The new Lion King movie is out, as fans are rushing to see it. With the showing of it, there has been positive and negative things towards the movies. From watching the movie, there are many key things the movie missed that made it fall short of being a great one. This is for no comparison to the original, even alone this movie misses the mark.

Before getting into where it went wrong it’s important to look at where it went right. The movie most of all stuck to the original story, and didn’t change too much to the point where it was completely different. It also had great music especially with Hans Zimmer whose soundtracks brings everything to life.

Also the emotion when it came to the relationship between Mufasa and Simba, father and son was good in the movie. By showing the arc of a father and son’s love for each other, the movie kept itself together. That is something it did great in.

With that being said, it’s now time to look at what Lion King got wrong.

Mufasa’s Death

The story is the biggest fault of the new movie. Not what it was, but how it was done. From looking at it, there are subtle and small changes that did a huge amount on the movie as a whole.

When Mufasa died in the original, Scar said long live the king just like he did in this new one. The only difference is how it was delivered. The way Scar said it in the original was slow and devious as well as subtle allowing Mufasa to see what is about to happen right before Scar let him go. It was subtle, but it meant a lot. This time the movie went straight forward and let it be shown that Scar killed Mufasa when he said the line and swiped his face. With it being so straight forward, it took out the meaning behind it, also Mufasa didn’t even see it coming which makes it all of sudden.

This can be blamed on the particular actor and how he didn’t deliver like the original, but a lot also has to do with the direction. Regardless of how the actor delivered the lines, the movie could have not had Scar swipe Mufasa, and stuck to the original.

The Final Fight

The final fight is one of the most dramatic scenes of the original Lion King movie. Simba finds out the truth, the lions finally take a stand, and Scar ultimately dies. Filled with so much dramatic and climatic moments, the remake fails to deliver on its execution to have the same dramatic weight. The remake does follow the path of the original as it keeps the same moments such as the ones mentioned above, but it’s how the remake did them is what makes the scene fall short.

In the original one, right before the fight Scar calls out Sarabi, and ultimately it leads to him hitting her when she mentions Mufasa. Throughout the entire movie both original and remake, Scar is shown to be an envious character who only wants the throne. However, in the remake, all of a sudden, there is a scene where Scar mentions how Sarabi was supposed to be his wife. This new arc was never in the original, and now in the remake it turns Scar from an evil character who only wants power, to one who also wants love. This hinders Scar’s character because it takes away what his entire character was built on, the lust of power. By adding this new element into the story, he doesn’t stand as strong for now it seems like he is also jealous of Mufasa for his wife, which actually makes him seem petty, corny, and childish rather than wanting only the throne. He makes his ideas seem more grounded than very high as wanting the throne is higher and bigger than just wanting someone’s wife.

Another aspect of the scene is how Scar reveals he killed Mufasa. In the original one, Simba forces Scar to do it as he steps on his throat. This makes Simba seem strong, but also reveals how weak Scar can be. However, in the remake, the only way the lions find out is because they overheard Scar when he was telling Simba how he remembered how his father died. This is a lazy move on the movie, by giving out information so easily. In the original one, it had more weight as the main characters had to work for the reveal, which was by Simba choking on Scar. It makes the reveal feel earn. How the remake did it through the lions just hearing it, and Scar had no other explanation so he just told his hyenas to kill them, it makes it feel lazy and too easy. It’s almost like the way Scar felt was how the makers of the remake felt, they didn’t have an explanation so they took the easy way out.

Mufasa’s Ghost

Although this happened before the main fight, this deserves to be last on the list for it is a main topic. The remember scene in which Mufasa’s ghost visits Simba is one of the most important scene in the original movie. It had an emotional and excellent soundtrack as well as the lines delivered. Simba is feeling weak and just wanting to quit, and Mufasa motivates him to push on and take his place. This is something people can relate to in real life. However, in the remake, many of the lines were not the same. We didn’t get the line such as “You have forgotten who you are, and so forgotten me” which is a very important line. We didn’t even get the line “remember”, or when Simba said “I’m not who I once was.” All of these lines are important in conveying the emotion, theme, and message of the scene. Instead the scene which was supposed to be an epic and emotional one, felt a little rushed.


Emotion is talked about a lot in this article, and it’s important because the Lion King movie from the 90[‘s was an emotional one, and a lot of the criticism for the remake is it lacked emotion. When the trailer for the remake was first shown, a lot of the critics talked about how the cgi looked too real where it became plain, and not a lot of art was involved. The main problem with the cgi in the movie is the lack of emotion. We didn’t see expressions or emotions on the characters’ faces. When characters would laugh, their faces didn’t change base off of it, instead it stayed the same like they were robots, and that’s how many of them felt like as if they were robots. They looked the same all the way. Of course it’s hard to show a real life lion smile, and because the movie’s cgi looked almost like real life, it faltered. When looking at the characters they seem too real. Yes in some cases the more real the cgi looks the better, but that’s usually when it comes to things that are already fiction and couldn’t be shown in real life such a space fights and aliens. But when it comes to animals, making them seem real, takes out the artistic and uniqueness that the original’s animation had. From looking at the lions they all look the same. There is no red mane on Simba and Mufasa, Scar isn’t orange to convey that he is evil; they all look the same even the animals too, and it makes them bland. What the movie could have done is used motion captured on its main characters to capture the emotion. Just like how the new Planet of the Apes trilogy, The Lord of the Rings, and the Hobbit did with its characters, the lion king could have done it as well. This would have done so much for the movie as then we could have seen the subtle expression on Mufasa’s face right as he knew he was going to die, or the devious smile on Scar’s as he said long live the king; major things the movie missed.


The new Lion King movie isn’t a bad or terrible one. It had some good and memorable moments filled with emotions that would bring someone to tears. It just had some weak points in which it failed to deliver fully. This isn’t a review, or a rant saying the movie is bad and shouldn’t be watched. It was a good movie, which people should go see and take their kids with. This isn’t an article that compares it to the original because even on its own yes the movie was good, but it still failed in some points. This is just an analysis on how the movie could have been better to fully be as having an impact as it could have been.

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