Brandon Lawson is a an author, screenwriter, and a movie analyst. Since beginning to write creatively in his senior year of high school in 2015, he has written 13 fictional short stories ranging in genres from science fiction, horror, thriller, etc. One of his short stories, The Amazing Story of Mr. Big’s Room was published in the Contra Costa Community College Magazine in the Spring of 2016. He has also written 7 movie essays that analyze certain aspects of movies. He has written the drama screenplay Lost Among The Tides which is about a troubled teen who has to spend time with a girl from a foster home in order to avoid being sent to jail. The screenplay has won the 2017 Davis Chinese Film Festival Award for Best Screenplay in October of 2017, and it has been accepted in the 2018 Los Angeles Independent Film Festival as it won 2nd place for the month of October 2017. Brandon Lawson is also the screenwriter for GreyOx Films which is a production company that produces short films and web series that are mainly in the horror and thriller genre. There, Brandon has written the horror short film Eden’s End, and all 4 episodes of the horror web series Strange Sagas. His plans for the future is to keep on submitting his script Lost Among The Tides to film festivals, and continue to be apart of GreyOx Films.

At first this website was made to feature my fictional short stories and movie essays. However, now the website will just post monthly  my video compilations of movies. The reason for this is because I will now be posting my short stories and movie analyses on my Patreon which you can join. Nevertheless, you can still check out my  my movie compilation videos which consist of movie clips put together with music. They will be posted on here and on my youtube channel once a month. I hope you all enjoy!