The country goes into a frenzy, looking for the suspect behind a series of deadly bombings.

A woman in a pantsuit was snorting coke on her desk when the door opened. She instantly wiped the stuff off her desk, throwing it to the floor.

“Senator, the mail came in,” a woman revealed with a package in her hand.

The woman in the pantsuit still had coke on her face.

“You have something on your face,” the other woman examined.

“Oh right!” the senator exclaimed, wiping the coke off.

The woman handed the senator the package.

“Thanks,” the senator said.

The other woman left, leaving the senator by herself in her office. She checked the package. She saw her name and spotted something funny about it. Each letter of her name was different like they all were ripped out of separate magazines.

“What the fuck?” the senator muttered to herself.

As soon as she opened the box, the room ignited in a ball of fire.

An old man sat in his living room watching anime porn when a man in a black suit with an ear bud entered into the room. He backed up a step, being surprised by what was showing on the screen which was an anime girl with huge tits being gang banged.

“What the fuck are you doing!?” the old man barked. “Can’t you see I’m trying to watch my porn?!”

“Oh, I’m sorry, sir,” the man stuttered, being embarrassed.

The old man paused the television screen, now more enraged.

“What do you want?” the old man asked, irritated.

“Something came in the mail today, sir.” the man informed walking over to the old man with a package. He kept glancing back at the tv screen, with a new found interest. “It’s from your granddaughter.”

The old man snatched the package. He scoped the ransom note typography of the package.

“Isn’t she like ten? Why the fuck does she still send me letters like this?” the old man questioned.

“Actually,” the man in the suit muttered, timidly. “She’s 8 sir.”

“Did I ask you?”

The man in the suit shut his mouth. The old man opened the package, and the package blew up, destroying the entire house.

“If you are just joining us at WWN in our DC headquarters, we have breaking news,” Hannah Brooks told. “Early this morning, an explosion occurred in the office of Senator Sarah Kelsey, Noir Tech CEO Anton Denver’s home, and at the WWN building in New York City, where 50 people have died.

It is reported that a package was sent to those locations before the explosion occurred. Now note that Senator Kelsey, Anton Denver, and all of us at WWN were all criticized by President Henshaw a few days prior on social media. This has all made many wonder if this is a mad supporter of the president going after opponents of his.”

President Henshaw was walking to his helicopter with two broads in skirts and double d’s while news reporters with their cameras yelled out questions.

“Mr. President!” they called out.

The president stopped. He took out a capsule and sprinkled some cocaine on one of his escorts’ tits. He dropped his face down in between and snorted it. When he took his face out he let out a huge sniff, as his face turned red.

“That’s the shit!” the president yelled.

He started bouncing up and down laughing as his eyes were blood shot red.

“Now what was your question?” he asked.

“What do you say about the recent bombings, especially since you attacked the news media and the other two? Do you think what you said was the cause of this?” one reporter from the group asked.

“Give me a second,” the president called out, pointing out his finger.

He took out another capsule and poured some more cocaine on the other woman’s breast.

“You might want to get this,” he claimed smiling at the camera.

He snorted the cocaine again.

“You want to know if I think it was my words that caused these bombings?” the president began. “I’ll tell you what this is all one big attack by the fake news media. They along with other democrats such as the senator and Anton have done nothing but attacked me. So why is it such a surprise that they get attacked back?”

“But that doesn’t answer the question,” the reporter begged. “Do you find your words responsible for this, maybe a supporter of yours did it because they are following what you said? Perhaps they’re going after people you say are the enemy.”

“All I’ll say is this, and then I’m going to have to go, because I got a meeting with the President of Korea, and he said he’s bringing strippers to piss on me,” the president explained. “It’s all the fake news media’s fault, and maybe I will turn up the heat with my words. LIGMA: let’s, impregnate, giant, moms, again. Thank you.”

The president clutched his hand around the two escorts, and marched off towards his helicopter.

