A million people storm Area 51, in attempt to see “them aliens”. Base on a true story.

John Namath stood in a room facing the curtain, dressed in a suit as he stood poised. Outside he could hear a crowd of people.

                “This is it, John,” he said to himself. “The moment the world’s been waiting for.”

                “Ladies, and gentleman,” he heard someone say through the microphone. “John Namath.”

Taking a deep breath, John strutted through the curtain and out on stage in front of hundreds of people who clapped and cheered for him. There were signs in the crowd, saying things such as We Want The Truth, Aliens Exist, The Government Can’t Lie Anymore, and In John Namath We Trust.

Waving out to the crowd with a smile, John got to the podium where he waited for the crowd to settle down, then he spoke.

                “For years now, the government have kept the truth of Area 51 hidden from all of you, but no more because we are done with the secrecy!”

They cheered a little bit.

                “In many hand,” John spoke, taking out documents, “are documents that I’ve stolen from my time working in Area 51 which proves what we’ve known all along. I am ready to go to prison for this, I am prepared to give my life in order to give you all the truth.”

He took a moment as he looked out to the crowd. He smiled again.

                “The government-.”

He was interrupted when a gun went off, and his head busted open. Everyone screamed and panicked, running away from the scene. A few people even jumped on stage, and ran towards the bloodied documents on the ground, but security pushed them away. As chaos erupted, John’s corpse laid on the ground with his brains, and the truth just as dead as he was.


                “We are following reports of riots happening in numerous major cities across the country in response to the death of former government scientist John Namath earlier this week,” the news reporter reported in the newsroom. To the side of her were footage of buildings on fire and being looted, and people in mask clashing with police. “They started off as peaceful protest with supporters of John just demanding answers from the government as well as finding the assassin. But with neither being brought forward, people have lashed out violently. With John’s death, he leaves behind many questions such as did he really work in Area 51 or was he just a scientist contracted by the government as they claimed, and what really is in Area 51. The world may never know.”


A news anchor is sitting in the newsroom looking at the camera.

                “It’s been 3 months since the murder of scientist of John Namath, and we still have not found out who the killer is. Now things have taken a turn for the worst as we are 5 days away from, as fans call it, the raid on Area 51 where over half a million people plan to storm Area 51 this Saturday in attempt to find out what’s really hidden there,” the anchor reported. “Officials have stated that Area 51 personnel are authorize to use deadly force to trespassers and will do so this Saturday. Homeland Security Secretary Pat Armstrong gave his word on this.”

The camera was switched to outside where the secretary was giving his word to reporters.

                “This is the real deal. Everyone knows not to trespass into Area 51. I cannot stress it anymore, if you trespass into Area 51, I don’t care if it’s just you or 1 million, you will be shot. We have enough rounds to take out any entire country and fight a war. You will not make it into the compound period.”

                “This is what some people who have signed up for the raid had to say,” the anchor told.

The camera switched to a few people, many looking young in their mid-20’s.

                “So why do you want to risk your life to go into Area 51?” a reporter asked the group of young people.

                “Because the truth needs to be heard, and that’s what John Namath died for, it’s what he would have wanted. The government is hiding something, like they always have, and we’re fighting to uncover it.”

                “What do you hope to gain by this?” the reporter wondered.

                “The accountability of a government to inform their citizens and not lie to them. It’s our right to know, and we are ready to die so others can have that right.”

                “Back to you Karen,” the reporter stated.


Wes received his coffee in the coffee shop. As he left, his friend Kyle rushed up to him.

                “Hey Wes man, guess what!” Kyle exclaimed with excitement.

                “What dude?” Wes asked. “You almost made me drop my coffee.

Kyle was smiling heavily. He showed him a paper with big red bold letters saying the words on top CONGRATULATIONS.

                “Congratulations Kyle Nelson,” Wes read. “You’re contribution and sacrifice will be deeply rewarded. Because of you, the fight for freedom from the lies of an oppressive government will continue. Make preparations because this Saturday you are part of the raid on Area 51.” Wes looked up with shock. “Are you serious?”

                “Yeah, awesome right!”

                “Hell no! You’re going to get killed. What are you thinking?” Wes asked.

                “Dude, come on. Everyone is down with the raid whether they’re going to do it or just stay at home. There’s not a person our age who doesn’t want to know what Area 51 has.”

                “That doesn’t mean you have to commit suicide over it. Does aliens exist do they not? Who knows, and maybe we’ll never know, but this isn’t worth your life.”

Kyle’s smile faded away.

                “Maybe to you it isn’t, but to me and millions of people it is. Every generation had to fight in something. World War 2, Civil Rights, War on Terrorism, and now it’s our time to fight the government to know the truth. This is the fight of our generation.”

Wes shook his head.

                “They have machine guns dude,” Wes uttered. “It’s going to be like D-Day expect you won’t have any weapons.”

                “The allies didn’t have almost a million people storming the beach.”

                “Did you fail history,” Wes sighed as they stood there outside the coffee shop.

Suddenly a man bumped into Wes.

                “Wow,” Wes called out.

He looked at the man, seeing it was a homeless man or someone who appeared to be homeless. His clothes were ripped and dirty as they smelled. His face had soot on it, and his teeth were really messed up and yellow.

                “Hey watch where you’re going,” Kyle told the hobo.

The hobo grabbed onto Wes, not letting go of the grip on his arms.

                “Hey let go of me,” Wes told.

                “Listen, you must stop the raid,” the hobo uttered staring into Wes’s eyes. “It will be the end of all of us.”

                “Get off of me!” Wes yelled.

He shoved the hobo off of him.

                “Bro you got a problem?” Kyle asked stepping up to the hobo.

The hobo kept backing up.

                “You must stop the raid!” the hobo yelled as he backed into the street. “It will be the end of the world.”

A car blew its horn and hit the hobo in the street sending his body flying to the ground. When he hit the ground he was bloodied and motionless. The two boys stood there shocked as people came out.

Moments later, ambulances surrounded the scene where paramedics put the hobo’s body in a body bag. Wes just looked on sad as Kyle was acting normal.

                “Look man, it wasn’t your fault,” Kyle told.

                “I know, it’s just that seeing him get hit brought back memories,” Wes revealed.

                “About your brother?” Kyle assumed.

Wes nodded his head, and Kyle gave him a pat on his back.

                “It’s all good man, let’s just get on with our day.”

