Yes Predator, the movie where arms were sliced off, holes blasted through chests, heads blown off, and spines ripped out all while testosterone levels rose intensely. Throughout all the carnage and mayhem that makes up for your 80’s action flick, the movie Predator (1987) has a softer side and deeper meaning that resonates with us. What I am referring to is if one looks closely at the themes in the Predator movie, they would see how the movie calls for attention to trophy hunting (hunting animals for sport and fun).

In order to understand the connection between animal hunting and this gory movie Predator, one must look at the original work of fiction that presents man vs hunter. That work is  The Most Dangerous Game. Whether you decide to look at the book (1924) or the movie (1932), The Most Dangerous Game can be looked at for the basis of Predator.



To summarize it, The Most Dangerous Game is basically about a man who gets trapped on an island where he is hunted by another man. The hunter proclaimed the reasoning for him doing it is because  he wanted a greater challenge, and that man was the most dangerous game in reference to how humans had hunted all kinds of animals across the planet, but now it was time to change it up and hunt the most dangerous animal out of them all, humans. So in short, the hunter was crazy and looked for a bigger thrill than the one he normally received from hunting an animal. Throughout the story, the audience saw what it was like to be hunted through the eyes of the man who was being hunted. At that point,  the audience saw how an animal felt when being hunted. Note that the book was inspired  by the safari hunting in Africa and South America where people would go to the safaris to hunt for fun.

That right there is the connection between Predator and animal hunting. In the Predator movie we see how it feels to be hunted through the eyes of the humans being hunted just like in The Most Dangerous Game. Whether the movie Predator did in intentionally or not, the view of being hunted is there. Just think about it, in Predator we see these group of soldiers who were at the top of their game. They easily killed a larger number of soldiers in the beginning, showing how good they were. In a sense, they are revealed to be the best killers in the world. They were confident about what they did, and they seemed unstoppable. Just take a look at this clip to see how dominant these group of soldiers were.



But then wait, they are met by an unknown force that seems impossible to kill. None of their attacks that they had done previously that had defeated their foes easily works on this new force. They are killed off in unbelievable ways as the creature hunting them is far more advance in technology than them. They become nervous, and the once confident composure they had as they had slayed their enemies is gone as they feel like they are going to die soon.

Sounds similar? Just like the soldiers were the alpha males and then were forced on the defensive and the run when met with a superior hunter, animals in a sense are in that situation when hunted. In the safari a lion is the alpha male. It goes on the hunt, killing gazelles and zebras as their prey tries to get away. However when a human hunter arrives on the scene with a gun, the lion is no match and has no idea what’s happening. The same thing goes for the Predator. The soldiers were on the hunt in the beginning, and then when the Predator arrived with his lasers and metal weaponry, the soldiers were no match. Another similarity between the two is the fact that a lion or any animal being hunted would be hunting for food, that’s what they have to do, just like how the soldiers in the beginning were killing the other soldiers because it was their job, it’s what they had to do. When a human hunter comes along not to hunt for food in some cases, but in this case where it would just be for fun, it’s for a thrill. The same goes for the Predator, when it was killing the soldiers, it did it all for fun, a way for it to hang its prey up as trophies.



I just want to make it clear that I am not agreeing or disagreeing with hunting animals for food or for sport in this article. I am not trying to sway anyone’s opinions, as my opinions on the subject are my own, and I will not project them on anyone. What the purpose of this article is, serves as a way to shed light on another perspective of this classic action movie that a lot of us love. I just want to give people another way of looking at this movie which allows viewers to see a theme or a hidden message in it. The Predator movie can show one what it feels like to be hunted like an animal. By doing that, the Predator movie brings awareness to people on animals who are hunted for fun.



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