Superman is one of the most iconic characters in comic book history and in the world. When you see his symbol, you can bet that is the son of Krypton. So it may come as a shock that the man of steel shares comparison with Jesus Christ. In order to understand how Jesus Christ can be similar to a comic book character, it’s key to look at Superman, in two recent movies Man of Steel (2013) and Dawn of Justice (2016).

In Man of Steel just like in all variations of the character, Superman is sent by his father to Earth. Superman looks like us, but he has abilities beyond human capabilities.  Here’s a very key scene in Man of Steel which shows that dynamic.


Think about that, a father sending his only son down to Earth, to save all of humanity. That is similar to the relationship between God and Jesus Christ. Along with that, one can see in the scene where Superman does a pose similar to Jesus Christ.

Along with that, there is another scene that is filled with Christ imagery. That scene is the church scene where Superman goes to a church after he feels like he doesn’t know what to do, only to speak with a priest.

In the scene, you can see Jesus Christ who is kneeling down asking for help just like Superman is. It also key to note that in the picture, Jesus wears a red cloth just like how Superman wears a red cape.

Now onto the movie’s sequel Dawn of Justice. Dawn of Justice received negative reviews from critics and polarizing reviews from fans. Nevertheless, what cannot be denied is its Christ imagery. Throughout the movie Lex Luthor talks about God, but what really sticks out is how Superman dies in the movie. Superman is killed when he sacrifices himself to save the planet from Doomsday. He is impaled by Doomsday, but was weakened by the Kryptonite, something Batman helped to create. Doomsday was created by Lex Luthor. Just like Superman is killed by humans in a way, so was Jesus. Even when Superman died, the movie was able to slip in some Christ imagery.

In the picture above, the light shines on Superman’s body as there is a cross behind them. From Superman’s death, he rises in the end, just like how Jesus rose.


If one was to really stretch it, you can note that Dawn of Justice came out on March 25th 2016, 2 days before Easter, which was the 3rd day that Dawn of Justice was out. 3rd day, just like the Bible says Jesus  rose on the 3rd day. But of course that’s really stretching it. Nevertheless, Superman’s connection with Jesus Christ can be seen throughout all parts of the character not just in the two movies.


It is also important to know that Superman was originally created by two Jewish people. Through all of this, it’s no wonder why the Man of Steel seems to have such a strong resemblance to Jesus Christ. So next time, you think Superman is a boring character, remember what he represents.


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