out, I slammed the door in the man’s face. He kept on ramming against it as we held our backs again it. Jessica spotted a chair nearby. She grabbed it, and placed it under the knob. We moved off the door and the man kept hitting against it, until he realize it was no use and stopped.

“Fuck you!” we heard Ryan scream from another room.

We ran towards the room and when we got there, the sight was unbelievable. Ryan was on top of the masked man, wailing on him. The man tried his best to defend off Ryan, gripping his throat, but Ryan pushed his hands off. The struggle was useless as Ryan fully mounted the man. There was a bowling ball nearby, and Ryan picked it up. As he brought it down, the mask man’s eyes lit up and he gasped, seeing his last few seconds. Ryan smashed the bowling ball on the man’s face. It was enough to stop the fight from the man as he was dazed, but still moving, weakly. Ryan didn’t stop there, he repeatedly hammered in the man’s face with the ball, with each hit creating a gushy sound from the man’s face being brutalized.

“You thought you could kill me?” Ryan asked, still smashing. “Well fuck you!”

We were in shock, not knowing how to stop it, as we constantly looked behind us to see if anyone was coming.

“Ryan come on, we have to go,” I asserted.

It didn’t matter, Ryan kept hitting. The man’s body convoluted in a seizure, but Ryan smiled at it, being enriched. If I could see the man’s face behind the mask, it would be completely caved in as his blood spilled from underneath it. Nothing could stop Ryan as he breathed heavily, battering the corpse’s face. He was becoming crazed just like them, and for a moment I couldn’t tell who was crazier, but at the time it was necessary. Ryan finally stopped. He dropped the ball, and got up.

“Ryan let’s go!” I ordered.

He looked at my confused.

“You two are still here?” he asked, then he walked past us. “I could handle myself.”

We made it back out into the living room where the two masked men in the front were gone.

“It must be my night,” Ryan joked. “I’m getting the fuck outta here now.”

He ran towards the door, but I reached out after him.

“No wait! We don’t know if they’re gone or not!” I called out, but he had already made it to the door.

He turned around giving us a sinister smile as he tried to catch his breath.

“You libtards are a bunch of pussies, see ya!”

With that, he skedaddled out the door, keeping the door opened. We watched as he got into his car and tried to start it up. Each time he would twist the key, the engine would make its noise, but wouldn’t turn on completely.

“Fuck, what’s going on!” he yelled as he kept trying to start the car up.

He finally got back out of his car, to check up on the engine. He inspected it.

“Shit!” he yelled, slamming down the hood. He ran over to another car and checked on the engine. Once he was done he slammed it down. He faced us from the street.

“They cut the engines!” he called out.

Suddenly he dropped to the ground, screaming. We looked, and saw an arrow in his leg.

“Oh no,” I gasped.

I took off running, but then I saw the masked men coming from the dark behind Ryan. The one with the cross bow fired at me, but it missed me. He reloaded, and I had no other choice, so I ran back into the house, and shut the door just as he fired again. The arrow stuck into the door. We ran to the window to look out. That’s where we saw the men surrounding Ryan and he looked up at them, like a wounded animal. We couldn’t hear anything, but we didn’t have to. We could see Ryan screaming as the men just looked at him, toying with their prey, finding it amusing he was in pain. He yelled something at them, and the one with the arrow fired one through his eye, coming out the other end of his skull. He was dead after that.

One of the masked men took out a pair of keys, and dangled them in front of us.

“Those are Philip’s,” I spoke. “They had them this whole time, and they were just playing with us.”

They started walking towards the door. My heart jumped.

“Move!” I yelled.

We ran away from the door, just trying to find the first place to hide. On instinct, I ran towards the basement which Jessica followed me to. I didn’t know if it would be locked, and I didn’t care. I barged right through, almost falling down the stairs, but I caught myself. Jessica slammed the door once she made it in, and locked it, as if it would make a difference now that they had the keys.

We heard the footsteps above us, as they wandered through the house, moving fast. Soon we heard another door be opened, and the footsteps increased, now all 3 men were loose in the house. We heard them speaking, but it was inaudible as the words sounded muffled. Jessica and I shook as we remained quiet, not wanting to be heard.

