I’m going to cut to the chase. DC and Toei Animation could come together for an animated movie featuring the Justice League and the Z Warriors. It would have to be an animated movie because we’ve all seen the disaster of live action movies featuring anime characters just look at the Dragon Ball live action movie.


Although DC animated movies and Dragon Ball Z has two different anime styles I think it would be best to make the crossover in Japanese anime style. I say this for two reasons. 1, DC has done anime styles before with Batman Ninja.

The 2nd reasons is because with the anime style of DBZ, I think it would look terrible if it shifted over to something of the American Style. I think it would be safe if the two were to meet half way and go with an anime style that or similar to Avatar the Last Airbender or Batman Ninja.



I believe those kind of anime styles are something that both DC and DBZ can meet with as both of them look good in that style.



Many wonder how the story would go. What would call for Superman and Goku to crossover. Now it wouldn’t be a crossover unless the two do engage in some kind of battle to satisfy fans interest. And with a battle there has to be a winner or loser. Either one of Goku or Superman losing to the other would cause some kind of backlash from one of the fan communities. There is a way for the two to fight, and both still come on top.

In a nutshell from Flash creating Flashpoint and redoing it along with the time traveling of Trunks and Whis redoing everything it has created a rip in time. This rip causes both the DC and DB universe to collide. Both universes are being torn apart just from cosmic energy, forcing the Justice League and Z Warriors to crossover to save both their universes from the destruction.

At first this doesn’t go well. Misunderstandings causes the two groups to fight. It doesn’t have to go exactly Like this but one way it can go is when the two teams meet up, Vegeta thinks the Justice League are weak as he can handle the problem himself. Green Lantern doesn’t take kindly to what he says, so they have a brief fight in which both of them shows of their power. All though Vegeta is stronger than GL, Vegeta becomes cocky allowing GL to catch him by surprise with his ring. This causes Goku and Superman to try and break up the fight before the two kill each other. In doing so, Goku and Superman accidentally hit each other. Superman seeing the threat of Goku’s power decides it would be best to take him down this is when the two fight each other. It obviously ends in a draw when the rest of the JL and Z Warriors break it up as it takes all of them to do so, and they decide to settle their differences and solve the problem.

They find out that Darkseid has used the rip in time to go over to the DB universe to search for the remaining part that will give him the anti life equation and control all life. Superman, Goku, and Vegeta decides to confront him. Superman notes that Darkseid is different as if he became more powerful. Obviously this isn’t noticed by Goku and Vegeta since they never met him, nevertheless they see that his power level is high.

Vegeta being cocky again takes on Darkseid by himself who he gets the upper hand on for the beginning. That’s when Darkseid uses his omega beam which Vegeta had no idea he had and gets knocked unconscious by it. Darkseid seeing that the Vegeta was durable enough to only get ko by it notes the power of the Saiyans.

Before Goku and Superman decides to take on Darkseid together Frieza appears and reveals he has been working with Darkseid. That is the reason for Darkseid being stronger since he took the time  to train. It is reveal that Frieza is helping Darkseid find the anti life equation and together they will rule the both universes. So Goku takes on Darkseid and Superman takes on Frieza since the enemies don’t know the hero’s moves.

Through a fierce battle, Goku and Superman are able to handle Darkseid and Frieza. That is when Darkseid and Frieza reveal that they took the potara earrings. They fuse into a being that pummels Goku and Superman. So The two heroes do the fusion dance. Now with the two fused beings fighting, Goku and Superman’s fusion wins and kills the other one, and they restore balance to the universe. THE END!


P.S. Throughout the movie, Goku and Vegeta will be powered up to the fullest which is Super Saiyan Blue. Frieza will be in his Golden form. The point of this is to show how Superman at his strongest is comparable to Goku and Frieza at their strongest. It would make sense that Goku would have to turn to SJJB when fighting against Superman that way it won’t underplay Superman’s strength to only being able to take on Goku in his base form. That doesn’t mean Goku gets pummeled in his previous forms, it’s just that he realize that due to Superman’s power, it would be best to not waste time and go to his max.