When customers at a diner are being killed off mysteriously, they began to question if one of them is the killer.

The cold and brutal rain was pouring drastically as the thunder roared loud and frightening. The customers inside the diner didn’t seem much bothered by the harsh weather conditions as they tended to their meals. A man soon walked into the diner causing the doorbell to ring. He was dressed in a grey suit, with black church shoes. He had a black trench coat that went passed his knees. The rain drops had trickled down from his coat that protected his suit from the rain. He approached the wooden rectangular counter that stretched from one side of the diner to the other. He sat down in a circular roller chair with no cushion. As he was getting settled, he took off his trench coat and placed it in the seat next to him.

“Hello, sir, what can I get for you?” The waitress asked with a smile.

She seemed to be in her mid-30’s. She had dark orange curly hair, and huge dimples on her cheeks.

“Just a coffee please,” The man responded as he took a dollar out.

He gave it to the waitress, and she placed it in the cash register.

“What do I put it under sir?” The waitress asked.

“Neil Bakers.”

The waitress went back to the kitchen where she prepared the coffee.

“Hey baby! How about you come over here and give me some of that sweet thang!” A man yelled.

Neil turned to the side where a man was sitting three seats from him. The man looked the same age as Neil. The man had a black crew cut. He was dressed in tan slacks, and a brown long sleeve collar shirt. His face was not well groomed as the facial hair on his face ran wild.

“Come on baby, let me get some!” The man continued while the waitress ignored him.

The man turned to Neil with a scornful look.

“What are you looking at?” The man questioned.

Neil turned slowly back to the counter. The waitress approached Neil with a cup of coffee.

“Here you go Mr. Bakers.”


Neil took out 2 dollars and gave it to the waitress.

“A tip,” He smiled.


As the waitress put the 2 dollars in her pocket, the man came up and grabbed her arm.

“Hey baby, I see you were ignoring me. How about you stop acting like that, and give me some sugar.”

“How about you get lost!?” Neil urged as he got out of his seat.

The man let go of the waitress’ arm and proceeded to get up as well.

“Oh, and what are you about to do about?”

The two looked each other dead in the eyes. Neither of them were backing down.

“You been bothering this lady, and it’s not right.”

“Well, I think you’re bothering me now, and if you got a problem with it, how about we step outside and handle it?”

They grew more furious as the edge was close. Suddenly an older man around the age of 65 stepped in between the two.

“How about we all just chill. There’s no need to cause any trouble especially with this weather out,” The old man smiled as he was moving towards Neil.

“Whatever, I’ll take my plate somewhere else. I was just trying to have some fun,” The man scolded.

The man took his plate and sat down at a table near the windows. Neil went back to his seat.

“Thanks, sir,” Neil congratulated to the old man.

“No, problem. I had to deal with assholes like him all the time in the service.”

“Oh, you served as well?”

“Yeah, 77th division, France 1918. You?”

“65th Battalion, in Germany from 42 to 44.”

“How old are you son?”


“Well, nice talking to you.”

“Same here.”

The old man went back to his table. Neil went back to drinking his coffee.

“Hey thanks for helping me out,” The waitress declared.

“No problem. Do you deal with guys like that all the time?”


“Are there any other workers here?”

“Well in the morning and during the day, there’s more, but since it’s getting late, it’s just me and Henry, the cook. He’s in the back right now. We close up at 10, so we got like an hour before closing.”

“I’m surprised it’s still a couple of people here. Not a lot, but a few, especially at this time with this weather. They should all be home right now.”

“Yeah, I assume many are coming from work, since we do get a few at this time who come from work. Many of them either come from New York, or Connecticut. We’re right in between. What do you do by the way?”

“I work for an advertising firm down in Manhattan.”

“Manhattan? What are you doing in a diner out in the middle of nowhere that is many miles from Manhattan?”

“I’m going to visit my brother who lives in Connecticut.”

“You work on Wall Street?”


“Well, my name’s Grace by the way.”