“We can’t stay here for long,” Jessica brought up. “Eventually they’ll look down here. We have to do something.”

I looked around the basement, and suddenly stopped when I finally saw hope.

“Look,” I pointed to the samurai sword hung on the wall.

I went over to the wall and took the sword off as if it was some delicate object as I ogled at it. When I took the casing off, the metal shined.

“We got them now,” I smiled at Jessica.

Suddenly we heard footsteps coming towards the basement. Jessica turned off the lights and we ran to the corner just as the door opened. We watched as we saw a pair of legs walking down the steps, until they made it to the floor. The man turned on the lights, having his back turned towards us and that was the opening. As soon as he turned around, I met him, swinging the sword at his neck. He froze as he saw me. His life must’ve flashed before his eyes in that moment. The sword made a clean cut, severing his head, and sending it flying across the room where it hit the ground and rolled. From his body, blood spurted up from the wound, before the body collapsed.

We started walking towards the door, but then I stopped, and went towards the head.

“What are you doing?” Jessica asked me.

“I want to know who this person is.”

I took off the mask, and was surprised at what I discovered. The he was actually a she with short black hair. Her mouth and eyes were wide opened from shock, being the last face she had made. I had to admit, she did look kind of cute, minus missing a body.

Upstairs, we slowly opened the door, tiptoeing out the basement. When we got out we saw one of the masked men pacing back and forth, grunting to himself as he held the crossbow. The other one confronted him.

“I couldn’t find them,” the shorter one without the crossbow revealed.

“Shit they have to be here somewhere!” the taller one yelled.

They had their back turned towards us, as we moved in closer towards them. For some particular reason, the state of caution I had throughout most of the night vanished. In that very moment, I felt very lucky and bold.

“Hey!” I called out, getting their attention.

“Sam, what are you doing?” Jessica questioned in disbelief.

I swung my arm back, and with the hand that wasn’t carrying the katana, I tossed the head of the woman over to the men. It smacked the ground and rolled right in front of the one with the crossbow. The house was silent as none of us moved. I looked at the two, full of high confidence as Jessica looked at me as if I was crazy. The taller man stared at the head’s lifeless eyes for a few seconds. He then started to huff and puff, growing angry.

“You mother fucker!” he yelled. “That was my baby!”

“Well, you can still find some use with just her mouth,” I laughed.

He screamed as he aimed the crossbow at me. I started jogging in place.

“Come on, you want some?” I taunted him with my hands.

He fired at me, and I thought I was invincible and could dodge it, but my reflexes weren’t as good as my spirit. I moved my torso out the way, but was hit in the shoulder. The impact dropped me to the ground were now I was groaning in pain. Jessica ran to check up on me. The taller man turned to his pal who looked at him as if he was awaiting orders, not knowing what to do.

“Don’t just stand there! Kill them!” the taller man ordered.

The shorter one marched towards us with his knife drawn.

“Come on Sam, get up,” Jessica pled.

“He’s coming behind you!” I yelled.

In that moment, something I thought I’d never see happened. In all my years knowing Jessica, I never knew she could be capable of what she did. She grabbed the katana and did a complete ballerina spin just as the man was about to strike with the knife. The way she moved was beautiful as she faced me, completing the spin, but now the katana had blood on it, and the man was still, eyes shot open. The man trembled, and then his torso slid off of his legs, guts spilling out onto the floor.

We looked at each other, in astonishment, as we shared a moment of appreciation. She let out a brief happy gasped as she was surprised just as much as I was, but that moment was short lived as I noticed the taller man loading up.

“Look out!” I screamed.

Jessica turned around and ran at the man. His anger must’ve been causing him trouble with loading up as he was struggling to do so. Jessica took an athletic stride towards him, and now his focus was on her. He continued to struggle with the crossbow, filled with fear. Just as Jessica went to swing, he slapped her with the crossbow, throwing her to the ground.