Later that night, Wes sat behind the computer where he uploaded a video on a forum. It was of him sitting down titled Class Assignment – Why the raid on Area 51 is stupid. He played it back hearing his rant on it, which actually sounded logical. After a few moments he received a few comments which he checked out.

  • Are you autistic?
  • Lmfao, just because you’re too stupid to see the reason behind the raid, doesn’t mean it is. Get a clue asshole.
  • You say it’s pointless, yet you go to school wasting money just to be told what to do, and only to go into debt for a pointless degree. Jokes on you.
  • You sound like a pussy.

Wes shook his head at the comments.

                “Idiots,” he sighed.

He received another comment, by a username FriendlyGhost316.

  • Finally someone who gets it.

Suddenly he received a message, and he checked it revealing to be from FriendlyGhost316.

  • You really think the raid is stupid? – FG.
  • Of course. Who the hell would want to rush a compound with machine guns? – T
  • Morons with nothing to live for, but it’s deeper than that. It’s all a ploy – FG
  • What do you mean? – T
  • People are raiding because they believe in conspiracies, but the raid itself is a conspiracy. It’s a conspiracy within a conspiracy. – FG.
  • Honestly you lost me there dude. – T
  • Don’t quit now, because out of all the brainless morons who are just going with it, you and I are the only ones who aren’t. But I’m not because I see the truth. I can explain it all to you in person. – FG.
  • It sounds fun, but you don’t even know who I am. – T.
  • I saw the banner of your school in the video, I’m in the area. We can meet at a coffee shop or something. You’d want to hear this- FG.

Wes got on his phone and told Kyle the entire story of the exchange.

        “You should meet with him bro,” Kyle told.

        “Why, he can be a crazed killer,” Wes retorted.

        “It’s public. Besides it would be interesting to have for the blog.”

Wes pondered.

                “Alright,” Wes told before hanging up.

He got back on the computer where he typed I’m down.


                “You can’t be serious?” Wes told the man claiming to be FriendlyGhost316 as they sat across each other at the table in the coffee shop.

                “It’s true, all of it,” he repeated.

                “You want me to believe you worked at Area 51 as an IT, never having seen anything classified, yet you were able to record conversations and footage secretly discussing the plans for the raid, without anyone knowing about it?”

                “That’s exactly what I’m telling you,” FG316 asserted.

                “This is a waste,” Wes said.

He began to get up, but FG316, put his hand on him, causing him to sit back down.

                “Look there are people watching my every move,” FG316 told, as he lowered his voice and looked around. “They’re everywhere which is why I couldn’t go to the police or the media with it for they have people inside. But by going to you an outsider, an unknown, it gives some amount of safety for the information I have. I won’t be able to hold onto it any longer as I know they’re closing in on me and it won’t be long before I will disappear, which is why I am trusting you with this.”

He handed a flash driver slowly under the table into Wes’s hand.

                “It’s everything you need to know, not about Area 51 particularly, but why and how the Raid is all a set up. I’m trusting you with the information as no one will expect you to have it. After seeing your post last night, I realized you’re the best option I have.”

                “For what?” Wes asked confused.

                “To save everyone.”

FG316 got up and left, leaving Wes stunned as he pondered at the flash drive.

Back at home as Wes was in the living room eating dinner he heard the news play in the background. Beside him the flash drive was in the trash bin.

                “Authorities have said this man, is responsible for the murder of 5 people at his house, and is on the run. His name is Thomas Gallagher,” the news reporter told.

Wes peaked the table, and then dropped his fork at what the screen showed. He saw the face and recognized it as FG316. The news went on as Wes stood there stunned. He went into the trash bin and took out the flash drive. In his room he plugged it up to his computer and clicked on the first file. It was dated 6 months ago. The video played.

Thomas was in the bathroom breathing heavily as he looked at the camera, appearing to be his phone from an angle.

                “This is Thomas Gallagher. If you are watching this then that means I have chosen you to carry on this information,” he told panting. He took a moment to catch his breath as he sounded in distress. “It’s amazing that people can work at the one of the most secured places in the world, yet have such bad security when it comes to their emails. I’m just an IT, but I was able to intercept some emails between top officials here revealing a raid on Area 51.

That’s right, the officials at Area 51 are planning a raid on their own building. The information doesn’t reveal exactly why, but it’s true as there is a plan. It involves extreme measures to coherence the public to participate without knowing they are behind it. Maybe they’re planning on a heist and are using the raid as a cover up. Or maybe they’re going to use it as an opportunity to test out a top secret weapon. It wouldn’t be the first time our government has done something like this. They exchanged documents in the emails, and I was able to get a hold of them and print them out.

He showed a bunch of papers at the cameras all labeled TOP SECRET. One was titled Area 51 Raid, and it had the CIA insignia.

Suddenly the door opened.

                “I have to go,” Thomas whispered.

He shoved the papers down his pants and walked out. Unknown to him, his phone in his hand was still recording. When he got out the stall he faced a man whose feet were only shown in the video.

                “What the hell are you doing?” the man asked.

                “Nothing,” Thomas responded.

                “Are you talking to yourself again?”


                “I swear you’re a weirdo.”

Thomas put the phone on the sink revealing the man’s completely body.

Wes’s jaw dropped when he saw the man’s face.

                “Oh my god,” Wes gasped. “Oh my god!”

He trembled at the man’s face as his eyes were glued onto the screen. As he stared at the man’s face, flashbacks came back to his mind. Flashbacks of him walking beside a man, and when the man turned to him, he got hit by a car. He still remembered that day holding the man’s hand as he was no longer alive, and he cried over his body. He remembered the pain he felt going to the man’s funeral with his mother, knowing that his brother was dead, and now that face was the same face he saw in the video.

Later that day, Kyle was in Wes’s room and he had watched the video. Wes was still in disbelief as Kyle was shocked as well.

                “Oh my god, it really is your brother, Heath.”

                “I don’t get it, he’s alive,” Wes revealed. “Why would he not tell anyone?”

                “I can’t believe he works in Area 51!” Kyle exclaimed! “I thought he was a loser, but oh my god, your brother works in Area 51!”

Wes glared at Kyle causing him to change his tone.

                “Sorry,” Kyle stated more seriously. “You told your mom?”

                “No, and she must not find out until I see him,” Wes responded. “I must get into Area 51.”

Wes looked up as if he had a revelation with a lightbulb going on in his head.

                “I’m going to join the raid.”

