A time traveler searches for a way to prevent his girlfriend’s death that happened when the two went back in time.

“Julia, this is it. This is my beautiful present to you; happy birthday,” Tom smiled before he kissed his girlfriend.

                “It is beautiful. It’s what we always wanted ever since we were kids.”

The two gazed into each other’s eyes on the beach where the waves drifted slowly onto the sand, and the moonlight shined onto the surface. Their sight went beyond their eyes, and into their hearts as they both knew that their dreams were finally theirs for the taking. Tom took out a small black cube from his pocket. It was as big as the palm of his hand. There was a big red button on the top of the cube, and he pressed it. The cube began to light up which caused a gel blue liquid to come out of the cube. The liquid had took its own form into an oval shape which looked like something the two could step into. Julia went first; she stepped inside. Tom took out something from his coat pocket. It was a black ring holder.  He smiled at it before he placed it back into his pocket. Tom leaped into the blue liquid. The blue liquid closed inside of itself. Tom saw a bright light inside the liquid where he saw his wife near. He followed, and when he got closer to the bright light, he was somewhere else.

                “Tom, we made it!” Julia cheered.

Tom looked at the ground and saw that it wasn’t sandy anymore. It was that of dark concrete. He looked around where he found himself in an alley. The sun shined into his eyes as he calmed his mind. Julia hurried towards him.

                “Tom did you hear me? We made it.”

Tom heard a lot of noises: cheering, chanting, and music. He looked out to the end of the alley on the street where he saw parades of people celebrating. A newspaper on the ground had on it, Japan Surrenders. Tom smiled.

                “I know.”

Julia linked her arm around Tom’s. They began walking out of the empty alley towards the street. The emotion that filled their hearts was unprecedented; they couldn’t stop smiling at the beauty of the magnificent wonder they had accomplished. That’s how life was for Tom, perfect. He had everything he could ever asked for. They were getting closer to the end of the alley. With each step, the street was closer; it was a sign of how close they were to it all; they couldn’t wait. They finally exited out of the alley where they looked around and saw people heading towards Time Square.

                “This is beautiful,” Julia grinned.

                “Most of the celebrating is happening up there. Let’s go.”

They began walking up the street towards Times Square as many others were heading there while cheering. They were living in life. He couldn’t believe it all; the extravaganza of how great it was. Suddenly, a loud screeching noise was sounded. People turned their head to where the noise came from. When Tom turned his, he saw a pickup truck heading towards them. Tom went for Julia as he screamed,


Then everything went black. When Tom woke up, his head was hurting. He found himself lying on a floor inside of a restaurant where glass was laid out. There were shards of glass on him, as he had a small cut on his head. He looked to the side where he saw the pickup truck had crashed into the store. The driver in the truck was dead as his head was on the steering wheel, and blood covered his mashed up face.

                “Sir, are you alright?” A man who hurried over to Tom asked.

The man and another man helped Tom up to his feet.

                “Damn, drunk drivers!” Someone in the crowd yelled.

People were surrounding the broken window of the restaurant to see what happened.

                “Where’s Julia?” Tom asked as he was regaining focused.

His feet were staggering. As Tom was fully gaining conscious, his heart dropped.

                “Oh fuck.”

He ran to the other side of the restaurant.


Tom hurried over to where Julia’s body laid. All her limbs were spread out as her head tilted to one side, and her eyes were shut.

                “Oh, God, please no!”

 When Tom got to her body, he knelt down, and put his arms around Julia.

                “Julia, please!”

Droplets of his tears dropped down onto her breast.


Tom buried his face into her chest where he bawled endlessly. The raw emotion had bled out of his heart. She seemed so beautiful and innocent as a soulless conduit. Everything was so settled inside of her; how her eyes were closed, and her body was so still, yet Tom’s soul erupted by what he lost. It was a tragic paradox.

                “Mr. Ellington, we are sorry for your lost. The driver, was Carl Ford. His wife had just died of cancer, and he was depressed, so he drank while he was driving,” The police officer spoke to Tom as he looked through the glass of the morgue where Julia laid.

Tom had a blank expression on his face. He wasn’t moving; he looked just as cold and dead as Julia. The only difference was that Tom was alive to endure the pain.

                “You told us your name, but we have no identification of you or your girlfriend.”

Tom didn’t respond.

                “We’ll give you some time alone,” The officer told before he walked away.

Tom exited out of the hospital; he was in the parking lot where the sun started to set and the pink rays went across the sky. Tom took out the black cube, and pressed the red button. When the blue liquid formed, he stepped in.

