A detective searches for a killer with the help of the killer’s future self. 

John Cade was awoken out of bed by the ringing of his cell phone; he picked it up.

“Yeah,” He answered, in a tiresome tone.

The person on the other line was speaking.

“I’ll be there,” Detective Cade stated, as he hung up his phone.

Detective Cade left the queen sized bed with black silk linen and a brown wooden frame where his wife was fast asleep. He walked over to his closet where he put on his black suit along with his black penny loafers. After he was done, he approached a brown wooden drawer with a mirror on it which he opened. As he took out his silver Rolex and placed it on his wrist he looked into the mirror. He saw the reflection of his black crew cut hair, brown eyes, and his squared chin on his hairless squared face.

He then left the room and walked down the hall that had dark brown oak flooring as the walls were light brown. At the end of the hall he went down the brown wooden full straight staircase.

Detective Cade walked out of his two story craftsmen house which was tan where the moon had brought energy to his exhausted eyes. He walked down a few concretes steps that had inches of melted snow due to the May weather as he went to the driveway where his grey Chevy Impala was. Once Detective Cade was in his car, he left his house in Staten Island.

40 minutes later, Detective Cade arrived to a townhouse in Brooklyn that was aqua blue on the outside. There were police cars all around the house along with an ambulance. As Detective Cade got out, he seen as many people were around the house, and one particular lady was crying.

“Oh no! Oh my god!” The lady cried.

As he looked around, Detective Cade had a feeling that whatever he was going to find inside the house was going to be beyond any atrocities he had ever came across.  Detective Cade got under the barricade tape where his partner Bryan approached him. Bryan was an inch taller than Detective Cade as he was 6’1. He had broad shoulders and slick back hair with a full beard.

“Just follow me, Cade” Bryan instructed Detective Cade as they entered into the house.

When they entered into the house, police and forensics were examining the living room. The living room’s walls were white and the carpet was brown. There was a dark shaded English sofa that stood behind a white TV entertainment center. Detective Cade followed Bryan up the quarter landing stairs with brown carpet.

“What happened this time?” Detective Cade asked.

“We got a call from a mother saying she thinks her daughter is dead because she found her in the bathroom with multiple stab wounds all over her body. The scene is very brutal,” Bryan explained.

“Who’s the victim?”

“Her name is Sarah Oliver. She was a senior at Stuyvesant High down in Manhattan.”

“Stuyvesant, that’s where Harry attends”

The two entered into the hallway where Detective Cade followed Bryan to the bathroom

“Well, he’s going to hear all about this everywhere,” Bryan stated.

Detective Cade and Bryan finally arrived at the bathroom where forensics was taking pictures. The bathroom had grey tile flooring. The upper half of the walls were lime green as the bottom half were white. There was a round two piece toilet and a pedestal sink stood on the other side of the bathroom. In the corner was a white corner tub and there was a rectangular glass shower on the side. The glass of the shower had blood painted all over the inside as Detective Cade and Bryan entered in the shower.

There, Cade saw the young girl’s body on the floor, face up, naked. The river of the dark blood from the girl had filled the shower floor like an ocean as it slowly leaked into the drain. She had stab wounds all over her body and her neck.

“Where’s the father at?” Detective Cade wondered.

“The mother said that he’s out of town on a business trip,” Bryan replied.

Detective Cade got his medical gloves as he put them on and kneeled down to check up on the body. She had a deep wound that sliced across her chest. It felt like he was sticking his hands into a hole as Detective Cade examined the body, for the wounds were very deep.

“Self-inflicting wounds, of course,” Detective Cade asserted, “now were there any signs of breaking and entering in any parts of the house? I didn’t see any.”

“Actually, there wasn’t. It was like no one came in or out.”

Detective Cade rose back to his feet; he started looking around the bathroom again.

“Have you notice that there are no windows in this bathroom?” Detective Cade asked.

“Not really, but what does that have to do with anything?” Bryan wondered.

“If we have a dead body in the bathroom, and no one from outside broken into the house, then the mother isn’t telling us everything.”

“What are you saying, Cade?”

“I’m saying that we’re not being told everything; let’s check out the mom for more information.”

The two left the bathroom as they walked back to the living room where they saw a woman who appeared to be the mother sitting on the couch crying. She had a round face that began to show her wrinkles as she also had green eyes and brunette hair that was curled at the ends. A paramedic was handing her tissue then he left.

“Mrs. Oliver, my name is Detective Cade and this is my partner Detective Bryan. We are very sorry about your loss. If it’s okay with you, we will like to ask you a few questions.”