“Well, nice to meet you Grace.”

Grace went back towards the kitchen. While Neil drank his coffee, he looked around the diner.

“Did you hear, a sista got arrested for not giving her seat up to a white woman?” One of the two men sitting at a table said to the other.

“Why the hell did she do that? She knows she couldn’t get away with it.”

“Turns out, that the white lady wanted a seat in the back since there were no more in the front, and I guess the sista wasn’t having it.”

“Well, that’s a start. We’ll see how that turns out.”

The two men sat from the opposite side of each other. There were in dirty clothes; they seemed like they worked at some kind of steel mill or factory. They looked to be a little bit younger than Neil. Neil saw the old man who continued to eat before he spotted the man who he had a dispute with. The man looked as if he was about to fall asleep.

“I’m the great fucking Victor, and no one can stop me,” The man muttered.

Neil figured he was drunk. There was a boy at the phone in the corner. He was wearing a high school varsity jacket.

“Yes, mom. I just had to go out and get something to eat. I’ll be home,” The boy spoke with a smile on the phone.

In another table, Neil spotted a boy in his mid-20’s who was reading a magazine. There they all were. Tending to their lives as everything was normal for them. Nothing was connected between them. They were all total strangers to one another. The doorbell rang again as the door opened. Suddenly, Grace released a huge scream that caught everyone’s attention. Neil turned around at the door where he saw a man with a bloody face stumbling in. He was limping very slowly. His face had blood all over it as if he was beaten severely. He was wheezing very fast as he was heading for the nearest empty table. Everyone in the diner had stood up to see the scene. No one said anything, they were just puzzled. The man was soaking wet with rain as each of his steps had left a print that was mixed with mud, water, and blood. He was in a navy blue suit, and he wore a black hat that went with the suit. When he finally sat down at a table near the window, his head slumped onto the table. The old man went over to the body slowly and placed his fingers on his neck.

“He’s dead.” The old man pronounced to everyone who had circled around the body at the table.

“Who he is?” Grace asked.

Neil dug his hand into the man’s pockets.

“He has nothing on him, so we can’t identify him.” Neil answered.

“But where did he come from?” The boy with the varsity jacket asked.

“He just came walking in out of nowhere. It looks like he’s been beaten. He had to been walking for several miles after he was attacked,” Victor muttered as he was still trying to get sense from the alcohol he drank.

“What the hell do we do?” The boy with the varsity jacket asked.

“We have to call the police,” The boy who was reading the book suggested.

Grace went towards the phone while everyone went back slowly to their table. She picked it up, but she quickly hung it up.

“It’s dead. It must be from the storm.”

Suddenly the lights went off. It was pitch black. Nothing could be seen. When the lights went back on, everyone looked around to see what happened.

“What the fuck was that?!” Victor barked.

“Oh my god,” The boy who was reading gasped.

Everyone looked to where the boy was looking. The two factory workers had both of their throats slit as their heads laid back which exposed their throat cut. The blood from the cut was fresh as it dripped down onto the seat. The gash on their throat was huge as it revealed their bloody flesh.

“How did that happen!?” Victor yelled.

“There’s a killer in here,” The old man concluded.

“What the hell!? In here!? Oh my god!” Grace cried.

“We just need to stay calm and stick together. Whoever the person is, they were able to move fast while the lights were on. They may still be inside, or even outside, but we must stick together,” Neil explained.

“For once, I’m with you,” Victor laughed.

Everyone in the diner were coming together in a circle.

“Are you kidding me? Stay in here when there’s a killer on the loose!? I’m fucking out of here!” The boy with the varsity jacket argued.

He ran towards the door.

“No wait!” Neil called out.

The boy went out the door and ran to his car in the rainy parked lot. Everyone inside the diner watched as he was getting into his car. He started it up, but it was no use. The car suddenly erupted into flames that devour the boy as well. Everyone in the diner jumped at the sight and sound of the explosion. Even the heavy rain was no match for the blazing fire that was raging on. As they looked on from the diner, they could see the boy’s corpse that was being crisped by the flames. It was as black as the night and as rotten as hell.

