A cross over between Batman and Blade Runner, although so uncanny, would be so great. Yes their worlds are different such as the settings, and what goes on, but they have significant similarities that makes their worlds great. Both involve crime, both have cities that have corruption, and basically they reveal the worst of humanity, yet at the same time how there can still be good in it. Batman has already done cyberpunk with Batman Beyond. Now imagine Batman Beyond with replicants, and now imagine Bruce Wayne Batman with replicants. This is how a crossover between the two can work.


The story takes place in an alternate 2049 future. Imagine it kind of like Gotham by Gaslight where it was an alternate past in which characters of Batman are intertwined with history with no connection to their real story lines.

The story takes place in an alternate Gotham in the year 2049. It’s very similar to that of Blade Runner where there’s replicants, post nuclear war, and Blade Runners. Since it is in Gotham, we have the Bruce Wayne we know, it’s just that now he is in the future as Batman. So here is this futuristic Gotham in post nuclear war where there are Blade Runners chasing replicants, at the same time Batman fights crime.

So when a group of highly sophisticated and new model replicants escape from the colonies and come down to Gotham, the Blade Runners go after them. This is already similar to the plot of the orignal Blade Runner. So then the replicants kill many of the Blade Runners, continuing to be on the loose. Deckard is assigned to retire them.

Hearing the news of how replicants are still loose and the Blade Runners are having trouble, Batman who normally deals with human crime, decides to take upon himself to go after the replicants. Having a no kill rule, he wants to disable them and bring them in, meanwhile Deckard of course wants to kill them.

This puts Batman at odds with Deckard as the police don’t want Batman in their business, but ultimately the pair finds common grounds and teams up to find the replicants. Ultimately the replicants are stopped by the duo of Batman and Deckard.

It may sound like a very linear story line with not a lot of surprises or twists, but it still makes for a good crossover showing both worlds.


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