The latest installment in the X-Men franchise has the X-Men battling against one of their greatest enemies, En Sabah Nur, a.k.a Apocalypse.  This guy is a mega villain with a plan to destroy the world and rebuild it in which only the strong survives.  He rides around with 4 horseman. Now, that may sound familiar; the names comes from the New Testament of the Bible. The new movie is so great, that it actually shows a vision of what could happen if Jesus Christ came back.

Before we get into the 2nd Coming, let’s look at Apocalypse’s allusion to Jesus Christ. Now of course, I am referring strictly to the movie’s version of Apocalypse, and not the one from the comic books however they’re quiet similar. In the movie, Apocalypse was seen as some kind of god, and he was born thousands of years ago like Jesus Christ.

Apocalypse was worshiped in his time like Jesus Christ. He was betrayed like Jesus Christ. He was sealed away like Jesus Christ.

Now onto the  2nd Coming. Imagine if Jesus came back. He welcomes humanity, but is displeased on what the world has turned into. He doesn’t like people that humanity follows: politicians, actors, athletes, musicians, etc.


Seeing how bad the Earth is, Jesus goes on a mission to rid the Earth of the problems it faces. Again, these problems mainly consist of false leaders who have  led humans down a wrong path in Jesus’ mind. Of course, he can’t rid the world entirely alone. He always needs to have a group of people who are close to him, so he sets out to find the strongest people on the planet to assist him.



Now, with his close group of special followers, Jesus sets out to destroy the current world and rebuild it in his own vision.



Oooo man! That means no more Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, long wait lines, school, and rejections from girls! I can’t wait for that world! Wait a minute, does that mean I won’t be able to spend hours trolling angry children on Call of Duty anymore? Oh darn it!

Anyways, to add to the people that will personally assist Jesus, it’s kind of like a cult mentality. Big and bright promises of a better world for people in the dumps in exchange for their absolute loyalty in whatever crazy and evil plan a person has while the rest of the world worships them. It’s like mind control.



It’s scary to imagine Jesus to be that kind of person. Now of course no one can tell how a 2nd Coming would happen, if it was to ever happen. However, let’s imagine a world where the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ happened; X-Men Apocalypse takes a stroll into the worst reality of that world.

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