                “I’ll make it right.”

When Tom exited out of the blue liquid, he was on the beach again.

“It is beautiful. It’s what we always wanted ever since we were kids.”

Tom spotted a man and a woman near the water. He ran over to them.

                “Wait stop!”

Both the man and woman turned around; it was him and Julia. They jumped in shocked.

                “What the hell? Who the hell are you?” The other Tom questioned.

                “You cannot go in there, please do not do that.”

                “What’s going on?” Julia wondered.

                “Listen to me. I did what you two already done. Me and my Julia from the future did that, and she was killed by a truck in an accident. If you don’t want her to die, do not go in there.”

                “Great, thanks for the heads up. Now, we know what to expect,” The other Tom concluded.

                “No, you don’t understand. Just don’t fucking do it! It’s better to wipe that possibility out completely.”

                “I understand what you lost, and we appreciate what you told us, but we’re still going back. It’s what we always wanted to do.”

                “Why don’t you listen? Quit being so stubborn!”

The other Tom took out the black cube, and pressed the red button causing the blue liquid to come out.

                “No, you fucking idiot!” Tom screamed as he rushed towards the other Tom.

Tom tackled the man onto the ground.

                “You don’t understand!” Tom yelled.

They tussled on the ground. The other Tom punched Tom off of him. When they both got to their feet, Tom rushed the other Tom where he took a kick to the gut causing him to drop to his knees.

                “We’re going, and you can’t stop us.”

The other Tom and Julia jumped into the blue liquid.

                “No, don’t go!”

The blue liquid closed. Tom cried a little bit as he was getting back to his feet. He started panting as the sadness grew into anger. Tom unleashed the blue liquid from his black cube and entered in. When he go out of it, he was at his house. Once inside, he went upstairs and under his bed where he took out a pistol. He then again got into the blue liquid and was sent to the beach. He saw the other Tom and Julia where they were getting ready.

                “You’re not going back this time.”

Tom ran towards the two.

                “Listen mother fucker, you’re not going back!”

The two jumped in fright with their hands in the air as Tom held at gun at them.

                “You’re me?”

                “That’s right, and I am stopping you from going back to 1945.”

                “Why would you do that? You should know, Julia and I have been wanting to try time traveling for a long time.”

                “Yes, I know, but when Julia and I did it in our timeline, she was killed by a truck in an accident, and I cannot let that happen again. I have to stop you two, so my Julia can still be alive. Don’t you get it?”

                “Well, we’ll be careful now since you warned us.”

                “No! You cannot go back. It’s better to not take that chance, so give me the cube.”

                “I’m sorry, but I can’t do that. We dedicated so much for this moment. We can’t just throw it away when we have it in our grasp.”

                “Don’t make me shoot you.”

                “Wait, if you shoot him, then you will die too since you’re Tom from the future,” Julia announced.

                “Yeah, which is why I’ll just injure him, so I can get the cube.”

The two Toms knew they were in a predicament in which one of them had to give.

                “Fine,” The other Tom declared.

He dug into his pocket and took out the cube. Instantly a firework was shot off into the air from some distance far away. It caught Tom’s attention. From the distraction, the other Tom rushed Tom. He swatted the gun away which caused Tom to fire in panic; that was when they both froze with fear. The other Tom looked at his gut, but there was no blood.

                “Tom,” Julia whimpered.

Both Tom’s turned their attention over to Julia. She was staggering before collapsing. The other Tom ran to her attention, and it happened again. Tom saw Julia’s death again. What he was trying to prevent he caused. His body suddenly faded; he was erased. The other Tom picked up the gun, and opened the blue liquid. When he arrived to his destination, he was on the beach. He saw himself and Julia going to open up the blue liquid, but what he also saw was his other self going towards them.

                “You’re not going to take her away from me.”

The other Tom pointed his gun at his other self who was running towards the couple. He fired a shot in his back. Both of them were erased as well. The couple was startled by the gun shot and turned to where they heard it at, but they didn’t see anyone.

                “Probably a firework. You’re ready Tom?”

                “Yeah, I just had an odd feeling.”

                “What’s wrong?”

                “I don’t know, but for some reason, I felt like this is all wrong as if we shouldn’t do this.”

                “But this is what we wanted Tom.”

Tom smiled.

                “Yeah, you’re right, it’s probably just butterflies. Let’s go.”

The two stepped into the blue liquid where they went towards the bright light into their uncontrollable destiny.

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