Yes Predator, the movie where arms were sliced off, holes blasted through chests, heads blown off, and spines ripped out all while testosterone levels rose intensely. Throughout all the carnage, the movie Predator has a deeper meaning. That meaning is it’s message on animal rights. As oddly as that may sound, Predator’s connection to animal rights can be shown throughout the movie. In order to understand it, one must look at the origins of the Predator movie, what inspired it. That movie is known as The Most Dangerous Game (1933).

The Most Dangerous Game was about a group of people getting stranded on an island where they are hunted by a man who was a traditional hunter of animals. He saw that man had already hunted all the animals, and there was only 1 animal that hasn’t been hunted which was man. He saw man as the most dangerous game, hence the title. For the reason of him being a hunter (and a psychopath), he wanted a challenge in hunting humans. As crazy as that idea sounds, The Most Dangerous Game book took inspiration from game hunting in the safaris of Africa and South America. Safari hunting, also knows as Trophy Hunting is when people hunt animals for prize.

In connection with Predator, the premise is similar to The Most Dangerous Game. A group of soldiers are hunted in the jungle by an alien who does it for fun. Predator is basically The Most Dangerous Game with scifi. Now this is where Predator’s message on animal rights comes into play. In the movie predator, we see a bunch of soldiers who are on the top of their game. They have killed their enemies in the beginning very easily. They’re pretty much the top killers of the world.

That is until a new force that they have not seen confronts them. This new force is an alien with better technology than them. From there, the soldiers don’t know what to do, all their normal attacks don’t work as they are now in panic, being picked off easily. The state that the soldiers are in is very similar to the state an animal is in, like a lion, when it’s being hunted for sport. The lion is at the top of its game, it kills its prey easily, until it is met with a human with a gun. The human is a new force with weapons that is beyond the lion, making the lion almost incapable of defending itself. That right there is the connection between Predator and animal rights.

By the movie showing the viewers what it’s like for the soldiers to be hunted for fun, a person can also see how it feels for an animal to be hunted for fun. Through the fear and the defenseless state of the soldiers, we can see the same exact fear and defenseless state of an animal being hunted.

I’m not saying the movie did this on purpose, that this was the message they wanted to get across,. I don’t think the movie is taking a stance on trophy hunting. All I’m saying is that through looking at this perspective, a person can see and feel how an animal feels when being hunted.

By no way am I taking a stance on trophy hunting with this article. My main point is to broaden the view on this action movie. So in the end, I hope you all enjoyed.