Kyle grinned hugely, and gave Wes a big pat on the back.

                “That’s what I’m talking about! You’re joining the fight!” Kyle yelled with excitement.

                “This isn’t about the raid. I don’t care about aliens or advance weapons. I want to know the truth about why my brother disappeared and left us.”

                “Hey whatever motivates you, but you’re one of us now,” Kyle claimed still smiling. “You’re in for the fight of the century.”


A news reporter stood in front of a camera in the middle of nowhere as thousands of people were seen behind her. There were news vans, cameras, tents, food stands, everything civilization could afford was there at the desert. News reporters interviewed several people with all kinds of bizarre and outrageous reasons for being there.

Apparently in the months leading up to the raid, religious groups were formed who believed it was mankind’s destiny to create a new species with the aliens, and this raid was a way to that. Some people said they just wanted the technology there, while other’s believed it would be a cool idea to have new alien buddies. Meanwhile, some just wanted to clap some alien cheeks.

                “I am here miles away from Area 51 where the raid is hours from start,” the reporter told. “As you can see people have gathered and are in wait for the leader of the event William Cesar to come. The crowd stretches miles down the area with many people. We are told that other news organizations are here as well as celebrities, Youtubers and video game streamers wanting to film, business owners who have placed bets on the raid, and many more. There are even some self-proclaimed alien hunter groups here.” The reporter saw a group of people with guns in their hands and she went up to them. “You guys call yourself alien hunters. Can you explain what is it that you hope to accomplish here today?”

The group held assault rifles, and shirts with the American flag on it. On their hats read Get Them Aliens Out.  

                “Well unlike everyone else who came here for their own childish reasons,” one of them spoke, seeming to be the leader. He had a southern accent, and a beer belly. “We came here to find them aliens so we can kill them or send them back to whatever planet they came from. Because lord knows that this country doesn’t need any illegal aliens inside of it. If they are inside that compound then they’ve been getting free food, healthcare, and everything else free on my tax dollars. We as American citizens have our tax dollars go towards Area 51, just so aliens can get a free ride. Our tax dollars could go towards homeless vets, but instead it goes towards these aliens. That ends today. Murica!”

The group hollered and screamed as they let off a few bullets in the air.

                “You do realize that the government is in trillions of dollars in debt?” the news reporter asked. “We don’t have to choose what to fund and what not to fund. The government has enough money to fund everything: homelessness, healthcare, police, military, and aliens if they exist. The fact that we spend trillions of dollars on war, shows that we have enough. It’s just that the people on the top use the money for other reasons.”

The leader was silent as he tripped over his tongue as if his brain just went haywire over something too complex for his feeble mind.

                “I don’t care,” the leader argued. “I rather use all that money on guns then them damn illegals! Murica!”

They fired again into the air.

                “Throughout the people here, there are some with other reasons,” the reporter told the camera. She went over to a group of young people wearing shirts that said Free the Aliens. “Can you tell me why you’re here?”

                “We want to free the aliens,” one of them spoke. “Those aliens didn’t do anything wrong by being here. They came over here to start a new life, and our government has them locked up against their own will. It’s not right, and when we rescue them, they will be free and proud citizens of this country, because no one is illegal.”

One of the men from the alien hunter group came over.

                “Do you hear yourself,” he called out. “If you love them so much why won’t you let them stay in your house after you free them huh? I bet you don’t want an alien living next to your family. You don’t know it, or what it’s capable of, but you’re so willing to let a complete stranger who can’t even speak our language live among you. They might even suck your brains out.”

                “If the aliens exist, it’s a possibility that they’re locked up there for a reason and shouldn’t be let out,” the news reporter intervened briefly.

                “I don’t care, it’s better than being a racist like you!” the youngling barked at the man ignoring the news reporter.

                “So you’d let an alien suck your brains out, come into your home and screw your wife in front of you just so you won’t be labeled a racist.”

                “That’s right!” the young man yelled. “Because we don’t have a place for racism in this country anymore. Racist and fascist get beat. No one is illegal!”

                “They can have their way with me!” a girl called out from the group.

She flashed her boobs at the camera which was instantly blurred out.

A bunch of stoners who were smoking weed with their eyes lit and red walked into the camera.

                “Hey man, forget all that nonsense,” one of them giggled. “We going in there to take the weapons and come out with foreign whips.”

                “Yeah!” the other stoner exclaimed.

They all laughed and shook hands.

                “I’m coming in Area 51 walking, but leaving out in a space ship and some mega guns!” another one cheered. “Aye I’m about to rescue an alien and have a new homie. Me and him funa be lighting up them blunts, and then fuck some alien bitches.”

                “Aye, aye,” the other one spoke, slapping his friend on the shoulder. “Imagine they got fine ass alien broads in there with 3 tities like that one movie with Schwarzenegger.”

They all laughed.

                “Back to you Karen,” the new reporter said to the camera.


At Area 51, rows of soldiers were lined up as another soldier with more stars walked up to the front of the line. He moved back and forth glaring at the soldiers.

                “Today is the day, when Heaven and Hell is going to have a long ass waiting line,” the lead soldier talked. “It’s the day when natural selection finally runs its course, because some 1 million dumb fucks thinks it’s a smart idea to rush this compound. Soon they come! Soon they come to see what’s been lying behind these walls for the decades. Well the only thing they’re going to find is led. I don’t give a shit if it’s your momma rushing, you put that bitch down and bill Uncle Sam the funeral cost. Do you get me?”

                “Sir yes sir!” the soldiers screamed.

                “Good, now move out to your positions!”


Hours passed, as the sun was still out. Now more people had join and it looked like an entire army just waiting in rows across the battle field, still with the compound out of sight. Up above news helicopters circled the area with their cameras out. In the middle of the swarm of people, stood Wes and Kyle far from the front and end, just standing there. Kyle has red paint on his face as he was dressed in an army uniform, as Wes was in regular clothes.

                “What are we waiting for?” Wes whispered to Kyle.

                “The leader of the event to get here,” Kyle said as he shook back and forth filled with excitement. “I can’t wait for this to go down.”

Unknown to them a car arrived in the front of the horde. A middle age man got out, and suddenly the crowd erupted in applause and cheers, giving a sound wave that could be heard throughout the area.

                “It’s him, William Cesar,” the camera crew in the helicopter told.

William got the podium, and the crowd finally settled down.