Mrs. Oliver nodded her head, wiping her tears from her pale face.

“Now how did all of this begin when you found your daughter in the bathroom,” Detective Cade questioned.

“It was like….an hour and half ago,” Mrs. Oliver wept, “Sarah was in the shower, but she was in there for quite some time, so I decided to check up on her to see if she was alright. When she didn’t answer me, I decided to open the door to the bathroom, and that’s when I saw her.”

Tears began to fall from Mrs. Oliver’s eyes again.

“I don’t believe it! What did she ever do to deserve this!?” She cried.

Bryan put his hand on Mrs. Oliver’s shoulder.

“Just take a breath,” Detective Cade advised, “was there anyone else in the house?”

“No, just the two of us”

“Is there any way someone may have been able to get into the house, maybe with a key or such?”

“No, the only people with a key to the house are me, her, and her father who is out on a business trip. So if someone did break into the house, the alarm from the security system would have gone off, but it didn’t.”

“We checked the system, it never went off,” Bryan added.

Detective Cade took a deep breath.

“Mrs. Oliver is there anything you aren’t telling us?” He asked.

Mrs. Oliver looked at Cade with disgust.

“Of course not,” she retaliated, “why would I be hiding something? My daughter is dead!”

Suddenly a tall man in a suit with an enormous bald spot on the top of his head and his gut stuck out a little bit past his waist entered in the house. Detective Cade and Bryan approached him as they were away from Mrs. Oliver.

“This looks like a goddamn mess,” the man insulted, “I heard what happened. What can you come up with, Cade?”

“I don’t know. I just feel like something is missing, Stevenson. This whole situation doesn’t seem right, like it doesn’t add up,” Detective Cade explained.

“Then there’s nothing else here for us to find, we can’t do anything right now,” Stevenson told.

The three gave a brief look around the house where they stood.

“That doesn’t mean that we’re done with this. There is someone out in this city that has just got away with butchering a teenage girl; we are not going to let this rest. We’ll look more into it tomorrow. Get some rest you two while I take it from here,” Stevenson advised.

Stevenson approached Mrs. Oliver and asked,

“Mrs. Oliver do you have anyone around that you can stay with for a little while”

“I can go to my sister’s house.”

Detective Cade and Bryan walked out the house as they approached their cars.

“Cade, we’re going to catch whoever did this.”

“Yes we will.”

Cade then got into his car and drove back home. For some particular reason, the sight of what he had seen, had gave him a feeling of discomfort; something he hadn’t felt in years. As Cade walked into his house, he went upstairs where he saw the gel blue eyes of his wife since she was laying up in bed. She had dark dyed hair and a convex forehead all on her heart shaped face.

“Where have you been?” She wondered.

“The usual, I was called in to work. It was urgent,” Cade answered as he was taking off his suit.

“What happened?”

“Nothing, just a crime”

Cade’s wife let out a huge breath.

“I feel like every time I try to connect with you and have a conversation, you just shut me out,” She declared.

Cade rolled his eyes.

“First of all, it’s like one o’clock in the morning, and secondly, do you want me to say, “Hey Kate, tonight I was called to a house where a mother found her daughter stabbed to death in the bathroom, and we didn’t catch the suspect”. Do you want me to tell you that?”

Kate put her hands on her mouth.

“Oh my god, I didn’t know. I’m so sorry to hear that.”

“It is fine, Kate,” Cade sighed, “It was a girl who went to school with Harry.”

“Oh my”

“But can we go back to bed now, peacefully?” Cade wondered as he got into the bed with Kate.

The next morning, Cade got dressed before going downstairs. When he went into the kitchen which had tan tile floorings, he saw Kate sitting down in a white parson chair eating breakfast on the marble countertop below the glass pendant lights.

“You’re up early,” Kate addressed.

“I couldn’t really sleep,” Cade announced.

A 5’9 boy with brown curtained hair who had freckles on both of his cheeks, and his nose walked into the kitchen carrying a skateboard.

“I see the family is all together,” The boy laughed.

“Harry, I need to talk to you,” Cade began.

“About what?” Harry wondered.

“It’s about a girl named Sarah Oliver who went to your school. She was found murdered in her bathroom last night. We do not have any leads right now.”

“Are you serious? Sarah?”

“Oh Harry, I heard about it last night. I’m so sorry,” Kate added.

“Relax everybody,” Harry laughed, “Just because I went to the same school as her doesn’t mean I was close to her. I barely even spoke to her. Let her family and friends cry over her dying.”

