When looking at the high tech aspect of Cyberpunk there are numerous technologies that come to mind. These technologies are such that we see in Cyberpunk works. Technologies such as virtual reality, flying cars, androids, and augmented body parts. Although we are not living in a world filled with such advance technologies that we see in Cyberpunk works, we still have technologies that are in some way the prediction of Cyberpunk from decades ago.

Virtual Reality

In many cyberpunk works such as Altered Carbon and especially Neuromancer, some form of virtual reality is present. Usually it’s in the form in which a person is fully immersed in the virtual reality as they are hooked up to a chair, and have some kind of plug in their brain. We are not living in such outrageous times as that, but we still have our own share of virtual reality. With vr goggles such as the Oculus, we are experiencing some form of cyberpunk virtual reality.

Automated Cars

We don’t have flying cars like we see in Blade Runner, but one thing is for sure is that we are getting close to fully automated cars. Even now cars have self-assist systems in them, and there are companies such as Uber working on fully automated cars. It’s only a matter of time before more cars are automated completely, and from there, flying cars will soon become a reality.


Robots is a general term as that can mean a lot of things. When it comes to Cyberpunk, the reference goes to robots who can talk and think on their own. We are clearly not there yet, but there has been attempts to make robots more functional on their own. Companies are developing robots that can work on their own, can open doors, jump over crates. With technologies such as Alexa, although it’s not an AI, it will only grow more advance as time goes on. On the subject of AI’s, many have seen commercials of the use of AI’s. AI’s use in our world will continue to grow as they grow. Another kind of robot are the sex bots that have become more popular. Now this is something straight out of a cyberpunk work such as Blade Runner. Of course real life sex bots aren’t conscious like in Blade Runner replicants, but with technology it’s only a matter of time. This brings up the topic of human beings dependency of technology. How we’re becoming more reliant and replacing our fellow humans with technology. We as a society are becoming too emotionally attached to technology and machines than we are to each other. This is a part of cyberpunk, and it’s clear now.

Internet/Social Media

Mentioning Neuromancer in the beginning, it’s important to look at it when discussing social media. Although social media was never mentioned in cyberpunk works, it was predicted in a way in Neruomacner and other cyberpunk works such as Snow Crash through terms such as cyberspace. In those works people were plugged into a virtual reality that seemed almost real. This is kind of similar to how on social media everyone from around the world connect through the use of their computer at their homes. It’s like a totally different world in which people can be whoever they want to be, different from real life. This similarity between social media and virtual reality shown in cyberpunk works shows how they connect. In a sense, social media is straight out of a cyberpunk world.


With the popularity of vaping and e cigarettes, there is nothing more cyberpunk that those. You’re basically sucking an android’s dick for grape flavored water. Rather than putting your lips up against tobacco or weed which come from plants of the Earth, you are puckering up to machinery, and it’s making your addicted. In a few years we’ll have a generation of kids who know nothing of the smoke of plants for it has been replaced by the smoking of a robot’s dick.


Between that and the fact that more people are using sex bots, especially in Eastern culture such as Japan as it is replacing human relationship; people are relying more on social media for their interactions, and dating apps such as Tinder are being relied on more than actually meeting people in person it’s clear technology is replacing us, and making us more robot and making it more human.   If that’s not cyberpunk than I don’t now what is.