“Thanks for joining us here in the Washington headquarters of WWN, where we are still getting updates of the 50 in counting dead from the explosion in our NY headquarters,” Hannah Brooks in the newsroom explained. “Joining us right now is Dale Sagan, former manager for President’s Henshaw election campaign, and Shannon Hill, former-.” The news reporter struggled to speak. Her face then lit up with enthusiasm. “Honestly, I don’t remember, all I know is we bring her on here every time to diss the president, so let’s get at it!”

On one side of the screen was a woman, and on the other was a man. They both smiled and nodded.

“So, Shannon, we’ll start with you. What do you make of the president’s response to if his words may have triggered these attacks?”

“It doesn’t surprise me,” Shannon begin. “It doesn’t surprise me at all that the dumbass in chief that America elected doesn’t fail to make himself look more of a dumbass. He claims that it was the media’s fault for these bombings because they attacked him? Well when you’re getting caught busting nuts inside 5 prostitutes in the oval office while you have a wife, then you’re going to get attacked! And then he has the audacity to say perhaps he will turn up the heat? That green face son of a bitch needs to own up to the fact that he caused this! He insulted the victims constantly on social media, and we know how much his base idolize him like he’s God. So it’s no surprise that some looney toon from that base would actually carry out his message.”

“And Dale?” Hannah asked robotically.

“This is nothing but classic leftist meltdown,” Dale laughed. “We don’t know what the intent behind these bombs were, but already the media and everyone is jumping on this idea that it was the president’s fault, as if the suspect is a supporter of his. I guess when bombs were sent to the president’s family, it was his fault too, huh?”

“You are so ignorant. You know that?” Shannon insulted. “What don’t you-.”

“Why don’t you suck my dick how about that?” Dale interrupted.

Shannon’s mouth dropped as Dale looked on serious. Hannah was biting her lip, trying hard not to laugh, being entertained..

“Did you just tell me to suck your-.”

“Suck my dick,” Dale repeated. “That’s what I said. Maybe if you sucked a dick, and got a few loads blown in your face you wouldn’t be so angry all the time. Damn how tight is your pussy by the way?”

“Oh hell no!” Shannon screamed.

After that they both just started yelling at each other as Hannah grinned, enthralled by the fiasco.

“And if you’re joining us now at Right Wing Media where we’re so bias we just tell you because you’re probably too stupid to realize,” Jim Davison greeted in the newsroom, “I would like to say-.”

He stopped at his words. His eyes looked up as he stood there thinking what to say. He turned to the side where his production crew was at, and another man in a suit was at, waving his hands in the air in confusion.

“What’s the problem?” the man in the suit whispered.

“I don’t know what to report on,” Jim responded. He faced the camera and sighed. “You know what honestly fuck it. The reason why we aren’t talking about the bombings because it doesn’t fit our agenda. Had it been a republican, or us that had been blown up, we would be running with the story like crazy talking about how the crazy left is trying to kill us. But since it looks like-.”

He stopped again, as the man in the suit at the side was holding a big white board up with the words conspiracy. A sudden realization came across Jim’s face.

“Actually, that was a joke,” Jim nervously laughed. “The truth is, that these bombings are hoaxes you all see. Some crazy liberal sent those bombs out to members of the left who were recently bashed by the president just to make him look bad. This just how how desperate the left have gotten to the point where now they’re eating their own. And now we’ll show you why White Genocide is real after this commercial break.”

“Cut!” the man in the suit yelled out.

Jim turned around, letting out a huge breath of relief as the man in the suit marched over to him.

“How did I do, Dom?” Jim asked nervously.

“Honestly you’re a fucking idiot,” Dom insulted. He then smiled. “But so are our viewers!”

The two men laughed.

