I got the vocabulary

Of a dictionary

Got it sick like dysentery

Feeling warm in February

Burying these fools like a cemetery

This yo year I’mma spoil it

Rapping since the first black berry

Write better rhymes on the toilet

Then most can in a library

So run barry

No rts, must be talking to ya self

No views, must be sucking for the wealth

To me it’s pretty funny

What they do for money

Being dummies for the gram

Run up and give her a chockslam

Knock her out with the rock bottom

Ooo this boy crazy, somebody stop him

Looking for the sauce u know I got em

Looking for ur future, I just copped them

Tearing it up like I’m in Gotham

But u can’t call Batman and Robin

Instead you better call Saul

Or be like Rocky and throw in the towel

Cuz im rolling with joker and lex

Call me gold Berg cuz who’s next

On the mic I spit the flame

So u better know my name