Welcome Friend! 

Thank you for embarking on this wonderful journey! It’s a pleasure, and I am very thankful that you chose to be part of this experience! What you can be expecting is monthly new letters that keeps you in touch with the progress of my upcoming sci-fi novel Temporal. It’s a novel about two detectives searching for a killer with the help of the killer’s future self. Stay tune for more!



 Let’s Go!

Hello and happy February! The newsletters in the beginning months will explain the background of the novel, so here it is!

I started writing the book in May of 2015. The idea came to me when I was thinking of the movie Scream. At the time I was also thinking about my bathroom that had no windows; it only had a vent. I then began to wonder how could someone be able to commit a murder and escape, like in Scream, in a bathroom such as mine with the door locked.The only explanation I could come up with, was that the person would have to use teleportation. So I thought to myself about a killer who used teleportation to evade capture. It was an idea that no one came up with, and that was when I came up with the idea for Temporal.

Thank you for tuning into this month’s newsletter, and I hope you stay tune for more to come in the following months!



Release Date For Temporal

Happy March everyone! I hope you enjoy it! The release date for Temporal will be in December. Details on it will come later. As of right now, I would like to take this time to talk about the inspirations for this novel.

I stated before that this is a sci fi thriller, which involves a detective. The themes of this novel came to me from several movies and shows. Movies and shows such as Heat, Face/Off, The Dark Knight, LA Confidential, Law and Order, The Flash, and many more provided me with the sense of crime and detective fiction that is involved in this novel.

The sci fi aspect of this novel was inspired by other movies as well such as Predestination, Looper, Minority Report, Blade Runner, Terminator, and 12 Monkeys (all of which are great movies of course).

Also, if you cannot wait to read Temporal, but want to read my other stories, than you are in for good news. I have posted my first short story of the year. If you want to read it, just click on The Astral Kid to read.  Thank you for staying involved in the development of the novel, and bigger news will come next month, so stay tune!



More Content! 

Happy April everyone! No this isn’t an April Fool’s joke when I say this. Last month I said there were going to be big news this month, well here it is.

As you all know, Temporal is a sci fi story about a detective looking for a killer with the help of the killer’s future self, well starting now, I will be turning my novel into a book of short stories. In other words, Temporal will now be a short story collection.

What this means is, there will still be a Temporal story, but with the addition of other sci fi short stories. This is good because this means more sci fi and more content! In the coming months, the cover will be updated to say stories (it won’t be changed completely, just with the word “Stories” added).

In the coming months, you will be informed on the additional short stories added to the novel, so stay tune for more!

By the way, you can still click on the link above to check out my recent new short story The Astral Kid, enjoy!