                “Are you ready?” he yelled into the mic.

The crowd yelled back.

                “Fuck an intro, and fuck a speech. Let’s get on with this shit,” William declared. “Draw your swords.”

William took out a sword from the casing on his side followed by everyone else doing the same. As this happened Wes looked around in confusion while Kyle took his sword out. He finally realize people had casings on their sides.

                “Swords? What the hell?” Wes said.

                “Oh yeah, we’re coming in armed, but not with guns. We want to do it the old fashion way.”


                “They’re legal in all 50 states.”

                “But why didn’t I get one or know about it?”

                “They were sent in the mail when you signed up.”

Wes looked shocked as he gasped, remembering he never officially signed up.

                “Oh fuck it,” he uttered to himself.

                “To fucking victory!” William screamed.

He turned around and rushed forward. Everyone else rushed behind him waving their swords as they yelled. As people ran forward William stopped and allowed everyone to move by him. He started laughing in midst of the people moving.

                “Fucking idiots,” William laughed to himself as he turned back. “Have fun getting killed.”

When he turned around his eyes shat open when someone knocked him down on the ground. He got trampled as people just ran right over him, ignoring him. As more people trampled on him, he started coughing up blood.

                “Help me,” he wheezed reaching out.

People kept rolling over him, trampling him to death.


At the facility, soldiers with assault rifles, stood on top of the building with their guns out. There were more on turrets just pointed out towards the horizon.

                “Wait are we really about to shoot civilians?” one of the soldiers asked.

                “Hell yeah!” the other one responded.

They all laughed.

                “Hey I don’t care,” a soldier on the machine gun turret told. “If they’re stupid enough to think a million unarmed people can stop this 50 caliber, then go right ahead. I’m about to catch some bodies today. I’m talking about Chiraq rapper kind of level.”

They all laughed.

                “Wait a minute,” one of them spoke causing them to stop laughing. “Do you hear that?”

They all started listening as they heard a rumble coming closer, and the ground starting shaking.

                “No way,” one of them said.

One of them used his binoculars and looked out where he saw a horde of people with swords charging.

                “They’re here! Sound the alarm!” the soldier yelled. “Get to your positons!”

                “Oh this is going to be sweet,” a soldier declared smiling.

Part 2

In the oval office the president sat down watching the live feed of the raid. He sat there smiling.

In a room, people in suits were gambling and smoking cigars as they watched it.

                “We funa win big on these bets tonight!” one of the cheered.

At a house a boy ran down the stairs where his mom, dad, siblings, and dog was watching the raid on tv.

                “Hurry Jim, it’s starting!” his mom called out.

The boy jumped on the couch as the family watching in unison, enthralled.


The horde got closer to the compound. As this went on, inside the compound in a computer room people were looking at the computers showing the aerial feed of it in infrared. Behind them was the lead soldier from outside.

                “Not yet,” one of the people behind the computers stated. “Almost there, colonel, come on.”

                “Get them bastards,” the soldier who was the colonel stated.

They watched as the numerous dots on the screen got closer to the compound.

                “Now!” the man behind the computer yelled.

He pressed a button.

Outside, the horde got closer to the compound but were still acres away.

                “Fucking voodoo magic nigga!” a rusher screamed.

Suddenly the ground caved in and a tremendous ball of fire erupted as explosions came from the ground.

                “Holy shit!” a soldier on top of the building exclaimed with enthusiasm as he watched the show.

The ground kept exploding with numerous explosions devouring people as they kept running. Now explosions and screams filled the air as the soldiers just watched on.

Back in the computer room, they watched as many of the dots disappeared.

                “How many is that?” the colonel asked.

                “Almost 100 thousand killed, and numbers are increasing rapidly!” the man behind the computer reported excitedly.

                “That’s only a small percentage, so don’t get too excited,” the colonel retorted.

Back outside, bombs kept going off, sending people flying into the air. Body parts flew in the air, people getting tossed, and the ground was filled with explosions, corpses, limbs, and blood. In the chaos was Wes and Kyle who thankfully were in the middle, who now stopped to see the carnage in front of them.

                “There has to be another way in,” Wes told Kyle.

                “Are you serious, this is the only way,” he told back as the bombs went off in front of them. “We have to keep pushing!”

Now the horde was scattered as people were being separated by the bombs all in irregular patterns, but one thing remained, they kept pushing forward for the most part.

                “Those were all the bombs we had,” the computer guy revealed back in the computer room.

They look at the screen where majority of the dots were gone.

                “It’s over 500 thousand!” the computer guy shouted.

Everyone in the room cheered, even the military man who was smiling.

                “Good, now let’s leave the rest of them for the bullets,” the colonel remarked.

Outside the soldiers had their guns out on top of the building.

                “Rain fire!” one of them yelled.

They let loose on the horde, shooting their bullets out, spraying everyone they could hit. As Wes and Kyle kept running, they saw as people around them were getting torn apart by bullets.

                “Keep pushing!” Kyle screamed as they kept running.

At this point, defense was not an option. There was no way to get around it, all they could do was just run towards the entrance, and hope they made it alive as there  was no time to stop and think.

As they kept running, Wes took a look at what was going around him. Some people were running on fire, while one guy who was missing an arm, calmly just picked up his other arm off the ground.

On the building, the soldiers cheered as they massacred the running people.

                “This is better than Afghanistan!” one of the soldiers cheered.

                “They’re getting close!”

They kept firing, mowing down the horde, and shrinking it to numbers, but they rushers kept rushing, getting closer until they finally hit the wall.

                “Keep shooting!” a soldier yelled.

As people were at the wall banging on it, they were dropping like flies from the fire above. With bodies pilling up, the soldiers had a clear advantage, until eventually people were jumping on the corpses and using them as ladders. This kept happening until finally, the corpses were stacked high enough to allow people to make it over the wall.

Someone jumped over the wall, but they were instantly shot. Then more people made it over with their swords. A soldier had his head cut off before he could even fire, being the first casualties from the soldiers. The people stormed the turrets, getting mowed down until they eventually overwhelmed the soldier and threw him off the building.

Someone had pressed the button to the barrier opening it, and allowing everyone to storm into the main door that was the last line of defense into Area 51.

                “Holy shit, they’re at the door,” someone stated in the computer room.

                “It’ll hold,” the colonel told.

                “I don’t know, sir,” they still have around 100 thousand people.”

The colonel gulped.