“We can’t leave,” The old man uttered causing everyone to look at him.

“Phone’s down, and it’s a trap outside. We have to do something,” The boy who was reading stated.

“What are we going to do!? Grace cried.

“Who would do something like this? Just go on a random killing spree for no reason? The boy who was reading wondered.

“Oh, I don’t think it’s random,” The old man mentioned.

“What do you mean?” Neil asked.

“When you experience the things I experienced in my lifetime, you start to see things differently. You realize not everything is what it seems. For example, you ever wondered how the lights turned off, the two men’s throats get cut, the boy’s car blows up? So many tactics requires so many different skills; a mad men wanting to just murder isn’t capable of having the mind to pull this off. No, this was calculated and well thought of. I’m starting to believe that this had a personal motive to it.”

“Personal? Different people were just killed, how is this personal?” Victor asked.

“Perhaps, the killer had a problem with one person who is either dead or can still be alive, and wants to kill everyone else to leave no witnesses.”

“That’s nice old man. Now what the fuck are we supposed to do?” Victor pestered.

“Well first we have to know what is going on. We have to know about each of the victims, but also each other as well. Doing that, we have to prepare just in case the killer strikes again, whether they’re inside or outside, we need to stick together. I suggest we sit near each other at the tables.”

The 5 of them sat at the same table. Neil, Victor, and Grace on one side; the old man and the boy who was reading on the other side.

“What I want to know is who was that who came in here? He had no identification on him. I’m thinking, he was the one that the killer wanted, and we’re the witnesses that he wants to kill,” Victor spoke.

“Or it could be any one of us, or the ones who died,” The boy who was reading brought up.

“Yeah, but how would the killer know, we would do what we did. Like the two men sitting where they were at, or even the boy going to his car?” Grace asked.

“Maybe all our cars are rigged,” Victor answered.

“Well, let’s get to know each other, so we can know if anyone of us would be the specific target. Doing that we can maybe find out who the killer is,” Neil presented, “I’m Neil, I work at an advertising agency in Manhattan. I was on my way visiting my brother in Connecticut when I stopped by here. I was sitting at the front table over there when the man came in, and when the lights went off. I haven’t had any problems with anyone, so I don’t know why anyone would want to kill me.”

“I’m Erin. I just got back from visiting my grandmother who finally came to America from China. I’m just a regular guy.”

“Well an old man like me really isn’t much to talk about. I’m Fred by the way. I’m just an old farmer, no problems here. I was picking up some things from the grocery store.”

“Of course, I’m Grace, and I work here.”

Everyone looked at Victor.

“What?” He put his hands up.

“Speak,” Neil ordered.

“Fuck, I’m Victor, and I was just trying to get something to eat.”

“All the way out here?” Erin questioned.

“Yeah, if you say so.”

“Victor, we all said what we were doing out here. Tell us the truth. This can help us find out who’s the one outside killing us,” Neil told.

“And who the hell are you to be going around ordering things. We don’t know each other, so don’t act like we do. I said want I needed to say, and that’s it.”

Victor went back to placing his head on the window.

“I need to get my coffee,” Fred announced as he got up.

He went over to the other table and grabbed his coffee. He took a few sips; he proceeded to walk back with the coffee in his hands. Out of nowhere he dropped the coffee cup. It shattered onto the floor.

“You alright?” Victor asked.

“Fred began coughing. His coughing grew more loud and harsh until he began coughing up small portions of blood.

“Oh shit!” Erin jumped.

Soon more blood began pouring out of Fred’s mouth. He was moving around fast as he didn’t know what to do. Everyone approached him.

“What do we do!?” Grace cried.

Fred dropped to both knees as he kept throwing up blood. After so many seconds of coughing, he dropped to the ground. He wasn’t moving anymore.