I couldn’t take it anymore. Seeing my baby get hit, fueled me with a fury I never had before. I leaped up with a new found strength. I tore out the arrow from my shoulder completely, not feeling the pain. With the adrenaline rushing through my body, I charged at the man just as he was about to fire his loaded weapon at Jessica. Screaming like a maniac, I caught the attention of him, and when he aimed at me, I tackled him onto the ground.

On top of him, I released an onslaught of punches to his face. With each punch, blood came spurting out of his mouth as the impact of the punches kept knocking his head from left to right. Just as I was going to go for another one, he jammed his thumb into my wound in my shoulder. Now I felt it, howling endlessly.

As my mouth hung open from screaming, the man gave me a nasty haymaker across my jaw, sending me off of him. I was on the floor dazed from the brutal hit, struggling to get to my feet as now I found myself on my hands and knees. The man stood up, and kicked me in my ribs, dropping me to the floor again. I tried to get up, but he slammed his boot into my ribs once more. Each time I proceeded to get us, there he was, dropping me back down, until the final kick knocked me down completely. It was too much as I laid there on my back, coughing up blood. My ribs must’ve been broken. He stood over me, glaring into my eyes, and then he raised his boot over my head.

“Say goodnight, mother fucker!” he scorned.

As he brought his foot down, I caught it with my hand, and twisted it, creating a cracking noise and causing him to scream. He fell to the ground back facing me. I instantly jumped on top of him, arms wrapped around his head in a chokehold. I didn’t have all my strength as the more I squeezed, the more it hurt my ribs, so I couldn’t wrap my arms around his throat fully. He was able to get to his knees with me behind him, trying to suffocate him.

He tried to get up from his knees, but I pressed my weight up against his back, holding him there. He picked up the crossbow nearby, and aimed it back, but he didn’t have a clear shot at me. Then he looked at Jessica who was starting to move on the ground. I knew what he had planned. He aimed the crossbow at her with one arm, while his other hand tried to push my face away. He struggled to keep his aim directly at her, as he could only use just one arm. Jessica finally saw this.

“Jessica,” I called out.

She saw the crossbow aimed at her.

“Sam!” she yelled in fear.

I saw the man start to squeeze the trigger, finger being tired. Fuck it, I thought. In that split second just as he was pulling, I removed my arm around his throat, and placed my hand under his chin. With all my strength, I twisted it as far back as I could, snapping his neck. His corpse dropped, and I fell back.

“It’s over Jessica,” I wheezed, holding my ribs. “We’ve won.”

Jessica came over to me, and we kissed. She then helped me to my feet.

“How are we going to call the police?” she asked.

I checked the dead guy’s pockets, and pulled out a phone. On the screen saver was a picture of the dead guy’s now deceased girlfriend butt naked. I smiled and dialed 911. I told them what had happened, the operator seemed confused for a moment, asking me the same questions about what had happened.

“Yes! That’s what I’m saying, there are bodies everywhere! Now just send some fucking cops over here!” I yelled.

There was a brief silence.

“Okay, sir. Units are on route now, but it may take a while since it is far out,” the female operator explained.


I hung up, and hugged Jessica.

“Who are these people?” Jessica asked.

“I don’t know. Police will probably identify them once they get here. Honestly I don’t care, they’re dead, and we’re not.”

“Yeah, but don’t you want to know why they did this?”

“Just some sickos looking for fun. You know how people be.”

“But to come all the way out here, cutting the lights, taking their time; this took some preparation. They had to know we would be here, and the only ones who knew where invited.”

I thought for a moment. Then I pulled up the call logs of the dead guy’s phone.

“I’ll just see who was the last person he called before this started,” I presented.

As I scrolled through the screen, I squinted upon revelation.

“What?” Jessica asked, taking notice.

“This guy called some number a few hours back, and had calls with the same number throughout the entire day.”

“Call it then,” she suggested.

I gulped, and called the number, not knowing whose voice I would come across, or what I would say if they picked up. Maybe I would be sincere and tell them their friend or whoever this man was to them was dead like I was supposed to be the bringer of bad news. I could go full bad cop, and demand answers right off the bat, but the person probably would just hang up thinking it was a prank call. Or I could just not say anything.

