My name is Brandon Lawson and this is my website.

On my website I post my fictional short stories ranging through numerous genres such as science fiction, thrillers, dramas, etc. I also post movie essays where  I go into deep analysis on movies and talk about aspects such as themes, symbols, and its relation to our world. I post my poetry on here as well.

I have written short stories since senior year of high school, specifically January of 2015. I have been writing poetry for around that time. I started writing movie essays around the Spring of 2016.

Aside from my content on my website, I also write screenplays. One of my screenplays Lost Among The Tides is a coming of age drama about a boy who has to spend time with a foster child in order to avoid going to jail. That screenplay has won the 2017 CA International Film Festival Davis Chinese Film Festival last October in 2017. Along with that award, it has also won the Headline International Film Festival for best spec script, 2nd place in October in the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, and 2nd place in December in the Hollywood Independent Moving Pictures Film Festival.

I have also been featured in the Daily Cal which is the student newspaper for UC Berkeley.