“Is he dead?” Erin asked as they surrounded Fred’s body.

“It seems like it?” Neil concluded.

“You know what? It was fucking Erin! Them Chinamen always have that killer tendency inside them!” Victor accused.

“Hey, fuck you! You’re just a drunk bastard!” Erin barked as he shoved Victor.

Victor shoved him back before Neil stepped in between the two and spread them both away with his arms.

“Hey, both of you, calm the fuck down!” Neil yelled.

Victor and Erin stopped.

“Now, he didn’t just cough out of nowhere. He drank the coffee,” Neil remembered.

“It was something in the coffee. Someone put something in it,” Erin addressed.

“Who would do that?” Victor asked.

He looked at Grace.

“You’re the waitress, you’re the one who makes the coffee.”

“Now, don’t accuse me of anything. I didn’t……..”

“What?” Erin wondered.

“Where’s Henry?”

“Who?” Victor asked.

“Henry, the cook!”

They all hurried to the back of the kitchen where the cook was meant to be. When they get there, it was empty.

“He ran out on us! It was him!” Victor claimed.

A repeated thud sound came from the freezer. It caught everyone’s attention. They slowly approached the freezer door. Victor pulled out a small pistol.

“You have a gun!?” Neil shrieked.

“I took it from one of them boys with their throats slit. It’s loaded.

Neil opened the freezer’s door fast; they jumped at the horrific sight in front of their eyes. It was the cook whose body was swinging in air by a chain wrapped around his neck.

“Oh my god, it’s Henry,” Grace wept.

His mouth and eyes were wide opened while his face was purple. They left the freezer and went back towards the front of the diner.

“You know, you should really give that gun to someone else. Someone who can handle it,” Neil suggested.

“Yeah, I bet you would want that wouldn’t you? Well this gun is staying with me, and I’m staying by myself.”

Victor went over to a seat by the counter.

“We have to sit together,” Grace reminded.

“Why? Who to say the killer isn’t one of you?”

“Now, you’re just being crazy.” Neil added.

“Really? Like someone is really outside during this storm and is able to pull these stunts off. Are you people really that gullible?”

Erin, Grace, and Victor looked at each other.

“One of you know, I’m telling the truth because one of you did it, or it could be two of you. Then again, all 3 of you. Regardless, there’s a killer among us, unless you believe that someone from the outside could know where to put the cook at, how to mess with the phone and lights, the old man’s coffee, and where we would be sitting at when it all started.”

Erin decided to sit at a different table as Grace and Neil remained standing while they looked at Victor.”

“How the hell could one of us be at multiple places at once?” Erin spoke out.

“It was all set up from the beginning before that guy came in here. It all happened before we discovered it. Someone set it all up for us to wander into their trap.”

Neil and Grace sat back down together were they sat opposite from each other.

“This is fucking stupid. We’re getting picked off, and we can’t even come up with what to do.” Neil declared.

“It’s simple, I used this gun I have, and I kill every single one of you. I don’t have the ability to find which one of you is the killer, so it’ll be best to kill you all.”

Victor pointed the gun at everyone while he spoke.

“Put the gun down,” Neil told.

“No, let him have it. Maybe he can do us a favor and blow his drunken brains out,” Erin scolded.

“What did you say to me you Chink? Don’t think you’re off the hook. You’ve been the least talkative out of the bunch, maybe you got something to hide.”

Victor pointed the gun at Erin. No one looked phased by it.

“You got a problem with Chinese people like myself?”

“Yeah, I do. My friends were killed by your kind during the last two wars.”

“You idiot,” Grace confirmed, “those were Japanese and Koreans, not Chinese.”

“Well, they all look the same to me.”

“You been acting wild ever since you been here. It seems evident that you’re the one with the violent behavior. Maybe you’re the killer,” Erin argued.

“He does have a point,” Grace added.