Claire was bent over a table as she was on her computer. Her body was being pushed back and forth from the behind as she released a few grunts. She pressed the post button. Her tweet read This is something I wrote that needs to be heard, and below her tweet was the link to an article that said All White Heterosexual Men Need to Die. The post was instantly being retweeted and liked, as numerous comments below read Yeah we need to kill those fuckers! I hate them! You go girl! One comment at the bottom by an account without a profile picture read, that’s fucking racist, you cunt! Claire blocked the account, and then went back to the post where she smiled.

“Fucking idiots. Keep making me my money!” she cheered still getting out a few grunts.

Behind her was some white guy clapping her cheeks.

“How longer are you hear for?” Claire asked.

“Well you’re paying me by the hour, so 20 seconds,” the guy revealed.


Suddenly her phone rang. She put it on loudspeaker.

“Claire, get in my office now,” a male on the other end spoke.

“Can it wait?” Claire asked, taking a moment to moan. “I’m busy.”

“You can get dick another time. Now move!” the man yelled.

She hung up, and turned around.

“Get the fuck out!”

The man zipped up his pants, and Claire gave him a few 20 dollar bills. He ran out the room. Claire then tied up her blonde hair in a bun. She grabbed a black short hair wig and put it on her. On her arms she drew a fake tattoo that read NOT MY PRESIDENT, FUCK WHITE PEOPLE.

“So what do you want?” Claire asked her boss who sat behind his desk.

“I want people to get angry about this bomber. Get something trending that would tie him to the president.”

Clair pondered.

“How about?” Claire pondered. Then it clicked as she snapped her fingers. “Hashtag LIGMA Bomber!”

Her boss smiled.

“Perfect!” he exclaimed.

Claire skipped out the office on her phone tweeting: Let’s get something started. I’m calling it now, LIGMA Bomber. Within a few minutes, LIGMA Bomber was the top trend at 500k.

A swat van pulled up in front of a suburban home. A squad of police got out along with others from their cars. They stormed into the house, waking up a sleeping man on the couch.

“Police, you’re under arrest!” the police yelled as they had their guns drawn on him.

The man looked on in fright with his hands up. The police looked around the house where explosives were lying around everywhere.

“Thanks for joining us here at WWN,” Hannah reported. “Police are now saying they caught a possible suspect behind mailing the bombs that killed the Senator Kelsey, Anton Denver, and 50 at our New York City headquarters. His name is Terrell Lockett, a 22 year old man from Los Angeles. Police found out he may have been behind it when someone reported that he had been posting pictures of bombs on his social media, and bragging about how he was behind the bombings.  On his social media page he also posted comments threatening Democrats, and supporting the president. Police are still analyzing the bomb material found at his house to see if they match the ones in the explosions.”

Jim was in the office, speaking to Dom who was pacing back and forth, nervously.

“This is a mess!” Dom yelled. “Fuck, now they got proof that this guy was a Henshaw supporter. That’s not good for us.”

“They don’t know if it’s him or not. As of now, he’s just a suspect,” Jim presented calmly.

“Suspect my ass! They got him, and now everyone is going to blame the right for this guy. I swear sticking up for that ass clown in the office is costing us.”

“How about we just stick with the conspiracy theory. The guy is a patsy, by the democrats to make Henshaw look bad.”

“Enough with that conspiracy bullshit!” Dom screamed in Jim’s face who was now starting to get timid. “Only fucking idiots believe that.”

“Well, like you said, our viewers are idiots,” Jim muttered.

Dom sold cocked Jim, sending him crashing to the ground. He stood over Jim, breathing heavily as Jim looked up in surprised.

“You, hit me?” Jim questioned.

“Yeah I fucking did. You stupid son of a bitch.”

A woman came in.

“Sir-,” she began, but stopped when she saw what was happening.

“What?” Dom yelled.

“You have a package,” she revealed with a package in her hand.

Dom snatched it out of her hands. He started ripping it opened.

“What the fuck is this?”

As soon as he opened it, he and everyone in the office were incinerated with the explosion.