Finally the phone rang, and instantly we heard a ringing noise nearby. We looked at each other, in shock, and started going towards the noise. We tiptoed once again as if we were still being hunted, as the noise grew louder. We arrived to the back yard where the phone was coming from.

Entering into the backyard, we saw a glow come from David’s pockets where the phone was at. I took out the phone, and silenced it.

“That’s impossible, didn’t he put his phone in the safe?” Jessica asked.

“It’s a pay phone,” I revealed, taking notice of how simple it looked.

Jessica went over to David’s corpse as I had my back turned, searching through the phone.

“This doesn’t make any sense,” Jessica stated.

Going through the call logs, I found that it stopped a few days ago, and all the calls were to the same number. That’s when it hit me and my heart dropped.

“Jessica!” I screamed, turning around.

When I turned around, I froze at the gun pointed at me as David had his arm around Jessica’s throat. She was frightened. David grinned at me.

“I have to give you credit, Sam. You are a fucking bad ass!” David cheered.

I looked at the arrow near David’s feet, the one he had been hit with. Something was off about it.

“It’s plastic, Sam,” he revealed. “And you guys never had the time to check up on my body to see there was no blood.”

I looked into Jessica’s eyes, seeing the fear.

“Jessica,” I spoke softly. “Everything is going to-.”

“Oh would you cut that shit out?” David snapped.

He then started smiling again, bringing his jolly attitude back.

“So it was you?” I questioned, snapping me back to the disbelief I had. “But why?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” he asked, seeming to be offended at my question. “I’m a reporter, I have to report the news. But now with this election, nobody cares about real news anymore. They just want to hear opinions they agree with so they can stroke their dicks and finger their vaginas to like we’re some fucking talk show. There’s not a day that goes by, my producer makes us turn some angle into a rant. Shit we can’t even report about a mother giving birth without turning it political.”

“What does that have to do with anything?” I wondered.

“Can’t you see? I’m making the news. When the police comes, they’ll find me as the sole survivor. The media will run wild with the story, ‘Election Party Turns into a Bloodbath’. No wait a ‘massacre’.” He took a moment to laugh, being enthralled by his vision. He finally settled down. “Whatever spin they put on the story for their agenda doesn’t matter. Imagine the attention I will get when I report on my own survival story. I’ll be a celebrity after that. Interviews, magazines, book tours, hell I’ll even have my own movie I’ll star in. It’s going to be glorious.”

“We already called the police, and they heard our voices,” Jessica spoke fast. “If you kill us-.”

“Actually I got that covered,” he interrupted. “I’ll just tell them the killer or killers were still alive and killed you two. I’m going to have to improvise since I wasn’t planning for my crew to get murdered.”

“Who were they?” I asked.

“Oh them,” he stated in disappointment. “They were just few members of the production crew at some local news station. It’s amazing what people would fall for these days. I even told them they would be working for me when I get my own talk show. You know I’m going to get one right?”

He laughed some more. face facing the moon for a while, until he brought his face back down.

“Damn, you got me doing a monologue like I’m some evil genius,” he praised. His face turned serious along with his tone suddenly. “Oh well, at least you know now. Time to die.”

“Wait!” I yelled with my hands out just as he was about to pull the trigger.

I couldn’t believe it, he actually stopped his finger as if it would make a difference what I had to say.  I saw the curiosity on his face, and now my mind race for something to say to buy time.

“There’s just one problem with your plan,” I lied, now just improvising.


My eyes looked up, as I thought, and I was tongue tied. I didn’t know how long I would have before I heard the gunshot, and I’d be dead. With nothing else to say, and no way out, I just went with the obvious.

“This dick.”

Out of nowhere, Jessica swatted the gun out of David’s hand and the gun misfired into the ground.

“Sam, now!” Jessica yelled.

