One of the biggest comics of Marvel is coming to the big screen, and it features a clash between Iron Man and Captain America as they fight for their own version of justice. From the background story, Captain America and Iron Man are split over the Registration Act which forces super heroes to register and give up their identity. Captain America doesn’t like the idea because he believes it gives up freedoms such as privacy, while Iron Man is fine with the idea  because he believes it upholds order; there’s the conflict.


Although the movie includes  super heroes  such as Captain America, Iron Man, Spiderman, Antman, Vision, Scarlet Witch, and Black Panther who all can do super human things, the movie is something that can be related to. Aside from  people having super powers in the movie, Captain America Civil War is a very realistic depiction of the world we live in.

The movie is called Civil War, and there is no coincidence in that. We all know the history of the American Civil War; two parts of the country break away basically because they both have their own views on civil rights.


We see the same type of conflict from the American Civil War happening in Marvel’s Civil War. Of course, there are significant differences, but the main theme stays the same which is a fight over rights and freedom.  That is one similarity that the movie has with real life. Another allusion between Marvel’s Civil War and real life, is the mentality that people have.

Let’s look at Captain America first.  In The First Avenger, he fought in WW2 against the Nazis who were a threat to people’s freedom.  He stood with the U.S. government because they were the ones who opposed the Nazis. In Winter Soldier, we see more of a caution Captain America as he starts to see the faults in the government’s idea of freedom when the government tries to act based upon how the world is.  Nevertheless, we see how Captain America doesn’t change his views of freedoms, and he stays true to what he believes in. Captain America believes in freedom no matter what. He doesn’t believe in the freedom that needs to destroy other freedoms in order for it to be obtained; he believes in freedom for everyone no matter the circumstance. You can say he is an idealist.

Iron Man on the other hand, he comes from a world of defiance, where he will do anything he wants even if it goes against everyone’s interest.

Nevertheless over the course of several movies, we see Iron Man transform into a more responsible character. Many events such as what happened in Avengers 1 and Iron Man 3 caused Iron Man to change his character. The change in his character is strongly shown in Avengers 2. Iron Man sees that it’s his responsibility to protect the world from threats such as the ones they faced in Avengers 1. With that responsibility, he took it upon himself to make Ultron. Obviously it didn’t turn out how he wanted it. However he was willing to break many rules that resulted in him creating an AI and trying to bring bring Vision to life, in order to uphold his version of peace and freedom. Iron Man goes through the trouble of creating Ultron because he realizes the real dangers that the world faces. He is more of a realist.

With the idealist Captain America and realist Iron Man, they are destine to clash which they do. However, this type of clash between idealism and realism is found today in the mentalities of people. Today, the world faces many threats; one that specifically ties into this is terrorism. With global terrorism, there are many ways in dealing with it. There are some who suggest a more aggressive and vigilante approach to it, while there are some who sees that approach to be stepping on the liberties and freedoms of people. Both ideals want to save the world, but they each have their own way of doing it. That is what Captain America Civil War is about, and that is what makes it a superhero movie with a realistic take on our world.

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