With the Season 2 Finale of The Flash coming up, there has been a lot of speculation of what is going to happen. With all the build up, this finale is destined to be the biggest episode of The Flash.  Many theories have come up on what is going to happen in the finale, nevertheless we won’t know for sure until we watch the episode. Until then,  viewers can watch the trailer for the episode, and they can use it for possible theories.

The theory I have which to me makes a lot of sense is that after Henry’s funeral, Zoom will show up to taunt Barry. Barry will engage in a fight with Zoom in which Barry can not keep up with Zoom. It’s not clear who’s faster seeing how Zoom absorbed Barry’s new speed, and Barry got his speed back from the speed force. It’s possible that his speed he got back is not the same as it was when he used the tachyon device. Continuing onto my theory, Barry is unable to kill Zoom, as Zoom keeps on running away from Barry, and Barry can’t catch him. So when it seems like there is no way for Barry to even kill Zoom, that is when Zoom offers Barry a challenge.

The challenge of course is the race between Barry and Zoom. We saw that from the trailer. Now many people may wonder why the hell would Barry agree to do a race after what has happened. Well I believe this race isn’t like any other race. As we know Zoom has a big plan, and in the trailer there was a big circle shown. It’s possible that Zoom’s plan is for the two to race to the past. Zoom will go back in time and try to kill both of Barry’s parents when he was young to make Barry more like him, and Barry will go back in time to Zoom’s childhood, and kill young Hunter Zolomon to prevent all that Zoom has done from happening. It’s a do or die situation for both of them in which the reward is good. If Zoom succeeds, in his mind Barry will be more like him because his parents would be both dead at a younger age. If Barry succeeds, Zoom is erased from timeline since he would have been killed by Flash at a young age which would also mean Barry’s father is alive. Now the thing is to see which one of them will get to the past and do what they have to do first before the other. For all the people who thinks it’s unlikely Barry would agree to it, since he doesn’t want to change the timeline, they have to realize that in this situation it’s the only way he can come out on top and stop Zoom. Zoom may be faster than Barry, so Barry can’t stop Zoom from going back in time. For Barry, his only hope is that he is able to find the past Zolomons’ house on Earth 2 quicker than Zoom can find the past Allens’ house on Earth 1.

Before Barry agrees to do the race, he wants to know who the man in the iron mask is. Zoom who is sure he will succeed in killing the Allens’ decides it means nothing now, so he quickly grabs the man in the iron mask and bring him to Barry. It is reveal that the man in the iron mask is Earth 2 Henry Allen who is actually named Jay Garrick. Remember that Henry Allen told Barry that his mom’s maiden name was Garrick, so that would be Barry’s grandmother on his father’s side. Since it is Earth 2, it’s possible that maybe before Henry Allen was born but while his mom was pregnant with him, something happened to the dad, either death or a break up. Henry’s mother then decide to give her son, her name which is Garrick, and then maybe gives him a different first name which is Jay. That explains how Earth 2 Henry Allen is named Jay Garrick. Nevertheless, Jay Garrick can also keep the last name Allen to remember his father. That would explain why Earth 2 Barry has the last name Allen; he could of taken after one of his father’s last names. Of course the tv show doesn’t stick entirely to the comics, but this aspect pays homage to the original Jay Garrick.

After it’s reveal who the man in the iron mask really is, Zoom tells Barry how Jay Garrick was changed by the particle accelerator explosion on Earth 2 which gave him super speed. Jay Garrick then becomes a super hero known as The Flash. That is ironic since the actor for Henry Allen actually played The Flash in the 90’s. This Jay Garrick went around with a mask, so no one saw who he really was. Zoom beat Jay Garrick, and somehow threaten him with something maybe the death of his family, if he didn’t give him his speed. Afterwards, Zoom kept Jay Garrick in the cell to keep him around for information on using the speed force seeing how Jay Garrick was a scientist. Zoom gave Jay the iron mask, so he wouldn’t try to harm himself using his head.

Now it could be possible that Zoom either kills Jay in front of Barry, or just gives him over to Team Flash on Earth 1.  After the exposition is finished, Zoom and Barry sets out on their race. When Barry enters into Earth 2, the anger of all that has happened causes him to unlock what he got in the speed force which cause him to run faster then Zoom. He runs so fast to go back in time, he destroys the planet which is what Cisco saw in his vision.  He then goes back in time to the Zolomons’ household where he is going to kill young Hunter Zolomon. Before Barry does, he realizes that killing young Zolomon for something he hasn’t done yet isn’t the best idea, and it would be better to just lead him onto a different path. Barry decides to just stop Hunter’s dad from killing his mother. What this will do is, basically get Hunter’s dad thrown in prison for attempted murder, and Hunter and his mother will continue on with their lives. Hunter won’t become a serial killer or Zoom. This will lead to the people who were killed by Zoom, including Barry’s dad, to be alive. So Zoom is erased from the timeline kind of like how Reverse Flash was in the season 1 finale. Him being erased from the timeline can all happen in the past Allens’ house as he was moments away from killing them. Barry goes back to Earth 1 in the present where his father will be alive, and the season ends on the changes that Barry sees which is left unseen by us the viewers until Season 3 this fall. It ends on the words Barry utters, “Oh God.”

Of course I can’t see the future, but I am confident at least one of the components of my theory will be true in the season 2 finale. There’s only one way to find out, see the new episode tonight! Leave a comment if you have any thoughts on my theory. Thank you!

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