I sprinted towards David, who seeing me come at him, threw Jessica down. As soon as his arms where free of her, I came into close range of him. I went in for a tackle, but surprisingly, he moved fast and step out the way. When I came around to face him, I was met with two quick jabs to the face. I swung back, but he ducked, and followed up with an uppercut. He was moving with speed, strength, and precision as he bounced on his feet, knocking me around. With each punch I threw, he moved and hit back with a more powerful punch.

I started to feel woozy as my punches got sloppy to the point where I was just hitting the air and he didn’t have to move. Blood drippy out of my mouth and head ringing, I looked him in the eyes as he continued to bounce, taunting me. He smiled at me for a moment, and then I saw the mad look in his face. He cocked his fist back as far as he could, and when it came back, the punch rammed into my jaw, sending me to the ground. That was it, I didn’t give a fuck. I didn’t even wonder how a square ass reporter knew how to fight.  I had a long night, and I just wanted it to be over, so I didn’t bother to get back up.

He stepped closer to me, but suddenly stopped at the sound of the gun cocking. I turned and saw Jessica pointing the gun at him, trembling with fright as she did. For a moment he looked surprised, but then he smiled again. He was fearless, or at least good at pretending to be.

“Now what you think you’re gonna do with that gun huh?” he chuckled. “You ain’t gonna do-.”

Jessica fired, hitting him in the head. This time he dropped and stayed there. She dropped the gun and came over to me.

“Now, it’s over,” she assured with a smile.

She helped me up. I was a bloody mess. Between the hole in my shoulder and bruises on my face, I was glad the hell was over. She looked at the dead guy’s phone on the ground.

“We should probably check and see about the election,” she opined.

“Honestly, who gives a fuck?” I questioned.

She smiled at me, and I smiled back.

“Seeing how the police won’t be here for a while, we do have a lot of time to ourselves,” she implied, snickering.

I caught her drift, and my grin widen. I wrapped my hand around her waist and pulled her into me. We made out like animals and fell softly together onto the grass. As we got undressed, I spotted David next to us staring at us with a bullet hole in his head, and his eyes open. I titled his head to the other side, and brought my attention back to Jessica. From there, we embraced each other, giving the once horrific night a sweet end.

“I can’t believe the election ended that way,” Jessica claimed and took a sip of her coffee.

“I’m just glad I don’t have to hear about it. Maybe now things can go back to how they were,” I opined.

I looked out the café we were in, seeing people go about their normal lives. In the reflection of the mirror, I could see my bruises were starting to heal.

“I don’t think it ever will. We’re about to have a new president, and already things have been shaken up. People acting like they don’t have any sense, and now everyone is at each other’s throats,” she theorized.

“That’s always been going on. Now they just have a new asshole to put their blames on. It’s sad.”

“Look at you,” Jessica teased. “You’re starting to care now.”

“Hey don’t put that on me,” I giggled. “I’m just taking notice, that’s all.”

We laughed together. Then I felt a sharp feeling pierce through my back, into my spine, and then I felt nothing. Nothing but the cold surface of the ground on my face as I heard gun shots followed by people in the café screaming.

“Oh my god!” Jessica screamed. She moved towards me. “Sam-.”

A flurry of bullets lit her chest up and she fell next to me, where I saw her still eyes stare at me. Her blood poured out, surrounding my face as I couldn’t move.

“Jessica,” I groaned.

I saw some people hiding under tables. Then a voice spoke.

“That mother fucker ain’t my president!” the voice, male, yelled. I couldn’t see his face. “I’m taking my fucking country back!”

I heard more bullets being fired, this time there was no break as people screamed, and bullet shells dropped with the bodies.

Just like that, this was how I was going to go. Lying on the ground in my girlfriend’s blood because some asshole who probably didn’t vote, didn’t like the results of the election. I get shot by some guy I didn’t know, over someone else none of us knew, who was probably busy planning on what scam to pull over the people next.

And you know what the sad thing about it was? Not that I would be a statistic used in someone’s agenda. I could still feel myself voiding my bowels. All those people who say your life flashes before your eyes when you die are full of shit. You don’t see no light. Time doesn’t slow down for you, as holy music plays and some angel comes down to take you to heaven like it’s a movie. You just die lying in your own shit. How the fuck did this happen?

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