“Oh and look who’s talking? What makes you so special? You been putting up with that cute little innocent damsel in distress act, and it got some fooled, but not me,” Victor attacked before turning his attention to Neil, “and you Neil, with your hero act, don’t get too comfortable with it. I’m watching you; I’m watching everyone.”

“Well, you’re the one waving a gun around, maybe you should check yourself. Matter of fact, if you’re so paranoid of us, how about you just kill us all right now like you said you could. It’d save you the trouble,” Neil offered.

“I could, but I won’t because I am not a brute, so for now, I’ll stay right here and watch because I know it’s one of you.”

“He’s just drunk,” Erin shook his head.

They all sat where they were at. On the outside they dismissed the thought that one of them could be the killer. Just drunken talk from a drunk, but in the inside they all had to wonder, what if? Victor was very violent, it could be seen that he would commit a murder. Erin was quiet; he didn’t expose much, but for what reason? Maybe he was observing the prey before he struck. Neil was the last one to come in, and at a time like this; it seemed all too convenient. Finally, Grace was too innocent; she played too sweet that she could be hiding something. None of them were immune to the accusation.

Seconds turned into minutes, and minutes turned into hours. They were awake, but quiet. They were thinking about what could happen next. At any moment, death could strike again, and they had to be ready regardless who it was from. As the rain continued to beat on which eventually put out the fire outside, they grew tired. They eventually gave up and fell asleep. When Neil woke up, he looked at the clock. It was 5am. It wasn’t raining anymore; it was still dark, but the sun was beginning to come up. He looked at Grace carefully who had her head on the table; she was breathing. He looked pass the two dead bodies of the factory workers who was behind him, and he saw Erin. He was snoring. Everyone was accounted for expect for one. Neil noticed that Victor was not in is seat. He grew suspicious. He heard something coming from the kitchen, so he walked over there. He was ready at any moment for something to happen. He wasn’t all powerful, but he had to be powerful in moments like those. Slow and steady he moved into the kitchen just as if it was the ruins of Germany that he swept through during the war. When he got inside the kitchen he spotted Victor eating from a plate. Victor turned to Neil.

“What? I’m hungry.”

Victor began walking out of the kitchen with his plate. Neil followed Victor who sat back down near the counter. Neil stood up near him.

“I never told you what I was doing here,” Victor began, “my wife and I got in an argument. It was about our daughter; my wife and I are getting a divorce, and we don’t want it to hurt our daughter. She’s so young, we just don’t know what to do. After the argument, I just drove out as far as I can go while I got stinky drunk. Well I guess that’s where the problem comes from. My drinking problem. I just feel like life is shitting on me right now.”

“You’ll make it through. Just keep fighting and hold what you believe in close, and you’ll make it, Victor.”

Victor took out the gun.

“Maybe you should hold onto this. I’m a wreck.”

“Why? What if I am the killer?”

“Well, then you would shoot me, and we would all know.”

“And you would take that chance?”

“Well like they said, curiosity killed the cat.”

The two laughed.

“Will do,” Victor.

Neil grabbed the gun and placed it in his coat pocket. Erin began to wake up. He got up and walked over to the two.

“We need to get the phones up to call for help,” Erin suggested.

“How do you suppose we do that?” Victor asked.

Neil went over to where Grace was sleeping. He moved her shoulder repeatedly to wake her up. She began to wake up.

“Grace, is there a call box around here?”

“Yes, it’s down that way, north. It would take around 15 minutes to get to it on foot.”

“I’ll go,” Erin offered.

“You can’t go out there, what if the killer is still here?” Grace asked.

“We were asleep for a while, if they wanted us dead, we would be,” Erin answered.

“That’s a good point. Why didn’t they get us when we were asleep? They must be gone now,” Victor explained.

“Grace, what time is this place supposed to open?” Neil wondered.


“Okay, we’ll go to the call box,” Neil concluded.

“I’ll go with Erin. Neil and Grace, you two can stay here just in case someone happens to pass by either way.”

Erin and Victor began walking towards the door.

