Lesnar loses the Universal Championship Due to Outside Interference

This guy has had the title 3 times and each time it has been very long and dull. It’s time for him to lose it, and have it stay off of him. But he shouldn’t lose it any kind of way. He needs to lose it due to outside interference, but at the same time, allow Seth Rollins to still win it by his own hand. What I mean is both men are down along with the ref, the outside interference comes through, knocks out Lesnar again, Rollins ko’s the outside interference, and finishes Lesnar off. In this case, it should be Drew Mcyintre so then he can start a feud with Lesnar, a non title feud which should be great. This isn’t out of the blue especially if he has Shane McMahon on his side, the guy who got f-5 by Lesnar 3 years ago at Summerslam. This could be Shane’s way of payback, sparking a feud between them all.

Kevin Owens wins with the help of The Miz

Another case of outside interference could be that Shane McMahon and Drew are about to win against Kevin Owens, and The Miz shows up and helps KO wins. Of course this would be Miz’s way of payback from all that time of Shane McMahon getting the upper hand on him. This wouldn’t lead to another feud between the two, but instead the slow build up to KO and Miz teaming up. They both are outspoken, and have their shows. So why not the Awesome KO.

Kofi Kingston retains

Kofi Kingston needs to win this match because it will establish him as a true champion beating the guy who killled his push years ago, but it doesn’t stop there. The best thing for this is to have the feud continue towards October. This is similar to with Orton’s feud with Cena for the belt in 2007. Cena won at Summerslam and the feud continued getting more vicious and personal. So the same can be done with this feud, have Kofi win, and then continue it with Orton getting more desperate and vicious until it climaxes in October, where Orton finally wins.

Other Feuds

For the other feuds they can go however they want, I was just focusing on the main ones that would go a different way.