{After writing a fictional story about a conspiracy, a writer begins to suspect he is being followed by mysterious people who aim to silence him.}     Clock just past midnight, laptop running on... Read More

Erase Me

{A man has his affair wiped from his wife’s memory, but when his mistress ends up murdered, he begins to wonder what does his wife really remember.} I used to hate myself for what I did. I lov... Read More

Vague Fear

  {Two boys team up to investigate a mysterious force that is controlling the girls at their school.} “That’ll be 2.50.” The cashier stated. “Here you go.” Barry replied as he handed th... Read More

The Firm

{A cartoonist at a major advertising firm discovers an evil secret about his boss, that may lead to a bigger conspiracy that has been going on for ages.} “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?” Edward screamed... Read More