“More breaking news,” Hannah revealed. “Another explosion has occurred at the Right Wing News headquarters just down the street in New York City from our hq there. It’s reported that a package was sent there just before it happened. Also Diane Montez a prominent supporter for President Henshaw, and Darrien Brooks his former campaign advisor were killed today in their homes in an explosion. Now with people on both sides being attacked, it is unclear of the motives for these bombings if they’re connected, as well as if the cops have the real suspect.”

A fat shit of a man lying in his own shit, eating chips as his belly stuck out touching the ground in his shit hole of an apartment watched WWN on his television where Hannah was on. On the screen was Shannon and Dale as well, both arguing with each other.

“It doesn’t matter if Henshaw supporters were attacked, because we know that they are unpredictable. It could be another Henshaw supporter who decided to attack their own just so people wouldn’t think it was them,” Shannon explained.

“Please, that’s the dumbest theory I have ever heard. It’s obvious, it’s the ones on the left who are attacking the right and they’re own. They have a history of violence. Don’t forget who started the KKK,” Dale argued.

“What the fuck does that have to do with anything, you fucking moron?” Shannon asked in disgust.

The argument broke out, as they shouted over each other all while Hannah was cheering them both on.

“Ratings, you dumb mother fucker! Thank you for watching!” Hannah cheered while flipping off the camera, sticking her tongue out.

The fat man scratched his head, then suddenly the television screen switched to a man sitting in a chair in a poorly lit room. He had a hoody on, and due to the lack of light, his face was hidden in the darkness

“Hello, fellow Americans,” the man in the mask spoke with a modulated voice. It sounded deep. “These past few hours have been one hell of a blast for me. In case you are too stupid to realize, I am the real Ligma bomber, not some wanna be who’s desperate for attention and is sitting in an interrogation room. It’s me.

Now you’re probably wondering why I did it. You thought it was the right who did it, then you thought it was the left, then conspiracies, but all of that is wrong. My intentions are way beyond your typical mouth breeding fucktard way of thinking. My purpose is simple. I-.”

“Cameron what the fuck are you doing?” a lady with hair rollers questioned, entering into the room as she turned on the lights.

All of a sudden the man’s face was revealed with the lights on. He looked no older than 15. He was shocked as he was trembling.

“Mom! What are you doing?” he questioned, jumping up from his seat.

“What the fuck are you doing? I told you to clean up your room before you play games.”

“I’m not playing games. This is serious. Now they know who I am.”


His mother looked at the camera on his laptop. She went over there to inspect it.

“Are these your friends?” she asked staring into the camera. “I just want you all to know, that Cameron can’t play until he cleans his damn room!”

Suddenly police in fully armor stormed into the room.

“Police! Hands up!” they yelled.

“What the fuck is this?” Cameron’s mom stammered.

“Hands up!” the police screamed.

Cameron’s mom put her hands up, but Cameron’s hand were still down near his pocket.

“I said your hands up!” one of the officers repeated.

“Fuck you” Cameron yelled, as he reached for his pocket.

The police opened fire, lighting up both Cameron and his mom in the chest. Their bodies shook as bullets tore through them. Finally they dropped.

“Damn my nigga, we fucked both of them up!” a police officer cheered.

“Don’t worry, we’ll just say the mom had a gun. We’ll get away with this,” another one told.

They all started laughing, while one of the police officers inspected the camera.

“Hey guys, I think we’re being watched,” the one inspecting the camera told.

The room fell silent.

“Wait what?” a police officer asked.

“The computer says recording. This guy was live streaming us!”

The police officers looked at each other.

While this was going on, a huge crowd of onlookers in downtown Manhattan watched the entire fiasco take place on the big screen.

“Hey everyone!” someone called out. “The police just killed two unarmed people. I don’t know them and I don’t give a fuck. What do you say, we fuck some shit up!”

The crowded roared, and then stormed stores, breaking shit, rioting, and turning the streets into absolute chaos.