WWE can use a huge step up in it’s wriitng. There are so many storylines that don’t make sense and are overused. Superstars don’t get used properly with such a big roster, and for many fans, it’s becoming boring. So this is what I would do if I was writing for WWE.

Take the Universal Championship Off Of Brock Lesnar

Lesnar has been a world champion for so long for so many times, it’s about time they take the belt off of him permanently. He’s 42, not that it has anything to do with this issue, but there are tons of younger guys who can hold the belt. This isn’t to sound like someone who just goes against the product and doesn’t care if older guys can still draw, but it’s not even doing him favors that he holds onto a title and he barely shows up.

Instead of him being a champion, I’d throw him in non title feuds. Remember all of his feuds since coming back that wasn’t for the title: John Cena in 2012, Triple H, CM Punk, Undertaker, Dean Ambrose, Randy Orton, Goldberg in 2017, even Big Show and Mark Henry. Now compare that to his feuds with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins for the Universal championship. He had some good feuds such as with Samoa Joe and Braun Strowman, but when he wouldn’t lose, it just caused a huge backlash. At least with non title feuds, he could win and fans wouldn’t complain that they won’t see the champion for several months. With this route, he could feud with younger guys and give them a push even if he wins, because that’s still a big push to feud with Brock Lesnar, or he could feud with an older superstar. Regardless of the route, having Lesnar be in a non title feud is refreshing and great for the fans.

Give Drew Mcyintre a Title Run

Drew Mcyintre has reinvented himself since he came back to Raw two years ago. Since then he has been at his best, being vicious and compelling, but what has he been amounted to? Tag teaming with the likes of Shane McMahon. The guy deserves to have a single’s title. Putting him in a feud for a title and then winning it would do so much for him as it would get rid of the chance of him growing stale which may seem like a possibility. That is why I would have him go after a champion and take his belt. Any champion, except for the 24/7 champion of course.

Turn Asuka Heel

Asuka has been face forever, and it’s about time there’s a change in her character, especially how she hasn’t been getting the treatment she deserves. Yes she has been women’s champion, but that was only to lose it right before Wrestlemania. I would turn her heel, and give her a new look that would frighten people. Not only would I turn her heel, but I’d make sure she does it to a fan favorite that way, fans won’t cheer her and turn her back into face like they did with Becky Lynch.

Make Samoa Joe Dominate Again

Samoa Joe has been turned into a farce. Once a vicious competitor, now it seems like he just comes out speaks some truth, and loses. This has to end. He is always good on the microphone, and that is all brilliant,t but it needs to come with some success, which is why I would have him go on a winning streak. Similar to how Mark Henry had a hall of pain, I would put Joe on a mission to put people to sleep, in ring and outside of him. Have him to backstage sneak attacks, and crush everyone who stands in his way. Each week the question would be who is going night night tonight. That way it will build him back up, and reestablish his dominance.

The Miz and Kevin Owens Tag Team

These two would make an excellent tag team as both faces. The fans love them as faces, and they both have outspoken and electrifying personalities similar to each other but also different in unique ways. Miz is more of a flash showmen while Kevin Owens is an angry outspoken person, yet they both are able to channel that inner fire to grab people’s attention. With their dislike for Shane McMahon and how they both have a talk show, this would unite them together. It would be called the Awesome KO.


Summerslam 2019 is the first WWE event in over a decade to have the tv-14 rating. Eric Bishoff and Paul Heyman are executive producers for Raw and Smackdown, and as of recently we have seen edgier content such as blood and cussing. It’s time to go all the way and drop the pg rating.

The ones who were kids at the beginning of the pg rating and who were the main audience are teens and young adults now. John Cena and all of his fruity pebbles who were the embodiment of the pg era and the hero for all the fans is gone.

Even taking a look at the pop culture we can see how it is becoming edgier. People wanting rated r super hero movies like Deadpool and Logan, the anti hero like The Boys and Punisher is becoming popular.

We’re entering into a new decade, and now it calls for change. Get the f out with the pg rating, and back with the good old tv-14, and see how it goes.