Outside people kept banging against the huge metal door as they screamed. Some banged their heads, others banged their fist, then others just stabbed at the door like idiots.

                “Ram it!” someone yelled.

They starting to ram the door with their shoulders. As they kept doing it, the ram got harder, starting to cause a dent in it. Back on the inside, the colonel came up with soldiers as they had their guns out meanwhile scientist in white suits looked on scared.

A few tanks rolled up next to them pointed at the entrance.

                “They bust in here, give them everything you’ve got!” the colonel ordered.

One of the soldiers was shaking.

                “Oh my god, I can’t believe this is happening,” he quivered

The metal door kept caving in, then finally it busted open, letting loose thousands of people rushing it. The guards let loose as well, firing everything they had along with the tanks. The scene was pure chaos as if it could get any worst. Totally bloodshed and slaughtered on both sides as the rushers were getting mowed down, while the soldiers were getting stabbed. Some even made it on top of the tank, where they got inside and killed the occupants. Scientist weren’t spared either as they were sliced up by the rushers.

                “Fall back! Fall back!” a soldier screamed.

                “Fucking cowards,” the colonel uttered to himself.

He start busting at rushers who ran to him, nailing them in the head. As he kept shooting them, they got closer to him. He went to reload but just as he did, he was struck in the stomach with a sword. He dropped to his knees as his attacker looked at him.

                “You seem high ranking with all them stars,” the attack said. “Tell me where the aliens are at?”

The colonel spat his blood at the attacker.

                “Fuck you.”

The attacker swung his sword and cut the colonel’s head clean off. Wes and Kyle made it on into the facility. Kyle was completely enthralled by the scene of bloodshed while Wes looked shocked as he breathed heavily.

                “We have to find Heath,” Wes mentioned.

                “And how do you suppose we do that?” Kyle asked rhetorically. “The best way to do it is to kill all the soldiers, and once everyone is dead, then we can find him easier.”

                “This is crazy, I can’t do that,” Wes said.

                “Die!” a young soldier screamed with his gun firing at them as he rushed to them.

Wes on reaction swung the sword and cut the soldier across the chest, killing him. Wes looked at the soldier seeing how he was no older than he was, and he was put into a trance seeing the dead body. It was the first time he actually killed someone.

                “Oh my god, I killed a man,” Wes spoke looking at the body. “I have never done that. Kyle I don’t-.”

He looked to the side where he saw Kyle stabbing at soldiers on the ground.

                “No please,” a soldier cried

Kyle raised the sword and stuck it into the soldier as he smiled and grinned.

                “This shit is better than Call of Duty!” Kyle cheered. He started rushing forward, then he stopped to look at his friend. “Come on!”

Wes looked at the blood on his hands.

                “I must, I must,” he repeated to himself.

He took a deep breath, closing his eyes, then a vengeful look appeared on his face. He marched on. Going further down the compound, the horde of rushers continued to get fired on, but ultimately overwhelmed the soldiers they came across. They constantly rushed the soldiers using the numbers to the advantage. They were taking heavy losses, but with their numbers, the soldiers were no match.

They entered into a part where weapons where at, all looking like they came out of a sci-fi movie.

                “Damn!” someone cheered. “This some Halo type shit!”

People picked up the weapons off the rack and from the capsules and starting playing with them. Some fired, shooting out blue energy destroying walls.

                “Holy shit!” someone yelled.

They came across a small space ships and other kind of advance vehicles.

                “Now this is my shit!” another person exclaimed.

He jumped onto the bike, and pressed a button. It started floating in the air.

                “Yall see this?” the guy on the bike yelled.

He cheered as he got into the air with it. It took off, but he lost control and crashed into the wall. People looked on but they continue to rush forwards, now with their new found weapons, getting whatever they can scavenge. Some even took the soldiers weapons, as now the horde had modern and advance weaponry.

In the horde, Kyle and Wes had picked up a few advance pistols, now shooting at the soldiers who were no match for their weapons. The horde made it into another section where a scientist was at scared.

Someone rushed up to the scientist grabbing him on the coat.

                “Where the fuck are the aliens, and don’t lie to me, I know you have them.”

The scientist shaking, pointed down the corridor.

                “You don’t want to go in there, they’re locked up for a reason.”


The rusher blew the scientist head off with the advance technology.

                “Hey everybody, we’re about to see some fucking aliens!”

Everyone cheered and followed the guy down the coordinator. He had the scientist name tag, and swiped at the door. The big metal doors slide open, revealing a huge room, causing people to awe in disbelief at what they saw.

Hundreds of pods containing all kinds of aliens were in the room. The aliens were floating in water as they were unconscious with tubes in their mouths. Someone pressed a button on a console and all pods open, partly flooding the room up a few feet, before the water went away. The aliens opened their eyes, slowly getting to their feet as people ogled.

                “You’re free,” someone in front of the group, with a free the aliens’ shirt, uttered as a small alien approached him.

He stuck his hand out as the alien looked at his hand. The man smiled at the alien as the alien felt on his hand.

Suddenly the alien ripped the man’s arm completely off. He started yelling, then the alien jumped on top of him and ripped his head off. Many more aliens, stormed the people. Some people ran away, while others start shooting at the aliens.

In midst of the chaos, a green female alien with 3 boobs was wandering away.

                “Aye!” someone called out to it.

She turned and saw a group of 3 guys, with blunts in their hands.

                “Holy shit! You is bad as fuck!” one of them exclaimed. 

                “She got 3 tits, what I tell you, it’s just like that movie!”

The alien smiled at them.

                “Damn I think she wants some human dick!”

The alien started taking off her shirt causing the 3 to get excited.

When she took off her shirt, her chest separated revealing teeth, causing them to gasp.

                “What the fuck!” one of them yelled.

A long ass tongue shot out of her chest, cutting one of them down between the waist. His torso slid off his legs, and his intestines fell out. They screamed and tried to run, but her tongue wrapped both of them, and brought them to her chest where the teeth chewed them up. Instantly the alien shape shifted into one of her slain victims.

Down another corridor, the alien hunters were shooting at tiny grey aliens who were running away.

                “Oh boy this is great!” the leader of the alien hunters from the previous interviews cheered as he kept mowing down the small aliens.

Some of the small aliens hid behind a desk.

                “Come on out you little bastards!” he yelled.

He caught sight of them, and shot one of their legs off. He then walked over to it as he bled and crawled on the ground. He stood over it look at it in its black eyes.