“Harry!” Kate shrieked.

“Let me take you to school today,” Cade insisted.

“Sure,” Harry agreed.

The two began to walk towards the door.

“Have a nice day you two,” Kate said.

The two got into the Impala, and Cade drove off to Harry’s school as the sun was rising. It was quiet for most of the ride.

“I really feel for that girl’s family, right now,” Cade said as he turned his head briefly to Harry.

Harry was quiet.

“Life really does change at any moment, most when you least expect it to,” Cade continued.

“Look dad, you don’t have to act all sentimental about what happened. I know how this detective stuff works. You all act like you care just so you can get the information you need to go make arrests and save the day.”

“Harry, that is not true. Though I have a job to perform, I do show sympathy for the people I aim to help, and the three of us in the family knows how it feels to be in need for sympathy.”

They arrived at Stuyvesant High.

“Wow, I almost forgot you were in this family,” Harry stated.

Harry got out of the car.

“Harry, just be safe.” Cade advised

Harry closed the door as Cade drove off to the police station.

“I’m putting you and Bryan on the Oliver’s murder case,” Stevenson informed Detective Cade as he sat down at his desk at the station, ”I’m going to need you two to go to Stuyvesant High today, to ask around about Sarah Oliver, see if anyone may be able to give any information about her.”

Stevenson left as Bryan approached Detective Cade.

“You’re here early,” Bryan asserted.

“We had a long night,” Detective Cade addressed, “Stevenson told me about us going to Stuyvesant today.”

“Yeah, we should get to it.”

“Exactly, those were my thoughts. We’ll take my car,” Detective Cade agreed as the two left the station and got into Detective Cade’s car.

When Detective Cade and Bryan arrived to Stuyvesant High, they went to the office where they saw a lady sitting down at a desk. The lady had dirty blonde bob cut hair and her face cheeks stuck out, she wore a maroon blouse and silver hoop earrings.

“Excuse me miss, we’re detectives from the police station, and we’re wondering if we can speak to the principal, please,” Bryan announced as he pulled out his badge.

The lady got up.

“Sure, just give me a second,” She insisted.

The lady picked up the phone and began dialing.

“Mr. Spooner, I have two detectives from the police department wanting to speak with you.”

She hung the phone up.

“He’ll be happy to see you,” She spoke gladly, “just go straight down the hall; his room is on the right,”

Detective Cade and Bryan walked to the principal’s office and entered it.

“Have a seat please,” Mr. Spooner offered.

Mr. Spooner had a very pointy nose along with a brown cop stash standard mustache.

“Thanks,” Detective Cade acknowledged as he and Bryan took a seat.

“You two are here about Sarah Oliver, aren’t you?”

“That is correct,” Bryan assured.

“It is sad to see this happening to anyone; especially not to a student at this school. I couldn’t tell you much about her though, but her teachers can. Maybe you should go see Mr. Howard. He was her English teacher; he’s very close to her family. I’ll have my secretary escort you two to his classroom if you like.”

“Thank you, that would be helpful of you,” Detective Cade replied.

Mr. Spooner then got on the phone.

“Ms. Darcy, can you escort these two detectives to Mr. Howard’s office. Thank you.”

Detective Cade and Bryan entered into an empty classroom with only one person. It was a man with glasses on and a grey goatee; he was appearing to be putting away papers at his desk.

“Are you Mr. Howard?” Detective Cade asked.

The man looked up.

“Yes. Who are you?”

Detective Cade took out his badge.

“I’m detective Cade and this is my partner Detective Bryan. We have a few questions about Sarah Oliver,” Cade answered as he and Bryan walked towards Mr. Howard.

Mr. Howard stood up from his chair.

“We were told that you were Sarah’s teacher and you are friends with her family. Can you tell us anything about her?” Detective Cade wondered.

“Yes. She was one of my best students. She had good grades, good character, everything you would want in a student,”

“Did you know if anyone had a problem with her?” Detective Cade continued to ask.

“Not really, she seemed to get along with people quite well, but I’m just a teacher. I may be close to her family, but I spend most of my time at a desk. You might want to talk to her friends for that information because I wouldn’t really know. Her friend Carly Williams has this class next, you can ask her.”

            “Thank you,” Bryan added.

Detective Cade and Bryan stayed in the classroom. After several minutes, the bell rang as students started to come into the classroom.

“That’s her right there,” Mr. Howard pointed out to a girl walking in, “Carly! Can you come over here for a second?”

The girl had curly blonde hair with blue eyes as she walked over to Mr. Howard.