“Be careful,” Neil recommended.

Victor and Erin nodded their heads before walking out. Neil locked the door. Neil and Grace looked out the window while Erin and Victor walked. They continued to look on until the two had faded into the dark. Neil sat back down near Grace.

“What a few hours this been,” Grace sighed.

“It’ll be over soon. They just need to make the call, and we’ll be fine.”

“What about the other option? Wait until 8 when customers come.”

“If they don’t make it back, then we won’t have until 8 to be saved.”

Erin and Victor were approaching the call box.

“After we make this call, is it really necessary to go back?” Victor wondered.

“What do you mean? We have to.”

“I mean, we won’t be doing any more help for them other than calling the police. The best we can do after we’re done is keep heading up the road.”

Victor walked a few steps pass the call box. Erin approached the box.

“Are you serious, Victor?”

Victor continued to walk away before he stopped. He turned around.

“It’s over. I’m getting out of here.”


Erin opened the box. As Erin looked at the phone, the box exploded right into his face. Victor jumped in shock. He rushed over to Erin who was on the ground. When he got over there, Victor saw Erin’s corpses. His eyes were shut, and half of his jaw was completely torn off from the explosion.

Victor began running off back to the diner.

“You have any kids?” Grace asked.

“Yeah, a boy and a girl. The boy’s 9, and the girl’s 7. My wife and I live in Staten Island.”

“Were they expecting to hear from you when you made it to your brother’s?”

“In the morning, but my brother was expecting me last night. I’m sure now the family is worried. How about you, you have any kids?”

“Me? Of course not. I don’t want any kids.”

“Really? Women usually want kids, what makes you different?”

“I figured, since I’m already 34, and maybe the time will come as it does for everyone else, but I don’t want the responsibility of having to care for someone else. It’s so stressful to love someone because you have to worry about them, and hope nothing bad happens to them. In the world we live in today, with everything that is going on, I don’t want to raise a child in this world, and take the chances of having them harm by it. It would completely devastate me to see it happen.”

“Well, that’s the thing about love. It compels us to set our fears aside, and do what we cherish the most.”

Grace smiled. A loud knock was heard from the door. The two turned their attention to it. It was Victor.

“Open the door!”

Victor kept knocking as he looked back in shock. Neil went over to the door. He unlocked and opened it for Victor. When Victor got in, Neil closed and locked the door.

“What happened? Did you reach the police?” Grace wondered.

“It exploded! The phone just exploded when Erin opened the box; it killed him!”

“Oh no!” Grace yelled.

“What do we do, what do we do? Neil repeated.

As Neil moved back and forth, Victor grew a disgustful look towards Neil.

“You know what? I stand by what I said. The killer isn’t out there, he’s in here!”

Neil stopped.

“Not this again, Victor.”

“Why not? You came in here last. With everything rigged and set up, it would make sense for you to come in here last. I don’t know why, but all the evidence is pointing at you!”

“Last time I checked, you’re the only one who came back. How do we know what you said happened to Erin, happened?”

Victor stepped towards Neil.

“I am sick of your phony bs!” Victor yelled as he shoved Neil.

Neil then punched Victor in the mouth which caused Victor to tilt his head down where he covered his mouth with his hand. After a few seconds, Victor retaliated with a punch to Neil’s face, and the fight was on. The two men were trading blows with each other before they went to the ground. They both fought for control as they scrambled to get on top and punched each other.

“Stop it, you two!” Grace cried.

They didn’t listen. Grace picked up the gun on the table. She fired a bullet in the roof which caused Neil and Victor to quickly stop the fighting. They both bounced up on their feet and faced towards Grace who was pointing the gun at them.

“I know it’s not me! I know it’s not me!” Grace screamed.

“Grace, just calm down,” Neil spoke softly with his hand out.

“Back the fuck up, Neil! It’s one of you, and I know it, or maybe it’s both of you!”

Grace kept switching the gun to the two.