                “You thought you were going to steal my tax paying dollars, didn’t ya,” he called out as the alien looked defenseless like a wounded animal. “Well welcome to America you illegal fuck!”

The man stepped on the alien’s face, and kept stomping on it as its green blood shot up.

                “Let’s keep killing these illegal aliens!” he cheered as he continued to shoot his human weapon with his boys at aliens.

He stood there popping numerus aliens of different species as they fled from him. He cheered with his boys like maniacs.

                “Go back to Mars!” he cheered.

One of his cronies who stood by door stopped to cheer, jumping up and down.

                “Hey dad, I shot another one!” he yelled.

                “That’s good son!”

                “Yeah!” the son called out.

The son kept jumping up and down, dancing like an idiot until he heard huge footsteps. He turned to the door into the darkness where the sound was coming from. His jaw dropped as he was force to look up at what had come out.  A big alien, standing over 10 feet tall, and having to weight a ton, with huge muscles and a mean face looked directly at him.

                “Holy shit!” the son yelled.

The alien bitch slapped the son across the room sending him to the wall where his body spattered, leaving a blood mark on the wall.

                “No!” the leader yelled.

Another one of his cronies ran up to the big alien shooting at him, but the bullets kept bouncing off.

                “That was my brother you mother fucker!” the other brother yelled.

The alien grabbed the brother by the waist picking him up off the ground. He then grabbed his head, turned him sideways, and ripped him apart, in front of his father and his team. The alien threw the body, and started walking away.

                “Hey space nigger!” the father/leader yelled causing the alien to turn around.

They glared at each other.

                “You travel millions miles across space, and you’re still a space nigger,” the leader insulted.

The alien started huffing and puffing. The leader smiled as if he knew that word made the alien mad as if the alien could understand him.

                “That’s right,” the leader spoke, grinning. “You can have all the technology, and you still a space nigger.”

The alien charged at the man and he started shooting with his group. As the alien charged, he kept knocking the shooters out the way, killing them in the process, as he kept moving towards the leader who kept shooting useless bullets.

                “You think you going to get my hard earn dollars?” the leader barked as he kept shooting while the alien got closer to him. “You think you can come here and live off of the backs of hardworking Americans?”

The alien was now in line of sight as there was nobody else but him and the leader.

                “Well fuck that, and fuck you! I’m sending your ass back to whatever shithole you came from, you goddamn space ni-!”

The alien stopped and raised his boot. The leader gasped, then the alien brought it down stomping his head. His boot ran through the leader’s body, smashing it to the ground and crushing it. The alien wiped his boot of blood and spat at the bloody heap. He rushed over where he caused my damage killing whoever was in his way.

Wes looked around constantly where he was at, far away from the fighting. Kyle had gone on to continue to fight as they agreed to meet in the front if they survived.

As Wes ran around he opened a door, he halted at the sight of a man with a hat that said FUCK THE ALIENS, MURICA, who was butt naked with a male alien. The two looked at Wes.

                “This isn’t what it looks like,” the man stated.

Wes shut the door and kept walking. Running pass him was a girl with a free the alien shirt on who was being chased by an alien.

                “Oh my god, why did I ever think freeing them was a good idea!” she yelled.

A naked man ran running past him crying.

                “I came here for snacks, but I ended up being the snack!” the man cried.

He kept walking and then he saw a flying saucer flying through the building. Inside was a man smoking pot with an alien who was completely high as hell.

                “Aye this my shit! I got my little alien nigga and we out!” the pot smoker yelled.

The saucer shot out a ray to the ceiling and flew away. As Wes kept walking and looking he found nothing as now he was alone.

                “Wes!” a voice called out.

He looked to where it came from, and there he was standing right in front of him, his brother Heath. Wes couldn’t believe his eyes as he was in disbelief.

He approached his brother in the hallway they were out, as bodies surrounded them. Wes just looked at Heath still in shock, as his brother looked calm.

                “How did-.”

                “Now’s not the time,” Heath interrupted. “Time is running out, and you must listen. I faked my death so I could work on a project full time. The government killed John Namath and created the raid. They wanted the raid to happen so they can give the dead bodies to the aliens we’ve been working with in exchange for more of their technology.”

                “Working with?” Wes questioned. “Look around you, it looks like these aliens hate us, and they have good reason to be. They were locked in cages.”

                “We lied to them and told them that their fellow comrades were helping us, but instead we would just take them when they were sent here, and keep them in cells to experiment on them. We bit off more than we can chew, I’ll tell you that.”

A loud roar was hear above them as the ground started to shake.

                “What was that?” Wes asked.

Heath took out a tablet and checked on it. He showed Wes it which was camera feed from the skies above, showing numerous ships hovering over the building.

                “The aliens, they got freed, and told their friends what really went down here, and now they’re pissed. I’ll tell you we had no idea the raid would be successful.  We underestimated the power of stupidity.”

                “So you guys fucked us, is that it?” Wes interrogated. “Got to greedy, betrayed your own race and the aliens, and now we’re all going to die because of it.”

                “No we’re not,” Heath informed.

He showed Wes a watch. It didn’t look like any other watches. It looked pretty futuristic.

                “What is this?” Wes asked.

                “It’s the other project I was working on.”

Heath pressed a button and a holographic projection of the Earth popped up with numbers circling around it. The year showed up, as Heath pressed another button, a different year showed.

                “It’s time travel Wes. I’m going back in time to stop John from dying to prevent all of this. Once I’m done, everything will be back to normal.”

                “Will you visit us then?”


Wes smiled and they hugged each other. Suddenly Heath’s smile vanished.

                “Look out!” Heath yelled pushing Wes out the way.

He was instantly shot by a blue alien in the chest. Wes instantly shot at the alien killing it. He ran over to his brother who had a hole in his chest, completely through his ribs and heart. In his hands was the watch. Wes cried a little until he got an idea. He grabbed the watch and pressed a button, causing a portal to open up. He looked back at his brother’s dead corpse causing a tear to fall from his eyes. He took a moment to look at the dead bodies down the hall and listen to the sound of the massacre between the walls.

“I’m going to make it better,” he faintly smiled

He stepped into the portal, then vanished as it swallowed him and disappeared in thin air.

Part 3

When he reappeared he was in an office kind of room. He looked around then he saw a man with his back turned towards him in a suit.    

                “This is it John, the moment the world’s been waiting for,” the man spoke.