“These two men are from the police station. They would like to ask you a few questions about Sarah.”

“I’m ok with it,” The girl quietly confirmed as she kept her head down towards the floor

Detective Cade and Bryan led the girl outside of the classroom.

“Carly, everything is going to be alright,” Detective Cade admitted.

“Sarah was a good friend of mine. I just can’t believe she’s gone, but if you have questions, I’ll try my best to answer them.”

“Okay, was there anyone who disliked Sarah?” Detective Cade asked.

“She didn’t do anything to make people not like her. All the people she knew liked her, and if someone wasn’t friends with her, it was because they didn’t know her. No one despised her.”

“Did she get into a recent dispute with someone, maybe like an argument or confrontation with anyone that would make them angry at her?” Bryan questioned.

“No, not at all”

“Ok, thanks for your time,” Detective Cade smiled as Carly went back to her classroom.

Detective Cade and Bryan started walking to Cade’s car.

“Maybe Sarah’s murder was not in any way related to school,” Bryan suggested.

“I am keeping that in mind,” Detective Cade revealed as they entered into the parking lot.

A girl with glasses and braces carrying books in her arms approached the two and asked,

“You two are here about that Sarah?”

“Yeah,” Bryan responded, “can you tell us anything about her?”

“She was a bitch who got what she deserved!” The girl exclaimed with fury.

“What?”  Detective Cade gasped.

Suddenly a woman in a red pantsuit with long brunette hair holding a microphone came up to the three. Following her was a man with brown longhair and a video camera; he wore a green sleeveless jacket and a black long sleeve under.

“Hello, this is Alice Peterson here at Manhattan Daily,” The woman spoke as she stood in front of the camera that was recording her next to Detective Cade, Bryan, and the girl, “and I am here at Stuyvesant High where one of its students was found brutally murdered in her house last night.”

The camera man put the camera on Detective Cade, Bryan, and the girl as Alice moved in towards Cade.

“Now detectives, what can you tell us about what is happening. Are there any possible suspects right now? How about Sarah’s boyfriend? I was told by a student that they recently broke up,” Alice mentioned as she smiled with her milk white teeth.

Detective Cade looked at the camera man as he extended his arm,

“Get that camera out of here.”

“We have a right to do this,” The camera man argued.

“He’s right, you can’t stop us, detective,” Alice added.

Bryan stepped up, as he asserted,

“Turn the camera off, or you’re going to have some trouble.”

“Alright,” Alice sighed.

The cameraman turned the camera off. Detective Cade turned his attention to the girl and asked,

“Can you explain to me what you meant by what you said?”

“Sarah got what she deserved, for what she did to Ashley,” The girl claimed.

“Who is Ashley?” Detective Cade wondered.

“You mean, Ashley Mundy?” Alice assumed.

“Sarah was the one who posted the video of what happened to Ashley at that party,” The girl informed.

“Ashley was a girl who went to this school. At a party last October she had too many drinks which led to people taking advantage of her, you know how high school kids are. Well, the video of what happened was posted all over the internet, which eventually led to Ashley’s death,” Alice revealed, “she was hit by a car one night in October when she was jogging without paying attention. Some people such as her family believe that all the stress from what was going on in Ashley’s life caused her not to pay attention to the car.”

“And now someone got revenge on Sarah for posting the video,” Bryan concluded.

“Whoever it was, they did the right thing,” The girl scolded as she walked away.

“Detective, this is perfect,” Alice cheered, “There is a killer out on the loose who targeted a high school student. You do the work, while I have the coverage. This could be a perfect opportunity for me to write my book. We can really make a good team, you know?”

“Lady, this isn’t a laughing matter. We don’t need anything from you. Now if you will excuse me, I have some work to do” Detective Cade declared as he and Bryan got into the car and drove off.

“Terry, we need follow that guy everywhere he goes,” Alice urged to her cameraman.

“It’s Jerry,” The cameraman groaned.

“Terry, Jerry who cares. You do what I say.”

As Detective Cade and Bryan were in the car, Bryan asked,

“Do you think we should look up on this Ashley Mundy girl?”

“I would, but I don’t want to bring outside sources into this case. We should keep with what we have already, and right now, that’s nothing.”

They drove back to the station. Detective Cade and Bryan entered into Stevenson’s office where he was sitting down.

“Did you get anything?” Stevenson asked.

“Not really” Bryan announced.

Stevenson’s office phone rang; he picked it up.

“Yes?” Stevenson answered.

After a few moments, Stevenson hung up the phone and uttered,

“Oh, God”








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