“Grace, it’s Neil. He’s been lying this whole time. I mean I was here in the diner for a very long time before many people showed up. He was the last one in. He came at a very late time knowing people wouldn’t come in at this time.”

“Bullshit, Victor. I already said I was on my way to my brother’s house. You on the other hand, have been fishing lies since the start. You talk about your wife, but you don’t even have a ring on your finger, and we’re not off about Erin. You killed him. If the box did explode, you set it up, and that’s why you went with him, to make sure he would get killed.”

“Enough!” Grace yelled.

The two looked back at her.

“Both of you are going to stay outside in the parking lot now!”

“This is bullshit,” Victor began as he procced to walk towards Grace, “just give me the gu-.”

Victor stopped as the gun shot was sounded. A hole was put in the middle of his head. Neil was shocked at what he saw. Victor’s lifeless body collapsed onto the ground where blood came out of his brains.

“Oh my god, you shot him. Why would you do that?”

“It was him, Neil. It was Victor!”

“How could you be so sure?”

“I just had a feeling it was him. I mean Erin didn’t come back! Victor was rotten from the beginning!”

“Just give me the gun.”

Grace handed Neil the gun as she continued to cry. Neil put his arm around her.

“It’s okay, it’s going to be fine. We’re safe now. We can just wait it out, until someone comes by.”

Neil escorted Grace over to the table where she sat down. He remained on his feet.

“Where are you going, Neil?”

“I’m just going to go over to Dave’s body, to see if there is anything on him, that we didn’t see at first.”

“Who’s Dave?”

“The man over there.”

Neil pointed to the back of the diner where the mysterious man came in.


Neil went over to the man’s body and began checking his pockets. Grace was just gazing on.

“I suppose you hope to find something that could explain who he was exactly even though he had no identification on him.”

“That’s right.”

As Neil kept checking, Grace remained looking on until the expression on her face changed. She seemed as if she came across a shocking discovering. She replayed everything that had happened.

“He has nothing on him, so we can’t identify him,” She remembered Neil saying.

She began thinking.

“Dave,” She said to herself quietly.

She soon gasped. Neil walked back to Grace. Her eyes were shut wide opened as if she was spook.

“I didn’t find anything again. We’ll just have to wait this out.”


Neil noticed the weird expression on Grace’s face.

“What’s wrong?”


Grace got out of her seat and began walking towards the door.

“I’m going to just go outside and get some fresh air.”

She started to walk faster.

“You know, I can’t let you do that?”

Grace stopped as she swallowed her heart in fear. She turned around where Neil had a gun pointed at her with a smile.

“You know Grace. I must say, this was my fault. I messed up, you weren’t supposed to know. I mean I liked you so much, I figured, that I could let you live, but then I realized that I messed up, and you found out, I knew I couldn’t let you live.”

“It was you all this time. Oh my god, why? Are you just some madmen?”

“No, but it’s kind of what Fred said. A personal motive, but I wasn’t killing everyone else for no witnesses. I was doing it, so when the police arrive, they can’t pinpoint a single motive since everyone would be dead, and it would seem like a random killing spree.”

“Who were you targeting?”

“Dave of course. He was to testify against the ones who hired me, and they needed him out the picture, so he couldn’t testify.”

“Hire? You mean you done things like this before?”

“You can say so. As you can see my set of skills allowed me to carry out the procedures in which I used to accomplish my mission.”

“What about your wife and children?”

“Come on Grace, are you really that stupid? I have no wife and kids! It was all made up!”

Neil kept chuckling.

“But you finished your mission. It’s over. Why do you need to kill me?”

“Well it’s simple this time. No loose ends.”

“No please, I won’t tell! I swear!”

“I’m sorry!”

Neil shot Grace twice in the skull. He didn’t hesitate. He finished her quick. She didn’t feel a thing. He left the diner, and got into his car. He drove off while the sun started to rise. It was a new day for him; it was one to look forward to. He faded into the sun rise with a smile on his face.

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