                “John Namath,” Wes called out.

John turned around stunned.

                “How did you get in here?”

                “Look now’s not the time. You must not go out there, you’re going to get killed.”

                “Another conspiracy?” John chuckled. “Look I gotta do this, so run along before I call security.”

                “I’m from the future!” Wes yelled causing a moment of silence. “If you really worked at Area 51, you might know a guy name Heath, and about the time traveling watch he designed.

                “That’s it, I’m calling the security.”

                “Fuck it,” Wes told himself.

He pressed on the watch and vanished causing John to freeze at what he saw. Wes suddenly appeared again coming out the portal with an old gun. He threw it at John’s feet.

                “That’s a revolutionary war pistol. I was able to get it off a dying soldier, now you believe me?” Wes asked.

John’s mouth hung wide open as he just stood there trembling.              

                “I don’t believe it.”

                “Well believe it, because we’re running out of time,” Wes explained “The government set you up. They’re planning on assassinating you out there, so they can cause hysteria within the public. From that, they’ll orchestrate a raid on Area 51 which millions of people will join. Their plan is to give the corpses from the raid to aliens in exchange for more technology, but they get overran, and the aliens escape leading to a full scale invasion.”

John stood there still frozen as it appeared he was convinced. All of a sudden a grin stretched across his face to Wes’ surprised, and he started laughing.

                “Oh my god, you really are stupid, aren’t you?” John laughed causing Wes to be confused. “I know all about their plan.”

                “You do?”

                “Of course, I agreed to it!” John revealed. He opened his suit jacket, revealing a bulletproof vest underneath it. “They gave me a vest to survive it, faking my death, and afterwards they’ll send me to some different country with a shit load of cash. And now since you told me what happens in the future, I’ll make sure to tell them so they can reevaluate their raid strategy for a better outcome, thanks a lot kid!”

                “You’re crazy,” Wes uttered. “I can’t believe you would lie and betray millions of people who trusted you.”

                “What are you, 12? Wake the fuck up, this is America!” John picked up the gun and aimed it at Wes. “You even provided me with a weapon to kill you. Boy you must really like me.”

                “Wait there’s something you need to know,” Wes told holding his hands up. “They don’t shoot you in the chest, they shoot you in the head, killing you.”

John’s eyes shot open as he lowered the gun.

                “What, they wouldn’t,” he argued.

                “Yes they would, so it seems like they took you out as a loose end, so now foreign country and no money like you were promise,” Wes revealed, breaking a smile.

                “I don’t believe you.”

Wes reached towards his pockets.

                “Aye!” John yelled pointing the gun at Wes.

                “I’m just getting my phone,” Wes told.

He grabbed his phone and searched the web. He threw the phone at John who picked it up while still aiming the gun at Wes. John looked at the phone, then gasped.

                “No,” John gasped. “Why?”

He saw the screen which showed the news of his death with his brains blown out. Tears fell from his eyes as he saw his dreams fall apart.

                “Now you see,” Wes spoke. “They don’t give a shit about you, me, or anyone else expect for money and power. The question is what are you going to do about it?”        

                “What can I do?” John asked desperately. “I’m a dead man regardless.”

                “Not if you escape right now. Flee to a country that gives asylum and leak the information you already have. That way people will know the truth, and won’t feel the need to raid Area 51 for it. They will force the government to disclose everything, meanwhile you’ll be safe.”

                “There’s just one problem, kid,” John answered. “I never worked at Area 51. I’m just a puppet used by the government for this whole scheme, they’ve been planning for years.”

Wes’ jaw dropped as he couldn’t believe what he had heard.

                “Are you kidding me?”

                “I’m sorry,” John stated. “I fucked up everything.”

He pointed the gun at his head.

                “Wait no!” Wes yelled.

Before he could move to stop John, he pulled the trigger, blowing his brains out.

                “Ladies and gentleman, John Namath!” a voice outside called out through the microphone.

Now his heart was racing as he was sweating. Wes didn’t have time to freak out over John’s death, he kept looking back between the body and the curtains, knowing he had to think of something. He gulped as he stared at the curtains.

The curtains open as people clapped, and out came Wes traipsing to the podium. People stopped clapping, looking confused at him with dead silence in the area. Wes got to the microphone as he looked on with stage fright like a little 3rd grader with it.

                “Where is John?” someone called out.

                “We want John!” someone yelled causing everyone else to repeat it.

Wes scanned through the chanting crowd, sweating profusely as he didn’t know what to say.

                “Everyone shut the fuck up!” he yelled silencing the crowd.

He took a deep breath.

                “John is in the John,” Wes lied trying to buy himself some time.

The crowd started chuckling. Wes forced a brief smile, trying to forget about the nervous wreck he was in.

In a building nearby was man with a sniper pointed at Wes. He had an earpiece in his ear.

                “Sir,” the man spoke through the ear peace. “You want me to take this kid out?”

                “No, because if you waste your bullet on him, then we’ll have no other choice but to cancel the shot on John, delaying this event for another day, and who knows what will happen then, wait until John comes out and stick to the plan.”

Back on the stage Wes gathered his thoughts, then his eyes lit up. He rolled down his sleeve, giving sight of the time traveling watch. He raised it in the air.

                “I am from the future,” Wes revealed. He felt the seconds ticking down as he knew it was now only a matter of time before he got shot.

People laughed again.

                “Oh you don’t believe me?” Wes chuckled. He pressed some buttons on the watch. “Believe this!”

After pressing another button, a portal appeared, and Wes jumped into it. He reappeared through the portal and the audience gasped at what was on stage. Wes was holding the corpse of an alien.

                “Here is an alien from the raid on Area 51 in the future!” Wes yelled holding up the grey alien in the air. He reached into his pocket and took out the futuristic pistol. “And here is a piece of advance technology. He fired it into the air, shooting a blue energy blast.

When he looked back at the crowd he saw how everyone had put their phones away when he had first arrived, now had them out showing it. Wes started smiling, seeing the crowd was convinced. He dropped the alien and the gun and put his hands out.

                “You want me motherfuckers!” Wes yelled. “They know the truth! So come and shoot me if you like! I’m right here!”

Through his poised and confidence, hid beneath him the fear of his life ending. He felt as the seconds were dialing down and his life span was getting shorter. At any moment, he knew the bullet will fire, and he would be dead. Then he remembered all he had lost, and finally decided to not give a fuck. Through his yelling, it gave him rage to not care about life or death. He closed his eyes, taking a breath, ready for the end.

