We all want to write a bestseller. We see ourselves selling millions of copies across the world, and being rich and famous from our writing. Usually those types of feats are associated with authors who already have an agent and publisher who see to it that their books are on the front shelves in bookstores. For many of us who don’t have a publisher, that can seem more than unlikely without one as we have to rely on ourselves to be the publisher.

Many times people fail at self publishing due to lack of awareness of their books, and they can never pick up an audience. However there are ways as publishing your book yourself, you can create a big enough audience that pushes your book closer to being a best seller. Remember not all best selling authors started with a deal. They had to write a couple books before they got their first deal, and by then their books were very popular on their own, and that can be you too.


Have an Email List 

When you first announce your book, you want to start building up a fan base before the release. Don’t make the mistake of just posting it on social media and expecting people to jump to it. However you want to go about it, you want to keep building your list, that way you are creating a fan base for your book, and by the time it’s released, you’ll have customers already lining up.

Ways to build up your email list is to ask family and friends, ask people on social media, join groups that share interest in the genre of your book and ask them; as long as you are seeking potential customers then your email list will grow.


Offer Free Copies

If you’re an unknown author for the most part, then people aren’t going to be so quick to check out your work if they know nothing about you. That is why it’s best to have social proof which backs up your work. Of course you can do this through shorter works of your’s, but in regrading your book, you can give out free copies or free chapters to people. If people like what you give out, they’ll be more incline to buy your book when it comes out, and it also creates a fan base for your work for they can spread the word.

A way to integrate this with your email list, is before the release date, so like a month, send out a newsletter telling people you are giving out free copies to the first 30 subscribers who reply back (it can be any number), as long as they leave an honest review on the book’s Amazon page when it comes out. Note, that depending on where you have your book on, will effect this, and Amazon’s guideline for posting reviews is that if the person didn’t buy the product they have to have an Amazon account.  So this may cause not everyone who got a free copy to post on Amazon. Nevertheless for those who do, this creates social proof for it gets you reviews, (hoping that people will love your book which I’m sure they will).


Keep Writing

Know that you may not blow up like how you wanted to by your first book. Regardless if someone has a publisher or not, it takes more than just one book many times, so the key is to not give up, and continue to write. A lot of people fail because they give up after not seeing the results they want instantly. Remember that it’s a marathon not a sprint. Build your fan base over time through genuine interactions with people and sharing, and in time you will see your work take off.


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