A man’s day takes an unexpected turn when he gets a ride from his friend. 

Michael was walking on the sidewalk with a box of candles in his hand when an old school Impala pulled up to him. Michael halted and gulped as the cars’ windows rolled down. He saw a man with a grill in his mouth who was in the driver’s seat looking at him. Suddenly Michael smiled, as the two recognized each other.

“Hey Frank!” Michael greeted.

“Wassup man!” Frank replied. “You need a ride?”

“It’s fine, I can walk,” Michael insisted.

“You sure? I can take you.”

Michael pondered as he looked down the street, scratching his head. He rubbed his cheek that had a teardrop tattoo under his eye. He stepped towards the car.

“Yeah sure,” Michael smiled, before getting into the car.

With the two inside, Frank stepped on the gas, and the car sped down off.

“So how you been since you got out?” Frank asked.

“Good, I’m just trying to stay out of trouble and get my life back on track,” Michael revealed. “I’m going back to school for a degree, and I’m working now.”

“That’s good!” Frank cheered. “Keep your mind focused. It’s nice seeing you turn your life around.”

Franks phone rang, prompting him to answer it.

“Hello,” Frank answered.

As the other person spoke, being unheard by Michael, Frank’s expression changed to surprise.

“What do you mean?” Frank questioned, raising his voice a little bit.

Michael could hear the person’s voice on the other end get louder.

“Are you serious?” Frank yelled. He soon calmed down as he became annoyed. “Alright, I handle it.”

Frank got off of the phone, as Michael got worried.

“Is everything alright?” Michael asked.

“Yeah, it’s no problem,” Frank claimed as he forced a smile. “You don’t mind if we go somewhere before your house? I just need to handle something.”

Michaels gut was tightening, tell him the situation was odd, but he didn’t want to seem rude, being that Frank had offered him a ride. Besides, it would probably be over soon, and he was sure nothing would go wrong just because his gut told him so.

“Not a problem, man,” Michael agreed.


As the car continued down the street, a cold sweat came across Michael with a heavy feeling to his heart.

The car pulled up to a house with a low gated fence and dead grass. Outside the house’s screen door was a man with tattoos and a tank top on. Michael could see the man trembling at the sight of the car pulling up.

“Just stay in here, this will be quick,” Frank assured, glaring out the window towards the man.

Michael nodded as Frank got out of the car. Frank marched up to the man in the tank top. As two spoke words which Michael couldn’t hear, he just observed the body language of the two. Frank was up in the man’s face as the man cowered away.

Suddenly Michael’s phone rang, showing the name Vanessa on it.

“Yeah wassup?” Michael spoke.

“Where are you? Vanessa questioned in a backyard filled with party decorations as kids played and parents talked.

“I got a ride from a friend. He had to go to someone’s house real quick. I’ll be home soon.”

“Alright. Just hurry up. We’re about to bring out the cake soon.”

“Yeah, I’ll be there.”

Vanessa hung up as a little girl walked up to her.

“Where’s dad?” the little girl asked.

“He’s on his way. Don’t worry,” Vanessa suggested, smiling at the little girl.

The little girl skipped off as kids chased each other around the backyard.

They were still talking, but this time, it became more intense as Frank started yelling at the man.

“Come on what are you doing?” Michael uttered to himself.

Out of nowhere, Frank pulled out a pistol, and shot the man in the head.

“Holy shit!” Michael screamed as Frank stood over the dead man’s body.

Frank empty the entire clip into the corpse as neighbors screamed and fled away. Frank dashed towards the car, and jumped inside as Michael was in shock, trembling.

“What did you do?” Michael trembled as Frank started up the car.

“That don’t matter, we gotta get out of here,” Frank insisted with a calm manner.

The car sped off.

“You just killed someone!” Michael protested as he kept looking back.

“I had to settle some beef for a few homies. Just be cool alright?”

“Be cool? I want to get the hell out of this car!”

“Not in this area after people seen you in the car with me. Imma drop you off at your house, and you don’t gotta worry.” Frank took a joint and a lighter out of the glove department and handed it to Michael. “Smoke this and relax.”

Michael stared at the joint, before grabbing it, and smoking it. He laid back trying to get the thoughts out of his head and wash away the panic, but he couldn’t. His mind was on fire, and it didn’t help that Frank kept his calm manner as if nothing had ever happened. It was like Frank was a sociopath or an assassin, one who was use to this kind of violence.

As they were away from the neighborhood, they heard a police siren go off behind them, signaling it was for them. For the first time, Frank seemed surprised.

“Oh shit,” Michael whispered to himself, almost seeming to cry.

Frank pulled the car over, and the police car stopped behind them on the side of the road.

“Be cool,” Frank uttered.

“Oh my god,” Michael groaned, shaking his head.

The cop pulled up to the window, and Frank lowered it.

“Hello officer,” Frank smiled with a sudden polite tone.

“Licenses and registration please,” the officer ordered in a monotone voice.

“Officer was I going to fast?” Frank asked, trying his hardest to be polite.

“Just your licenses and registration please,” the officer repeated with the same tone.

Franked sighed, but then force his smile back up.

“Sure thing,” Frank pulled out the forms from the glove department and handed it to the officer.

The officer checked out the papers.

“I’ll be back,” the officer stated.

The officer went back to his car, and Frank’s smile disappeared. He noticed Michael’s trembling.

“Man, if you keep acting weird, he’s going to suspect something,” Frank scorned.

“What the hell you want me to do, you just killed somebody,” Michael snapped back.


As the officer typed on his computer, his radio sounded.

“All units be on the lookout for a black Impala,” the dispatcher reported. “Suspect has been reported to be involved in a deadly shooting.”

The dispatcher read off the license plate which was the same as Frank’s causing the officer to be alerted, eyes flaring up. The officer got out of his car with his hand on his gun. Frank noticed this in the mirror, and he grabbed his gun.

“Shit!” Michael screamed.

Frank jumped out of the car with his gun, catching the officer by surprise. The officer gripped his gun, but it was too late as Frank shot him dead in the chest. As the officer dropped to the ground, Frank instantly ran back into the car.

With the car speeding off, Frank started to breath heavily as he kept looking back while Michael was gasping for words.

“You shot him?” Michael uttered.

Frank didn’t respond as he couldn’t keep his focus in front of him, eyes constantly moving around.

“You shot him!” Michael yelled. He grabbed onto Frank’s shoulder, fully engaged. “You fucking maniac! You’re fucking crazy!”

“Get the fuck off me!” Frank barked back, taking his focus off the road to push Michael back.

With Frank’s eyes off the road, the car ran through a red light at the intersection. Michael gasped at the sight of a big rig coming from the side towards them.

“Look out!” Michael screamed.

The big rig plowed into the Impala sending it tumbling across the street.

Sirens filled the air as police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks surrounded the area. Blood covered the interior of the smashed up car that was now just a balled up piece of metal.  Inside where Michael and Frank, both bloody, both dead.

In the wreckage, a phone rang, that showed the name of Vanessa. It went to voice mail.

“Michael, we’re already opening presents,” Vanessa revealed as she watched her daughter show off her new toys to her friends. Vanessa sighed, taking a moment to figure out her words as the kids were all cheerful and playing. “I’m not mad that you missed it. Tiffany loved what you bought her, and they’ll always be next year.” There was another moment of silence from Vanessa as she pondered. “I love you, Tiffany loves you, and we can’t wait for you to come home.”