As he stood there, he realized there was no sound of a gunshot, no bullet, and no screams. He opened he eyes to see people still filming him, people who were now believers. He grabbed the advance gun and alien and threw them into the ground where people rushed over to it to take pictures, film, and inspect them.

                “That’s your evidence, aliens, futuristic technology, and much more do exist at Area 51, and the government has lied to us all. But don’t seek answers through violence such as storming Area 51. You will all die,” John explains as now the crowd kept their eyes on him. “Instead pressure your senators to investigate, and put people like the CIA in testimony to disclose more information.”

People started nodding their heads at Wes as he looked on at them, he was feeling it.

Suddenly a gun shot rang out hitting him in the head. The crowd screamed and run away. As Wes’ corpse stood there in his own blood, a guy from the crowd jumped on stage and run to Wes’s body. He snatched the time traveling watch off of Wes’ cold wrist and held it up, smiling.

                “It’s mine!” the man yelled!”

He was sniped in the head, and his body slumped next to Wes. Suddenly two men in black in shades from the crowd got on the stage and one of them took the watch, and put it in a briefcase, unseen by everyone who was running away, not paying them any attention. They hurried out the back through the curtain.

Back in a laboratory stood a man in a suit standing next to a man in a white coat as they stood on a platform looking through a window. On the deck they were looking at was a room filled with aliens in capsules, another room filled with advance weaponry, then another where a few human workers were fucking some alien females. They looked like they didn’t enjoy it. Back in the laboratory, the man in the suit had a briefcase.

                “This is a god damn mess, in weeks we’re going to get ransacked by politicians demanding to be shown everything, and in months we’ll be shut down,” the suit spoke. “Unless.”

                “What is it?” the man in the lab coat asked.

                “This is your design, so you should know how to use it,” the suit spoke.

                “It’s still months ahead of what I have right now. I haven’t even finished it, so this may be difficult to use,” the lab coat wearing man explained.

                “You’re a smart guy, we trust you.”

The suit man opened the briefcase revealing a blood stained time traveling watch.

                “You know your objective don’t you??” the suit asked.

                “Go back in time before all of this and kill the kid before he could ever stop the assassination of John.”

                “And then our plan goes on like we wanted it.”

                “But it doesn’t seem right. Why would he go back in time to stop all of it. What if he was trying to prevent the raid, what if something bad happens?”

                “You mean besides millions of people getting killed to be sold to aliens. I don’t know what else,” the suit wearing man spoke sarcastically.

                “I don’t know,” the other man sighed.

                “it’s not your job to know, you know your job, so do it. It shouldn’t be any problem killing that kid would it.”

The man in the coat took the watch, staring at it before he took a deep breath looking back at the man in the suit.

                “No,” declared.

                “That’s good,” the suit wearing man spoke. “He died already today by our bullet, and he’ll day again in the past by it. It’s like it was destiny.”

The man in the suit walked away laughing. As the man looked at the blood stained watch, he remembered back to the kid who was wearing it that day, how it was his blood. He remembered seeing the video of him getting his cap peeled back like a watermelon, but out of all the sorrow he remembered something beyond that. He remembered the moments he shared with that kid, and how it all led up to one day when he faked his own death to leave his family behind. How much he would give to see that kid again, and let him know his brother loved him. Heath stood there alone, looking distressed.

 As the man in the suit was having a drink in his office, a red alert went off. He typed on his computer and saw footage of the laboratory where Heath was shown, dismantling the watch.

                “Son of a bitch!” the man in the suit yelled.

As Heath kept dismantling the watch the doors opened letting in the man in the suit who was accompanied by a few soldiers with guns pointing at him.

                “What the hell are you doing?” the suit asked.

                “You mother fuckers killed my brother!” Heath yelled.

The suit looked surprised.

                “Brother?” he gasped, then he smiled and chuckled. “Oh that kid was your brother? What are you sad about, you’re the one who asked for his death to be faked, so he can get away from them.”

                “Doesn’t mean I don’t love him.”

                “Well don’t worry, after we kill you because we’re going to kill you now, we’ll kill him in the present, then go back in time and kill him there, so you’ll be with all versions of him.” He turned to the soldiers. “Kill him.”

                “Wait!” Heath yelled, putting up the watch as his hand was on a button. “You kill me, my finger goes off this button, and we all blow up with this entire building.”

                “Bullshit. It’s a time traveling watch, not a bomb,” the suit argued.

                “Wrong, I put it in a fail switch just in case it got in the wrong hands, and I activated it, so unless you want to die with everything in here, you will let walk out of here with it.”

The suit glared at Heath, but saw how serious Heath was.

                “Fuck it,” the suit said. “He’s bluffing, shoot him anyways.”

The soldiers just looked at each other nervously as they didn’t shoot. The suit noticed and got angry.

                “Well what are you waiting for, shoot him!” the suit yelled.

                “Sir, he may be telling the truth,” a soldier uttered.

                “I didn’t ask for your opinion!”

The suit grabbed one of the rifles and killed the soldier. He then lit up Heath’s chest, sending him out the window, and crashing down. When the suit ran over, he saw Heath’s corpse surrounded by workers looking at the scene. The suit started laughing.     

                “Back to work!” the suit yelled then started laughing. “That damn motherfucker thought he could fool me.”

The suit continued laughing but unknown to him Heath’s fingers slide off the button, then the suit heard a beeping noise, shutting his laughter off.

                “Oh shit,” he gasped.

An explosion emitted from the watch, devouring the entire building in flames. In the coffee shop, people watched as the news had the headline US AIRFORCE FACILITY AKA AREA 51 DESTROYED COMPLETELY IN A EXPLOSION, as the footage showed a fire miles away from where it was being recorded.

                “Hey everybody!” a man in the coffee shop screamed. “So the government just destroyed their own secret facility after it was revealed they been hiding out on us, and aliens do exist. I say we raid the Whitehouse for answers!”

Everyone cheered.

6 months later

A man in the suit raced down the hallway in the white house, until he ran into the oval office.

                “Sir, the Raid on the white house just broke 12 million participants. They got people coming all over the world, including government officials from different countries.”

The chair turned around revealing the president who was smoking a cigar while getting a blow job by two big titie broads. In his other hand was m-4 he was cocking. He smiled.

                “Let the games begin.”