If you were trying to make sense of the Halloween franchise as a whole, you’d be stuck forever, as the more movies they made of the franchise, the less sense it made. However take comfort in knowing that you can get lost in some of the darkest theories of the franchise.

Michael Myers Was Framed 

Regardless of who’s directing the movie or what story line they want to follow, we all know Michael started killing   when he killed his sister. That fact is present throughout all films. However, what if he was framed? It’s possible someone killed his sister, and he witnessed it, but he was so shocked that it put him into a trance where he didn’t speak. Being a shocked little kid, it would be easy for the real killer to somehow trick Michael and put the knife in his hand, making his parents and authorities believe he killed her. During his trial, he wouldn’t be able to say speak from being traumatized. It was in the 70’s before DNA evidence was used, so it would be plausible someone could have done it, and the rest is history.

There’s More Than One Michael Myers 

Between all the own screen death’s of Michael Myers where he was supposed to die but came back, and how he seems to be at many locations in a small period of time, one has to wonder. Is there more than one of him? What if, the Thorn cult behind the evil of Michael Myers created many more like him, and they all had been killing on Halloween night. This would make sense on how he was able to escape in the first one, as he could have been replaced. The replacement could have died in the 2nd film from the fire, being replaced with another one, and so on.

Michael Myers is a Ninja

If you disregard the fact that Michael sucks at hiding as at times he stands in plain sight during the day, on other occasions he really does come out of nowhere. He sneaks up behind people without them knowing about it, and he gets them. The way he’s able to do this, is similar to the ways of a ninja. Only a ninja or a trained specialist can get the drop on people as easily as Michael does. Perhaps he was trained to be a ninja when he was sent away to the hospital. Maybe he watched a lot of Bruce Lee movies. However he get his skills, there is no denying, that Michael Myers is a ninja!