With the Storm Area 51 event planned for this September, it bring a lot of interest to Area 51, and the question of what lies behind there. Here are 5 things that raiders might find if they successfully make it into Area 51.

Friendly Aliens

With Area 51, there are a lot of speculation that there are aliens there. With that assumption and theory, it begs the question on what kind of aliens are in there. It’s possible that inside the guarded base, there are aliens simply working with the government like the ones in Men in Black. This wouldn’t be much of a big scare as it shows that the aliens are friendly.

Dangerous Aliens

On the contrary to the above, perhaps the aliens are locked up in there and for good reason. Unlike Men in Black, the aliens could be dangerous wanting to kill humans, and Area 51 serves as a prison rather than a scientific lab.

Secret Weapons

Besides aliens, a lot of theories points to advance technology, and with that technology comes weaponry superior to that we know of. If Area 51 has advance weapons they want to keep secret, then they would have to test in secret. However with the event in which over a million people are planning on storming the base, this gives a perfect opportunity for the government to test their secret weapons, and cover it up.

Zombie Virus

One doesn’t think of zombies when it comes to aliens and Arena 51, but what if there’s nothing alien about the base, but rather something more domestic? Bio warfare has been used in the pass, and with the advancement of weapons, the government could have manufactured zombie virus they have plans for in the future, and if the raiders break into the base, they could be unleashing the zombie virus on all of us.

We’re in Area 51

Out of all the theories of Area 51, this has to be the most mind blowing one. We’re in Area 51: our lives and all the places we live is what is considered Area 51, and what we call Area 51, that military base is the way out of it. This would explain why it’s so heavily guarded because it’s the way out of our lives. Now this spawns a new series of theories on what is actually the way out. Perhaps aliens have taken over without us knowing about it creating this illusion of freedom, and only the government knows, and through Area 51 is the real world kind of like the Matrix. Or even deeper, we’re the aliens, taken from another planet, and the ones in Area 51 are disguised as humans or even humans themselves, but are working with our captures to keep us locked in. This is something to think about in the realms of conspiracy theories.


What’s really in Area 51? Aliens, advance weapons, zombie virus, Shrek 5-12, all the lost socks from the dryer, who knows? Like the tootsie pop, the world may never know, or will it?